Fox Hunting

The Art of Dating and Seduction

Introduction Men may control the power and the money in this world, but women unquestionably control the loving. This is nothing earth-shattering, but it sets the tone for everything which follows here. To understand why, in order to be successful at seduction, men have to plan like a general and execute their plan to near-perfection, one must first understand the biases in modern American society, born of tradition and inertia, that rig the game of love so much in favor of Foxes that few realize just how biased the system has become. The man who takes the time to dissect this bias and understand what true gender equality would bring in love finds himself suddenly awakening to reality, much like the wife who didn't know her husband drank until the night he came home sober. The man who feels oppressed, outsmarted, outwitted, outgunned, and outfoxed by the opposite sex is usually a man who has been down so long he does not know which way is up. The sole objective of this book is to lend a helping hand to the man who has raised the white flag in the gender war, crying out to the entire opposite sex for what he craves: a Fox. When asked about his craving, he will not answer honestly, reeling off a half-dozen or so requirements that make him appear a gentleman: My ideal woman is sweet, honest, down-to-earth, intelligent, and being attractive is of course a plus. Compare this with Man #2, who says the following: I'm looking to get laid by the hottest chick who will have me. Man #1 will be called nice, while Man #2 will be branded a scoundrel. When a woman has external requirements, she may be lightly reprimanded for her selection criteria, but for the most part she will be viewed as prudent, choosy, picky, and as someone who has every right in the world to be. Let a man say that a woman must look a certain way and he is immediately branded as shallow; let a woman judge a man on the basis of his height, income, clothing, behavior, politics, or anything else her whim commands, and she is given a free ride, even commended for her choosiness and high standards. In our society, the burden of seduction falls clearly on the male. It is the man who must be worthy, who must behave properly, who must win the approval of the woman he desires, who must be monogamous, attentive, never give her any reason to dislike him, and who must pursue, at his expense, auditioning, laying himself on the line completely, and then, if he's fortunate, she will agree to marry him and they will live happily ever after. Men who do not follow what I call the John Gray relationship model are thought of as decadent, deviant, evil men who should be avoided at all costs. Women have defined the terms of romance so well that anything that does not cater to their collective whims is actually considered wrong. This is something I have a tremendous problem with. In a society that encourages freedom of expression, where consensual sexual conduct between adults is unregulated, the notion that one can behave totally within the law yet still be wrong is chilling, un-American even. An alien observer on sabbatical from its home planet would lose interest in the courtship part of the Battle of the Sexes after watching it for a short while, and report back home to its leaders that the men barely even put up a fight. Women simply wipe the mat with men in dating. The balance of power reverses only for the lucky men who are chosen, and this is why you hear women complaining about relationships and marriage problems and men about pursuit problems. To use a basketball analogy, think of men as half-court defenders who let women move easily up the court but then stop them cold with their defenses (like the Boston Celtics of the 1980's), and think of women as full-court-press, fast-breakers who apply pressure from the outset, a lot like the Lakers of the same era. The battle for a woman who wants to find a husband is to move past the three-month, six-month, one- year, and three-year commitment walls that men put up. For a man, the goal is to "break the press" and become part

of the woman's life, either as a friend, a dating partner, or a lover. Once a man is accepted into a woman's life, only a serious mistake or the appearance of a superior rival will remove him. Under the "John Gray" model, and in similar advice tomes, the sequence by which this is supposed to occur is as follows: Boy meets girl; Boy talks to girl; Boy asks girl for her number; Boy asks girl for a date; Boy takes girl on date(s), with boy paying; Boy kisses girl goodnight (usually within 1-2 dates); Boy and girl take the relationship further, at girl's discretion (usually within 3-5 dates); Boy and girl see each other exclusively; Boy proposes, girl accepts, they marry, and live happily ever after. Steps 1-6 all favor the female. She is the one approached, pursued, and auditioned for. The man, using gifts, expense-paid evenings on the town, smooth talk, poetry, attention, favors, and anything else at his disposal, courts the woman, wins her heart, and after he has proven himself worthy, becomes her King. Divorce laws are such that once they are married the woman has almost a permanent upper hand. Pursuit is such that the woman also has the upper hand for steps 1-6. About the only time the man is the one in charge of the relationship is during Step #8, when they have already had sex but have not yet married. It is no surprise that men are most troublesome to women at this point, the point where the woman knows she wants to marry the man, but he resists, often using the same lines that women feed to men when men are pursuing them for dates. Once a man is in a relationship, he can be reasonably certain that the woman wants to marry him or is at least strongly considering it, because if she weren't then she would most likely end the relationship and continue her search for a husband. The man, on the other hand, is in the driver's seat, getting sex on a regular basis with his freedom intact, and for him to agree to a marriage is to release a great deal of power. That each gender becomes patient and picky when it has the upper hand reveals that timetables are more about control than any need to be certain. There is no simpler proof that this is the case than the sudden reversals which happen when a woman leaves a man who won't commit to marriage, or when a man stops pursuing a woman who makes him jump through one too many hoops to win her over. A function of the gender bias in relationships is the denial game people play about how and why we select our mates. The man who lists his other requirements ahead of how a woman looks makes it sound like her body is a mere afterthought, even though you will rarely see him pursuing women he does not find physically attractive. As I recently told one Fox who was describing her relationship, her boyfriend may love her personality, but if she did not meet his looks requirement, he would not be with her any more than she would be with him if he had not met her height requirement. Moreover, if a woman meets a man's looks requirements, the other requirements tend to fly out the window. Women do this as well, claiming to put personality above everything else, while collectively marrying men who earn $12,000 more annually than unmarried men, and who are six inches taller than their wives on average, a full two inches more than could be expected if there were no screening for height. The man who expresses his true desires is punished, so he understates his desire for looks and sex, emphasizing instead the "right reasons" for wanting a woman. Women, on the other hand, are expected to be uncompromising in their choice of a mate and are not punished for having high standards.

older. ask yourself what your looks factor would be if you were taking bets on which of two women a man would prefer sexually. to testing him for honesty. The value systems for men and women are different for each category. and personality. looks are most important for each gender. moving the consensus even further from reality. is a consequence of the difference between what we say publicly and what we do privately. the cynical view of life is often the correct one. and more successful her lover will be. A much clearer picture emerges if you take what I call an oddsmaker's view of dating. It does not measure intangibles like character. which fuels the politically incorrect movement. and still living in caves. the sub-Elites breed to each other. Though we don't always like to admit it. taller. The number that results . producing the masses. Ever hear anyone. and other factors.Me. the better-looking. -. Superiority is measured strictly on the basis of one's ability to attract the opposite sex. their brains. Ever hear a woman say I want the best and I am not going to settle for less? Obviously. Anyone who follows college basketball or football closely has probably seen or heard of the Sagarin ratings that are published in USA Today. insult a man by calling him a loser who can't get laid? As we define winning -. The sexier the woman. The result of evolution is that the best breed to the best. The underlying concept. This cynicism. has left us in a highly uneven state of being. even if the women are aware of it.we turn seduction into a game. male or female. Thank God our ancestors were shallow. she thinks that there are qualities which make some men romantically superior to others. status. The man who dares to question a woman's honesty with a similar test is attacked for not trusting her. That the men say what women want them to say in order to win their approval is never acknowledged. brains. which are weighted to reflect "society's" value system. Never is this more the case than in dating. because few people look for these things until long after they should have. applied to many other sports. we would be ugly. Chapter One: CUPID If we didn't choose our lovers on the basis of their looks. stupid. thus producing inferior offspring. Would you assign the same odds of success to a supermodel and an unattractive. Thousands of years of sexual selection. and the worst breed to the worst. and the man who lies for other reasons is simply dishonest. and our obsession with breeding the best to the best. and as expected.procreation of a generation with better looks and more brains than the previous one -. The fundamental premise of CUPID is that human beings can be measured for their intrinsic quality. producing an elite class of humans. Calculating a CUPID rating is rather simple: each person is rated on a scale of 1-25 in four categories. or appeal to the opposite sex. pal? She probably was. honesty. the Couples' Ultimate Pairing Information Device (CUPID) has served me well over the years. Ever hear someone say she's out of your league. is a power rating. If you think a woman's body is an afterthought. CUPID works under the same principle. and their earning power. Despite even her own assertions that she is covert and dishonest in her dealings with men.procreation with someone less endowed in these areas.and losing -. Not helping matters is that with women controlling the sex and the terms under which it occurs. with those who have higher ratings considered superior. The four categories are looks. you'd lose a lot of money for the house very quickly. while a woman can justify lying on grounds which range from sparing a man's feelings when rejecting him. even the slightest factual infidelity on the man's part is deemed a character flaw and intolerable. producing the endless stream of guests for shows like Jerry Springer. The formula is easy to master. or in some cases not procreating at all -. Designed as a method of quantifying Darwinism.Further complicating matters for men is a woman's incessant desire for honesty in her mate. 250-pound woman? If so. many men take their side in formal discussions.

Brains. A corporate middlemanager might have more money than a third-year law or fourth-year medical student. respectively: . One good barometer is SAT score. 5-6 points if they are under 5'10". Points for formal education should be placed into the status category. Status ratings reflect income. and be very sparing with the high numbers. To calculate your CUPID rating. prestige.5.. Psychologists have long demonstrated the Halo Effect. which is consistent with the bell curve assumption that 7 percent of people are what we would call beautiful. and potential. then multiply that number by the percentage assigned to each category. 15. As with the other categories. The societal value system used to calculate a person's CUPID rating is as follows: Category Looks 55 Brains 20 Money 20 Personality Men Women 80 10 05 05 05 The values apply to the opposite gender's selection process: i. The 1-25 scale of CUPID lessens the impact of this bias. and 10 points if they are 5'6" or shorter. for example. Do not count formal education.5 and a standard deviation of 4. The man who is a stockbroker. The smarter and wiser a person is. I should point out that these adjustments vary widely.5 or higher exceptional. Remember to make 12. For women.5. because that would fall under the status category. a woman's looks comprise 80 percent of a man's selection process and so forth. deduct a few points if they are taller than 5'8" or shorter than 5'2". remember the averages and percentiles when constructing your rating. let's assign scores of 20.e. might have tons of money. and that would mean that only five percent of the population should score higher than 21. A sham category.5 your average and 21. Many people who rate others take the mean and use it as the bottom. Most Hollywood actresses score in the 20-23 range. depending on the height of the other party and their personal height preference. Do not make concessions for age. whereby people ascribe nicer personalities to those who are better-looking. and 10 to the four categories. the higher their brains rating should be. Do not factor in formal education! CUPID measures raw intellect and the demonstration of its use. For sake of argument. multiply each raw score by four to base it on a scale of 1-100. Not all who go to college and beyond develop wisdom. Personality. Unless someone is capable of using their looks to earn a comfortable living. Assume an average of 12. which is designed to make this measurement as accurately as possible. try to assess someone's overall popularity level in platonic situations. and this is one reason that analysis of personality is usually highly suspect. but in the eyes of women he may not measure up to the career military man who has respect and power that money cannot buy. Unfortunately. and even Miss America contestants rarely get 25. Status. used to deflect attention away from our more shallow preferences. but the latter have potential. 3-4 points if they are shorter than 6'. keep in mind that the average score is supposed to be 12. Ever see anyone get a looks score lower than five on the 1-10 scale? It's rare. primarily men's for physical beauty and women's for status and money. Some further guidelines for rating people in each category: Looks. When assigning scores for each category. 15. Do not count only raw intellect.. When assigning a personality rating for CUPID. height counts a great deal when women judge men. do not assign them a rating of much higher than 20. 7-8 points if they are under 5'8". and for men deduct 1-2 points if they are shorter than 6'2".from weighing the scores against the societal value system for each gender is called the CUPID rating. Wisdom and our ability to use our intellect count for as much or more. and also try to factor out anything that belongs in the other three categories.5 points.

We'll begin by calculating their raw scores.10 = 06.0 These numbers are subjective. and to a lesser extent their personality.2 81.20 = 13.8 68 * 0. To calculate the partner rating. To illustrate this concept in practice.20 = 13. on the other hand.4 Status (17) 68 * 0. with the partner rating. The partner rating is the rating assigned to each half of a romantic pairing by the other half.80 = 64 Brains 15 * 4 = 60 * 0.05 = 02 10 * 4 = 40 * 0. Ken. It is not practical to survey a large group of people to see what society really thinks of someone. The purpose of this example is to show what happens when you change the value systems.55 = 44 20 * 4 = 80 * 0. and Ken and Barbie. Note how the same raw scores in each category can produce different CUPID ratings for men and women. substitute your value system for society's when calculating your partner's rating. Rating Harry Following is a breakdown of how society.20 = 18. which leads to a rather simple observation that you may very well likely have already made by now. CUPID accounts for this as well.6 . and that is that your value system may not reflect society's.10 = 06 Status 15 * 4 = 60 * 0. With every pairing. CUPID is not an exact science. let's examine four fictional characters: Harry and Sally. each partner will be scored with the universal value system and by their prospective partner's system. It is what we value that causes us to have different opinions of the same people. The same applies to Barbie and Harry. Barbie.0 68 * 0. It is the concepts which are important. with their value systems in parentheses: Category Harry Sally Ken Barbie Looks 15 (40%) 18 (25%) 25 (80%) 25 (50%) Brains 23 (40%) 21 (50%) 05 (00%) 05 (00%) Status 17 (10%) 15 (10%) 23 (20%) 20 (50%) Personality 12 (10%) 16 (15%) 10 (00%) 10 (00%) CUPID Rating 67.0 92 * 0.0 92 * 0.50 = 46.05 = 03 Personality 10 * 4 = 40 * 0.55 = 33. which Harry has.80 = 48.0 Brains (23) 92 * 0. nor is it necessary to do this to get a rough idea of their proper CUPID rating.4 88.6 60 * 0.00 = 00.05 = 02 Total 44 + 12 + 12 + 02 = 70 64 + 06 + 03 + 02 = 75 Notice how the high looks score benefits women more than men. Women tend to be defined almost exclusively by their physical appearance. and Sally rate Harry: Category (Score) Society Sally Barbie Looks (15) 60 * 0. and substitute your partner's value system for society's when calculating your own.Category Men Women Looks 20 * 4 = 80 * 0. but also by their intelligence and their status.25 = 15.4 72. and men primarily by their appearance.20 = 12 15 * 4 = 60 * 0. wouldn't be able to impress Sally at all.20 = 12 15 * 4 = 60 * 0. The Harry-Sally/KenBarbie example illustrates this perfectly: Sally values brains.0 60 * 0.

4 points higher with Sally than with Barbie. The result is that the opinion of a CUPID 10 is worth one vote.6 X 72.Personality (12) Total 67. but Harry's main strong point -.8 X 69. he is a respectable 67.2 X 96. and Partner ratings which are substantially higher than each partner's CUPID rating. CUPID shows quantitatively what we know instinctively: Sally values what Harry has to offer more than Barbie does.2 points for Harry and Sally and equal for Ken and Barbie).15 = 07. When someone really wants what you have to offer. whereby the opinion of a CUPID 20 is twice as important as that of a CUPID 10.6 67.0 61. and vice versa. When matched up against someone who doesn't value what they have.0 81. In society's eyes.4 48 * 0. but that is beyond the scope of this book. and so forth. why intelligent men wind up with minddiggers.0 X 96. it will inspire them to pursue you and be on their most attractive behavior. It is also why rich men wind up with golddiggers. while her . Rarely will we wind up with those who want what we do not have and vice versa. The formula holds up in practice. What you would conclude about each pairing is expressed with numerical precision. A stuck-up Fox will convince the dozens of men she rejects that "all women" are stuck-up. Many of the assumptions we make about men and women make sense only when you weigh their opinions. the partner rating drops below the regular CUPID rating. while the decisions made by small investors barely make a dent. and so forth.0 X 61.0 76. Partner ratings which are within range of each other (1. In Sally's eyes. why Foxes wind up with looksdiggers. and where both of you see each other as superior to how society sees each of you. all the way up to the opinion of a CUPID 100. the CUPID definition of an Elite.00 = 00.05 = 02. You don't have to be Einstein to figure out that Harry is more attractive to Sally than to Barbie.4 Barbie 60. when each person is paired up with someone who values what they have.4 points apart. Following is a chart outlining all the possible pairings and their partner ratings.0 *CUPID can be used to rate yourself by your own value system and for same-sex couples.6 Three value systems produce three very different CUPID ratings for Harry. The system I use works like the Richter Scale. Each person's CUPID rating is listed on the right: Rated by----> Harry Sally Ken Barbie Society Harry X* 76. In each case. the compatible partner (Harry for Sally or Ken for Barbie and vice versa) has a value system that emphasizes what the other is strongest in. The theory is that Elite opinions count for more than those of their less attractive counterparts because more people respond to their whims. unless we are settling or a timing factor has come into play. You want a partner who has what you want.scores few points with Barbie.his mind -. On the other hand. where you have what they want.8 points apart). Harry is almost an 80.0 X 88. which is: CUPID ratings within range of each other (Ken and Barbie are 7. This is why his partner rating is 14. The CUPID Scoring System One rather interesting twist to my research involved giving more weight to the opinions of those with the highest CUPID ratings.4 48 * 0. where the investment decisions of the mutual fund managers and big players control the market. An example of this principle in practice would be the financial markets. who would get 528 votes.4. you have the CUPID ideal for compatibility.2 48 * 0. while Harry and Sally are 4. but with a factor of two instead of ten. This minimizes the likelihood that either of you will encounter a better match down the road.2 Ken X 50.4 Sally 74.

inferior counterparts can be nice, but no one notices. Even though 50 percent of the two women were nice, less than one percent of the men will approach a nice woman because they are focused on the Fox who is stuck-up. Conversely, women who complain about men are training their eyes on the Elites who can afford to be stuck-up, and not properly counting the opinions of their mere mortal counterparts. CUPID strikes at a fundamental principle of romance that is overlooked by almost everyone, and that is that people are not inherently nice or kind in their behavior towards others, but rather that is a function of their CUPID and partner ratings. Those who are most attractive will be treated the best, and when someone is most attracted to another that will inspire them to treat that person like royalty. When someone is not nice to you, or is, it is more a reflection of their level of attraction to you rather than their intrinsic character. I call this The Personality Myth. Foxes often have a problem acknowledging their royal status, and are prone to insisting that the special treatment they receive from others is based on anything but the obvious. Maybe deep down they do know this and it is why they work so hard to deny it, but to hear a Fox tell me about how her boyfriend isn't primarily into her looks can be a bit maddening at times. The man who is confronted with untruths like this by a Fox is checkmated: either he says nothing and passively accepts the lie, or he challenges her and is put down for insulting her and angering her, even if he is right. Her admirers and protectors then emerge to challenge and silence the man, creating a no-win situation. The CUPID formula is simplistic, but in its simplicity lies great beauty. You could complicate CUPID by expanding it to include things like sexual skill, hair color, and the like, but the basic principle would not be altered, and that is this: to get the lover you want, you have to be what they want, not what you think they want or what you hope they want. I hear men talking about how unfair it is that Foxes go for things like height, money, status, or looks, but that doesn't change the reality. One also has to wonder why a man would want such a shallow creature, except for shallow reasons himself. A man seeking only character in a woman would have no problems with a woman of good character who was overlooked for superficial reasons, but this is not the case. Accurately calculated CUPID and partner ratings will tell you at a glance which of two people is more likely to reject or dump the other, and why. For example, if looks are 80 percent of a man's selection process, any woman who scores low in that department but high in the brains department is not going to get anywhere with him. The man who values brains, on the other hand, will appreciate what she has to offer him and he will also have less competition for the woman. When someone scores high in a category, if you don't value that category highly, you will find yourself in competition with those who do, and they will usually win the prize because they want it the most. Take the example of two Foxes and one wealthy man. Make the two equal in appearance, but let one be a lawyer who doesn't care about his money and the other a golddigging waitress. Who will get the man? The waitress, because she will knock herself out to impress him, while the lawyer is not going to care about his money. Even though the lawyer might like him for other reasons, the man's strong suit -- his money -- will produce an attraction in the waitress bordering on obsession, with a seduction effort to match. This is also why it is not wise to pursue tall men or large-chested Foxes strictly for those reasons. Both types attract shallow attention and are treated as trophies. A Short Fox with dark hair and a small chest who is in top shape will repel a lot of shallow attention that a statuesque blonde will attract, and this has many implications. Foxes attract the lion's share of shallow men. Worse yet, the men a Fox seeks to avoid are the ones who will pursue her with the greatest vigor, and who will go out of their way to convince her that they love her personality. The same holds true for rich men. Golddiggers know not to mention money as their motivation, and to combine their approach with propaganda to that effect. It is almost as if whatever is said can be considered propaganda, but to call someone a liar is not polite, and to not trust someone goes against our instincts, with the end result that we wind up trapped with what we know we should be avoiding to please "society" and its many conventions. CUPID is not the be-all and end-all of relationship analysis. Factors such as timing, environment, and temporary changes in needs and desires that alter our value system (like the drunk man in a bar at 1:30 a.m. who will sleep with anything) can cause severe CUPID mismatches. But over

time, the numbers hold up very well. The man who temporarily lowers his standards will one day raise them and have to extricate himself or herself from a less-than-ideal relationship. The man whose CUPID rating is low when he is in college and watches it soar as his career advances finds himself attracting Foxes all of a sudden and dumps his first wife for a trophy. The Former Fox who was once a trophy and loses her looks watches her rating plummet and now has to settle for men she would never have given the time of day to previously.

