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Math 8 Syllabus
Luther Burbank Arts, Tech, Community Magnet Room Y18

Course Description Class Expectations

Your math class this year will follow the CPM Core Connections 3 1. Interact politely and positively.
curriculum and is designed to prepare you for an Algebra I course 2. Come prepared with a pencil and
in your first year of high school. Throughout the course, you will your Math notebook.
work in study teams of 3 or 4, and you will deepen your 3. Give your best effort on every
assignment and learning task.
understanding of geometry, expressions, equations, systems of
4. Make mistakes, and learn from your
equations, functions, and statistical representations of data.

Grading Policy Homework Policy Required Materials

Your letter grade is based entirely Homework assignments will be
upon learning targets from chapter given twice per week and will  Pencils (preferably mechanical)
tests and CER response problems. typically consist of 8 to 10 problems  Classwork notebook (graph
from the CPM textbook. paper)
Your work habits grade is based on  Homework notebook (any type
homework assignments. Each Homework is to be completed in of paper)
assignment is worth 10 points; 5 your Math Homework Notebook
points for completion and 5 points (not your classwork notebook). *Please make sure that you have lots
for a quiz on homework accuracy. of extra pencils to use throughout
Copying homework from another the year!
Your cooperation grade is based on student is cheating. Any student
weekly cooperation grades. You who makes this choice will receive a
start with 5 out of 5 points each detention and a phone call home.
week and can lose points for being
off task or disruptive.

Website/Technology Academic Integrity Re-Taking Tests & Tutoring

All grades will be kept on Schoology. Cheating will not be tolerated on All learning targets may be retaken
Please ensure that both student and homework, assessments, or CER during the semester. If the student
parent are able to view grades on problems. improves his/her score, the score
Schoology. will be changed in the gradebook.
Cheating is defined as copying work
Homework assignments and helpful from another student or source Mr. Taylor is available at Nutrition,
links are posted on Mr. Taylor’s without citing your source. Lunch, and after school almost every
website day for re-takes and extra help.
( Cheating instances may result in a
detention, parent conference, or Re-takes are critical for success in
Homework help is available online zero credit given on an assignment. Mr. Taylor’s math class. All students
for all textbook problems at are encouraged to spend 15-30 minutes per week seeking out extra
help or working on re-takes.

Student Name: ________________________________ Date: _____________________________________

Parent Name: _________________________________ Parent Signature: ____________________________

Grading Scales

Academic Grade
What goes into this grade? Learning Targets & Problems of the Week
0 – 39% 40 – 54% 55 – 69% 70 – 84% 85 – 100%

Work Habits Grade

What goes into this grade? Homework Assignments & Homework Quizzes
0 – 69% 70 – 84% 85 – 100%

Cooperation Grade
What goes into this grade? Weekly Cooperation Grades
0 – 69% 70 – 84% 85 – 100%