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Format: TC/QA/050, Rev 01 Date of

8D Report revision: 4/4/17

Business Group: TC
CAR No: 40/2017

Title: IDMC Date of Quality-notification: 26th Aug 2017

Customer: IDMC Limited Complaint No: 10064

Address: Block 4A, Ground Floor 02, Product / Part: TC1D2510
DLF Corporate Park,
DLF City, Phase III Application: Motor Starter
Gurugram - 122023
Haryana, India Part-no: TC1D2510

Manufacturing / Date Code: 47/16

Tracking / courier-no: By hand

C&S part number: TC1D2510 No. of pieces sent back: 01

Description: Date received: Not received till date

First time / Repeated quality issue: First Time Supplied pieces: N/A
Early 8D report No: N/A No. of rejected pieces: N/A
Dated: N/A Production facility: TC, C-58
Sales / Customer care contact: Name: Mr. Rajesh Yadav
Address: C&S E-mail:
Electric Ltd, Noida Phase 2, Plant C-58, Gautam Budh Mobile: 8750046854
Nagar (UP)
Landline: +91 1203894200
D1 Problem solving team
C&S team leader: Mr. Manmohan Singh, Dept.: Q&A
Team members: Mr. Rajesh Bhargava (R&D)
D2 Problem description
Description of claim as given by customer :

Moving tips removed at "Y" & "B" poles.

Specific problem description by C&S:

The moving tips observe to be peel off from the support in Y & B pole and
totally blacked due burning

D3 Containment actions

Description: Responsible: Effective Date Effective %

D4 Root cause analysis

Verification of root cause(s)
D4.1 Root cause(s): Start of analysis: Analysis finished on
(e.g. simulation):
The contactor TC1D2510 is not adequate / suitable for
compressor application. 24th June 17 2nd July 17

D4.2 Main cause (detailed description) : NA

D4.3 How could the failure happen?
The contactor was OK at the time of testing

D4.4 Why could the failure reach the customer?

Max. risk [ppm]: Affected Affected period:
D4.5 Risk assessment: pieces:

D5 Definition of corrective action(s)

Planned corrective action(s) Date effect Effect. [%]:
The contact "AgNi" has poor arc extinguish properties
and normaly perfered for lower rating up to 18A. We
have modified the contact tip with "AgCdo"(88:12 )
which has good arc extinguish properties. It supress the 25 Samples are made and
arc and the resultant intensity of arc not damage the submitted for trail run
contact surface in higher rating (20A & above)

D6 Implementation of corrective action(s) (CA)

NA Prod. date Long term effect. [%]:

Customer agreement for CA required: No / Yes : Responsible: Date
D6.2 Stop of containment actions (see D3): Responsible: Finished on:

D7 Prevention of recurrence
D7.1 Improvement of QM system (FMEA, control plan, work instruction, etc. ...): Responsible: Actual date:


D7.2 Implementation of corrective actions for other processes / locations (which?):

Not applicable
D8 Final discussion
Participants: N/A



Report approved by:

Mr. Manmohan Singh Head Quality Approval date: 4-Nov-17

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