Chapter Two:
CUPID reveals what people are reluctant to discuss about relationships. Though supposedly repulsed by the notion that we would make quantitative judgements about each other, and select those we deem superior, that is exactly what most of us do when searching for a lover. Even more insidious is the relationship between our CUPID ratings and how much we use the formula in our selection process, for the higher a person's CUPID rating, the more likely they are to be what we call shallow, forever in search of an equal, or someone superior they can convince are their equal. I liken this to poor people who win the lottery vowing to keep their current jobs, homes, and friends, and then dropping all from their lives a year later when no one is watching. Most books I have read that attempt to rate people romantically or for compatibility with numerical methods completely ignore the concept of the partner rating. People are given universal ratings which represent their desirability, and the person with the higher rating is expected to get the girl or the guy. This ignores the obvious reality that we have different selection criteria, and the calculation necessary to take this into account - - the partner rating -- is very easy to make. All you have to do is substitute your value system and your partner's for "society's." Do not count on this to help you much unless you work on exploiting your strong points, as the averages are there for a reason. Most men indeed are into looks, and most women into looks (especially height), brains, status, and personality, and in that order of importance. A CUPID rating of 80 or higher for either gender qualifies them as an Elite. Elites can write their own ticket with most of the opposite sex. The only thing that will humble an Elite is another Elite, or someone who matches up with a partner who rates them Elite. At a party, or in a social environment or any large gathering, your CUPID rating -- which measures your likely appeal to any given person -- is what you will be judged upon, but once you are talking with a Fox one-on-one, how others perceive you is secondary to how she perceives you. As Spock might say, obviously. There are several ways you can use CUPID to improve your Foxhunting. Only the first two are recommended: Systematically raise your CUPID rating by improving yourself first in the looks category, then by developing your mind, and then by improving your money or status (money is to status what cubic zirconia is to diamonds; only an expert can separate the two), and finally your popularity. The only exception to this rule is to add to your strongest category in order to capitalize with Foxes who have lopsided value systems. Improve your partner ratings by pursuing only those Foxes whose value systems are so imbalanced that they make you an Elite in her eyes. Just as there are golddiggers, there are also looksdiggers and minddiggers. Approximately ten percent of Foxes will fall into each category, with value systems that emphasize one category to the extreme of 80 percent or higher. If you are strong in any one category, Foxes who value that category above all else are almost guaranteed to like you. For example, if your CUPID breakdown (looks-brains-status-personality) is 10-25-10-10, your overall rating would be very low, but to a Minddigging Fox, you would represent perfection. During the four years I played tournament chess, I encountered a half-

dozen or so minddiggers, slept with or dated two, almost lived with another, and came very close with the remaining three. All were quite attractive. Having a lot of what specific Foxes want will go along way. Think rock-star and music groupie. Change your value system (impossible). Your value system reflects what you would seek in a mate if you knew rejection were not an option. Ponder that scenario for at least a week and get back to me. If you try to change your value system to de-emphasize what you truly want, you risk dumping your partner for someone more compatible down the road. This is not recommended. Better to be alone than with someone you are not compatible with. Lower your standards. If you select this option, put this book down now. I do not want credit for what the cat dragged in. Seriously, you can lower your standards a bit to improve your results, but I recommend against this because the minute you get a woman who is an 75, a 90 will show up to take you away from her just to prove she can. Then she will dump you and you'll be out a 75 and a 90 (or a 55 and a 70 or whatever your CUPID rating and Foxhunting technique will allow you to seduce). Improving your CUPID rating takes work. There is more than enough literature out there on how to become better-looking, wealthy, and an intellectual, so I shouldn't have to point you anywhere. I can't do everything for you. Let's just say you know where the gym is, you know where the best universities are, and the labor department publishes an annual guide to how much people in each profession earn. Since some guys need everything spelled out for them, I'll do the best I can to provide some general advice on how to improve your CUPID rating the quickest. Looks. Two key words here: diet and exercise. A third would be grooming, and a fourth style. How to get that ideal body? Eat well (don't starve yourself), and work out. Lift weights if at all possible. Talk to professionals at your local health club for advice on how to work out. Talk to lots of different bodybuilders; these are the men who make Foxes swoon with their bodies the way millionaires make them swoon with their bank accounts and expensive gifts and toys. There is no better way of neutralizing rich men who are your competition than by looking better than they do. Looks are worth more than money, status, brains, and personality combined, even with Foxes. You'll also find that when you look good your status improves, people are quicker to hire you, willing to pay you more, and the strength in the looks category spills over to the other categories. In other words: looks count. If you have looks, you need not be strong in any other category, because there are a number of Foxes who will be willing to have sex with you on the basis of your body alone. To reach this lofty stature, you need a looks rating of 20 points or higher, and preferably 23 or higher. Even if you can't push your looks score this high, every point you add will count. Whatever it is a Fox wants, she will demand the very best of. Brains. The most difficult category to improve upon, but rest assured that if you develop yourself in this area, you will land the occasional minddigger, and she will probably be more attractive than you might think. They don't come along often, but they do come along regularly, and usually they will pursue you very bluntly, directly, and forcefully. Developing your mind will usually improve your status and earning power, so there are derivative effects. Avoid reducing your level of physical activity to make time for your intellectual pursuits, unless you want to take a break from seduction and return down the road with a sharper mind. Brainy men also have a much easier time acquiring Friendly Foxes because even if they have no romantic interest in you, Foxes love to surround themselves with intelligent men. With so much attention paid to their bodies, their minds often wind up starved and grateful to men who focus there instead of on what she has below the neck. Status. There are three levels of status which are relevant to seduction: what will get you laid, what will prevent you from getting laid, and everything in between. Only those at the top and the bottom of the status ladder will notice it dominating their lives. For the most part, for whatever your lot in life you will find women to whom you appeal or at least do not repel. If you are looking to improve yourself, you can do it by earning more money, even planning to earn more money (ground-floor appeal), or by obtaining some position of power in a Fox-heavy environment. Think

although there's no way to control the value systems of the Foxes you want. For best results. Take no more than the situation will give you and your results will improve dramatically while rejection becomes a thing of the past. and Those who value most whichever area you are strongest in. Overall CUPID Rating. Silver is not as valuable as gold. if they aren't. as long as you don't try to force a big gain when only a small one is possible. don't try to hit the home run immediately. other than to factor out those who are less likely to find you appealing. One motto I often use to describe this is strike silver. but if you accumulate enough of it. only a batter who thought he could hit a pitch that fooled him out of his uniform. miracles I cannot work. Learn to appreciate the small gains as much as the big ones. After a year or so of making a conscious effort to adjust supply-and-demand to reality. Another way around this is to have a gimmick which serves as an ice-breaker. or other female-dominated arenas like museums and plays (most men will find it easier to get into gymnastics or figure skating). Maybe you aren't the life of the party. approach someone every now and then just to make small talk. set a baseline which will determine how hard you will have to work to seduce. If you are the life of the party. you'll find yourself in a pretty steady state CUPIDwise. your partner rating with anyone who has a lopsided value system that emphasizes your strong category will soar to the point where you become unbeatable. here's a simple piece of advice: don't screw up. Just be neutral. aren't applying the full method. Foxes who value most what you have the most of to offer will always treat you the best. The overall results should be excellent. you improve your chances. the more successful any approach or gesture will be. and you can turn the tables on them a bit by being the one who is interested only in friendship. By not pursuing them. To apply the CUPID relationship ideal described in the next chapter to your own love life. she can still be very useful to you as a friend. or maybe you are. but as your score in any category approaches perfection (25). If you aren't. interests in female-dominated sports like gymnastics and figure skating. Maybe you could be if you wanted. There are many gimmicks to choose from as well: music. add points to the looks category or the category in which you are already strongest. Looks points count more than every other category. If you lower your standards. There is no such thing as a smart strikeout. you will always be most compatible with the following: Those with CUPID ratings equal to your own. blend in. and it is almost always wisest to let them pursue you. and take it slower.strip-club manager or DJ. bouncer. If your personality is not strong. Long-term posturing is the best strategy for someone who is shy or otherwise feels awkward approaching Foxes. and don't try to sprint when your best pace is to run long-distance. and your partner ratings to the Foxes with whom you interact. in fact. and hopefully you will learn as you go along and improve your seduction technique. The higher your CUPID rating. you can make . Those who are strongest in the area you value most (usually looks). Personality. do it only for the short-term because you will wind up bailing out in the longterm. I can only help you avoid mistakes and improve your results. Your CUPID rating. don't be overt. either you aren't being honest with yourself. If a Fox does not want a relationship with you. Foxes who are out of your league are to be handled differently. Foxes are not as picky about friendships as they are with relationships. Some of these professions pay surprisingly well. Seduction should be attempted only when it is likely to succeed. so if you raise your looks score your CUPID rating will rise the fastest. strange as it may sound. or you are just so hopeless that it's time to consider buying Foxes (here or abroad) if you refuse to lower your standards. you don't need my help. Few are truly hopeless. Seeking out Foxes who value most what you are strongest in will also help you. A rating of 25 in any category translates to a perfect partner rating of 100 to any Fox who values only that category. be polite to those who approach you. or even bartender at a singles bar for examples of how to obtain status (and proximity) without necessarily having a great deal of money. take the long-term approach. poetry.

If you have stopped searching for super-Elites. Super-Elites are often the most . the ultimate feminine ideal in the eyes of most men. but also because pursuing them will create a ripple effect from which your entire love life will benefit. Men who value brains really need only to restrict their searches to intelligent non-Elites. Even though their minds are the same as those in less attractive containers. with Elites adopting the traits men ascribe to them. Such an impact. and status. Being a knockout is not enough to drive a woman's CUPID rating over 90. Pursuing these Foxes can be very frustrating. because they tend to appreciate the mind in men as much as they enjoy being appreciated for their minds by men. When it comes to CUPID ratings. she has to have looks. that this treatment results in a self-fulfilling prophecy. so there are a number of Foxes who go largely unappreciated and find it refreshing to encounter a man who is not entirely into looks. Under my value system. Regardless of your CUPID rating. you should start again. the more you play to the strengths of both your rating and Foxes' value systems. When this happens. and all in generous amounts. better treatment. with personality accounting for the other 10 percent. you need to develop your mind the way a bodybuilder develops his body. and who is not a male golddigger either. the less advantage you will have in wanting what others do not want. to be a super-Elite. non-Elites want to be like them. and who can appreciate her mind. Supply and demand is a much greater influence on dating than most would like to admit. and are walking status symbols. This is not to say that you should avoid the gold that comes your way while you are panning for silver. looks and brains count equally (45 percent each). If you have ever felt like you are dealing with royalty when you interact with these women. and how these women are best dealt with: Super Elite (90+) These Foxes are the cream of the crop. If Foxes appear to be different creatures from nonElites. Chapter Three: CUPID And Her Maybe you have heard the phrase they all think alike to explain why you have the same chance of seducing a Fox as you would a non-Elite. how Foxes are treated their entire lives has more than a minor impact on how they think. The advantages of being a super-Elite extend well beyond dating: they get better jobs. in fact. Even the ugliest man with a brilliant mind or a lot of money will attract a minority of Foxes who just happen to value that trait in a man. Most of the Foxes I wind up getting serious with are well above-average in intellect in addition to being physically attractive. because not only do most men (and many Foxes) want them. How much money a Fox has means nothing to me. not only because it is indeed possible to get one. it is because they are. because they will be most responsive. the better you can expect your results to be. I will examine each category. the women you encounter are going to fall into several categories. and how beautiful she is also means nothing if she is not of comparable intelligence (as in an SAT score of 1400 or higher as a sample barometer). its CUPID range. I am blessed with a value system that is markedly different from those of most men. and the partner rating you assign her on the basis of your value system. It also helps to score well in the brains category yourself. Beware: to stand out intellectually. and you will be for as long as our society continues to make a woman's body 80 percent her worth. if only because you are noticing something about them that they wish other men would notice. The closer your value system mimics society.yourself very wealthy over time. brains. you will find that your best chances rest with those who value whatever it is you have the most of to offer. that is because you are. but not for the reasons most men think. Every Fox you meet will have two CUPID ratings: her regular rating. I call this mindbuilding.

especially if he is of practical use. no status. You get the attitude problems without the offsetting body benefits. they will not. and that is to approach them primarily as friends unless I know they are available. Deal respectfully with these Foxes. Elite (80-89. and the most honest. the less you ask for. If anything. or looks.has a good job. who do not like your presence. This is another reason posturing is so valuable. avoid playing to their ego as much as possible. Elites have most of the major characteristics of super-Elites. Try to become friends with at least five super-Elites until you venture into pursuing them romantically.Elite's ability to get almost any man she wants makes it so that she will not lament much over any man. The problem is that civility alone is usually the last thing a man wants from a super-Elite. because most of them have not gone more than a week or two without a boyfriend or the option of one since the age of twelve. Without a clear plan. the more you hold out. If pursuit is not successful. With Elites and super-Elites. Most of the time you won't have to worry about a super-Elite being available. having so many options that you no longer care about any specific Fox. The presence of even one true jerk in a Fox's life is enough to drive every nice guy away. and are thus worth pursuing for both friendship and dating. The key to success is to use her own methods. She looks attractive. where a Fox has a perfect body but an imperfect mind. Elites and super-Elites represent royalty. Even if one appears to be the nicest Fox in the world. Sub-Elites carry all of the risks associated .polite and the most civilized. but I doubt it is anywhere close to the number of men who claim that they would reject her.. Foxes still offer a positive risk/reward ratio. and a man who -. and while you may have a problem with that. regardless of her scores in other categories. A woman with a perfect body. Super-Elites. is an Elite. Once they have won you over. and who will often attempt to sabotage the efforts of their rivals. This creates not only the illusion but also the reality that these Foxes are having sex regularly with men other than yourself. where an Intelligent Fox has a body which is just beneath perfection. the odds are close to 95 percent that they are going to be off the market (all the good ones are taken). by definition. The best of anything always is. and on the surface a decent life. the more you are going to stand out as a man with standards. Elites put her to shame. so the burden shifts to you to leave an impression on her that will make her want you. I've settled into an approach for dealing with super-Elites that works well for me. although it is definitely far from that. If you factor out the men who are capable of seducing other Foxes.99) To most men. While there's nothing obviously wrong with her. A society that defines women primarily on the basis of how they look will cull its Elites on the same basis. As I will discuss later on. There is no way she can honestly call you rude or impolite if she is asking for your time rather than the other way around.99) Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle of seduction. Sub-Elite (60-79. are going to be difficult To Whom It May Concern: find. and no personality to speak of were to offer to have sex with you.. timing is a very critical element of Foxhunting. The CUPID system is designed so that even a woman with perfect scores in the other categories must score at least 18. seems intelligent.. there is no difference between an Elite and a super-Elite. odds are pursuit would not be successful. a man who is reserved. would you accept? I am not sure what percentage of men would refuse this creature. she is going to attract men who are undesirable. After years of trial and many errors. With super-Elites you will often have to wait a while after you meet them for them to become available. doing favors or going to great effort and/or expense for these women is not likely to change that. Ask yourself this: if a Fox with an absolutely perfect body. the percentage who would drool out a yes! if approached by a Fox for sex is more like 99. To me there is one major difference: brains. The super. and he winds up disappointed with any outcome other than becoming her lover. but make a rather safe assumption that unless they have expressed explicit romantic interest in you.God forbid -might not be seduced by them. and that is a conservative estimate. this can seem impossible. and the less effort you make to win them over. It is when they have not won you over that things get a lot more interesting. Elites will usually be friends with any man who is respectful of their romantic barriers.75 out of 25 in the looks category to qualify as Elite. the Fox who approaches you has already admitted to wanting to speak with you. no intelligence. just not in the same quantities. and as a result carry themselves as if they were. Even if you find them. after her for only her body. you join the crowd of admirers. Sub-Elites are often mistaken for Foxes by men without standards and low CUPID ratings.9999999.

This allows them the opportunity to approach you first. Later on I discuss the strong advantage of first contact to the person not making it. Having Foxy friends will add to the image you need to successfully pull off this strategy. Any time you spend with sub-Elites can be better spent Foxhunting. Failure to pursue is rejection by omission and a lot more powerful than men realize. non-Elites Are Not Worth Pursuing.Elites in favor of the Foxes. To seduce a non-Elite. An accomplished Foxhunter should have absolutely no difficulty seducing a non-Elite. or who do not appear interested. few men have to take this step if they apply themselves. Refer to the standard Bell Curve and you will see a distribution that begins to favor men as a woman becomes more mortal.99) Not worth discussing from this book's standpoint. The Rest (0-59. Tolerate them. The blow to her ego when she finds you focusing your attention on her superiors is going to be huge. this fear may or may not be justified. even though the dancer is twice as sexy and ten times as willing. Depending on his appeal to Foxes and his technique. Don't settle or lower your standards until all other options have been exhausted. Think of it as you would a minimum-wage job. The sub-Elite who is pursued by many men is going to notice the men who aren't interested. but not quite. put it to the best possible use. Few other men will. especially since you have a built-in rejection-jealousy mechanism by virtue of your ignoring the sub. On the other hand. Even in cases of love at first sight. Posturing is always going to be more effective. pursuit is still not correct. Save your risk-taking behavior for Elites and up. But as I have already said. I have found it amusing that it is much easier for me to get a date with a 21 year-old stripper or dancer than it is to get one with a 30 year-old attorney. Getting fired is not a threat because you know you can always get another job at the same pay. But you won't need this book to find one. but the convenience factor often causes men to lower their standards. Does it? I've found I like even nonsexual interaction with Elites and super-Elites more than I like even having sex with non-Elites. and expend as little energy as possible. "Beats being alone.with Foxhunting. and you won't be happy. If you pursue a subElite. A true Foxhunter will have none of this and will hold out for what he wants and deserves. simply treat her as if she were a Fox. While it is more humanistic to treat the sub-Elite as an attractive creature with a lot to offer men. but only a small piece. About the only benefit you will derive from settling for a sub-Elite is to your reputation. Go below 80 on the CUPID scale. Having a lover makes you more appealing to Foxes. You can always have sex with a non-Elite and then go back to pursuing Elites. Keep this in mind when you talk to them. you can reject anyone by letting the clock tick a bit and not paying them any mind. Even if you find yourself flirting with a sub-Elite. appear just a little disinterested. it is more effective from a seduction standpoint to treat them as exactly what they are. but certainly one not worth pursuing. The man who settles for a non-Elite is doing so out of the fear that he will never be able to seduce a Fox. then the sub-Elites will be Foxes relative to you and should be treated as Foxes. The methods contained here would represent overkill. be prepared to forget she exists if she says no. you will find yourself with many sub-Elites who are your friends and probably wish you would want more with them. Even if Foxes are all you . It is one thing to seduce a sub-Elite. a little distracted.. non-Elites have few options. this is an attractive woman. Over time. avoid begging or even working for it. like they have caught a piece of your fancy. and your options increase dramatically. Even if you want to seduce a sub-Elite.even you. Part of a Foxhunter's desirability is his high standards. If you have sex with a non-Elite. Your time is limited. and usually take what they can get. and one with absolutely no power over you. which is almost what any man would want. it should be in a situation where you are totally in control. Lower your standards enough and they will be met.. Just a little lacking in body and mind. do so to test your methods. but bail out immediately at the first sign of trouble. without the rewards. If you want one. SubElites are replaceable." a man might say. if Foxes are still out of your league even after you master this book. which allows you to trade up more easily. you can have one. Sub-Elites are almost what you want. In my experience.

and usually the taunted person is a man who cannot get a date. that can cost you any chance you might have with the Fox. and the man who takes advantage of these opportunities is the man most likely to taste the fruits of victory (among other things!). If you are capable of seducing a Fox. making it possible for women with relatively lower looks scores to still be Elites. The minor categories still count for 20 percent. but as long as you appeal to some FOFs. relying on their judgement and any information provided to them by their best friend. the only major exceptions being those who are not attracted to you. it is socially acceptable to value looks. and in no way are they any kind of a bargain. third choice. be careful. or personality will do this for practical reasons. Watch just about any sitcom for more than five minutes and somewhere you will see one character taunting another. Absolutely nothing stops a non-Elite from copping an attitude like a successful Foxhunter. or anything but your first choice. which also works. The presence of Foxes in your life. last resort. spend that time as productively as possible. To hear the experts tell it. Sub-Elites get much more attention than they deserve. and she may even seduce you in order to prove her point.consider. There are minor and major adjustments you can make to every area of your life to improve your odds of success. but decisions made by force of the market are not the same as decisions made by the will of the Foxhunter. Friends Of Foxes Non-Elites can achieve status by being close friends with Foxes. this can be very good. this is the most productive. A final note on CUPID: looks are not all that determines a woman's value. especially if they are lovers but even if they are just friends. and whom you would want to be friends with. One caution: just as you can use a non-Elite to get close to a Fox. To them. non-Elites will occasionally factor into your love life. Chapter Four: CUPID And Relationships One of the most common forms of American humor is the sexual putdown. Never mind that Foxes want men who have not only looks. Even then. status. and you have to wonder why things are the way they are. she can use the Fox to get close to you. With a fixed amount of time to Foxhunt. Of the time you spend with non-Elites. Even men who don't value brains. If her opinion is negative. Considering the number of men who value looks more than 80 percent. but to focus exclusively on Foxes is just shallow and makes you a pig. Tell a Fox that you find a sub-Elite more attractive than her and you deliver a direct blow to her ego. Non. Pitting Foxes against their less-blessed counterparts is an easier seduction strategy than the reverse.Elites know instinctively that they have no bargaining power with a man who would reject them for a Fox. they demand more relative to what they offer in return. Anyone who has ever seen an openly two-faced Fox in action knows how she can spend one moment dressing down a man she deems a loser and the next showing her sweet side to a man she respects. This category should be your second choice. Foxes often trust their girlfriends to shield them from the wolves. Interaction with non-Elites should be kept to a bare minimum. You have little to gain by spending time with non-Elites if your goal is to have sex with Elites or super-Elites. you should have no difficulty seducing a non-Elite. At this point it is easy to become a pawn in the Fox's game to prove that she is superior to the sub-Elite. will be your most powerful seduction tool for the sub-Elites and non-Elites you ignore. or a Fox who cannot find that . inferior women who will want to prove their Foxhood by attracting you. you'll be able to boost your overall chances and your reputation while gaining access to the sexual Elite. When the friend has a positive opinion of you. you should be very happy with a long-term relationship with a sub-Elite. you can take advantage of supply and demand and lower your looks requirement a bit while raising your other requirements to compensate. but brains and money.

which are: 1. with everyone cheering her on for dumping the jerk. The end result -. and Once the relationship is over. and who wants what you have. Ha-ha-ha. Charity in the game of love is rare. the superior partner will find a replacement more quickly. The fundamental premise of the humor is that we are just losers who don't know what we are doing. It ranks two people for intrinsic worth. and Partner ratings which are substantially higher than each partner's CUPID rating. When all three conditions are met. and that replacement will have a higher CUPID rating than the replacement found by the inferior partner. a theoretical measure of a person's desirability to the opposite sex. If the Fox in question does go out with you. and "everyone" knows it. points out mismatches in relationships. the following will almost always be true: The person with the superior CUPID rating will be the one who decides if a relationship occurs. Dare I say it was also why they divorced. As mentioned earlier. any Fox you would want to date is better than you and will not only reject you but laugh in your face. Saying that one person is somehow better than their lover is quite arrogant. the person with the higher rating will have control. Every time a famous couple divorced (usually with the Fox breaking it off). To understand how CUPID applies to relationships. At any point in the relationship.dream relationship. If a relationship occurs. and predictable. the ideal CUPID relationship consists of the following: Equal CUPID ratings. and on a deeper level explains what two people see in each other. and that she was married to Billy Joel. because neither partner is likely to do better. You want someone with an equal CUPID rating. who has what you want. If in fact the formula is accurate. others will often treat them as if they were not equal if their CUPID numbers do not match up properly. Saturday Night Live led this cynical charge a while back. think of the CUPID rating as a romantic power rating. The problem with changing the behavior patterns documented by Darwin and CUPID. they had a running gag. . as the weaker partner will find it almost impossible to replace the stronger one. among others. She said she knew the marriage was in trouble when she realized that she was Christie Brinkley. We are bred to be opportunistic. Equal partner ratings. is that no one is willing to step up and be the first person to consciously seek out someone who is lacking in what they want. the superior partner is more likely to cheat or dump. in its Weekend Update skit of all places. and causes a great deal of pain. It is a dark reality about the nature of human thought that we even spend time considering who is getting the better deal in a relationship. and why their divorce was met with knowing cynicism. people do not wait for anything resembling this ideal to enter their lives. not altruistic. Even if two partners have resolved their CUPID issues and treat each other as equals. Here's an example: Christie Brinkley filed for divorce from Billy Joel this week. you have a pairing that is not likely to break up. More often than not. This is why a marriage like Liz Taylor and Larry Fortensky's attracts so much attention. it is only a matter of time before she leaves you. The CUPID formula underscores our common assumptions about relationships. and not recommended. Sometimes it can even lead to obsession. and instead accept a CUPID mismatch rather than be alone. If you are male.the superior half of the mismatch dumps the inferior half -. and may the best men and women win and have sex with each other. It converts the dating game into just another competitive sport. right? Underneath those laughs lie some rather crude and negative assumptions.

and the staff wishing they could make more money. Since it is a factor I must acknowledge it. I'm not here to debate the fairness of the role CUPID plays in relationships. Even couples have to deal with: CUPID Couple Ratings Couples can be every bit as shallow as singles.because it is very shallow -. but with both parties continuing the arrangement because for each of them it is the best they could do at the moment. CUPID's strength lies in its value as a conceptual tool for understanding how we think and what we value. honey. Like the song says. Arpad Elo explained this concept perfectly: Chessplayers often make unrealistic appraisals of their own ability. Every man seems to consider himself superior to his true equal. Chapter Five: The Goal Of Foxhunting We are so biased towards the female perspective that Foxhunting is socially unacceptable. Though empirical in nature. unless he is given to making drastic changes in his appearance and behaving differently. inertia sets in and a relationship develops. there are also Elite couples. I keep CUPID in the back of my mind at all times. If CUPID were not a factor. thinking that they are "in form" only when they are actually playing well above their normal form. The same dynamic exists in the workforce. While it is true that CUPID considerations diminish as a relationship is built. Just as there are Elite people. knowing who is out of their league and who is not. Because they are with someone they find tolerable. Past And Present. A couple's CUPID rating determines its social standing. and so on down the scale until you get to the bottom. A rudimentary understanding of statistics is all it takes to see the impact of CUPID on relationships and even friendships. It is blatantly obvious that this is not the case. An Elite couple is a force of nature. and gravitating towards their peers. Elites are going to pair off with other Elites or strong sub-Elites. with massive amounts of sex appeal emanating from both sides. Each person we relate to is going to score us differently. the odds of two Elites being lovers would equal the odds of one person being an Elite. love the one you are with. In The Rating Of Chessplayers. CUPID ratings are not constant. it is also true that the beginning of one relationship often causes the end of another. so a factor which is important at the beginning of Relationship #2 is by definition important at the end of Relationship #1. with employers wishing they could get more work for the money they pay their staff.but don't think it ends with the two of you. Every couple has a CUPID rating and even partner ratings just as with singles. Men need to work past what others might think of them and learn instead to pursue what it is they truly want." This might sound very shallow -. An overwhelming majority of the time. Each man has a rating level which he will approximate most of the time. people become rather adept at making CUPID assessments. CUPID does not easily lend itself to use as an empirical matchmaking tool. Any aspiring Foxhunter would do very well to work CUPID into his consciousness with the same level of depth. and the rating distribution of those who are lovers of Elites would match the overall distribution as well. or presenting his status in a different light. if you cannot be with the one you love. The effects are magnified because the scoring range for couples is 0-200 instead of 0-100. Many who declare themselves in love with their partner would be a lot closer to the truth if they simply said "I got tired of looking and s/he was the best one I could find that would have me. and I do.Over time. A low-rated CUPID pairing will often be excluded by Elite couples just as they were when they were single. and who seems to tolerate them. This is the case with CUPID as well: two true equals will usually assume that they would be settling if they chose the other. where people are loathe to pair off with each other and tend to hold out for someone who is more attractive than they are. Many successful sitcoms have been built around the machinations men go through to get . at least not to the extent that the ratings are accurate to the tenth of a point. placing a different value on those scores in calculating your partner rating. To fail to understand its impact is to leave oneself open to being blindsided at any time.

