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Susana Martiner Governor ka Bure kde Cabin ot Seeretary Lara White Davis Director Risk Man agement VIA Lisa State of New Mexico General Services Department January 17,2018 EMAIL AND U.S. MAIL, K. Curtis, Esq. Curtis and Lucero 215 Central Ave NW, Suite 300 Albuquerque, NM 87102 RE: Dear Herald y. BORUNM Ms. Curtis, "sya oi ‘Your client’s Tort Claim Notice was tendered to the State of New Mexico, Risk Management Division by the University of New Mexico, There is no waiver of immunity for the claims alleged. Consequently, your client’s claims are denied. L appreciate your attention to this matter and please advise if there are additional facts ‘that bear consideration. Sincerely, a Se FEE fer Ved Foller State of New Mexico Risk P.O. ‘Management Division-Legal Bureau Box 6850 Santa Fe, NM bei bee: Randi McGinn, Esq. Kevin Gick, Esq. Patti Williams, Esq. 1100 5 Fran is Drive HRCA 2073, POBox 655, Sante e,NDM 87902» (905) 827-042 + Fas (05) 27-2108 wovwgeneraleervieesat lekmaxagenent “THEHEART AND SOUL OF STATE GOVERNMENT”