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INCOSE WMA Newsletter

July 2010

Presidents Word August Dinner Meeting Abstract

Having just returned from the INCOSE International Just to whet your appetite below is the abstract
Symposium, I have to report that this year’s for the upcoming dinner meeting entitled
symposium was a delightful success. I was elated that “Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC).”
many of members were able to attend. In addition,
To fulfill its mission, systems engineering must
our chapter was also fortunate to host a small expand its capabilities and reinforce its relevancy;
reception for our WMA chapter members. Now, it is the methods, processes and tools applied must
back to business as normal (as normal as our jobs will evolve to meet the needs of current and future
systems. The Systems Engineering Research
let it). I hope to see everyone at the August Dinner
Center was created to solve this problem.
Meeting. The SERC, a US Department of Defense and ty
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Upcoming Events
Steven H. Dam
INCOSE WMA President

Newest INCOSE WMA Members August

See you on August 10th for the next dinner

INCOSE WMA would like to welcome its 2010
meeting! From 6:00 p.m.– 8:00 p.m. @ the Brio
members. If we have not already, we look
Tuscan Grille Banquet Room, 7854L Tysons
forward to seeing all of you at our meetings and
Corner Center McLean, VA

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Enter the iPad Raffle
At each of our remaining dinner meetings,
1 Presidents Word INCOSE WMA will be collecting raffle tickets for
our iPad Raffle at the INCOSE WMA Holiday Party
1 Upcoming Events in December.* There is no cost to enter, and all
1-2 Augus t Dinner Meeting Abs tra ct attendees will be given a raffle ticket.

1, 3-4 Newes t INCOSE WMA Members *Remember you must attend the December
Holiday Party to win the prize.

The SERC, a US Department of Defense and intelligence community University Affiliated

Research Center (UARC) in systems engineering research, was competitively awarded, in
September 2008, to a team of 18 collaborating institutions led by Stevens Institute of
Technology. Through its more than 150 collaborating world class thought leaders, SERC
embodies the potential to radically improve the application of systems engineering to
the successful development, integration, testing and sustainability of complex defense
and intelligence systems, services and enterprises.

SERC is addressing the most difficult systems engineering issues of the 21 st century, and
frankly is focused on making systems engineering relevant in the face of the following

1. Complexity: adaptive & emergent, technology growth

2. Criticality: essential to day to day life
3. Security: increasingly valuable & vulnerable
4. Time Compression: we’re all on internet time
5. Legacy: unplanned, ill-suited & growing
6. Workforce: great diversity, youth are perhaps best equipped for change &

This session presented to the Washington Metro INCOSE Chapter will provide a brief
background on the SERC, and will delve into a couple of curren t research topics,
including a framework for transforming systems engineering into a 21 st century leading

Stephen P. Welby, Director of Systems Engineering, Office of the Under Secretary of

“Today's Systems Engineers confront a number of issues that challenge the traditional
practice of systems engineering, from the growing complexity and criticality of our
systems, to our increasing need to provide robust and agile solutions to urgent and
changing needs. The SERC is an important asset to the Department of Defense as we
seek to advance the state of systems engineering practice, and as we move to grow our
national engineering competencies to meet these emerging challenges and produce the
military systems our nation needs.”

Pat Hale, President, INCOSE 2008-2009

“Systems Engineering research is vital to advancing the state of the art in our profession,
and the SERC is the most promising and sustainable systems engineering research
initiative in America today—INCOSE is proud to support the goals of the center and its

See you in August!

New Members 3

Frank Albanese General Dynamics Amphibious Systems

Samuel Bates Booz Allen Hamilton
James Besser The National Reconnaissance Office
Marty Burns The Aerospace Corporation
James Chong VidSys
Gary Crane BAE Systems

Virginia Doyle BAE Systems, Land & Armaments

Robert Edson Analytic Services Inc.
Richard Eilers RLEilers Inc
Timothy Eveleigh SETA*lite Consulting
Philip Faye Capabilities-Based Analysis Services, Inc
Kevin Fuhrmann SAIC
Patrick Gibbs SAIC
Michael Grim SAIC/Air Force/Global Strike Command
Kristine Hejna TecSec, Inc.
Thomas Henkle The Aerospace Corporation
Harry Herchert HHHelp
William Hockberger
George Hull TASC, Inc
Kyu Hwang FAA/AST
Charlie Jones Robbins-Gioia, LLC
Rosemary Kendricks SAIC
Nicholas Koreisha BMT Designer & Planners
Jeffrey Lambert The Boeing Company
Frank Landefeld Booz Allen Hamilton
Courtney Lane Booz Allen Hamilton
Frank Lanham Currently Unemployed
Brian Legan Booz Allen Hamilton
Chris LeSuer ElanTech Systems
Talvas Lucas BAE Systems
Stephen Maxwell Booz Allen Hamilton
Scott Medeiros Verizon Business
Christine Miranda JHU/APL
Jerry Moore MITRE Corporation
Melvin Mosley TASC
Kenneth Mosteller Center for Systems Management
Victor Oancea SAIC
Leonard Petnga University of Maryland College Park
John Poirier Booz Allen Hamilton
Dave Putman BAE Systems
Marline Riehle General Dynamics Land Systems

David Rummler Northrop Grumman Corporation

Rocio Salas-Lopez BAE Systems
Gary Schulman Booz Allen Hamilton
John Schumacher SAIC
Andrew Skotnicki QinetiQ North America
Randy Smith R.A. Smith, Inc
Ariela Sofer George Mason University
Marshall Thames InfoReliance Corporation
Rebecca Torzone Northrop Grumman
Andrew Tuggle Booz Allen Hamilton
Jeffrey Van Etten Government Consultant
Glen Welsh BAE Systems

Laura West BAE Systems

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