and who tells you that a man will have to win her over. I remember watching an episode of Oprah where on it she had a doctor who had met a sub-Elite through one of her single-rich-handsome-man-without-a-woman shows. and is in top physical shape. As a man whose cousin managed to live with two Playmates in succession (one while she was the current month's centerfold). it doesn't mean that you cannot become a successful Foxhunter. In our female-biased society. is sending R-Rated videos of herself to men she sees on Oprah. by being what Foxes want. they can usually bail out without anyone looking down on them. Sure enough.000 a year or more.500 to say that having them taken was the most spiritually fulfilling experience of their lives. Quarterbacks and cheerleaders do not hook up by accident. earns $100. When you talk about men who have known nothing but rejection their entire lives. This is easy because all a man has to do in that case is stop pursuing them. The man gave the perfunctory excuse about how things just didn't work out with the sub-Elite. What happens if you are lacking in any of the above categories is that you will find the Fox you want. and more. and even if they meet someone better down the road. on a followup show. Even in that case. maybe even having her mother do it for her. not yours). he would have stayed with the first. I used to joke that Playboy Playmates were paid $30.000 as follows: $500 for the pictures. the one who tells you she is looking for a nice guy. because they are important to women. and all I could think of was how if you switched the bodies of the two women in question.000 to say that any loser reading the magazine has a shot with them. if he tops out with a Super Elite. men do not have this privilege. Foxes will fall all over you. and $20. the doctor reported to Oprah that his relationship with the sub-Elite had ended. The man who is having sex with a Fox on a regular basis is far less likely to look elsewhere. I can tell you that the type of man these Foxes want is exactly the type of player you have always thought they wanted. rock-star wannabe with limited talent like my cousin. Let me say now that if you are a man who is over 6'. they will be denied sex. These alpha-males have done their foxhunting in the most efficient way possible. imagine for a moment that one year from now you will be moving to a new town. being far less likely to change jobs if they are happy and well-paid. Who hasn't seen an episode of some show where a husband forgets his anniversary or commits some similar capital offense. has a high IQ. once again he is less likely to stray because he has everything he wants. how they have to want what they are supposed to want. Not pursuing Foxes will not get you laid by itself. The Fox thinks she is doing men a favor by not enlightening them. wanting to marry you. unless he is capable of attracting other Foxes. none is as sickening as watching a mother present her daughter's sexuality to a wealthy man. To understand what it takes to be a successful how they have to cater to the Fox's every whim. Even if you aren't the cool type. to both his ego and his image. but why is it considered amusing when a wife tells her husband she has a headache and he has to go without sex? One of the more provocative studies on love and sex that I came across revealed something very simple yet telling: the more attractive a man's lover. knowing before they commit to a man if they can do better. she tells men the same lies you see in centerfold profiles. This is analogous to how men approach their careers. you do not need to Foxhunt. and he began dating one. Immediately an alarm bell went off in my head. and to a man who gets rejected. Under the pretext of sparing feelings (her own. and they will usually be willing to let you sample the goodies in the hope that you will choose them over the hordes of other Foxes. rich men?). Of all the sites I have seen in my travels on this planet. Every man has Foxhunting potential. Foxes rarely have this problem. the more monogamous he becomes. aren't a Jon BonJovi-lookalike. and the wife is justified in punishing him for it. that represents a marked improvement already. because they seem to be born with CUPID calculators in their brains. I say a year because if you are overweight or . $9. and in her place was a Blonde Fox from his own town whose mother had seen him on television and prompted her to contact him (don't you love the way mothers try to push their daughters onto good-looking. and how if they don't play the game on the Foxes' terms. Many had contacted him. I'm not advocating forgetting these things. there is the potential to stop the bleeding and reach the point where Foxes are unable to reject or humiliate them. it will stop a lot of pain for men who get rejected regularly.

taking risks only when the reward justifies it. This scores an automatic point for you because it makes her curious. Like jobhunting. If you want a Fox. you can often wind up trapped in a lesser lifestyle because you find yourself with less time to search. and go beyond just pursuing the random non-Elites who enter their lives. I cannot even say you will wind up with a Fox. Why It's Okay To Be A Foxhunter One of the reasons men refuse to admit to their Foxhunting tendencies is that they think women will condemn them for it. Foxhunters are no different. Foxhunting eliminates or reduces rejection risk. almost dismissing it. but I am reasonably sure that the women you find yourself dealing with on all levels. because Foxes can charge thousands of dollars a night for their sexual services. Once you understand this concept. Once she is done calling you a selfish. ask them out. every minute. In this position. Imagine for a minute that a woman has gotten wind that you are a Foxhunter. with a new job.otherwise unattractive this gives you ample time to correct the problem. This leads to my next question: how bad do you want it? Professional athletes are paid millions of dollars a year because they excel at their form of competition. and even if you are rejected it will be much easier for you to save face. you would probably try to find a Fox or two to talk to. and how to exploit it. Changing the human scenery of your life from The Drew Carey Show to Melrose Place is a massive improvement. my goal was not only to seduce Foxes. That may work in fiction. and a new life. If you want a piece of this action. to a new city. There is a saying that when you do not have a job. even working it to my advantage. and often has difficulty focusing on . but also to avoid the indignities that come with rejection. but when you play in the big leagues that will never be the case. but real life is another story. do what Mariah Carey sings and make it happen. detach from the mindset that being yourself and randomly living your life will cause the Fox of Your Dreams will drop into your lap. The payment for a job well done is the incredible sex they have. and without doing everything you possibly could to get laid. and you can become complacent with less than you deserve from the marketplace. While it may be tempting to take a Mc-Job just to pay your bills while you are holding out for your dream job. your own apartment or house. at least you'll be striking out with a higher class of Fox. several interesting things happen. They have the advantage at every point: meeting Foxes. Foxhunting demands that you retain your standards even when you haven't found what you wanted. Something which has annoyed me about most every seduction guide on the market is that they minimize rejection. and can stomach rejection rather easily. but this only begins to tell the story. looking for a job should become a full-time job. without any long-term strategy. The economic rewards of success motivate them to devote their entire lives to becoming as skilled as they possibly can. taking proactive steps to ensure that they will come into extensive contact with Foxes and make the most of the windows of opportunity created by that contact. how would you go about your Foxhunting? If you are like most men. and if they said no you would either keep pursuing them or move onto the next. While sooner or later you have to make a move. When I became a Foxhunter. pursuing and dating them. Most Foxes a level above what you would find in a brothel. you are well on the way to successful Foxhunting. because a true Fox usually will not have to lower herself to working in that profession. A Foxhunter is to a typical male what Michael Jordan is to typical a playground basketball player. making it your top priority is logical. including: She wants to know if you consider her a Fox. will have higher CUPID ratings than the ones currently in your life. I am proud to say I have accomplished both. practicing constantly and developing their technique to the point where it is almost flawless. To an extent they are right. A Curious Fox is like a horny male. Every hour. even beyond sex and romance. If you are already goodlooking you can imagine that you are relocating tomorrow. Payment it is. sexist pig. Foxhunters are professional seducers. If you are not currently with the Fox Of Your Dreams. every second of your life can be applied to seduction. I wish I could say that there are shortcuts. and seducing them. Even the most banal of decisions can have farreaching impacts on your love life. As someone once observed very humorously. the odds you will be rejected when you do are much lower.

and she can just relax and enjoy being conquered (once she gets past your being a selfish. Avoid chess clubs. This ties into #1.anything else until her curiosity has been satisfied. spend that year improving yourself and you'll wind up with more Foxes in one week thereafter than you would have in the entire year. Men who ask Foxes for seduction advice fail to realize the death-blow they are dealing to themselves. Would you mention in a job interview that you were unemployable? Suppose your boxing opponent told you before a fight that he had a glass jaw and couldn't throw a knockout punch. Successful Foxhunters have their moves down so well they Foxhunt unconsciously. It's bad news all around. and that even if you find them attractive. The man who will date any Fox is a lot different from one who rejects non-Elites but also requires that Foxes be compatible mentally and spiritually. Intense Foxhunting. They also know it is not the only reason I am attracted. This will work only if you hold your ground when things are not going your way. you have other options. She knows that beneath your polite exterior exists a man who can probably turn her on sexually. If you behave like a Foxhunter. comic-book or Star-Trek conventions. If something isn't working. She doesn't have to worry about the Foxhunter losing his cool. Foxes are very covert. or by not pursuing her and giving her the impression that she is not a Fox. The Fox who values your friendship or whatever it is that is attracting her to you knows she cannot walk all over you. change it! Do so only with a good reason. Give it time. deep down she knows it does and is always concerned about what men think of it. If that time is spent at work earning money. Learn to evaluate what is happening. She assumes you are capable of seducing her. for confidence is merely one's refusal to second-guess oneself. Know the score. or at the gym improving your looks. Don't delude yourself. Turn to a non-Elite for advice. at least until you are confident in your abilities and satisfied with your results.demand is a basic reality of the romantic marketplace. . She knows she has no sexual power over you. and you will act more confidently and succeed more. This gives them confidence. even you. the easier it will be for him to find what he wants. sexist pig). They move from Fox to Fox. putting all of their eggs in basket after basket. keep the following in mind: Make it your top priority. and you can toss in criticism of your looks preferences to the propaganda mix. I make sure that this happens because I use looks only as a rejection criteria and not a selection criteria. One of the biggest mistakes made by amateur Foxhunters is that they think only in the short-term. those activities increase your CUPID rating and can be considered relevant. or not knowing what to do in any situation. or developing your mind. How would you react? Keep these metaphors in mind the next time you are contemplating letting a Fox advise you. Go to a singles bar every night for a year and you might get lucky a few times. what your chances are. It is much easier to seduce a Fox if she believes your interest in her goes beyond the physical. If you are not spending your time directly or indirectly Foxhunting. I see nothing wrong with Foxhunting if a man is honest about what he wants. Long-term thinking is the order of the day here. Never mind that her body isn't supposed to matter. The less a man values looks. you are missing out on opportunities. and when one basket breaks they repeat their mistakes. The ones who don't I do not deal with. Any time you spend doing something other than Foxhunting or something related is a lost opportunity. is highly recommended. because they fail to grasp one simple concept: Foxes do not want a man who does not know how to seduce them. she is left wondering whether or not her body turns you on. Your end of the bargain is to never give the Fox a reason to doubt this ability. The Foxes I talk to know that their bodies are the primary reason I am attracted to them. Foxes become convinced they cannot impress you with anything less than sex. and will treat you with more respect. Most find this acceptable. and other places where men outnumber Foxes. To prepare yourself for becoming a successful Foxhunter. This is the main appeal of the player: he knows what he is doing. Supply-and. By not revealing what she wants to know.

or that he can reverse the rejection. long look at the men Foxes date and see how many of them are truly nice. most of it unflattering. you have to step in and figure out how they think by examining how they act. It's no different with looks. How often do you see a Fox protest the favors she gets in return for her beauty? Most will attribute their success to resourcefulness while ignoring the bias altogether. Much has been written about Fox behavior. In this case. If you are blessed with brains. you'll use that. if all they know is royal treatment. In the eyes of the cynical. These sweeping-but-accurate generalizations fail to tell the whole story. like getting into an elevator alone. summed it up perfectly: Don't listen to what we say. the first thing you need to do is understand how they think and act. the following holds true about Foxes: They are stuck-up. How many men out there who are over 6' will reject Foxes who have height requirements? Those who are over 6' are getting by on their height the way Foxes get by on their bodies. you are either going to assume that things work the same way for other people. To wit: The Fox who is not stuck-up is accused of being a prick-tease. but they never quite clear the hurdle. can be very traumatic for a Fox. you use it. If she is so polite. It is almost a no-win situation because there is no polite way to reject someone. she must like him somewhat and need a little more convincing. To many Foxes. Predators of every species understand this rule instinctively. Every man is going to pretend to be a nice guy because this is what he thinks the Fox wants. this is how they are going to see the world. Nixon's disgraced attorney general. Experiences men do not even think twice about.Chapter Six: Understanding Foxes Know thy prey. I assign most of the blame to the Foxes. This is how hustlers of any kind take advantage of people in games of skill: they let them come close enough to winning to play for money over and over again. watch what we do This is a more eloquent way of saying that actions speak louder than words. To combat this. People tend to take advantage of whatever life deals them. They get by in life on their looks. Unwanted advances can rear their ugly head in a place like that very easily. You would think that several thousand years of poor female selection would wise them up. When people are working constantly to assist you with whatever problems you have. Take a good. Knowing that they fear being alone with . and what they respond to sexually. Some men who otherwise have no opportunity will attempt to capitalize on any which presents itself. And sometimes the Fox who rejects a man politely is doing more damage than if she is stuck-up to him because he will incorrectly think he blew his chance with her. and in my daily life I go out of my way to respect a Fox's personal space. As life's sexual celebrities. Since Foxes generally do not reveal their true motives to men. If you are going to be seducing Foxes. or that you are special and deserving of this treatment. getting agitated when it is pointed out to them that their helpers and protectors have ulterior motivates for being so nice. Foxhunting is no different. John Mitchell. They date bad-boy types while ignoring the nice guys. I speak out against this behavior in my writing. life is a drama in which they have been cast as the female lead. If you are blessed with popularity. but you could say the same thing about men.

Anything that runs counter to this programming is a rude awakening. It is wise for a man not to make himself vulnerable. and how they are likely to react in any given situation. and will even work to make them happen for you. I am reminded of a running gag in the Motley's Crew comic strip where a wino named "Bummy" runs for office on the grounds that instead of being disappointed to find out that you elected a bum. The bad apples have spoiled the rest of the male bunch in the eyes of the Foxes. where men claim righteous anger over the treatment they receive (or don't receive). not how she looks. If all a man cares about is her in elevators. and if they want something. and then concludes that anyone else who makes the same effort she made will succeed. A few years back. Treat a Fox as you would a celebrity. To different degrees. and because they will like you. This is not likely to happen because what causes us to want someone also causes us pain if we don't get it. and Foxes have to learn to be polite about rejecting. Each time the better-looking person was treated like royalty while their plain counterparts were given only basic civility. putting people of unequal attractiveness in similar situations (job interviews. why should a she feel compassion? Should a rich man be compassionate to golddiggers? The stuck-up attitude creates a tit-for-tat. It was this line of reasoning that got me to reassess Foxes and my approach to dealing with them. why not just vote for one in the first place? I've actually heard Foxes justify dating jerks on the same grounds. their time more valuable. or in any forced environment. and many also have difficulty with not getting what they want immediately. the better. The Fox who denies the reality of just how much her looks have helped her in life is going to preach self. The upside is that if you display the positive attitude Foxes have. even criminal trials). Some super-Elites actually become very stuck-up as a way of striking back against men who try to take advantage of them. how they view you. a major network newsmagazine devoted an entire hour to looks biases in America. Not all Foxes are like this. It is wise to assume the worst about any Fox you deal with until she proves otherwise. or are something to be feared and avoided. one for men she wants and respects. I do not hit on Foxes where they work. and Foxes complain that they are going to be called stuck-up regardless of how they behave. it will be provided. The Fox who gets a job because of how she looks denies that this is the reason. because she has relied on herself to get where she is. and one with a bad temper at that. emergencies. crossing her in any way can have disastrous consequences. Almost without exception. but they are truly different. but this will rarely be the case. A Fox's a natural desire is to think that she has succeeded in life because of skill. What I can do is refuse to add to the problem. . I won't even get into one alone with a Fox if I can avoid it. but only one bad apple can cause food poisoning. there will be men in her life who will do anything for Foxes will either cruise through life blissfully selfish. I get a very positive reaction from Foxes when I bond with them by empathizing with what it must be like to have every man want to get them into bed. The societal conditioning for Foxes is that their thoughts are more important. and another for those she deems inferior. and because she is popular. Leave yourself open to the idea that she is honest and kind. or they will develop their minds and become super-Elites. and if she can do it. Some even have difficulty with men who challenge their ideas. and I cannot disagree with them. What will be the case more often than not is that you are dealing with someone who has two faces. The cycle can only be broken with two steps: men have to learn to accept rejection. Foxes who realize just how much power they have often begin acting powerful. Foxhunting requires you to become aware of the Fox belief system. so can you. at least until they have been checked out. reaping the advantages of physical beauty. In a Fox you are dealing with a celebrity. admitting that I am one of those men regains points for honesty that I lose for being a pig. Foxes are people. because Foxes cannot tolerate proof that they got ahead unfairly. Acting on any attraction you may have for a Fox is like navigating an obstacle course. they will expect good things to happen to you. Avoiding these risks makes you more likely to succeed. Whenever you are dealing with a Fox. This is especially true when a Fox carries the default opinion that men are unworthy scum who will hit on her. and for some odd reason. The less you to do win over a Fox.

Few take joy in failure. This is why they claim superiority.. On average. aside from containing pictures which at times would cause even Hugh Hefner to blush. and the more correctly you identify them. I have found that when I am able to predict how a Fox is going to react to me. Some people do not care if they can keep a partner and reach for the moon. incredible demand. Many good men get destroyed because they lack seduction and pursuit skills. we are going to seek partners who have the most appealing combinations of CUPID and partner ratings we believe we can keep.How you are treated by a Fox is going to depend on how she categorizes you. Under the laws of supply and demand. or what type of man she decides you are. seducing her becomes much easier.better than men. The disparity demolishes any chance that we will collectively find our true equals. and few would deny it unless they are infected with PC disorder. but remember that if you are pursuing her only because of her body that you were being shallow in the first place. The problem we have with finding what we want from each other is supply and demand. You can also be certain that a truly open space isn't going to remain that way if drive around the block looking for a better space. If you see an open space. I will conclude this one with the simple advice to monitor your own interaction with Foxes. The Fox who coldly ignores men under 6' will kiss up to men who meet her height requirement. women outrank men. Chapter Seven: Understanding Your Competition Everyone wants the top prizes in life. For the most part. Pursuit and romance are opposites: one is competitive. the average ratings for men and women would have to be equal. Once we start using qualitative terms like better to describe one person relative to another. Because there is no way to summarize all behavior specific to Foxes in one chapter. like New York City parking spaces: in short supply and grabbed up very quickly when available. The man who marries a CUPID 75 will dump her in seconds for a 95.the primary judgement criteria -. Pursuit is what attracts Foxes. but that doesn't tell the whole story. you can be certain that parking there is taboo. That's just the way we are. where we appear equally desirable and where our interests appear compatible. The more patterns you can identify. the other cooperative. Read Cosmopolitan every month for seven years like I did if you want more insight into how Foxes think. There is one major problem with this formula: men and women are not equal! For CUPID to work out perfectly. romance what keeps them. the laws of economics kick in with more force then Bruce Lee. are like the opposing coach's playbook. and few of the tall men will ever take exception to this. There is a point at which a Fox's CUPID rating is high enough to keep any man loyal. This happens in part because women take care of their bodies . Foxes are in demand. Foxes who report relationship problems tend to omit how much they enjoyed being pursued by the men they later despise. and learn which behavior is specific to them as opposed to non-Elites. Fox magazines. she's not nice in that she doesn't treat everyone equally. Many men who complain about Foxes being stuck-up do not realize that they are not this way with every man they meet. so why should you expect anything different from her? The Personality Myth persists. The short men will call her a bitch and the tall men will call her nice. Obviously. the more you reduce the uncertainty that befalls men who never quite learn how to predict Fox behavior. whom society says we are supposed to match up well with. Your CUPID rating and your seduction technique are going to affect how any Fox treats you. rejection and loneliness condition us to seek out those who are in our league. although identifying both types of behavior will help you a great deal in preparing for your Foxhunts. . even if they know they are going to be dumped a week later for a superior.

Foxes take go to the extreme. A Fox who wants a rich man has slim pickings. equally intelligent. In the real world we pair off by both rank and rating. 90. a woman who has a perfect body automatically qualifies as an Elite. Even at 80 percent. 85. in fact. so bad. and that is why the same Fox who is a stuck-up bitch to you will roll out the redcarpet for an Elite.6 7. and men have an advantage in the finance department (though deteriorating) that should offset women's in the looks department. 86.including you -. suitable for friends. Never having a man around who meets her standards is very frustrating to a Fox and something she will take as a sign of her failure to be sufficiently attractive. because Foxes will always be into looks.1 99. provides four hoops for a man to jump through as opposed to only one for her.7 99. Throw height into the mix and it gets even worse. dividing men into three categories: worthy. the genders are equally good-looking.2 99. 87. so is every other man on the planet. a man with a perfect body needs another 25 points to get to Elite. The source of the imbalance lies in our value systems.0 99.1 99. pigs that they are. Foxes have such unrealistic requirements of men that sometimes only one in 10. Men have complained for eons about Foxes with unrealistic expectations. while a man must be strong in three areas.4 10. 98. The rankings would look something like this: Rank Men Women 1.8 99. and wealthy. Foxes will often wait for their theoretical equal. and loser. On one level they do. By contrast. let's make them Elites and assume societal value systems for each person. and intelligence. The man who is ranked at #5 can look at the woman ranked #5 and claim equality.0 99. 92. while she could point to his inferior CUPID rating and say they are not equal. and good-looking. one who wants a man who is not only rich.7 5.000 will qualify. because just about every other man on the planet -. you would be right almost every time. and they will have hundreds of Foxes to choose from. 96. one who wants a genius has equally slim pickings.0 2. The Fox who finally gives into practical pressure and pairs off with her rank equal complains that she has settled for a rating unequal. and they were ranked accordingly by doing the same thing. A humorous line I have used with success is Would you like some company while you are waiting for Prince Charming to show up? . but tall.0 100. money. will just be into looks. It is not likely that the scales are going to balance anytime soon. and men.5 9.3 The term equal can be applied to rank or rating. 100. You will find yourself competing against mortal men and an unrealistic ideal. smart.8 100.For the most part. 84. All is not lost because while you are competing against an unrealistic ideal. either. and those points must come from at least two other categories.5 99.7 6. not realizing how difficult it is to find this if there are ten times the number of Foxes as Elite men.5 8. There are men who value looks at 90-100 percent of the selection process. You can't even say that the two-faced behavior is bad.0 3. Foxes who expect to marry an Elite male do not understand romantic supply and demand. intelligent. For simplicity. A woman needs strength in only one area to become a Fox. It is much easier to just be good-looking than it is to be good-looking. More than one man has convinced a Fox to date him by suggesting that she relax her requirements a bit and give him a chance. Imagine for a moment that the world consisted of 10 men 10 women.8 4. that if you told every Fox you met that she would never find the man of her dreams. 94.

it behooves a man to understand the importance of timing. If your rival blunders. Be prepared to let the clock tick and Foxhunt in the meantime. There will be good-catch types who string them along for a until they get bored or find someone better. this is a man who puts out romantically the way a Promiscuous Fox puts out sexually. Good-catch types are men with high CUPID ratings (or partner ratings) who pursue one Fox vigorously at a time.sub-Elites and a few unattainable Elites -. A Fox's opinion of you changes constantly relative to other men in her life. she will become more appealing if she is right about Foxes being out of your reach. This is why you will often see men who do not fare well in the dating game one day show up with a Fox on their arm and a ring on her finger. or even years. and Speed Seducers who can break down in 90 minutes the defenses a Fox keeps other men at bay with for weeks. although in a way they are doing you a favor.Men have problems competing against perfection because they do not know how to handle it. because sooner or later. This puts the ball in his court. Your stock will rise by attrition when the man you were competing against suddenly crashes and burns. A dishonest rival is obviously better for you. if there is one. even when you are in a relationship. you can still point out that perhaps she is marrying the wrong man out of fear she won't find a good husband. and who are relationship-oriented and marriage-minded. In other words. Soulmate types are the worst competition to have. The best way to catch a fast-moving insect in a closed environment is to stand still and wait for it to come to a complete stop rather than waste your time and energy chasing it. You can always warn a Fox that your rival is just telling her what she wants to hear to get her into bed. Sex from Foxes for romance from men is the fundamental romantic transaction. No Fox in her right mind would expect you to name your sexual conquests. it is probably due to someone else and not you. and you don't want to appear as if you are forcing the issue. and the only chance you have is after the breakup. for you will not be proven wrong until he marries her. If she pointed out your failure as a covert way of getting you to consider her. but if you are doing poorly her words are going to sting. That is why I became one. If that happens. There is no way you are ever going to convince a Fox that you meet this ideal. It is the male corollary to the Fox who gives sex to men with no strings. Imagine for a moment that you are talking to a sub-Elite who knows you are a Foxhunter and despite your claims to the contrary. don't overplay your hand. The Fox who gets sucked in by this type of man is a goner.will take many forms. although personally I find the Foxhunters to be the most difficult in that they can strike out of the blue. If you feel like a prince one day and a Frog the next. Their major strength comes in their willingness to give a Fox what she truly wants. If you are going to use this tactic. usually sooner. Which type of competition is worse will depend on what you are seeking from Foxes. Consequently. there is really nowhere to hide for the Fox who hasn't found Prince Charming because there would be a Royal Wedding if she had. With such volatility. months. he will mess up and you can capitalize. says that you will never find what you seek. Since Foxes parade their romantic conquests (as opposed to men hiding their sexual conquests). Once or twice is more than enough to get your point across. The good-catch type divides between men who are sincere and men who are not. The promise of a happy lifetime pairing is something Foxes always consider. even if the man is not spectacular at first glance. or if she decides he is wrong for her. Another . over time you begin to look good in her eyes. It never ceases to amaze me how a Fox can one day be talking about spending the rest of her life with a man and the next day be crying over how everything fell apart. it is much easier for a man to hide his failures than for a Fox to hide hers. of course. You may keep a poker face and laugh it off. Your flesh-and-blood competition -. a romantic slut for lack of a better term. This can be used to your advantage. It is always possible to use this technique yourself. marriage-minded looksdiggers who use the surprisingly successful technique of telling every Fox they meet that they feel a soulmate connection until someone believes them (an annoying number of Foxes are removed from the market by this technique).

