Tempest And Echelon

A Seminar By

Prasanth P.N.

TEMPEST And Echelon



– Sniffing of messages over a network or any transmission media. A secret project to spy on people by tracing their messages. Developed with the highest computing power connected through the satellites all over the world.Introduction Echelon Developed by National Security Agency of USA. To find out the terrorist activities across the globe. cellular and fiber-optic communications. – Design • Position intercept stations all over the world to capture all satellite. microwave.edutalks. even wireless.org 02/02/2009 . and look for code words or phrases (known as the ECHELON “Dictionary”) – – – – TEMPEST And Echelon www. • Use advanced voice recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) programs. • Process this information through the massive computer capabilities of the NSA.

– Main theory • Any electronic or electrical device emits electromagnetic radiations of specific key when it is operated.Tempest – Stands for “Transient Electro-Magnetic Pulse Emanation Standard”. – VDUs emits radiations when scanning up on vertical or horizontal range beyond the screen.edutalks. – Captures signals through walls. – Intercept electromagnetic waves over the air. – It even sniffs signals emanating from computer screens (range of few Kilometers).org 02/02/2009 TEMPEST And Echelon . Actual VDU Tempest receiver Fig 1: A Lab experiment www.

TEMPEST And Echelon www.edutalks.org 02/02/2009 . Also being used for purposes well outside its original mission.Need For An Interception System • • • To keep track of spies and terrorists for preserving the security of the country. For political spying and industrial espionage.

edutalks.org 02/02/2009 . French and Russian field telephones across front lines. TEMPEST And Echelon www.Early Use Of Compromising Emanations The German army started in 1914 to use valve amplifiers for listening into ground return signals of distant British.

• (b) inductive and capacitive coupling.edutalks. – Text-related signals through • (a) common circuit elements such as grounds and power supplies. CE consist of electrical or acoustical energy unintentionally emitted by a source The emanations occur as – Electromagnetic fields set free by elements of the plaintext processing equipment or its associated conductors. TEMPEST And Echelon www. Compromising Emanations(CE) are defined as unintentional intelligence-bearing signals. – Propagation of sound waves from mechanical or electromechanical devices.org 02/02/2009 .Inside TEMPEST • • • • TEMPEST is a short name referring to investigations and studies of compromising emanations (CE).

The Forms In Which Compromising Emanations Might Appear At An Interception Point lagging edges stray signals.org 02/02/2009 .edutalks. TEMPEST And Echelon www.

org 02/02/2009 .Electromagnetic Field Composition TEMPEST And Echelon www.edutalks.

org 02/02/2009 . Signal generators.edutalks. and line relays. Functional Sources: – switching transistors. b. Incidental Sources: – electromechanical switches and brush-type motors TEMPEST And Echelon www.Sources Of TEMPEST Signals a. synchronizers. oscillators. line drivers.

edutalks.org 02/02/2009 .Types Of TEMPEST Signals • • • RED Base band Signals Modulated Spurious Carriers Impulsive Emanations TEMPEST And Echelon www.

Unfortunately our India does not have a Tempest equipment developed yet.org 02/02/2009 . Nothing can be hidden from the these systems.Conclusion • Tempest is the technology for spying from electronic equipments with out any physical contact. • • • • TEMPEST And Echelon www. Corporate firms are protecting their companies from the Tempest attacks by use of software and equipments to prevent the Tempest attacks.edutalks. Echelon is the vast network formed by NSA and its allies all over the world to intercept the messages sent through any transmission media.

edu http://www.edutalks.htm http://www.com TEMPEST And Echelon www.wired.cam.htm http://lib.uk http://cryptome.References • • • • • • • • EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Session document 11 July 2001 http://www.com/news/ehelon.utexas.org/nacsim-5000.ac.aclu.org/echelon/index.html http://cl.org 02/02/2009 .eskimo.edu http://mit.

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