we had just met. Speed Seduction strikes at the heart of what Foxes and Foxhunters alike are up against in the dating game. I was a bit distressed to see Bill Maher and his panel bash Speed Seduction. and the rebound potential is strong. Ross has chosen to apply his knowledge of these techniques to the art of seduction. Foxhunters detest rivalry. Fortunately. There really is no good way to combat a Foxhunter other than to be more appealing to the Fox than he is. Every time you make a mistake she will wonder if maybe she made a mistake. but only if the Fox accepts him as her soulmate. as Ross and his disciples call it. 1998 evening show which featured a man named Ross Jeffries. Instead. A few years ago I attended a singles function and thought it would be a perfect place to try Speed Seduction. I used Speed Seduction patterns on her and within an hour she was on the dance floor with me. and god help the Fox who encounters a Speed Seducer without realizing it. while the other Foxhunters have already moved on. The Fox will be none too pleased that she cannot control your rival. For more information on those art forms. holding me rather closely for someone I just heed the alarm. and what is worse is that he can make her think it was her idea! Foxes who are seduced by SS are often unaware of what has happened to them. try www. and even if they are not pursuing her directly. This is why it is crucial to play the numbers: if you focus on only one Fox at a time. and we definitely had a typical connection. and the Fox will either have to pick one of the two men or tell each about the other. Not fifteen minutes after I arrived there. Foxes cannot stand this because their power is greatly diminished. It is the most straightforward rivalry. but it only takes one to produce a lifetime of sex. Ross Jeffries is a man who is trained in the mind arts. Since the method that these men use has become more and more popular as of late. It is also the reason that I wrote a book advocating Foxhunting to other men. and I was caught off-guard by how well the method was working. What we used to call smooth talk has been updated with 90's avoiding protracted contests whenever possible. and the results are explosive. Ross's method takes advantage of a their tendency to be polite when approached. it is worth more than a passive mention. Speed Seducers There is one type of rival that I haven't mentioned yet. and will imagine them getting what they want from other Foxes (and hearing about it if they stay friends). Fans of Politically Incorrect may recall the Friday July 31. a true contest of romantic wills. What makes Foxhunters such dangerous rivals is the reason I became one. and get slaughtered by this type of snake. I probably could have had sex with her that night (her hands were already in the right places on the dance floor). they fight a very intense. but she was not quite a Fox. and one who is willing to go all the way to the altar. you will not only be able to absorb the loss. but you can position yourself for the rebound. Ross really can talk a Fox into bed in an hour or less. and if she is receptive to the technique. Had I continued. and an actress whose name I can't remember. because the method is not at all the joke they made it out to be. A truly skilled Foxhunter is like a professional poker player who has learned to fold his cards any time he is dealt anything less than three queens. Each Foxhunter will demand the same level of commitment. and if you win they bail out. It takes only a brief period of receptivity and focus for a Speed Seducer to worm his way into a Fox's mind. waiting for you to leave the picture.form of romantic slut.seduction. it is only because he has already calculated the odds of a successful seduction and determined they are worth the risk. she will swoon at a rapid pace to the Speed Seducer's silver tongue. specifically hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). If the Fox Of Your Dreams has a Foxhunter in her life. the creator of Speed Seduction (www. The other panelists on the show were Leeza Gibbons. Foxhunters are your deadliest competition (of course!). you will be crushed.hypnosis. If a Foxhunter is in the life of a Fox you have designs on. Few Foxes will. I don't mind losing a Fox to this type of man because she would have been a lot of trouble (Foxes are very demanding about their soulmates). this man is nearly impossible to compete against. neither will allow her to pit him against the other. and this also represents dangerous competition. Gilbert Godfried. a sub-Elite approached me. the Fox knows of their interest and you will be competing against it. If you pursue many Foxes simultaneously. brief battle. I later decided not to use SS because it requires a man to . When two Foxhunters pursue a Fox.

All complaints about the system will be ignored as sour grapes from the losers. it's all relative. Laura (or was it David Letterman?). It is a sign of their desirability to have men vying for their affection. Men are collectively clueless when it comes to seduction. simply communicate that you had to take steps to prevent it. The $5. You can also help them become more resistant to the technique. Instead of showing anger over any time that this may have happened to you. Even when spending works. she becomes yours to lose. Inspired by Dr. It can be very powerful and seductive. I have learned to cautiously approach Foxes who have other men in their lives on any romantic level. Foxes will insist that they are not vulnerable to speed seduction. Men spend mindboggling amounts of money trying to get Foxes into bed. To Dr. No one on the right side of the barrier ever complains about its existence.practically impose himself on a Fox to get her attention. The better-known Speed Seduction becomes. if invested in the stock market. Ross has a fine understanding of how Foxes think. For this reason. You can compete for the Fox. but you can point to Ross's success and that of his followers as evidence that they are either lying or kidding themselves. You can even express indignation over other men who use the method and point Foxes to Ross's website as an example of why you have chosen to be very reserved. As Einstein said. Save yours for the Fox you marry. men who do not share the female perspective on love and sex are making a mistake. I will list what I consider to be the ten worst mistakes a Foxhunter can make: I. not to feed her ego. It's stupid. We must be careful because everyone's definition of a mistake is different. but don't despair: once you have made progress with a Fox. Unless you want to become a Speed Seducer yourself. Dr. and despite their claims to not reward violence. would make them millionaires and help the United States economy in the process. and that is a part of Ross's system that every man can learn from. What makes her so difficult to approach when she has a man in her life is what makes her loyal to you if you are that man.000-50. devoted to the mistakes men make with Foxes. the less effective it becomes. imagery that basically just spits their fantasies back to them while they are the nearest guy they can act upon them with. many such battles have these nasty overtones. Foxes are caught off-guard by a man who has the nerve to approach them and try to get them into bed. like any wise man would. and to lie about his intentions and what he is doing. you have to keep coming up with cash to keep the Golddigging Fox happy. Better to spend your time Foxhunting than fighting Bluto. Foxes thrive on men who compete for them.000 or more each year many men spend on Foxes and non-Elites. Foxhunting mistakes come in many forms. If you can afford this . The competition is brutal. or even a five-volume set. Laura or John Gray. and to avoid a nasty war. Spending Money To Get Laid Money is not an efficient seducer. if they weren't there wouldn't be such a market for this or similar material. A man who spends a month or more courting a Fox only to have a Speed Seducer conquer her in an hour has a right to be cautious. Under my system. The method is losing its surprise value very rapidly as it becomes known. a mistake is anything that impedes your Foxhunting. Foxes are very imaginative and tap right into the sexual and romantic imagery men toss at them rapid-fire. but you also have the option not to play. and has marshalled his knowledge into a seduction technique that works like a well-oiled machine for him. Laura even followed up her book on mistakes Foxes make with men with The Ten Stupid Things Men Do To Mess Up Their Lives. Chapter Eight: Mistakes To Avoid I could easily write a book. the best alternative is to make Foxes aware of the method so that if another man tries to use it on her she is prepared. Speed Seduction relies on the power of suggestion. but especially if it is just a jerk they allow to hang around them.

understepping is the easiest to fix because the Fox is already interested in you. Dating creates an extra hurdle a man must clear before he can get a Fox into bed. When you do not spend your money. Most men make the mistake of reading too much into a Fox's kindness or civility. In every coffeehouse I have ever been to.000 stashed away can be used to attract Foxes with the mere hope that you will spend it on them. dating does not require much money. plus his general outgoing nature and awareness of what Foxes like to do and discuss. This is what Foxes do with sex. For example. With twenty-four hours in a day. I don't mind paying for a dinner here and there. either improving your chances with her or your overall reputation. You will also waste time that could have been better spent working and where your money could have been multiplying instead of disappearing. Many excellent dates cost little or no money. although you usually will have to be more creative. You get an evening alone. that money is gone as soon as the vacation is over. humiliation. Spending money on a Golddigging Fox is going to deplete your resources. you could get a wonderful evening with a Fox for less than $35. Seduction is difficult enough without adding extra roadblocks. Contrary to popular belief.00 a week. Of the two problems. when you ask her on a date or for her number after a pleasant conversation and she says you had the wrong idea. I have found that golddiggers are not worth the expense. It is an unfortunate reality that a man's reputation depends in large part on who he is seen with. or break them down just as easily if that is what she wants. the Fox can still put up walls if she wants. of course) worked in an auction house and made less than $400. and even in some cases retaliation.00 just by purchasing some groceries and a bottle of wine. and the bedroom isn't exactly a long trip. mistaking it for romantic interest. A setting like this is much more intimate than an expensive restaurant. do it with money and you will reap similar benefits. and maybe twenty years of prime attractiveness. If you have a spare $1. only to get blown off or ignored. you will be much better off financially. It is the overstepping that should be avoided at all costs. fifty-two weeks in a year. there are starving-artist types who have Foxes all over them. A date like the one mentioned above is good because even though it is intimate. made him more a more powerful Foxhunter than even most millionaires. II. This is not random distribution at work.000 and usee it to take a Fox on a weekend getaway. It is also wiser to save your money for a Fox you know is going to be with you than to spend money on those who have not even shown a meaningful interest in you and may just be using you. or whether or not he is seen with a Fox at all. go for it. It is the most fatal of all seduction flaws. Downtime should be filled with one of the activities listed in the time management chapter. Hanging Out With Non-Elites Foxhunting is not possible without Foxes. Foxes tend to hang out in large concentrations. when you ask for a second date after a first . a Foxhunter has many opportunities to Foxhunt. this barrier does not exist. The man who oversteps is risking rejection. The same $1. a place better suited to taking a Fox after you have slept with her. but there are also men who do the opposite and fail to exploit genuine windows of opportunity. Money is a lifeblood which should not be parted with easily. III. Overstepping (And Understepping) A function of not knowing the score: he who rushes is a fool and he who hesitates is lost. because I'm just as quick to treat my friends occasionally as I would a Fox. and you'll have a lot more of it to use. but for most men there are better ways. and cooking dinner. and in fact you actually can gain points by being distant and not making a move. If you could find out on or even before a first date if sex is going to occur. seven days in a week. One of the most successful players I ever met (in a coffeehouse. Walk into any metropolitan coffeehouse if you think money is the only way to seduce a Fox.expense. and his knowledge of antiques and other collectibles. Time spent with non-Elites is time that could have been spent with a Fox. it retains its power. There is something about taking a man home with her or going to his place that a Fox is going to become hesitant about. If you are already there. Overstepping can occur at any time: when you approach a Fox you thought was receptive. but I avoid expensive dates. This means spending as much of your time as possible Foxhunting. His job gave him access (lots of Foxes go to auctions).

Not Knowing How To Close The Deal Many men who cannot get Foxes to even talk to them might be surprised to find out that even if they had one naked on their bed they would still mess up. buy some books and manuals. The Fox who sees that you are not rattled by her treatment of you will often reverse her treatment of you. but it doesn't fly here. If she accepts the move you have made progress.i. Appear the true Foxhunter at all times. you have to be consistent. One tip I would give any man who is having difficulty with closing the deal is to take formal training in massage. Mention to a Fox how you have been burned in the past and how difficult it is to trust anyone. Almost seducing a Fox is a lot more painful than not coming close at all. letting a man think he has a chance until he oversteps and the Fox laughs at him. See the next section for an explanation of the advantage of first contact. For this to happen. IV. and if she doesn't she has defeated her argument. The underdog covering the pointspread without winning may be nice in Vegas. This will solve most or all of your problems in this department. The ability to turn off their hormones and walk away from an unfavorable . giving you a window of opportunity to make a move. even though she'll try to save face by explaining that she wasn't doing the same thing. Failing to close out an apparent victory is crushing. because the first thing a Fox will do when she sees a man who has self-control is try to get him to lose his cool. having sex with her þ requires two basic skills: The ability to arouse her sexually. It is essential that you not lose your cool under any circumstances. use non-Elites for practice. even if you are in the middle of sex when trouble hits. As long as you don't make certain fatal errors. About a zillion books and other manuals have been written which do this. Examples of holding your ground include not repeatedly calling a Fox who has not called you. not speaking to one who has rejected you or ignored a move.cold turkey -.. A Fox might mistreat you just to see if you can tolerate it. learn the Kama Sutra. a certain percentage of Foxes you talk to who show no interest initially will change their tune down the road. V. When you get blown out. Completing your seduction of a Fox -. Call this Fox Immunity. Change your attitude when things aren't going your way and Foxes will know you are faking it. or even when you are in a relationship where you think she'll be receptive to a sexual advance and she slams the door in your face. you can take advantage of what appears to be an inferior position. Avoiding overstepping is very simple. or do whatever you think is appropriate. preferably at a respectable and difficult school (New York has the best).date you thought went well. If your sexual technique really sucks. even though she the first sign of trouble. even the bad ones. but didn't. knowing full well she can plausibly deny having led him on. It is still not wise to ignore this vital skill. so I will not be covering #1 with the depth it deserves. Exacerbating the problem is that many Foxes enjoy teasing. Beyond that. offering a challenge. Unless you know how to seduce a Fox from start to finish you will wind up like a sports team that takes a lead into the fourth quarter but fails to close out the victory. Consistency is most important. and rejecting friendship or terminating an existing friendship once it becomes clear you cannot become lovers.e. Not Holding Your Ground Setups are something you will have to watch out for. Usually she will defend her gender and tell you that not all Foxes are like that. In each case. especially with so many other men so eager to please her. Pass the test and they gain respect for you. Foxes value the emotional closeness of a lover as much or more as his technique. and The ability to stop -. Some Foxes will get you to pursue them just to prove that you like them and then slam the door. you know you never had a chance. This is not the Letters To Penthouse. or just dive right in.

Be convincing. giving them utility to work with. and in the explanation is a lesson for all men of all ages. because Foxes want you to be yourself not because they will love you for it but because they want to be able to judge you properly. A geek's logical mind sees athletes and artists getting the girls.situation separates Foxhunters from other men.something his less intelligent but wiser rivals know instinctively -. Don't wait for her to say anything." knowing full well that the Fox will overlook this one deficiency and focus on his other traits (until the breakup. fashionable. he lacks wisdom. pause. No reason to be a masochist. they can always pursue you or roll out the red carpet for you.instead. you are right. sophisticated. VI. A typical scenario involves a Fox who changes her mind after you have been making out and her clothes are off. Rather than being yourself. If you are a young geek." Then walk away. or further decline the offer and let her up the ante. Now that the information age is upon us. with the added dimension that they can become filthy rich that he is losing because he is trying to be something he is not. avoiding Foxes who do not want them. Stereotypes aside. and makes her seem a bit shallow and immature by not considering you until you are older and more financially successful. which I will not name) have gotten miles of laughter out of scenarios that have geeks flexing their nonexistent muscles to impress a Disinterested Fox. If she says something like no. If they don't like the real you they won't reward you for being yourself. Ever hear a Fox tell you to be yourself? That advice is an oversimplification. This is a very subtle and very deadly tactic. Not Playing To Your Strong Suit Geeks!! Geeks!!!!! Pay attention!! Here's why you mess up with girls. I'm sure we all have seen a geek or two try to impersonate a jock or a smooth talker and fail miserably. If they really are disappointed that you aren't pursuing them. look at her. we shouldn't. That a geek is not patient. just take a minute. and he assumes that if he mimics their behavior his results will be identical. If they aren't disappointed. even if you are a geek. waiting patiently to be approached (most Foxes will do this out of curiosity). One word: Gates. but not necessarily. This is illogical. and using their brilliant minds to attract and seduce. We definitely shouldn't. geeks can count on Foxes needing them to solve computer problems. odds are once you pass her little test she'll want you back. Geeks suspend their marvelous intellect and make a fools of themselves by trying to be smooth when they should be playing to their strong suit -. Most Foxes need at least one geek in their lives. Instead of presenting himself well. you have spared yourself a ton of grief. because you might find yourself tested by a Fox who tries . but Foxes do not think like Spock. With the advent of the computer era. I'll leave the geeks with a few tips: Always go for friendship rather than romance with a Fox no matter how interested you are. tell Foxes you do not plan to date until you are 25 years old because that is the age men like you begin to be appreciated. but I'm peoplesmart. Many sitcoms (one in particular. Refusing to allow yourself to be shot down will improve Foxes' opinion of you. and often will say something simple like "I'm not book-smart. If you aren't winning.their minds -. We assume that this is the geek's lot in life. say something like "You know. it shows that you are using your brain. when she will ask why she dated such an idiot). and wind up looking as much like a fish-out-of-water as a typical quarterback would look if he tried to impress a Fox with a lecture on world affairs. geeks have status previously held by handymen. My next book may very well be titled Seduction For Geeks. be a better version of yourself and you'll do fine. they instead try to appear tough. but for now. Foxes delight in letting you think you are seducing them and stopping you cold the moment you attempt to cash in. stop playing until you know how to win. because it takes away any Fox's ability to reject you. the quarterback knows not to try to win over a Fox with his brain. and does not change his methods even in the face of repeated failure shows that while he may have raw intellect. What the geek fails to realize -. that he is doomed to a life of failure. but the advice is still sound. pursues under unfavorable circumstances. At this point you can either tell her you aren't in the mood for games and make her do something ridiculous to prove herself.

there must be a good reason. If men without Foxes are seen as losers who cannot get laid. The logic is flawed. What I never understood about the geeks is how they can be so intelligent yet miss these basic concepts. Foxes want men who know how to seduce them! They want to be led. dress sexier. VIII. and taking their shirts off for no apparent reason. but not to seduce. and that you are in touch with who you are. not what men truly want for themselves. and to gain favor. show no emotion and act like you knew it was coming. express reluctance. in fact. Then go back to your solitude and the pursuit of tech fame and fortune. which portray men doing equally unrealistic things like desiring monogamy. Acknowledge your nature. and usually not worth will become second nature. You do not have to lie. captivated. but don't hide it either. Foxes have an addiction to information which might help their love lives. Use your gimmick to make friends. Should this happen. The feminist groups who decry erotica and adult movies for portraying Foxes unrealistically are conspicuously silent on female porn. along with the most confusing love lives. but it is the flip side of the problem men who are alone have. Don't advertise being a geek. you are three-quarters of the way home. and unless they are Teaching Foxes. Substitute the female romantic drive for the male sex drive. and you gain their respect. and you are valued for what you have to offer instead of being taunted for what you lack. Over time -. A Fox who senses that you are just trying to score with your gimmick will reject it on principle. and suddenly you have perfect gender equality in pornography. but damage control is very difficult. Short-Term Thinking . Foxes advise men to do what they want them to do. figuring that if other Foxes want him. Just knowing you want a Fox is enough to send the non-Elites into a hissy fit because they lose their power over you. because "the cards" are doing the reading and not you. and be more aggressive? It more acceptable for men to accommodate female fantasies than the reverse. If this happens. strut your strong points. By poking fun at yourself you display a trait Foxes love (humor). not you). Once you do this. nonverbally whenever possible. Foxes rarely forgive mistakes. It takes only one moment of weakness for the entire confidence posture to fail. even in the beginning. and to have other Foxes respecting your high standards. even as friends. especially if you are 17 years old and "not dating until break down your wall (it's the wall she's interested in. remembering birthdays. VII. Some Foxes will even see that you have long-term potential and might even help you along the way to romantic success. Your looks don't matter as much. namely romance novels and soap operas. that you are knowledgeable and in control. Gimmicks are great because they can do your attracting for you. My favorite gimmick in the world is tarot card reading. recover as quickly as possible. Foxes gravitate to men who have other Foxes around them. Develop a gimmick." Foxes are much quicker to be nice to those who do not ask for it or expect it. they are going to place you in the loser file the moment you complain about failure. men with Foxes are seen as winners who can. If she bails out on you. Combine this with a good gimmick and an unwillingness to allow Foxes to humiliate you. as long as you don't go overboard. What do you suppose would happen if a man advised a non-Elite who wanted a boyfriend to lose weight. It is almost foolproof. It is important to convey to Foxes at all times. Self-acceptance and preemptive strikes (being too intelligent to ask out a Fox you know is going to reject you) are a geek's best bets. Asking Foxes For Seduction Advice The problem with asking a Fox for seduction advice is that in doing so you have conveyed to her a very fatal seduction flaw.especially as the Foxes you talk about seducing become more real and less a product of your fantasy -. If you convey that you know how to seduce Foxes and act like they aren't worth seducing.

With Foxes advising men to adopt this strategy. is going to get flack for it from everyone. While you are doing nothing. Most Foxes are perfectly willing to become just friends with you so they can use you. Not surprisingly. your last instinct should be to pursue her (unless the conditions for pursuit are entirely in your favor). Why not use this to your advantage and surround yourself with Friendly Foxes that you never pursue? Being seen with Foxy company will help your reputation immensely. Is this what he really wants? Darwin's research says no. or all three. you never create the benefits of competition. The one-and-only approach gives Foxes way too much power. the central thesis is that if it weren't for sex. I discuss the importance of letting the clock tick when the odds are not in one's favor. For the most part. But the reality is the same: if money and rejection were not factors. Darwin posited that a man's first instinct is to build a Fox Harem. Another reality is that a man who states this desire. and because your attention feeds their ego and reinforces the image of popularity that they are always projecting.Most men approach seduction by finding a Fox they like and pursuing her. Most men are just so inept at fulfilling their natural desires that they find it easier to submit to the collective whims of society and go for a monogamous relationship that de- . Becoming desirable pays off big down the road. The man who has a correctable flaw and does not take the trouble to eliminate it pays a price. Take what nature gives you þ a Friendly Fox you never allow to reject you. and even be called bad. this makes letting the clock tick even more powerful. they are correct: men have relationships because they want sex and Foxes have sex because they want relationships. IX. if not. either your CUPID rating is too low. but not that often). By considering only one Fox at a time. The odds that a Fox who is not engaged or married when you meet her will become available within a year are 70 percent. For me to pursue a Fox. most men wouldn't bother marrying. and where her closer friends than you will make ill-timed advances and exit her life unceremoniously. you aren't circulating properly. they move on to the next one. has a clear look at the basket. In the book What Men Want. A Foxhunter does not have to pursue because he appears desirable enough and unattainable enough for the Foxes to pursue him. or she must be so incredible that the rewards justify the risk. This actually puts you in an incredibly strong position. Multiple options are a major key to success. and doesn't have a swarm of defenders in his face. If you do not find yourself being approached by Available Foxes. Wanting What Foxes Tell You To Want Ever hear a man say he's looking for a monogamous relationship? Maybe he is. Under favorable circumstances. don't invest any emotional energy in her. she has to be available and she must have approached me first. The first thing to do is not pursue her at all. if she is receptive. your odds of success skyrocket. just become her friend. your technique sucks. In Chapter Fourteen. most men would have obedient Fox Harems that serve their every whim. he still won't alter it most of the time. A three-point shot in the NBA is more likely to connect if the shooter is open. Even when a man is not succeeding with this approach. and let the clock tick. Another reason not to pursue one Fox at a time is that the odds that a Fox is already taken when you meet her are over 90 percent (my number is 93). unless his CUPID rating is Elite. and in the event this does not happen. Obviously. they hook up. or for any man to even come close to. written by authors I will refer to only as the Three Little Pigs. Nothing ensures fair treatment from a Fox more than competition of equal or greater value. this is not possible for every man to achieve. your competition will often mess up. When you meet a Fox. I often laugh at Foxes who wonder why men cheat in one breath while judging a man on the basis of his appeal to other Foxes the next. it's no wonder (see mistake VII). The lone exception to this rule occurs when I have such a clear shot at a Fox that it is not likely I will ever have one again. sexual and otherwise. Do this with multiple Foxes and you will one day wake up with hordes of Foxes in your life who become available at regular intervals. My question is simple: why is a natural desire in any way bad? I would think it is worse for a man to be conditioned by rejection into wanting something he really does not want. There will come a point at which her lover becomes her ex-lover (or her husband. he waits for an ideal opportunity to pursue. Foxes are more receptive to men who do not hit on them.

yadda-yadda-yadda. They give other men a bad name. because I know that he is only being relaxed and calm because he knows it is going to get him what he wants." (Of course he wants a friend and someone he can talk to." (She also has to say yes). Foxes are always telling men to be honest. Beneath their disapproving surface. A Foxhunter will have none of this. even if they ostracize you. Do nice guys finish last? "No. A man who truly did not care about looks would not be dating one Fox after another. but later admit that I am right and I will recover the points I lost and then some because I held my ground.emphasizes female looks. As Penn students make the transition from struggling academes to well-paid pillars of corporate America. Another way of handling this attack is pointing out that other men are no different than you. a best friend. You present the ultimate challenge for them to tame you into a relationship (the Concession Fox. I have often said that I have no problem with dating a thirty year-old Fox. but there has to be more. A gentleman is nothing more than a patient wolf. It's like one of those movies where the protagonist is not believed until it is too late. She will get mad at first. When confronted with this situation I simply tell the Fox in question that she is dreaming if she thinks her man is any different than me. A great bargaining chip is the Foxhunter's tolerance for being alone. and will resent that you do not consider them a Fox (because you aren't pursuing them). or why she would want to reproduce the jerk and let the nice guy raise his kids. chapter ten). or she knows full well that he is but wants him for shallow reasons of her own. and they have three kids and a stalking ex-husband). an annual ritual where I live. Not Knowing The Score A long time ago. on our tenth wedding anniversary. at deeply discounted prices. Even if it makes you unpopular. A man can play a denial game where he either convinces a Fox that he is not into her body. This process works best when unforced. but you are also being honest. and you are just being honest about it. Women may date bad boys. that you know what you want and how to get it. I do have a problem with a Deteriorating Fox who gave an all-you-can-eat buffet to some loser and tried to stick me with the dinner check. or why a nice-guy should have to endure a decade or more of hell in the dating game to get the supposed rewards of being a decent man. is going to bother them. and the man will say I am just a loser who doesn't get it. A Fox's ability to get a man easily makes it look even worse when she picks the wrong ones repeatedly from such a large selection. It is annoying to want a Fox for her body and be punished for it. or that he is but there are other factors attracting him (usually a lie). I met a sub-Elite at a spring furniture sale. something Foxes are spared. sophisticated man who looks beyond the physical. X. the Fox will say I am jealous I cannot have her. their looks are gone. they can't really do anything about it beyond not dating you (and badmouthing you). This fails to explain why the bad-boy gets the Fox when she's undamaged. and over time I am usually proven right. If he didn't he wouldn't get sex as often or even at all). better-looking. Why do you care about their opinions? The idea that you are getting what you want despite your attitude. and then watch her parade her lover around as an example of a mature. It was at one such . Watching the man is even more annoying. they leave behind the trappings of college life. with more good years in front of her. Listen to men talk about relationships and you will see just how deep this conditioning runs: Do looks count? "Of course. but they marry nice guys. hold your ground! You may sound like a pig. If I complain. there's little they can do about it except call you a pig. someone I can talk to. which will almost always exceed that of Foxes. I attribute this to the rejection men have to deal with early in life. even if the Foxes protest. Regardless of how much Foxes dislike you for being a Foxhunter. What do you want from a relationship? "A lover. What do you think of men who use women for sex and then dump them? "I can't stand them. Any indication of propaganda and it will backfire." (Of course they do because they get what most men cannot). Foxes will respect your control of your destiny. and because you are not pursuing the Foxes you tell this to. his value system would push him away from Foxes who had something he didn't care about but other men did." (After they are thirty. and even though they will not like what you say. without giving them the chance to reject you themselves. even when it appeared to be getting me nowhere. you lose nothing.

Another problem with responding to Foxes at their jobs is that their employers are more likely to not hire men because Foxes attract more customers. My mind had been so conditioned to her ignoring my interest that by the time she reciprocated I didn't even realize what she was doing!! At that point the spell was broken and she moved onto another guy before we even crossed paths again. The result was a 10. must be won from start to finish. a window which was open for only a split-second.minute flirtation with a Fox. I didn't ask for her number. but instead to the traps that Foxes set for you. About two years later. We were crossing the street and in the middle of the crosswalk we were both trapped. Know the score!! Foxhunting is going to create opportunity much more effectively than trying to force an advantage. Then I cashed out. I walked right past Lila without a second thought. costing men many jobs. but when she laughed I kept talking to her. and other Foxes that men seem to think that they can build their love lives around. Windows of opportunity can appear anywhere at any time. I am. I even commented on how impressed she must have been with my wardrobe and she kept laughing. how many would have overplayed their hand instead of cashing out after giving the compliment and letting her make the next move? Games. Lila and I were in the same elevator. but did not act upon it. How do I look?" In a flash of inspiration I said only this: Pretty. Consequently. but at the time I was so clueless that I did not recognize that the window of opportunity I had created in the elevator was paying off because I chose to let the clock tick. especially mating games. He who doesn't know the score is clueless. A Fox behind a retail counter does not qualify as a window of opportunity due to forced interaction. despite my being dressed almost like a bum and her wearing incredibly stylish clothes. Lila wound up living in my building and we were civil to each other whenever we crossed paths. With sexual harassment a nationwide problem. most men would have known what to do instinctively in the lobby. and she looked very worn down and exhausted. until I had gotten about ten steps past her and realized what was going on. He who hesitates is lost. but we had met before she moved in so I exempted that I met Lila. Improvisation is essential to Foxhunting. did nothing further. I remember thinking at the time that she was pretty. One reason gimmicks are so powerful is that they create perpetual windows of opportunity. and said exactly what was on her mind: Boy that sucks! The tone of my voice was such that she got the impression I was not trying to hit on her (I wasn't). but how many would have set the table with the remark in the elevator? Of those who would. I had learned in the meantime that she was taken. Today I would close the deal without thinking. These traps include: . I was entering the lobby one evening and Lila was standing there smiling and making direct eye contact with me. The same applies to waitresses. it wouldn't surprise me if the Secret Society Of Foxes (SSOF) distributed copies to every Fox on earth. flight attendants. neighbors. Fox Traps I refer here not to how to trap a Fox. A book of Foxtraps would not be difficult to write. especially if you work to create them. office workers. Very pretty. I was guilty on both counts. I surveyed the landscape. As the cars whizzed by. because they overstep naturally. I commented on this and she said "Yes. what you seek in a lover. and after that we were still civil whenever we saw each other. and the way every Fox seems to know them and use them. With Lila. Men who are inept at recognizing genuine windows fail to understand the difference between a Fox who wants to talk to you and a Fox who has to talk to you. I normally don't hit on Neighborly Foxes. One evening. Other examples include a Fox asking you about your love life. or just engaging you in conversation. men should not hit on Working Foxes. turned to her. unbeknownst to men. I once exploited a window of opportunity I could not have foreseen. but if I had the odds of my getting it would still have been better than if I had tried some lame pickup line. The trick is not to overstep and to take the small advantages along with the big ones.

The hitter who has to think about what he is doing while at bat will strike out every time. realize you will wind up spending your life like the cartoon characters who do nothing but fight to win her love. Either you get sex or the satisfaction of calling a tease a tease. they would not rig the game so that men had to keep their cards close to the vest in order to succeed. like extolling her boyfriend's good points. The earlier you put a stop to any problem. the better. Foxhunting turns the tables by making them wish you weren't so distant. To intellectualize this process or continually second-guess yourself is fatal. Heed it and give up at exactly this point. you are still going to have to judge each case individually. The antidote is to call her a tease and not take seriously her advances from that point forward. but you can cut your losses by refusing to continue with a Fox after she pulls it on you. Teasing Foxes respect men who can see through them. and no matter what any system says. Teasing. Another favorite trick: the Fox rejects a man when she is taken on the grounds that she is in a relationship. she cancels (usually at the last minute) and does not reschedule. Take the example of a major-league baseball player explaining how to hit a 90 mph fastball. but it is necessary to be a bit distant in a game where you can be short-circuited by a Fox. If this happens.and-done rule explained in the next chapter. You cannot prevent this. treat the date as if it were broken and you were rejected. you can find yourself playing either role. I avoid this trap by ceasing pursuit the first time it is sprung and by communicating that I have no interest in being Popeye or Bluto. they want you not to act on it. The Bluto Trap. The trap shuts when she ends that relationship and moves to another relationship without giving him a chance in between. If Foxes didn't want men who were distant. you won't have problems. Foxes lose respect for men who are too easy emotionally. If you are not careful. One such signal should be sufficient for you to assume rejection and implement the one. The mistakes and traps in this chapter can be fixed with simple adjustments. The signal can be major. . and as long as you get back from them something of equal value to what you give. For just about every situation I find myself in with a Fox. but you could spend hours explaining it. Foxes may love being the focus of your desire. you have yourself a Teasing Fox. The Expectations Trap. Utility Foxes have a purpose. Foxes have problems rejecting men. Foxhunting may sound cold and impersonal. and the "friendship" centers around her needing something from you. If this happens to you even once. The entire process takes a half-second. The Utility Trap. Some Foxes will want you to actually fight for them. and where forgetting her is the only option. Foxhunting cures this problem. Even though the Fox will insist that she is not pulling the Date Switch. and instead of being direct. Men fall into this trap because they lack other ideas on how to approach Foxes. If you sense that a Fox is using you as her goon. rarely will she ever be telling the truth. The next section explains the method I designed to avoid Fox Traps and Foxhunting mistakes. while others will just test you repeatedly by pitting you against other men. While it is true that utility will ingratiate you into a Fox's life. For a man to part with his valuable time and labor in return for merely being able to talk to a Fox makes it difficult for men who don't put out. you will find yourself having to deal with tactical errors like the one I made with Lila.The Clark Kent Trap. So many men let Foxes use them for one favor after another in the hope that it will result in sex. Her options are to stop teasing or follow through. will actually agree to a date and then cancel it over the phone rather than face-to-face. Just as men lose respect for Foxes who are too easy sexually. For lack of a better term. The Date Switch. or it can be minor. Foxes love to let men think they are making progress and then slam the door without warning. this trap occurs the first time a Fox treats you in a manner she would not treat a lover. or ending a conversation before she has to. My advice is to not let this happen. A Fox who pulls the Guy Switch has sent the clearest possible rejection signal. however. No two Foxes or situations are identical. The Fox who truly wants to go out with you will not pass up the opportunity without immediately rescheduling. The Utility Fox's bread-and-butter (see chapter ten). The name is derived from Lois Lane's two-faced treatment of Superman/Clark. I have a plan of action. but when the desire is unwanted. You make a date. Once you eliminate these mistakes. Olive just loves watching Popeye and Bluto duke it out. even though it was they who required you to keep a distance in the first place. like refusing an opportunity to be alone with you or become more intimate. You want her to talk to you. The Guy Switch. it will rarely lead to sex.

in any part of the country or even the world. and in each hour there are sixty minutes. One effective time-management tool is to establish your priorities. Here are mine: Sex with a Fox. There is always something you can be doing to improve yourself or your chances. he became very successful at his endeavor. think of the advice given to job hunters. There is no need to let another man's bad reputation ruin yours. they cannot accuse you of misleading them. Improving my CUPID rating. the more appealing you are going to be to Foxes. You may like chess and star trek conventions. and Foxes accepting you as you are. That's a lot of time for an accomplished Foxhunter to go about his business. and they are correct. Meeting and talking to Foxes. Anything other than the six activities listed above are counterproductive. which escapes me) was about a man who dedicated his life to the seduction of Foxes in New York and literally built his entire life around the goal. except for leap years. or circulating so that I come into contact with more Foxes and the ones I come into contact with are more likely to want me.Chapter Nine: Time Management In each day there are twenty-four hours. you can still point out to any . Most will say that when you do not have a job. For all the talk about being yourself and doing what you want. What you should not do with your time is the following: Spend it with loser men. and your Foxhunting will benefit. If you devote as much of your "unemployment" time as possible to finding a job. Put Foxhunters in place of the losers. developing a gimmick. but you shouldn't deceive the nonElites you are temporarily settling for. You can occasionally lower your standards if you truly feel the need for female companionship. The trick is teaching yourself to think in the long-term and not the short term. Not surprisingly. and in each year 52. How much of your time is spent doing each activity? Note that #5 is possible at any time. you are more likely to find one. Going out as friends with a Fox and building my overall reputation. it is possible to Foxhunt at any time of the day or night. With the advent of the internet.014285772 weeks. Spend it on hobbies that are not gimmicks. To understand the role of time management in your Foxhunting. Even if you reject Golddigging Foxes. What are you doing with that time? One book I read which left a lasting impression on me (but not through its title. and the more money you will have to attract them with and to implement your dating ideas. online or offline. but the same time spent Foxhunting will yield a much better return. Would you rather spend 30 hours a week playing chess or giving thirty one-hour psychic readings to appreciative Foxes? Chessplayers have no sympathy for their defeated opponents who do not study. finding one should become your full-time job. why should Foxhunters? Spend money unnecessarily. Even if they whine and complain when you move on. Sex with a sub-Elite. Dating a Fox. it won't get you laid so forget that little fantasy. The more money you accumulate over time. In each week there are seven days.

first by getting rejected. but to get them to approach you. and again by letting your time get eaten alive by a Fox who is more than happy to use it to satisfy her need for friendship without satisfying your need for sex. Fall down at any step of the process and your work will . Regardless of your situation. like drinking and doing drugs or eating too much. If you had a choice between spending St. complete control over the environment. Take stock of what you are doing with your time and see how you can improve yourself and your chances. plop yourself in a coffeehouse with the Wall Street Journal and/or the Financial Times and engross yourself in your work while ignoring the Foxes around you. and practicing their Foxhunting on the internet because looks are irrelevant at first. creating the ideal conditions necessary for pursuit. which do you think would yield better results? The same applies to New Year's Eve. Even if you don't actively damage your CUPID rating you are harming yourself by not maximizing it.Fox that you want your family to be provided for. if you like the financial markets. The standard advice to pursue your interests to meet members of the opposite sex is valid. but not to the extent that people think it is. Men with low CUPID ratings should focus their time first on maximizing their rating. and from there I know how to convince them to date me and want to go to bed with me. If you do not follow this advice you lose twice. devote your time first to meeting Foxes. It makes sense for a man who is getting rejected time and time again to stop playing the game until the odds are more in his favor. I know this from personal experience. Only an idiot bangs his head against a brick wall. Joining a club that has one or two Foxes and fifty men wanting them is not going to help you a lot. Ignoring Foxes and not pursuing them except under ideal conditions is the correct strategy anyway. Once your CUPID rating is maximized. the less effort you will have to put into your Foxhunting. More advanced time-management angles include taking jobs which give you access to Foxes. and you might wind up approached by a Fox interested in investment advice. and by doing so you will often unmask Foxes who wish you were not looking elsewhere. or activities which deplete your bank account. For example. how to get them to approach me. the day after Valentine's Day (rebound day!). You cannot count on individual Foxes. In addition to wasting money. The only exception is the Fox you use to help build your reputation. Spend it destroying your CUPID rating. Even if you have a career. once you marry you will be very generous and provide well for your family. taking a job one night a week in a social environment will improve your circulation. or wants to be friends with you. but you can play the percentages. If a Fox is not interested in you. and instant status. CUPID And Time Management The higher your CUPID rating. managing a coffeehouse will because it gives you access. and from there you can move on to sex and finally a relationship. Systematically improving your chances is second nature to the skilled Foxhunter. unless rejection does not bother you. then among those date the ones who are available and interested. I know how to meet Foxes. but even then limit your interaction with her to times when she will actually help you. this includes doing things which destroy your looks or your mind. Spend it in places that are not Fox-heavy. Spend it pursuing low-percentage Foxes. and while you may not spend a lot of money dating (a bad investment). you need something to offer them. If you spend a year becoming an expert on figure skating or gymnastics you are going to meet many more Foxes than you will playing chess. or living in Fox-heavy environments. you can improve it. and other times where Foxes come out in droves. Until a Fox has claimed you. move on. For the same impact offline. you have every right to circulate fully. The man whose CUPID rating is 40 would do much better to raise it to the sub-Elite range or beyond than to circulate among Foxes who reject him. then to becoming friends with a few (so you can build your rep). Patrick's Day in a library or in an Irish tavern with 300 Drunk Foxes. To put the odds in your favor. I recommend that you focus your efforts on one step of the process at a time and not try to score immediately. It also applies to hobbies that do not appeal to Foxes. you can park in a chat room devoted to that topic while you are surfing the internet to check your investments.

The person making first contact is three times more likely to wind up dumped. on New Year's Eve and hit it off fabulously with. and those who are the most successful at whatever they do tend to be the ones who work the hardest and the smartest Chapter Ten: Pursuing Foxes This section lays the groundwork for becoming a Foxhunter. and because these Foxes value my brains more than their less-intelligent Foxy for nothing. on the other hand. The Personality Myth illustrates our tendency to believe that people are inherently nice or not-nice. and even if you aren't taken. Your assessment of her personality is going to be strongly influenced by her fundamental attraction to you. If you approach a Fox. since Foxes avoid making first contact and are the ones who initiate 90 percent of breakups and 65 percent of divorces. the more likely you will succeed. your work is not done. The man who complains that Foxes won't talk to him would not be happy once he overcomes that hurdle. If you have what she wants. or the higher your partner rating to the Fox you are pursuing. the advantage created by first contact for the person approached sustains itself throughout the relationship. and vice versa. This should not be surprising. will be taken when you meet them. as practice makes perfect in most areas of life. First Contact. This should be no surprise. proceed with more caution than you would in an unforced environment. Everyone has to start somewhere. because seduction is anything but linear: the steps of meeting. a date. These are your CUPID ratings in each other's eyes. dating.e. Until you are actually having sex with actual Foxes. one who wants you will show you her best. Her CUPID Rating. and having sex are often combined or skipped.. Foxes with high CUPID ratings tend to have high standards and the ability to have those standards met. no matter how deep you go into the relationship. The more your value system mimics society's. Availability. and you will have to overcome one obstacle at a time. the odds of success increase. If first contact were not poison. or even a response to your greeting.m. being unavailable is a big plus. work. How You Met. Foxes would not avoid making it like the plague. or you are neighbors). and will show you her worst side. For men. pursuit principles apply. from the first meeting to sex. It covers principles which apply to all aspects of seduction. school. Steps back and forth are taken in a very complex mating dance. without analyzing their overall behavior. the odds of success for whatever you are pursuing her for are at least four times worse than if she approaches you. The higher her CUPID rating. the lower your chances. The higher your CUPID rating. Whether your goal is sex. I'm lucky in this respect because my value system emphasizes brains more than that of other men. Most Foxes. A co-worker you will see the next day at work is not the same as a Party Fox you met at 11:00 p. In forced-interaction situations (i. appearing taken and uninterested will help you. A Fox who is not attracted to you is not going to want you liking her. or the lower your partner rating to her. Behavior is a function of attraction! We call Foxes nice or stuck-up because of how they treat us. a good-night-kiss. Variables Affecting Pursuit They include: Your CUPID Rating. Be aggressive with a Fox in direct proportion to how closely you will have to interact with her in the future. talking. because most other men do not value a large part of who they are. It is necessary to first examine universal concepts of pursuit. It is assumed you are available if you are considering a Fox for pursuit. phone number. Oddly enough. . the more likely you are to encounter crowds of other men surrounding the Foxes you want. nor would the man who claimed that all he wanted was dates. First contact plays a role in this as much or more as Foxes' fickle behavior. Your Partner Ratings. and almost without exception I wind up with Foxes who have brains.

telegraphing their interest before a conversation has even begun. she doesn't. The man who has Foxes approaching him has turned the tables. If your CUPID rating is higher than 60 (sub-elite). maybe even as a lover for them. followed by intelligence and money. give them two years to devote exclusively to building their CUPID ratings.6 Brains 16. Men need to learn to tell the difference between civility and desire. and you will find people who are out of shape. and if you have Foxhunted properly.0 12. Disneyland. Until you have made every effort to achieve this. Looks are rewarded the most. someone who values most what you have to offer. but this is especially true of her looks score. When you factor partner ratings into the equation. If you are one of those men who has not had a date in a while. you will become more appealing to Foxes. All seven factors will be examined in this chapter. and who aren't exactly the sexiest group in the world. you will find yourself with CUPID Groupies (CUPIES?).5 10. My research clearly indicates that most men are capable of raising their CUPID rating dramatically. and make money. First Contact A Fox who approaches you is four times more likely to go out with you than one you approach. but rarely will you be left in the dust. but they definitely are not treated alike. remember that this is the quickest path to better results.Interest. Take 100 of the men at random. Visit a looksneutral environment like the Department of Motor Vehicles. developing your mind. wise up. I could never quite put my finger on why until recently. and improving your status or personality.0 Personality 25. a ranking that can be achieved relatively easily by working out.0 Total N/A 67. you will avoid most of the players as romantic rivals. Foxes are more likely to be lied to by players for the same reason rich men are more likely to be conned by scam artists. Men are conditioned to be the aggressors. not some novel opening line that will become cliche. an airport or train station. In the course of my research. Most men will not . Be conservative in your interpretation of signals. All the advice in the world will not help you as much as adding points to your CUPID rating.0 05. An argument could also be made that you are no better than they are because you want Foxes for the same reasons they do. Foxes whose value system is tailored to someone with your distribution. the greater her leverage. Most players do not approach non-Elites. It is assumed that you are interested if you are concerned with whether or not a Fox wants you. The only exception occurs with your highest-scoring category because of the groupie factor. For the other 95 percent of the population. The higher a Fox's overall CUPID rating. Perseverance paid off when I asked the players themselves about the Foxes they seduced and got my answer. dress terribly. You won't win every race. Eventually your rating will be so high that Foxes wind up approaching you.4 That is sub-Elite. Your CUPID Rating If you are an Elite (80+). it is wise to use CUPID to exploit your strengths while shoring up your weaknesses. you do not need this book to help you get laid.0 39. you have fewer distractions and more time to work out. most Foxes will find you acceptable as a friend. I noticed one very peculiar trend: Foxes are easy targets for players.8 Money 12. The laws of supply-and-demand give Foxes amazing bargaining power. If you chase sub-Elites and Brainy Foxes. If you spend your idle time polishing your CUPID rating. and most of the time you would wind up with at least this: Category Score CUPID Pts Looks 18. as a lover for a friend. More often than not. Her CUPID Rating Foxes may think alike. dressing well.

Individual value systems account for partner . this is forced interaction. This is a weakness in the man. your interest was not solicited. ask her out. Because they approached you. You will always do better with Foxes who want what you have. but not as much as if you wait for an actual approach. and you should proceed with even more caution. and creating the possibility that she will become a Returning Fox (see below) in the future. or spare you rejection if uninterested. If you are one of those men who values brains and status more than looks in a female. On the surface it appears that these Foxes offer the best opportunity. Never make first contact with a Forced Interaction Fox!! If she makes contact with you. Under the partner rating system. and will improve your chances of them approaching you even further. If you approach a Fox. and use the one-and-done rule at the first stop sign. It is better to have a score of 25 in one category and 10 in the others than a score of 15 in each. not try to exploit a sham opportunity. In a forced-interaction situation. while avoiding the Teasing Foxes who like to send signals as a setup for shooting you down. to mention) the damage they are doing to their reputation. A signal counts as half a first contact. Looks are the best category to excel in. there is no damage to your reputation and you cannot even be called rude for asking them out. this will increase your chances a bit. you will do much better sacrificing looks points for Foxes who have these traits. If a Fox smiles at you and makes eye contact. Treat Foxes who approach you as potential lovers. If a Fox approaches you. Foxes you meet on even terms. and men mistake this for opportunity. partner ratings mean more than CUPID ratings. and by not doing so you reject them by omission and become even more desirable. and those you approach as potential friends. but all it takes to change your life is one. there are three looksdigging Foxes for every minddigging or golddigging Fox. The result is that they will wind up approaching you. So often I see men writing about Foxes they work with and how they would like to ask them out. treat her as nothing more than a friend. leaving her without whatever it was she approached you for.wait for Foxes to approach them because weaknesses in their CUPID ratings and the lack of gimmicks leaves them with few approaches by Foxes. If she has to deal with you. Signals. developing a gimmick. not to mention (okay. If you find yourself always making first contact. but that is true only if you do not pursue. implement the one-and-done rule mentioned later and forget her. not a problem with the first contact rule. but even in the beginning they are helpful. Men use forced interaction to compensate for deficiencies. As a rule. The Foxes who would not give men the time of day in a social setting will be civil or friendly in forced interaction environments. but brains and status will attract minddiggers and golddiggers alike. or drafting other Foxhunters and building your life around their leftovers How You Met This is a cousin of the first contact rule. in neutral environments. she has no means of escape. and you have no way of knowing how she might react. If your interaction with a Fox is forced. Developing your strengths will pay off because those who are groupies of whichever category you are strongest in will place you well above your rivals. and who make first contact are the ideal candidates for seduction. your CUPID rating and the distribution of your raw scores will determine which Foxes are most likely to want you. Combine a high partner rating with Foxhunting. either overtly or under a pretext. pursue her politely. and it pains me to think of how much time and energy they are wasting. Combine this with a solid reputation and the impression is given that you are someone a Fox would want approaching her. Ignoring a signal is seen as rejection by omission. it is time to consider improving your CUPID rating. and your seduction problems will solve themselves rather quickly. If she rejects you. CUPID Partner Ratings Over time.

rating differentials among Foxes, and the difference in how they treat you. The greatest differentials occur with men who have brains and status because they have niche appeal, as opposed to the mainstream appeal of looks. If you are one of those brainy types, or are well-off or have prestige, your appeal to Foxes will be limited, but among those you appeal to you should do quite well. Availability Do not waste your time pursuing Taken Foxes. Flirt if you must, but respect the boundary, comfortable in the knowledge that she can still be a Friendly Fox, and know that within a year she is very likely to become available if no ring is on her finger. The time to pursue an Available Fox is immediately, for no reason other than she is likely to be taken within days or weeks and remain that way for some time. A Taken Fox, or even a Distracted Fox who has her eye on another man, is a low percentage option. Restrict your pursuit only to Available Foxes and your results will improve sharply. Few Foxes are available when you meet them. It is worth learning indirect seduction and how to time your pursuit to coincide with a Fox's availability. If you do pursue a Taken Fox, expect to be rejected, and unless you want to set up for a Returning Fox scenario (see below) or the Guy Switch, you really have no reason to ask her out. One reason I prefer the internet for pursuit is that the status question is answered almost immediately. I will eventually find out what she looks like, but when I meet a Fox offline I find myself not knowing her status for a long time unless I ask, which is tantamount to an approach. It is much easier to get a picture online than to find out a Fox's status offline. If an Available Fox rejects you, remember the oneand-done rule (see below) and write her off immediately. Taken Foxes may want you when they become available, but the Available Fox who won't date you is simply not interested. Short of changing her opinion of you, nothing is going to change your results, and asking her out repeatedly won't help except in rare cases. By asking out an Available Fox, you have done nothing to harm your reputation, for you have behaved no differently than other men. More important than the rejection itself is how you handle it, and you can never go wrong with one-anddone. Being taken seems to be worth about 15-20 CUPID points for a Foxhunter. Fantasy and Homewrecking Foxes fixate on taken men because they know how to please a Fox. Through posturing, you will attract the most Foxes when you are unable to do anything about it, although many men will still cheat. I do not recommend cheating, but instead not committing to any one Fox unless you are certain that you will not want another Fox within a year. Even a Fox who dumps you because you refuse to make a commitment still wants you; your reputation will never suffer because you chose not to commit to a Fox. Foxes who cannot win you over will usually up the ante, not balk. Interest It should go without saying (but it won't) that a Fox should express a clear interest in you before you pursue her. A smile is a minor signal; a come-on or a sexual advance a major one. Many approaches by Foxes cloak romantic interest. Most Foxes know that if they approach a man he is likely to hit on her. This is one of the major reasons Foxes are unapproachable and rarely approach. If you approach a Fox, she might be civil with you even if she has no interest in you. Pursuit won't work very often when you make first contact. If a Fox ends conversations with you before they have a chance to begin, does not go out of her way to spend time with you, does not call you, and does not "light up" in your presence, odds are she is not interested or taken. Most studies have revealed that even though men think they are the aggressors in courtship, it is the Foxes who call the shots. Learning to tell a red carpet from a brick wall is very important. One way of making this determination is to compare how a Fox treats you with how she treats other men, or with how she would treat you if her sole mission in life were to seduce you. The ideal candidate for pursuit is a Fox who approaches you in an unforced environment, whose value system gives you a high partner rating, and who is available and interested. This will not happen very often; when it does you should pursue with vigor, but only once. All other instances of pursuit will be less successful, other factors being equal. The worst that will happen is the occasional dry spell. Devoting the times when you are coming up empty to long-term solutions will go a much longer way towards changing your results than forcing pursuit on a Disinterested Fox.

Ray's Rules For Foxhunting As a 32-year-old bachelor, I have 17 solid years of experience with Foxes to draw upon. The first ten or so of those years were mostly mistake-filled, but the last five have definitely compensated for it. Even now, I find myself still learning, still developing, still making mistakes, and hoping that I will perfect this art sometime before I am too old to do anything about it. This leads to the first of the many rules I use to make my Foxhunting more simple: Never stop learning. A golden rule. I don't care if you have a Fox Harem; there is so much out there to learn that there is always room for improvement. Complacency is the scourge of those who seek to perfect themselves. Never Foxhunt without your maximum CUPID rating. Within reason. Don't be numerically obsessed, although this is the fastest way to succeed, but be mindful of what Foxes respond positively to: keeping your weight down and your fashion and grooming up to speed are givens. Appear intelligent and witty (or avoid appearing clueless if this is not a strong suit for you), and if you do not have money or status, develop a plan for improving your lot in life and appear to be implementing that plan. Foxes are rather liberal in their judging system; the man who wants to become successful has potential, which combined with ambition is a substitute for prestige. When a Fox sees a man on the way up, she pays attention. One-and-done. A simple rule: if a Fox shuts the door, immediately cease pursuit and forget she exists. The purpose is to avoid Teasing Foxes and to set the table for Returning Foxes (see below). One-and-done shifts the ball into the Fox's court, requiring her to not only approach you in the future, but to be prepared to give you what you want, up front, with no questions asked. It also frees up your time to spend with Foxes who have not rejected you yet. Violate this rule rarely. A good time to implement one-and-done is when you get your first Clark Kent signal, the Guy Switch, or any unmistakable sign that she is not interested in you. Do not even bother explaining this to her, although if she makes "first contact" and asks you why you suddenly stopped talking to her, you might want to share. I've yet to meet the Fox who likes one-and-done, but this is a good thing. Foxes aren't supposed to like effective seduction techniques any more than a cornerback likes being burned for a 60- yard touchdown pass. Out of sight, out of mind. A must! Do not even think about Foxes who are not physically present, or who give no indication that they wish to be in your company as least as much as you wish to be in theirs. The thought process is flawed: men think they must pursue a Fox for the right reasons, that she must be special, and that they must be devoted to her, all before she has given any indication that she shares their feelings. If she does not share his feelings, he is supposed to forget her immediately! The man must guess whether he is swinging at a fastball or a curve, and he will either hit a home run or strike out. The only way to counter this is to let the Fox's level of interest dictate yours, let her make first contact so you know she is interested, and assume no interest in the absence of a strong indicator to the contrary. It is better to spend one hour each with twenty Foxes a week than it is to spend twenty hours in one week with a Fox you cannot have. The less attention you pay a Fox, the more likely she is to value that attention and try to win you over. It is much more convincing to a Fox that you are worthy of her if you are not always available and not focused on her. Foxes know from experience that the men who ignore them are the ones who are worthy. Goodbye rarely means goodbye. Try this sometime: without warning, in a calm tone of voice, tell a Fox you never want to talk to her again. Let her think you mean it. After you say goodbye, forever, pick up the phone and call her the next day (or week or month). This confuses them, and they will rarely hold you to your goodbye. This is a twist on the Returning Fox scenario (see below), where you emotionally sever ties, but then reconnect. She will treat the goodbye as if it were true. Sometimes she will change her attitude towards you without your having to carry out your ultimatum, and this will accelerate your progress. Without the ultimatum, you will never

create this window of opportunity. This is a clear example of a bad-boy technique paying off. In the event the Fox does not let you back into her life after goodbye, you are still better off because your time is still free to Foxhunt. Let the game come to you. The best athletes in any sport are those who tap into the natural flow of the game rather than trying to force opportunity. They are more concerned with fitting into a team structure than their stats. They don't take bad shots, don't make bad decisions, and help their team win games. Call it the Foxhunter's Touch, the ability to separate reality from fantasy. Miles, the man from the Foreword, thanked me profusely once because he did just this, resisting the urge to curse out a Fox who had stood him up and getting his reward months later when she returned. Take nothing at face value. Foxes are amazingly covert and dishonest. If they are displeased with you, they will often be civil to your face and then go behind your back to express their dissatisfaction. This is why men will think they are doing well with a Fox and then hear from a third party that they are not. Conversely, a Fox who is interested in you and respects you deep down for saying something which is unpopular but true might show discontent on the surface. If you react to the initial discontent, you miss out on a later opportunity. No matter how ridiculous your standards, they will be met. A few years back, I got very tired of lowering my standards. I found that no matter who I pursued, Fox or not, it was still difficult. I vowed that my next date was going to be with a Fox. and refused to consider non-Elites. Within three weeks I got my date with one of the first three Foxes I talked to and the first I asked. Despite complaints about shallow men, having standards is going to help you because it conveys that you consider yourself worthy of the best. This attitude helps in other areas of your life, and Foxes love to tap into the luxury. The rule does not end here, however, as I would soon learn... The more ridiculous your standards, the sooner they will be met. Foxes cannot stand rejection, especially for something they cannot compete with or change. Tell her she is too young or old, too tall or short, her breasts are too small, or that her hair is the wrong color, and watch her try to prove how special she is to you by winning you over. Foxes who almost meet your standards make excellent Concession Foxes (see below), despite their being an inch too tall or short, a year too young or old, or committing the ultimate sin of being born with the wrong hair color. Higher CUPID ratings and Foxhunting make this process easier, but the principle holds regardless. Foxes like discriminating men who hold their ground until they get what they want. The more elaborate your sexual fantasy, the more likely it is to come true. As long as you are not the one to bring up the topic of sex, you can count on Fantasy Foxes (see below) to become aroused, and to come on to you if you appear strong and focused on other Foxes. Foxes are always more likely to have sex with a man they believe will make it an enjoyable experience. This is without regard to any other factor, including CUPID. Presentation of your fantasies is crucial: bait her into asking you about them or you risk being considered too forward. Ask for what you want up front. A Fox has nothing to complain about if she talks to you knowing what you are about and what you want from her. This works especially well on the internet, where a Fox might find you interesting, but you can extract a price for her curiosity. I usually put in my AOL profiles that I will not acknowledge anyone who does not send me a picture of themselves and a telephone number by E-mail. Very often I get Foxes who instant-message (IM) me and asked to talk anyway. After ignoring them, they often cave in. Suffice it to say that anything you ask for up front you will get, but if you wait until down the road to ask for it you will never get it. Being up-front will remove a ton of nonsense from your life. Pursue aggressively when approached and conservatively when you approach. The person who makes first contact is the seller, and the person contacted is the buyer. The buyer always has the advantage. I usually respond to first contact by a Fox with an immediate approach on the assumption that she must have found me interesting, and I don't like wasting time dwelling on whether or not she might like me. By contrast, if I approach a Fox, I assume she is not interested until she sends a clear signal that she is. Use this rule and you will avoid a lot of rejection without eliminating any rewards. Play the numbers!! You cannot predict the behavior of individual Foxes, but you can play the percentages. Men do not like to risk rejection, and lose many rewards as a result. Even if you are conservative in approaching, make sure you find enough Foxes to approach. The more Foxes you approach, the more likely you are to succeed independent of your batting average. If you use

either in an attempt to get you to pursue her again. A good example of a Fantasy Fox scenario would be the Fox who finds herself alone a day before Valentine's Day and sees you picking out lingerie for your Fox. but a limited one. immediately or almost immediately. and since she knows you want her. Maybe she thought another guy was interested in her but she couldn't win him over. Attrition. you'd be a fool not to do business. This is especially true of Foxes who are in bad relationships. and if you have what she wants. This doesn't mean that you have to let them take advantage of you. Many times I have been rewarded for letting the clock tick and letting attrition work its magic as I waited for the ideal time to make a move. Why help her kill time when she won't even go out with you? What the Fox is returning from is another variable. I will refer often to these rules. Foxhunters will rarely find themselves in a more powerful position. or under the pretext of seeing how you are doing. she will wish she were that Fox. If you encounter a Returning Fox who is just to placating you while entertaining herself. who are currently unable to find a man they like. I won't greet her.high-percentage techniques often enough. Following are the most common Returning Fox scenarios: She did not see one-and-done coming. wanting to be friends. In most cases. or did. If she still tries to talk to me. merely wanting to make a Fox swoon is enough to trigger the fantasy response. The general rule is to ask a Returning Fox. and who likes the way you are treating your Fox. Instinctively. When Superman lets her down. but in reality we rarely do. Foxes are used to men pursuing them repeatedly. or to just say hi when you cross paths (why this is important is beyond me. A Fox who refused to have sex with you during a relationship is not the same as one who turned you down for a date. won't respond to her greetings. you can confidently predict that the other man will let her down. Clark Kent becomes more appealing to Lois. I ask her politely to leave me alone. Maybe your CUPID rating went up. Her image of you improved. One of the secrets of success as a Foxhunter is to keep the upper hand even when you want a Fox more than anyone else in the world. or she found out something about him that took him out of the running. The Fantasy Fox This Fox has responded to your indirect seduction by injecting herself into your fantasy. It presents a window of opportunity. or who share your fantasy. Even if you are not in a relationship. After you have had a OneAnd-Done Fox become a Returning Fox. and to the types of Foxes which I am about to describe below: The Returning Fox My Favorite Fox! She rejected you brutally in the past. she saw you with someone Foxier than her. even if she doesn't admit it. success becomes a near-certainty. This step provides natural immunity against Social-Climbing or Golddigging Foxes. send her packing again. Returning Foxes will call you out of the blue. and if she tries to call me on my behavior. I will often go as far as not even acknowledging a Fox who has rejected me. She's bored. a Returning Fox will contact you only because she wants something. but the overall percentage can. This is most likely to happen if you let her take the lead and prod you into opening up to her. An Opportunistic Fox is still a Fox. If she rejects you again. use one-and-done and she winds up in the same position she was in before she returned. and now she wants to correct her mistake and treat you like the royalty she now knows you are. In the following four chapters. and has contacted you. I consider her a Returning Fox. The ideal Fantasy Fox scenario is to already have a Fox in your life. More often than not you will be proven right and score points for your correct prediction. and a Friendly Fox (see below) who becomes increasingly curious about your relationship. who haven't had a sexual experience that matches the fantasy. triggered one-and-done. We say we reject social climbers. you will probably begin using the rule all the time. Which Foxes will want you cannot be predicted. Foxes who seek you out only for this reason are just trying to kill time. odds are that what she wants is you. don't despair. for whatever it was she rejected you for in the first place. or more likely. but it is). Suppose you . If you want to be bold. Oneand-done catches them off-guard.

Your appeal to this type of Fox will depend solely on your lover. if she thinks you do. This is similar to Speed Seduction's use of language patterns to trigger certain feelings. legal. There is an ironic justice to lying to a liar to get them to treat you honestly. Homewrecking Foxes are inherently dishonest and will respond favorably to dishonest methods. This can be very frustrating. You can test the waters. but she refuses to get physical with you. She will talk to you. call you. even stay over at your place if she really trusts you. Men accept Friendly Foxes unconditionally and wind up in some very one-sided friendships as a result. or a connection to an attractive or influential friend of yours. She just doesn't want to be your lover. Having others hear her sing your praises and see her with you is going to make the rest of your Foxhunting very easy. medical or accounting advice. and as long as I don't overstep. I have found that this isn't necessary or even preferable. Given a choice between being alone or spending three hours with a Friendly Fox. be prepared to end the friendship. Some Foxes love to take men away from other Foxes. The Homewrecking Fox A classic Seinfeld episode tested the theory that men are more attractive when they wear a wedding ring. Speed Seduction takes the additional step of directing the Fox to the fantasy with words. and nice to you only when they want something. A Friendly Fox is by no means the solution to your problems. To this extent you are merely evening the score. as long as you don't overstep. she is an LJBF Fox (see below). This behavior is manipulative. although usually she will reject you and occasionally become a Returning Fox. They will be just friendly enough to keep you in their lives. choosing instead to display the evidence a fantasy than the riskier direct approach. This is what I mean about letting the game come to you. she will want you. The Friendly Fox (Now Called The PIVOT) A Friendly Fox is essentially a lover you do not have sex with. Foxhunters use behavior patterns to produce the same effect. This is much more tactful than putting her in the awkward position of having to reject me. I would rather spend time with the Fox. If you push the envelope with a Friendly Fox. but most Friendly Foxes will have manipulated you first by using your sexual attraction to them to establish a friendship. This is a safe way for her to explore you sexually without it being brought to the surface. computer help. she put two and two together very quickly and lit up like a Christmas Tree. This gives you the benefits of cheating without having to actually cheat. Once I went to a lingerie shop to purchase a sexy outfit for a Friendly Fox. If the utility is being the guy she complains to about the jerks who mistreat her. while your Foxy roommate was sitting home alone with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a cheesy romance novel. One way you can beat the system with a Homewrecking Fox is to pretend to be taken and let her "steal" you.lived in a rooming house that included a Fox or two. There are times when this will prod her into dating you. Even if you do not have a lover. but she is a critical part of that solution. You could return on a Saturday night and spin a tale of incredible sex with a Fox. The key to surviving having Friendly Foxes in your life is to detach from your lust and realize that they are an incredibly valuable resource. This is separate from Utility Foxes and LJBF Foxes (see below) in that this Fox is really your friend. and if she thinks your lover is Foxier than her. It might be auto repair. The number of Foxes your utility yields will be determined by the utility and how . The Utility Fox Utility Foxes use you to meet some need. This will give her the same sense of loss you felt when a relationship did not materialize. a classic example of the power of indirect seduction. go out with you. A true Friendly Fox is a Fox who should be dating you but is not. I will not become obsessed with her and have an enjoyable way of killing time and building my reputation. with her failure to nibble on the bait a signal that she is not receptive. The Fox behind the counter had rejected me long before that. but when she saw the outfit I was buying. We wound up flirting for a good half-hour before I left with my purchase.

The Let's-Just-Be-Friends (LJBF) Fox This is a Utility Fox who wants to make you her flunky: a man she can rely on to service her without her having to do anything in return. despite her protests to . but she probably won't mind helping your Foxhunting in return for your assistance. but it is not recommended that you make this your primary technique. I admire Foxes who have men do their bidding. In a forced environment she is a captive audience. Your utility is going to give you tremendous leverage over the Foxes who need it. Attempts to cash in directly will not work very well because most Foxes will bolt if they have to do something for you in return for you doing something for them. but for the men it is a raw deal. If she does make first contact. Foxes actually respond more positively to men who do not do favors for them because they respect them for having the good sense not to be conned. Although it is very tempting to hit on these Foxes. It will improve your image because you will appear picky or taken. and encourages a man to attempt to trap a Fox into a relationship instead of working on his CUPID rating and his technique until he no longer needs this crutch. The Forced Interaction Fox Forced Interaction Foxes are those you meet in situations where the interaction has nothing to do with you. Never making first contact with a Forced Interaction Fox will set you apart from other men. but let her make the major moves.e. and it will let Foxes check you out and/or pursue you at their own pace.. The Teasing Fox A Teasing Fox will take full advantage of your attraction to her. and the more utility you derive from them. The absence of a move on your part will often cause the LJBF Fox to overstep and give you the edge when you turn the tables and destroy her illusion of power. but not like a Friendly Fox. or if she works somewhere you patronize. The Fox figures correctly that if she can't take advantage of him. for you will find yourself doing a lot of favors for Foxes and getting very little in return. The best way to leverage utility is to withdraw it and leave it to her to up the ante. She might not have sex with you. or if she is your neighbor. you will do fine. no one will be able to take advantage them. to seduce. she will have lost the utility and be frustrated. because then you know she wants to be with you since she can bail out anytime. Forced interaction is a copout. Rely on personal strength. and while game-playing is not generally recommended. she's going to let you know. Being allowed to interact with them is supposed to be your reward. the less you allow them to take advantage of you. this is defensive in nature and a reaction to her own games. Dealing with Foxes who appear to be more interested than they are creates an illusion which will be painfully shattered down the line and which is best avoided. LJBF Foxes are great Practice Foxes because they offer a high degree of difficulty. unless the utility is a survival need. I strongly recommend letting her make first contact. LJBF Foxes can become Friendly Foxes over time. the better off you will be. If she wants you. but rarely will this happen. pursue her conservatively still and move to an unforced environment as quickly as possible. with no apologies. not because she wants to present it. The best way to get an LJBF Fox to want you is to raise your CUPID rating and/or attempt to trigger the fantasy/homewrecking response. They are vulnerable to leverage and indirect pursuit. As long as you don't become obsessed with the challenge. your rep). as long as you do not overstep. and even if she is friendly with you. not situational strength. Utility can be a good adjunct to Foxhunting. Enter this friendship for utility only (i. After she has successfully manipulated you. it could be because she feels she has to be. The only way to neutralize this creature is to call her what she is. especially if you work together. If she balks. The only way to deal with this effectively is to detach emotionally and make sure that she is of some utility to you. The co-worker who resists your initial advances because she has a lover might wind up coming on to you down the road because she respected your behavior. she will say that you are to blame for allowing her to get the better of you. Be friendly. It is a catalyst for sexual harassment. The more you detach from LJBF Foxes. a way of having the ice broken for you.

Compare this to what happens when a man is so accomplished that a Fox he has never made a move on makes a move on him. If she shuts up. Convince yourself that you are capable of achieving this. with one man having to walk a minefield while the other wins the lottery every day of his life. they would never move matters toward the conclusion. one must first build a mating net that removes the enemy king's flight squares. you can identify the four or five most common paths to the bedroom. some spark has already ignited. resulting a much more digestible body of material. checkmate is sex.5 seconds or less. followed by a free-form Epilogue that bridges the method that was once my secret and the world that will one day assimilate the material. Foxes will talk to many men. and if she puts up (some will just to prove you wrong). The Foxhunter has tapped into the thought processes specific to Foxes and maximized his market share. An aspiring brain surgeon must be able to envision himself performing brain surgery. and after an awkward pause at the door. The window will not last long. but sex is something they do not easily. Another argument in favor of backwards study is that it teaches the most important skills first. and put the burden of proof on her to put up or shut up. In the seduction phase. An aspiring chess champion must be able to picture himself defeating the world's best grandmasters. and then the mate is delivered. Think of this section as a movie script where the big ending is written first and the movie is built around it. as most experts espouse. To checkmate an opponent. and so on. be sent packing with a kiss on the cheek. and seduction. The aspiring professional athlete must be comfortable with the idea of hitting 90-mph fastballs. and the four or five most common paths to those paths.the contrary. you have to ask yourself a few questions: . go back to her place. or being able to block the lane against Shaq. Once the spark occurs. you've won the game. Working forward. Chapter Eleven: Seducing Foxes This section has been written backwards: if at any point you do not know how to move to the next level you will be stopped cold. Sexual windows of opportunity work differently than those involving dating or meeting. effectively freezing it on its current square. or made it clear that she wants to. The worlds are totally different. As a chess coach. Championship teams know how to finish off beaten opponents late in the game. Popularity with the lion's-share demographic will always ensure success. they will date many men. Working backwards. we begin by examining what to do once you have gotten physical with a Fox. The next four chapters outline the three stages of Foxhunting: meeting. You will never move far from Point A if you have no concept of Point B. Working backwards. Once a Fox has gotten sexual with you. In seduction. It is the same principle that drove me to write a book on seduction before I would write one on an arcane topic such as gambling or chess. dating. things change dramatically. This is why I am loathe to think I have made progress with a Fox I have not at least French-kissed. I will then conclude with a chapter on how to put the entire Foxhunting system into practice and improve your results. or if things are threatening to. she becomes a potential Returning Fox. Each chapter will examine these stages in the context of Foxhunting principles. A Foxhunter who has trouble getting started can do what I used to advise my chess students: act as if you already know all of the answers you seek. will very quickly mushroom dozens of approaches into thousands of possibilities. and a window of opportunity is created. I found it impossible to teach players who did not understand how to deliver a checkmate. No matter how strong their position. It does no good to spend all evening on a date with a Fox. running the 40-yard dash in 4.

Once you are a skilled lover this will come very naturally to you. They see the process as linear. If she doesn't return. she frees up your time. Just avoid falling in love. Kiss her goodnight. weeks. if you pull back and respect her. and books and other materials devoted to lovemaking are highly recommended. Talk to the Fox. remember that all men start out that way. One-and-done is the best damage control. The focus becomes satisfying her enough so that she will not stray. Begging her to reconsider will make you appear the overeager male. this will help you a lot. not her words.Is she teasing me? A Teasing Fox will let you think you are making progress and slam the door in your face once you think you are home-free. It shows the tease that you are not vulnerable to her games. Who else is in her life? Foxes have multiple suitors. advanced methods will set you apart from your rivals. the less likely you are to wind up teased. If she stops your moves. A Fox who is overloaded with opportunity will definitely screen for signs of bedroom talent. she will often switch course and return. A porn star could make out with you for two hours and not bat an eye. be prepared to use one-anddone at the drop of a hat. with the following steps: Meet the Fox. and other times days. sometimes within seconds or minutes. Make out with her. though it is difficult to implement once your desires have been aroused. but why would a Fox want a man who cannot turn her on? Regardless of what should happen. which will cause her to stop playing them and to actually respect you for seeing through her. or even months or years. Look for Superman and Clark Kent signals. Remember that our instincts carry us pretty well. Get her number/ask her out. A Fox's sexual behavior (or the lack of it) must be evaluated in light of her sexual ethics and treatment of other men. about all they can come up with is that Foxes are nice people who wouldn't do that. but when asked for evidence to support their claim. Many Foxes get off on teasing. Either way. an 18 year-old virgin would consider this a major step. heed the warning and use one-and-done. and I proceed normally until I meet resistance. The one-and-done rule is there if I need it. Observe her actions. Watching love scenes. you win. If you are inexperienced. Most men have too narrow a definition of seduction. Most men think Foxes do not do this. Is she using me for sex? God bless her if she is. The more cynical you are. Date the Fox. reading romance novels. . Which base you happen to be circling with a Fox is not as important as keeping your confidence level intact. Foxhunters must be prepared. and. and will usually be ending or starting other relationships while fitting you into her life. if everything goes right Have sex with the Fox. To avoid teasing problems. Suffice it to say that knowing what you are doing is very important. An indepth discussion of sexual technique is beyond the scope of this book. A Fox getting physical presents an opportunity to prove yourself sexually. Is she a prude? A kiss is just a kiss. what does happen is that men who take the time to become good in bed have the edge. but if you really want to arouse a Fox. I find men complaining that the sexpots they pursue do not take an interest in them. It is essential to be at least a competent lover. and the less seriously you treat a Fox's nonsexual moves. and as long as you appear confident. but it means more to some Foxes than others.

Once you pass our tests we will respect you and treat you right. that you won't hesitate to replace her if she steps out of line with you. obtaining effortlessly what other men have to work hard for. Foxhunting combines all seduction steps. but instead he will analyze how they do act the way a student of nature would analyze plant and insect behavior. and frustrates the other 9095 percent of the male population at every turn. No wonder Foxes enjoy dating more than men! If I were a Fox. approaching. Do not limit yourself to thinking that the only time it is okay to be seductive with a Fox is on a date. and she will become very docile and compliant. or occur simultaneously. dating. The logic to the lies and crap Foxes toss at men (now known more commonly as shit tests) is simple: . and select the men who have the most of what she wants. It does not help that the Foxes who say this tend to run off and play porn-star for the bad-boys while telling the nice guys to wait patiently. seduction occurs much differently than the way it is usually discussed. Communicating this is worth more than a thousand dozen roses and a million candlelight dinners. or in rare cases a sexual encounter. be nice to her after she realizes that you are only this way when inspired. Foxes make sexual decisions long before dating. The Fox who takes the Foxhunter's approach would logically allow as many men as possible to pursue her. and laugh at your stupidity behind your back to my girlfriends while we go find some REAL men! Foxes dream of being tamed. and insensitive. The only antidote for this is one-and-done. even an impromptu date. but until then we will continue to think of you as unworthy. In real life. The lines between meeting. but what you do to show you care. with dating used to implement their timetable. You do not have to proposition every Fox you meet. make them do as much as possible to win her over. Men who do this are called selfish. use you. The Fox who is surprised with one-and-done and who is serious about you will come clean very quickly. You will never hear a Foxhunter complain about how Foxes should act. or be patient and the woman of your dreams will appear (after your CUPID rating shoots up). and having sex are blurred. They complain to Foxes and get the run-around in the form of platitudes like you've just been meeting the wrong women (as in out of your league). Courtship is not how you win over a Fox. I'd enjoy it too. and to enjoy the upper hand rather than making up their minds immediately. They want their crap thrown back at them when they give it to you to test you. This is what they do. and they want a man who knows how to seduce them without having to ask. Scrap traditional notions of what constitutes seduction and instead work on getting to Point B as quickly as you can with as few hurdles as possible. An introduction or chance meeting can lead to a quick flirtation. and we give you crap to see if you are man enough to give it back. pursuing. With gender equality a reality. It is difficult not to hear the chorus of nice guys who complain that they are outfoxed by Foxhunters. The nice-guy who complains is dismissed as bitter and negative. it should be updated. but instead should realize that sparks can fly anywhere at anytime. It is also why Foxes sometimes return very quickly after you use one-anddone. adjusts his methods according to his results. Courtship is a social tradition. in fact. shallow.That's seven hurdles. I can't tell you what Foxes want because one of the things we want is a guy we don't have to tell! Once you figure that out you will own us! We tell you lies to see if you are smart enough to catch them. The Foxhunter is adept at creating and exploiting windows of opportunity. a carryover from an era when marriage was essential to a Fox's station in life. Court her when she thinks you are worthless and your energy will be wasted. taken out of order. The unspoken message is convoluted: Look. He deals in reality. and over time learns what works and what does not.

The basic elements of confidence add up to only one thing: A confident man is one who acts like he knows what he is doing. Save your Monday. and you become a challenge to her. if she doesn't. Even if you say that friendship is not possible she will not be deterred in her drive to socially engineer. Most men can handle #1. You will be respected if you handle rejection like a . the better. again. and that you know how to react to their behavior in any situation. and realize that everyone has to start somewhere. Hold your ground and send her packing each time she returns. It is essential that you learn this lesson because otherwise you will never have the confidence necessary to Foxhunt. and If he can't figure out my lies. Worrying about results will set you back. the less you do to win over a Returning Fox. but #2 is difficult.If he can't take my shit. listing the highest. and in many cases she will return again. to get you to weaken. She is the best seduction option because she approached you. there is always the chance that she will return yet again and replay the drama. to the point where she must either give up or give in. The Foxes don't realize that these tests weed out the truly decent men who can pass the test but refuse to take it. or as a date with the idea of becoming lovers. after rejecting you. knowing you want to sleep with her. If you want to try being dominant with a Fox. I will now examine several scenarios under which sex with a Fox is likely to occur. Think of it as you would employment. Run the race without worrying about your final time. and if you don't feel confident. you are home-free. send her packing. but learn it you must. Look and act the part!! To do this successfully requires that you not allow Foxes to trick or tease you. Remember the two golden rules of confidence: Convince yourself that given a fair chance. Each time this happens. at least you won't have the hassle. it cannot drain you. This gives you every right to take her back only as a lover. Rejection also becomes much easier to deal with. The most common Returning Fox scenario has you rejected for a date by a Fox who still wants to be friends. and Convince the Foxes of the same thing. and who does not second-guess himself. you need to start adopting the right behavior patterns. Rather than act grateful that she has given you another chance. No Fox is going to think poorly of you because you made one move. By not feeding the monster. he can't protect me from others' shit. the more likely you are to succeed.morning quarterbacking for when you are alone. When you are in action you will do better if you execute your game plan without being self-conscious of whether or not you will succeed. but the ones you keep will compensate. If you want Foxes to become convinced that you can seduce them. If she leaves. She feels rejected because you aren't like the scores of other men who fall over themselves to impress her. You will lose many Foxes this way. don't despair. he won't be able to figure out others' lies. take the opposite approach and tell her not to waste your time. a Returning Fox is the best place to start. The best way to explain this phenomenon is to think of a Fox's ego as if it were a monster. If she refuses to. This applies equally to Foxes who have rejected you for dates or sex. you can seduce any Fox at any time. Certainly you have heard Foxes say they love confident men. Paradoxically. and if she agrees to take it to the next level. your position strengthens. especially if you have never before seduced a Fox. You need all of your energy focused on the task of seduction. the monster becomes hungrier and increases its desire for the dish it cannot have. until she ups the ante. you have what you want. It is much easier to become confident than people realize. If she balks. The Fox who knows you have other options loses her power over you.percentage situations first: The Returning Fox The Returning Fox is the payoff for your discipline in using the one-and-done rule. Each time she returns she will become more hooked. and the sooner you get started. Let her know you will accept her back only on your terms. This is not something you are going to learn overnight. Knowing how Foxes think will project confidence and convince them of your desirability.

It is amusing that having a Fox will make you more attractive to other Foxes. and lifestyles that the Fox wants so badly instead of you. Reputation shouldn't matter. we get into the lower-percentage situations. and Men who are already in relationships. At this point. This is a good way to get your First Fox. most Foxes love to discuss their love lives. Talking about her as a man in control of his emotions and the situation makes others want to be in her place. a Fox knows that a man who is going home to another Fox every night is not going to consider her until she can top what he gets at home. but failure to note their existence would make this work incomplete. The high CUPID rating is obvious. I should add the third most common pass scenario. I get her number and call her when she is sober to see if she's still interested. the Fox has made a clear advance. unless they already want the man doing the asking. Unlike the unattached man who is courting her. and making him beg for sex. and while she will not like being forgotten. especially since this increases their chances of winding up with a cheater. Using a Friendly Fox (pivot) to build your reputation exploits this thinking. The last thing any Fox needs to hear is how well you are treating another Fox while you show absolutely no interest in her. Instead. They are used to being the center of attention. and in another case approached a man after she has rejected him. Instead of saying she has to know him. but the Foxes are the ones who set the game up this way. you can invent a lover for the Homewrecking Fox to steal you from. Telling Foxes about designs you have on another will make you "hers" in their eyes and reject them by omission. cars. To get to this one-step-away position. the Fox on the receiving end just might inject herself into it. There is no law saying that the man can't inject a fantasy or two of his own. The following men tend to get passes made at them: Men with high CUPID ratings. houses. factor #2 less so. You don't have to lie if you don't want to.gentleman. It is not my style to take advantage of Inebriated Foxes. at least you aren't cheating on anyone for real. though it will only be necessary in the very beginning. What they don't love is being asked to fulfill them. If a Drunk Fox makes a pass at me. Before I conclude this category. Subtlety is a key to indirect seduction. err on the side of caution. she will prefer it to being pestered by a man she has no interest in. and while that is dishonest. As mentioned earlier. but they don't. As long as you aren't hitting on them. She Has Made A Pass At You More likely to lead to sex than any other situation. This works especially well with Foxes whose love lives have been struggling. but not as likely to occur as the above. A general discussion about . where proceeding with caution is wise. Things will rarely be this easy. the Homewrecking Fox makes a bold move at an opportune time. You would think that a Fox in search of an honest lover would shy away from the smooth-talking types or the ones who are taken. they shouldn't be surprised if men play. they have argued that having sex with a Fox who is too drunk constitutes date rape. If the fantasy is good enough. and that occurs when the Fox is drunk. This is the primary reason men cheat. and if they are going to reward game-playing with sex. just as you might get a tad envious about the men Foxes worship when you hear about their looks. although there are still a few instances where you can find yourself one step away from the bedroom by surprise: The Fantasy Fox (And The Homewrecking Fox) Foxes love to talk about romance and fantasies. you have to apply indirect seduction. Foxes make passes at taken men because they have to. In the preceding examples. figuring that if he weren't worthy other Foxes wouldn't be around him. In some states. they see a man who is in demand with Foxes as worthy of their company. money.

and when the friends hear about how wonderful a man you are they can't help but think that maybe they should have you for themselves. or what I would like to do with them. stop calling her at this point. When you are in a relationship. and yourself? Me: Not bad. Me: How are you? . Me: Hot date? Fox: Nah. A week later my phone rings: Me: Hello. Fox: Aw. Compared to the lies Foxes tell. at least for a few weeks. the less it will appear like propaganda. you aren't pursuing but just moving the conversation along. come on! Who is she!? Me: Just someone I met. how are you? Fox: Pretty good. Following is a sample dialog that shows how you can move from a general sexual conversation to a sexual experience with a Fox in one bold leap: Fox: Hi!! Me: Hi. I don't really know what will happen. so that's only a stopgap measure and an unnecessary one at that. you ignore other Foxes. What about you. If more than 3-4 weeks go by you can contact her. but yes. Dishonest Foxhunters don't even have to go on the date. Once you are skilled you'll have many such dates to fill your schedule. but they don't ignore you. focusing all of your attention on one Fox. Fox: Hi!!!! (There's that damn greeting again). The Homewrecking Fox demonstrates the power of indirect seduction. Fox: Keep me posted! The Fox Trap has been set. Fox: Do tell! Me: Nah. usually within a few weeks. Sooner or later she'll catch up to you. The more you let her lead the conversation. The Fox you are with talks you up to her friends and acquaintances. When describing your fantasies and/or experiences. not worth getting into. This will pique her curiosity. just a few girlfriends. this one is minor. Catch a Friendly Fox in the right mood and she can easily become aroused by such conversations. What are you doing this fine Saturday afternoon? Fox: Getting ready to go out later. She will check with me in a few days to see how the date went. Since there is no way to verify what is said. calling you perfect even. Be creative enough with your fantasies and she might surprise you by flirting with you or injecting herself into the picture. Do you have a hot date? Me: Don't know how hot you'd call it. but the best thing to do is wait until you get the upper hand that comes from having her make contact.relationships will often lead a Fox to ask me about my own love life. To further impress upon the Friendly Fox that your love life is better than hers. At this point I use indirect seduction and be specific about what I am doing with other Foxes.

but not me. Instinctively. Fox: So you're Mr. come on! I could seduce you if I wanted and you know it! Me: Maybe some desperate guy. Fox: Aw. The Foxier she is. You ignore her sexuality completely. This is another upside of not approaching a Fox: she might think you want her. I feel like such a slut now. giving her the impression she has none and is beneath you. Fox: Where have you been all week? Me: Just keeping busy. Hey. let's just say it was a good date. The details would probably be too graphic for you (this is a classic negative selling technique. I wound up living out one of my long-held fantasies. the more you will catch her off-guard. Most of the time the Fox will ignore the warning and dive right into your fantasy). how was your date last week? Me: Better than expected. Popularity now! Speaking of that. would it? (Foxes love men who do not kiss and tell). come on! I'm a big girl!! Me: You always struck me as the kid-sister type. I'm your friend! Me: Well.. Call this the kid-sister approach.. like she really is nothing more than a kid sister to you. honest. Despite the incredible transparency of this approach... come on!! Me: Why should I tell you? . Fox: Aw. she is going to respond to this attack on her Foxhood. Fox: Aw. come on. This is not something Foxes are used to hearing and they will snap into battle mode in response: Fox: Aw. Say it with a straight face. Fox: Do tell! Me: Now that wouldn't be very nice. how was your evening last weekend? Fox: Lousy!! So you really think I couldn't turn you on? Me: Never thought of you that way.Fox: Great!! What about you? Me: Not bad. if you must know. a worldly man. it works like a charm: Fox: You've got a girlfriend! Who's the lucky girl? And tell me about the fantasy! Me: You really want to know about my sex life? God. but if you deliver this line convincingly enough you have gone on record as saying she is incapable of turning you on. Don't know how well you'd handle something really hot.

and Foxes complain that it is unfair for a man to string them along for several years with the false hope of marriage.Fox: Ya never know. Advanced Foxhunters learn this and also learn how to work curiosity into their seduction very smoothly. make you jump through hoops. If your return ratio is low. If this is the case. One line I have used many times after driving a Fox crazy with curiosity is the price of your curiosity is my desire. not some desire to be patient. Restraint and even disinterest can pay huge dividends. so she focuses more on meeting your standards than on whether or not you meet hers. and cast you off as unworthy while the spectators cheer her on. and in response to a Fox's piqued curiosity. but Foxes know from experience that few men will ever use it. the truth comes out! You don't even find me attractive! Fox: I never said that! Stop twisting my words! Me: Fine. A successful Foxhunter does not have to beg or sell himself. or even to string him along for several hours in conversation or extract utility with the false hope of a date.. you are giving her the power to audition you. Those who do are the ones Foxes spend their time trying to win over. or even a taken man. If she stops nibbling at the bait. She wound up fulfilling the fantasy. when they are already getting what they want. I am against traditional dating until after a couple has had sex. Why should I tell you then? What am I gaining? You might laugh at me. consider using a better fantasy. Seduction works best when it is indirect. the more convincing his attitude and the more successful his Foxhunting. make sure you audition her as much as she is auditioning you. ask yourself if she'd give the same line to Kevin Costner. Some of your dates will want you to try to have sex with them. some other dreamboat. The more natural the conversation. You have the same power to cast her aside. Some basic rules: . A Curious Fox is like a horny male. but once you agree to date her. it is equally unfair for a Fox to string a man along for several dates with the false hope of sex. Fox: I don't have a burning desire to but I would like to hear it! Me: Ah. the more effective an indirect seduction will be. or ask her out. because they see men who do not respect them as more worthy than those who do. and some won't.. If you decide to go the courtship route. Men use timetables late in a relationship. A basic principle of seduction is this: never satisfy a Fox's curiosity without getting something in return. I'll try anything once. Mel Gibson. unsolicited. Timetables are a function of the upper hand. and often she will not leave you alone until that curiosity has been satisfied. use one-and-done and await her return. twice if I like it!! Me: Get real! Like you'd really do this. Hang out as much as you like with a Fox. The Fifth Date (Or Thereabouts) The next time a Fox tells you she needs to get to know you better before sleeping with you. Knowing which ones will say yes and which will say no is often very difficult to determine early on. but you just said you wouldn't be living out the fantasy. I also had her act out the first parts before she knew the entire fantasy. Your behavior and the image you project on your dates will also influence this decision. The less he does to win over any specific Fox. but to make sure she followed through I conveyed at each step along the way that I was assuming that she was teasing.

To wit: Me: I know what you mean. The correct maneuver in this situation is to use her own tactic. Considering the time and expense involved in courtship. but it doesn't mean she doesn't want to have sex with you. Schedule an interesting activity for your date.. On the date you can ask her about her interests and hobbies and then plan an evening to her liking for your second date. By seeing you doing something you like. People are so sexually irresponsible these days. would you like a quick bite to eat? . Courtship is a ritual that has worked for thousands of years and which will probably be around for thousands more. letting you know that an advance would still be! This is not logical. The only exception is if you want to go all the way and poetically declare your undying love for her. thus improving your reputation. but even if I don't wait that long I like to wait a year or eighteen months. I've had the same thing done to me. The best way to separate yourself from the crowd is to treat her as if she were merely average. but not directly. This is the Timetable Speech. you can't blame a man for wanting a beautiful creature like yourself (Editor's Note: gag!!). Do not feed her ego. b. The Counter-Timetable Another trick to use when a relationship has not progressed as far as you would like. If she didn't want sex at all she'd be giving you the I-hate-it-when-friends-make. Personally. Bring a condom too. is simply wrong. but as a path to sex it is nothing but an added hurdle. Remember that you are being auditioned. something you would do by yourself.fashioned and would rather wait for marriage to have sex. she will see you in a more positive light than in a neutral environment. Me: Well. I'm old. and to have a good time if it's done right. Dating is a great way to interact with Foxes. You will be seen with a Fox. where the presence of a Fox is just icing on the cake.. She might even begin to doubt herself and try to win you over sexually. to build your reputation. If that happens. I hate that! Stop! She is sending you a signal to slow down. letting her fall into the trap. you are supposed to take it off your mind completely! Once you show her that sex (with her) is the furthest thing from your mind. This is never a great thing. She might think "Oh my God. following her lead. Do not expect sex Haven't you heard? Wanting sex is bad! If you want sex you are a pervert! Never mind that Foxes dress and act in a manner designed to get you to want sex. It's like they are using sex to replace some emotional void in their lives. at least you did something you enjoy.. and c.passes-at-mespeech. which will occasionally net you a wife but more often than not will fail. The best way to deal with the audition is to not try to win her over. you will not have to date her to close the deal. she will reward you with. She begins taking preemptive strikes. this is hardly insignificant. and requires different handling. I like to make sure I love her before hopping in bed. The three main advantages of this type of date are as follows: a. The bottom line is this: if a Fox truly desires you sexually. a man who plays with his food like that could never give me good head" or something equally irrational. so who is to argue? 4. Fox: Tell me about it!!! My last boyfriend did that. and then springing it shut: Fox: I get so tired of guys who just want to get me into bed on the first date.. but I agree that men are way too forward about sex. but it will get you laid. Everything you say and do will be monitored by the Fox for hidden meanings and indications about everything from what her friends will think of you to what her family will think of you to whether or not you will be good in bed.Put the date first. Even if the date doesn't go well. Well. I prefer to just enjoy the date and keep my cards close to the vest. be strong. You recognize the window and pounce. but to think that it is the only way to get a Fox into bed. or even the best way. and to make sure your timetable is slower than hers.

If anything. The best posturing technique for accomplishing this is to hang out at a place near work after your day is finished and to let people know where you can be found. She's been scoping you out. that very often her instinctive reaction will be to have sex with you! At Work Be careful with this one. This way. it will be on personal time. that leaves the only logical option. Since you have proven yourself. and trying to figure out if I'm being serious. throw your workplace into a quandary by walking into the human resources department and saying "Sorry.. and/or have your work history tarnished by being a pig. You haven't given her a reason to cheat. A possibility. she knows that she is going to have to be the one to initiate things if she doesn't want to wait forever. If she wants you. won't leave me alone. All these advantages have sprung from your communicating to her that you are not sexually aggressive. I act indignant. and since she really doesn't want to wait for sex in the first place. The Counter-Timetable is believable because there are many men out there who are sexually cautious. Once you make this viewpoint known. Be brave! Role reversal works wonders with Foxes. the correct thing to do when a relationship begins at work is for one person to leave their job. and your stock will rise. Legal and ethical considerations aside. A few rules: Never pursue. she will make a move. Seduce You. a solid connection is established. she will have no objection to meeting away from work. If you really want to push the envelope. assuming you can handle being used by a Fox for cheap sex. a Fox who makes a move on you at work is usually pretty serious. if a relationship develops. change the subject. you have given her reason to think you might be husband material. Pursuit is a lowpercentage play no matter what. Between their laughing at the novelty of the approach. but with a labor shortage the company is not going to be pleased to lose a valuable worker. score the points. it works even better! With all the concerns about sexual harassment. act as if you no longer have your job or any loyalty to the company. you become a challenge. deriding non-Elites who can't take a hint. you'll do fine.Make the hit. The moment you get involved with someone at work. In some conversations I will suddenly start talking like a stuck-up Fox. something Foxes usually have to prevent men from being. and this is going to bother her because she cannot torture you sexually.I mean a former co-worker!" If you don't tell them who you are dating. and want me primarily for my body. Wait. but what choice does she have? If she likes the relationship. If she wants you. As long as you can remember that it's the challenge and not you they want. As quickly as possible. What can she do? All roads lead to checkmate: Dump you. It's just not worth it. and without even realizing it you have passed all of her tests. If someone from work truly is interested in you. she can't punish you for having the attitude she claims to want men to have. She now knows that you will not be making a move on her until the cows come home. Keep your working relationships as friendly as possible and do not gossip. not the other way around. but this goes against her grain. She will be surprised by a man who is more prudent than herself. This is so appealing to her. to get fired. Take it outside. This sets the table for the Returning Fox. Cheat. I have to resign because I'm dating a co-worker -. you can take the sexual high ground and call her promiscuous. . she's not likely to tolerate your ridiculously extended timetable. Nothing relaxes a Fox more than a man who doesn't want sex.. You don't need a lawsuit. For what? A guy who wants her in bed on the first date? Even if she dumps you. With your extended timetable. as she does. especially with all the emotional and medical risks associated with sex. sending out just enough signals to let her know I might be kidding.

A man can make himself as unapproachable as a Fox just by being civil and putting up a brick wall. but mixing business with pleasure can backfire. be respectful and occasionally the centerfold will wind up making a move on you. one of the lead characters is the magazine's photographer. who can do just about anything and get laid. courtship is biased in favor of Foxes. that she is being nice to you only because she has to. because this is the behavior that Foxes reward. Even though you may wind up pursuing on occasion. more often than not it was a Returning Fox or Fantasy Fox. Sometimes she will come back and sometimes she will not. and regroup. the less it will be an issue. The Necessary Attitude For Seduction Every man starts out a virgin. point out that she is a tease. As long as you do not give her reason to halt your progress. or any job that puts them in close proximity to Foxes. In the television show Just Shoot Me. If you are inexperienced. Your ability to remain . This is the point where a Fox will decide you are worthy of sex. One advantage of a restrained approach at work gives you is that you can see firsthand how much posturing pays off. although this can be appealing if she is sexually restrained. Unless you are young. a successful Foxhunter. If you aren't confident of your ability to please a Fox. Except for men with high CUPID ratings. use them to build your reputation on your lunch hour or after work. preferably in a scenario where you take the lead. this is going to hinder you because you won't be fully aware of what you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes. Sadly. Make an unwanted move on a centerfold and your career is burnt toast. but sexual technique is a large part of seduction. Of the times Foxes have wanted to have sex with me. stores. You are very capable of bringing a Fox to sexual ecstasy. but work your way up. You have a wonderful network of Friendly Foxes at your disposal. you might not want to admit to being one to a Fox. The common thread in this chapter is closing the deal from one step away. The notion that a man can turn the tables and get the upper hand with Foxhunting is unsettling to them. she won't be either. which will help your reputation and your Foxhunting. Work your way up slowly if you have to. and this alone will make you appear to be more discriminating. For now. Tap into these powerful networks. she usually won't. To truly understand how to behave around Foxes at work. The best attitude to take with every Fox you meet is as follows: You are a man with many sexual options. and The Fox you are talking to (her) simply does not interest you or is not your only option. The same can be said for men who work in bars and clubs. however. she will test or tease you to see if you lose your cool. It helps to repeatedly envision yourself having sex with a Fox. just remember the Golden Rule of Foxhunting on the job or at her job: Assume she is not interested in you in the slightest. if you have viable alternatives you will pursue less often. In Chapter 13 I will discuss the role of jobs in Foxhunting in greater depth. unless she gives you a very clear reason to believe otherwise. practice indirect seduction on them if you want. when this happens it is essential to respond like a mature Foxhunter would and pull back. coffeehouses. Keep them as friends. imagine for a moment that you are a centerfold photographer. I urge you strongly to develop your sexual technique if you find yourself running into brick walls late in the game. The less you worry about your inexperience.Foxes who don't make explicit moves on you at work are not worth bothering with. and often they have friends and relatives. on the other hand. men have to be indirect and covert to succeed. in higher-percentage situations.

There is no substitute for experience. Christine. I was unaware it was a date until. Foxhunting totally separates dating and sex. accept the date for what it is: a date! If you have any expectations that the date will lead to sex. price range $15-20 at the time). always with a purpose. through the moment I graduated. that she was the only Fox I had dated more than once. Fast-forward to today: I date rarely. not during it. are going to influence your success rate. Even if she has not made a move. Forget what you have read about dating being the most common path to the bedroom. The time to talk about the "more" is before a date. I was just enjoying the moment of having picked a surprisingly good movie. At the time it didn't seem impressive. that movie still is in the top five. it is not. but that doesn't mean that it is not essential. but by no means were we just friends. and knowing what to do with an opportunity. I never had sex with my "girlfriend. I found myself a freshman in college. so I doubt he cared much or even knew. The quickest path to seduction is to make a Fox want to have sex with you. I knew of my First Fox's boyfriend while we were going out. You don't kiss your friends goodbye on the lips every time you go out with them. and then to see the premier of the movie Poltergeist. or that you fear rejection and want to keep hope alive. and with a solid amount of dating experience under my belt. in a fit of attraction." since she had an older man for that. a fine film. and distracts from your enjoyment of the date. it was a very positive experience to be able to take a Young Fox out on a regular basis without the sexual pressure that often results. and nothing happened beyond a goodbye kiss. when I tabulated my life experience and noticed that from the middle of tenth grade. not giving her a chance to reject me. and only advantageously. If all a Fox wants from me is a date. she becomes the rejected one. Why you are dating is not an issue for the date. and by being an interesting date. forget them. I know how to conduct a date from start to finish. dating her is no guarantee whatsoever that you have accomplished this. she sees this act of omission as an attack on her femininity. I know men who are so preoccupied with getting Foxes to talk to them or date them that they don't even dare think ahead to the bedroom. When that relationship fizzled. Sexual technique is beyond the scope of this book. making sure I enjoy my dates now as much as I did when I took my First Fox to lunch at a nice NYC restaurant (a sit-down one with waiter service. If you are scared to discuss sex with a Fox. Dating is not about sexual pressure. By not pursuing her. . I suggest you begin devoting as much time as possible to its study. June 4. I kissed her goodbye on the lips. but did not stop it completely. I have come full-circle. but when I hear about what other young men go through. I assume that the relationship is not going any further. If you are lacking in this area. but even Don Juan had to start somewhere. 1982 a memorable one. His presence put restrictions on our physical activity.calm in a sexual situation with a Fox. Of all the time I have spent with Foxes. Once you have agreed to date a Fox. but he never hunted me down and she was having sex with him. and an even Finer Fox made the afternoon of Friday. Thank you. my results were much better than I had realized. I then tallied up the number of dates we went on and found that it was close to thirty or forty. but the date itself: where to go and what to do. and the combination of a fine meal. and it never really occurred to me that by kissing her goodbye I was probably over the boundaries of their relationship. perhaps practicing on a few non-Elites until you are completely comfortable sexually and relatively skilled. In retrospect. Chapter Twelve: Dating Foxes My first real date occurred when I was fifteen years old. and especially not at the end of it. that is a sign that you don't know how to seduce her. I do this because making this distinction puts the ball squarely in her court. and usually the sexual issues with the Fox I am dating are resolved long before we go out. free of romantic entanglements. I didn't even realize until recently that throughout high-school I had regularly dated the same Fox.

Remember how Foxes who tell you never to contact them again treat you if you call them "just to say hi. I'll go.] Me: I'm not. and now because I represent a challenge to her. What do you do when a Returning Fox calls you out of the blue "just to say hi?" You know there's more to it than this. she can return yet again to replay the scenario with your position even stronger next time around. I think of the day she will return and the wonderful position that will put me in. Me: Don't let the phone hit you on the way out.Ever hear the phrases women love a challenge or women want what they can't have? They are spoken for a reason. If she has rejected you in the past. If she doesn't. I have lost nothing. more than you ever might have at any other point if you play your cards properly. she approached you knowing that you wanted her. She will likely call me back for whatever she was going to contact me for (probably to give me another opportunity to beg for a date). Me: Sure. Fox: Aw come on!! I wouldn't do that! If I'm bothering you. try the following: Fox: Hi!!!! Me: Who's this? Fox: Aw come on! Me: Why are you bothering me now? Fox: I wasn't bothering you! I was just saying hi!! Warning: A Fox never contacts someone "just to say hi. that still doesn't change the fact that she returned. When a Fox rejects me for a date now. The phone rings again: Me: Hello? Fox: Why are you so mean to me? [She would like to thank. she'll call back. Please get lost." Not when there are unresolved sexual issues from the past. but getting her to date you is child's play.." Dating factors include the level and nature of the interaction you have had with a Fox prior to The Date. and this will dictate your actions both in planning the date and on the date. The man who is reserved on a date and is obviously a man who can get laid whenever he wants is in a very powerful position with the woman he is "ignoring. and if I had contacted you when you didn't want me to. you'd be filing for a restraining order. my fear of rejection disappeared totally. But remember the oneand-done rule. and as long as you don't chase her if she leaves. If you want a simple. In fact." Sauce for the goose. Once I noticed the trend that is the Returning Fox.. Even if the Returning Fox rejects your offer. treat it like a green light to ask her out. You rejected me! Remember that? Fox: That was then and this is now.. and this knowledge gives you bargaining power. and is now approaching you for any reason. Aren't you happy to hear from me? . The only reason you suspended it in this situation is that she cleaned the slate by returning. Think of an ex-boss who asks you back to work after firing you. direct approach for a Returning Fox.. Also important is the type of Fox you will be dating: The Returning Fox It is admittedly bold to get a Returning Fox to agree to sex. Fox: Arrrrghhh!! Men!! Slam!! Don't worry.

The downside is that a date is less of a reward than sex. Me: Exactly. How you choose to play it is entirely up to you. that's right. Fox: Thanks!!! (giggles) Even if you knew I'd say yes you wouldn't ask me out? Me: No. Using indirect methods to get the Fantasy Fox to want to go out with you requires that you: Don't be obvious. It works even better if all you are trying for is a date. You'll have to ask me out and pay for the date. Scram! Fox: Are you saying you wouldn't go out with me again? Me: What do you mean again? We never went out! Fox: Oh yeah.her producer. securing the date is easy: Me: Hello? Fox: Will you please be nice to me? [.. You sound like a mindless bimbo. No matter how you slice it. or whatever you feel comfortable with. by the way. For this to happen. you can't expect results from any one Fox. and can just ask her out normally. her co-stars. The Fantasy Fox In the last chapter I talked about indirect seduction as a way of getting a Fox to imagine herself having sex with you. Silly me!!(giggles) Me: Exactly. Click! Next time she calls. I'll be holding my breath until you say yes (I say this with sarcasm). We're done. there is still the sexual hurdle to clear..Me: Sure!! Nothing like being rejected and having her return to twist the knife! Fox: Aw come on!! I'm not rejecting you! Me: Are you saying you'd like to go out on a date? Fox: I didn't say that. Foxes are mistresses of keeping a poker face even when their emotions run deep.. . you have the upper hand with a Returning Fox. or you can tell her that you won't talk to her because you have a policy of not talking to Foxes who have rejected you. or at any one time. Even if your posturing is successful and makes the Fantasy Fox want to date you. but know internally that your words are having their desired effect.. I've moved on. Milk the upper hand! You don't have to be hard-nosed.] Me: You had your chance and blew it. but with that reduced reward also comes a reduced risk. The Fox who very coolly asks you for the details of your date may run home and gush to her friends about what a great date you'd be after you have conveyed this impression with your smooth words. Indirect seduction only works well if you keep it indirect.

. I might pursue her. but your perceived popularity will frame their initial opinion of you. The more creative. and then I gave her a massage. A Fox who already believes you are successful will pay very close attention to what you do with other Foxes. Convey the attitude that the Fox you are talking to means nothing to you. Fox: Okay. Your goal in describing your date to a potential Fantasy Fox is to get her to inject herself into the date as the female lead. If she admits her interest. You cannot tell immediately what her cards are if she chooses not to show them. and if she likes what she hears she will begin to want to be the one you treat this way. . avoid propaganda and mention only that you are dating someone. Following is a sample dialog of how this might work out in practice: Fox: Tell me about your date!! Me: Not sure if I should. Don't be afraid to be a little more provocative than usual when describing the date. Remember the one-and-done rule and don't worry about her reaction. the better. Me: What if you don't like it? I wouldn't want you to think I was a lousy date. but I take no responsibility for your reaction. Concerned the Fox didn't get the message first time? She did. Want to know what happened after that? Fox: Yes!! Me: I bet you do! Then I smile and end the conversation. Leave it to the Foxes to prod the details out of you. Most Foxes deny it. Me: You can't say that until I tell you. made dinner. she will see it as propaganda.Make the date you describe interesting. Fox: Aw come on!!! (Foxes may not all be alike. To reinforce this opinion. If she shows an interest in me. Sauce for the goose. but her opinion of me will have changed.. Reputation is everything. If you harp on your message. If she presses for more info. A sexual reputation is not the same as a general reputation. I rebuff her. while the Fox you are describing means the world. I call her on it and ask her why she's so curious. if she says nothing. listened to some jazz. temporarily cashing out to avoid overstepping and do not describe the date further. If you have ever heard a Fox you wanted describe the perfect man to you. but they sure sound it sometimes). A man who is having sex with a Fox isn't going to be too concerned with what other Foxes think of him. I brought groceries. you'll know the feeling. They think as long as no one dislikes them that this is going to mean that Foxes will want them. Don't repeat yourself. A more conservative conversation along these lines might go like this: Fox: Tell me about your date!! Me: What's there to tell? It was just a date. when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Since you are so curious I'll tell you. Me: I made her greet me at the door with a French kiss while wearing the sexiest outfit she owns. Fox: Aw come on!!! I'm sure I'll like it. the conversation moves on. and by then it will be too late. we drank a bottle of wine. I let the information sink into her mind. Developed properly. Men are terrible when it comes to maintaining their reputations. it is all you will need to Foxhunt.

because she could just be civil rather than interested. The less intense you are about discussing the Foxes in your life. I find out she is available (easy on the internet). call her a tease and forget her. or in response to a gimmick (like if I am sitting in a coffeehouse with a tarot-card deck and she wants a reading). She's nice and all but kinda boring. A successful Foxhunter takes the ability to get dates for granted. call her a liar or tell her to be more careful in the future. If she does. it went well. No Fox will punish you for pursuing her once. At this point I ask for the date. act indignant. On the other hand. But it was just a date. There's no point in putting yourself at risk like this unnecessarily.) Me: Yes. you can't count on anything except your reputation improving if you do it right. By doing this I maximize the rewards while minimizing risk. This is especially true of Utility Foxes. but even then it is still acceptable to ask if she is available. was I? Fox: Not this time!! In most cases she won't inject herself immediately. If she is a tease. Fox: I have a sharp mind!! (A mind with an SAT score of 720 combined. I plan the date cautiously because I made first contact. Otherwise. If she says she didn't realize she was coming across as a tease. and do not care if she says yes or no. and then to dinner. and use indirect methods in the meantime. This is the main reason I am loathe to put expectations into my dates -. and then forget her instantly! Foxes may complain about persistent men but they can't stand being . The most common sequence of events that leads me to ask out an Available and Interested Fox is as follows: She has approached me for conversation. By adopting what is essentially their attitude to dating. and is more likely to become a Returning Fox. huh? Me: Oh. After that we went for a walk in the park and talked. the more believable you will be. like your time was wasted.. I forget she exists and move on. they tend to find this offensive if they are taken. Foxes will see you as worthy. if an available Fox makes first contact.Fox: Not too good. If she accepts. but I wasn't dating you. she will respect you for seeing through her. and if she declines.too many added hurdles. Ask a Fox out without knowing if she is taken. This is similar to the difference between trying to get your first job in an industry as opposed to having been successful in that industry for several years." A positive response to an approach by you is not like a green light. as do Foxes. With indirect seduction. although some will resort to dating and even consider dating a utility for getting free evenings out. Some Foxes like to flirt and back down only when the guy calls them on it. this is an "open three. The Available And Interested Fox About the only time it is wise to pursue a Fox for a date is when she is available and interested. It's one thing to pursue a Fox out of the blue. let the clock tick until she becomes available and pursue her then.. Fox: Where'd you take her? Me: We went to a coffeehouse. make her a Friendly Fox and use her to build your reputation. knowing there is a chance that she will become a Returning Fox. and most of the time you will be shot down with the excuse. Fox: So what happened? Are you going to see her again? Me: Not sure. I like sharp minds.

But I still know where I'd take you. she will see it as a sign of confidence if you ask her out without appearing desperate or eager. Once you get the hang of it you have a useful tactic: Me: I know where I would take you on a first date. maybe she won't. It gets complicated when she accepts the date. By not telling her my plans. Fox: Children!? I don't want to marry you! Me: Guess there's no need to date then. If she presses further.. like I want a liar raising my children. because you have taken things to the next level without reaching the bedroom. don't be surprised if things take a sudden turn for the personal.. I've had many conversations where I've secured dates this way. Fox: But I don't want to go out with you! Me: I know that.. I never asked her out. Romantic Conversations With Foxes If you have a general discussion about relationships with a Fox. and where's that? Me: Why should I tell you? You just told me you don't want to go out with me! Fox: Aw come on!! Me: Come on what? Fox: Tell me!! Me: Please. Technically. tell me! . you said we weren't going out. If she's having a good conversation with you. I put the thought in her mind. A good roundabout way to test the dating waters with a Fox is to talk about dating her without actually asking her out. and if you handle any rejection properly you have nothing to worry about. The only solution to the complications is to reach the point where you can conduct an entire seduction flawlessly. letting her know I had an evening planned. Closing the deal can be surprisingly easy from this point: Fox: Oh. Maybe she will. try this: Fox: Aw come on. At the same time. Fox: Aw come on!!! Me: Why should I? You called off our wedding! Why date? Fox: I might change my mind! Me: Let me know when you do..forgotten. I piqued her curiosity. Fox: Maybe I was lying! Me: Oh.. She will be flattered by the invitation. This will not happen overnight and requires skilled effort. Put yourself in the Fox's position for a moment.

if only to shoot you down. It behooves the Foxhunter to take steps to move the flirtation along to the point where it stops or converts into something real. the better your results. to my whim. but one that she prodded from you. because it is not his primary goal (sex is). Me: Would you like to go out on a date sometime? (Find out first if they are available). If you have to beg for what you want. to who made first contact. meet me at Winston's on Friday at 8:00 p. she will feel as if she were sexually inferior to you because she couldn't make you respond to her. A status quo of flirting is not good for a Foxhunter. This is a derivative of the Fantasy Fox technique. A Concession Fox has taken direct issue with your Foxhunting. who should make the plans. you become a player in need of taming. The Concession Fox Some Foxes feel threatened or are offended by Foxhunters. The better your planning. No longer a desperate loser who has to beg for a date. . if you are that curious. she will respect you for seeing through her. where she likes to go. so be it. The most effective response to flirting is to ignore it. I refuse to let her take advantage of me. her flirting with you puts you one step away from dating her. This rejection-by-omission will cause the Fox to move on or up the ante to win you over. but it is not okay to lose your dignity. She takes that as an offer to go out with you. haw. and thinks that you should seek a deeper relationship. Many Foxes like to leave everything up to the man as a test. the flirtation ends. and she is not able to string me along. That flow from a general conversation to a personal one in this fashion is common. New Foxes become expendable and flirting becomes easy. and continue Foxhunting. I'll show you. to how I met her. and so forth. and even the request for a date is presented as a rhetorical statement which dares the Fox to reject you. and if she's not. use one-and-done. If she accepts the dare. I have seen men hem. odds are you never had a chance of getting it. sharp and don't be late. Sometimes she wants you to make the first move. How I deal with a Flirting Fox depends on everything from who she is. Better yet. The window of opportunity is created by the first remark ("I know where I would take you on a first date").m. if you change your mind. not tell you. It's okay to lose a Fox. if she presses the issue I make one aggressive move to test her: Fox: That's just another of your many fine qualities. and by ignoring her you have avoided risk. On the other hand. Even if I am totally in lust with a Fox. You never actually ask her out. and their lack of power over a Foxhunter makes them uneasy. and tapdance around a direct overture for months. Another clever way of dealing with a Flirting Fox is to act like she's a tease. and a good one. If I lose her because I didn't do what she wanted. They are used to having the upper hand with men. A roundabout method similar to this one is to ask the Fox about what she likes to do on dates. and she is forgotten until she returns.Me: I told you. when they could have gotten their answer in seconds or minutes. she'll have to up the ante. My time is not wasted. Fox: Sure!! If she doesn't say yes. Once you have enough Foxes. await her return. In either case. saying only that you'd know where to take her on a date. If she's a tease. The Flirting Fox A gray area which occurs when a Fox is flirting with you but leaves it to you to make the next move. After I have ignored a Flirting Fox.

but I'm not going to jerk off in a closet until it happens. not make a move. Me: So you are saying if I acted like a gentleman with you. Those are the rules. Fox: Aw come on!!! There are many nice women out there! Me: I know there are. I just know how to exploit them. I can't stand dating unless it's with someone I'm already having sex with. and that I can be a gentleman. Foxhunters became so difficult only after being rejected for what the Foxes later try to get them to concede! Foxes will make you beg if they think you have no alternatives. If I respect her timetable.. just say this: Me: Thanks anyway. more often than not she is going to want me. From that point .Concession Foxes usually have designs on you. but they wind up begging you if they think you can do better. If she tries to weasel out. Fox: Silly! You have to ask them! Me: I do not have to ask them. Me: Here's your chance: I'll pick you up Friday at 7. But you're a player! (Much better than being called "too nice"). All I have to do on the date is act like a gentleman and not turn her on too much. Sex without love just seems to work for me. if I found someone I wanted to marry. I'd consider it. but I don't see them beating a path to my door.. or I don't want to marry them. Fox: Okay okay!! Checkmate! I have conceded what I used to beg for. Fox: Can't you just date without having sex for a change? Me: I'm sure there are a few I'd consider it with. and I didn't write them. for it is the Fox who is trying to win him over. she is likely to shorten it. truth be told. But either they don't want to marry me. Bye. Dress elegantly. Ironically. The Foxhunter who wants to get married or be monogamous can enter from this point on favorable terms. I would go out with you if I didn't think you would use me and dump me. except they don't want to meet your standards. Why fix what isn't broke? Fox: Think of what you are missing out on!! Me: You mean paying for dates and constantly having to prove myself? No thanks. Having convinced her that I can handle myself in bed. would have been fun. Fox: Ummm. They like the challenge of proving how special they are by taming you. and just show her a good time. One sample dialog is all it takes to illustrate how to court a Concession Fox: Fox: Doesn't it bother you to use women the way you do? Me: I make them very happy!! Fox: Wouldn't you rather just make one happy instead of using many for sex? Me: Since when is sex meaningless? Look. you'd date me? Fox: Yes.. What's the matter? Mad I'm not begging you for a date? Fox: Okay.

you fall behind Chapter Thirteen: Meeting Foxes Seduction begins with a meeting. either by refuting her argument or by taking her on a date and showing her your more civilized side. it is a natural part of your life. Many men I have taught Foxhunting to wind up cashing out favorable terms such as these. Get off to a good start. and how dates can materialize from what appears to be an innocent conversation. though that crowd will figure out more quickly that your Fox is just a friend. This was not my becomes a matter of closing the deal. The Friendly Fox (Now The PIVOT) You may know it's not a date. Notice in the examples I give that the Foxes often function very poorly when you move beyond their scripting. Foxes spend a disturbing amount of time humiliating men they deem unworthy. the more likely she will have sex with you. and work wonders for your reputation. Avoid overstepping and you have a vital resource. If a Concession Fox suggests you try normal dating. What will separate you from the other men in your Friendly Fox's life is that she feels comfortable with you. your reputation will precede you. Even if they choose to take their time. This is why it is crucial to never let up. One thing you should keep in mind is that partial application of those principles will almost always fail. the burden is on her to produce someone for you or date you herself. Down the road. Successful Foxhunters go from meeting a Fox to having sex with her quickly and with minimal effort. Your first impression sets the tone for the entire game. and you come Fox-approved. My goal is to explain Foxhunting and give the reader something he can use to improve his love life. and treat you as a winner who can get laid anytime he wants instead of a loser who cannot. It reveals a side of their behavior that is psychologically abusive and something which men should keep in mind when they think of Foxes as nice creatures. Go Dutch. Friendly Foxes are easy to accumulate. The Foxier your friend. The rules for interacting with a Friendly Fox are relatively simple: No sex. A man who can get a Fox to converse can often persuade her to do something she swore she wouldn't. Foxes are not very good at improvising. when you visit the place again. Progress can set you up for a bigger disaster down the road if you don't follow through properly. and you have it made. in which case I offer her my company and a free evening out in return for her help. The preceding examples represent ways you can wind up dating a Fox. Foxes will assume that you have dates whenever you want them. Friendly Foxes provide quality access to other Foxes. You want people to see you with your Friendly Foxes so that your reputation is enhanced. it is the ability to capitalize on the window of opportunity created by a meeting that defines a Foxhunter. My only exception to this rule is when the Friendly Fox knows I am dating her to build my reputation. The more interesting she finds you. knowing that you would not make an advance at her. Remind her that you are content with Foxhunting. Compare this with professing your love for a Friendly Fox and her seeing you as a desperate loser who cannot take a hint. By no means have I covered every possible situation. Instead of a date with a Fox being something you obsess over. which puts the burden on her to offer a better alternative or stop complaining. and she may know it. to hold your ground. Be visible. Not even the hint of sexual interest. mess . see you as desirable. but others will assume you are a couple. and to continue Foxhunting even after you think you no longer have to. the greater the boon to your reputation. You will score points. Regular hangouts are good. Take her instead somewhere you go only with her. The moment you stop doing what got you ahead. so that the people who see you there assume you are a couple.

Choose where you live very carefully.000 depending on the school. Upper-class neighborhoods make poor Foxhunting grounds. and then go for the best apartment buildings or houses in those neighborhoods. Here are some factors which will influence the number of Foxes you cross paths with: Where You Live The ideal place for a Foxhunter to live is in a big-city apartment building where Foxes outnumber men. The mere presence of the massage room would lend itself to indirect pursuit. More important than the quality of your home is its location. When we think of how a man's job affects his love life. The problem of meeting Foxes is a sham one. but not because of Foxhunting. This is another example of how you can often skip the dating and pursuit hurdles with the right preparation. your domain. Since I live near three universities. they will come. Spend that money and you have the ability to throw parties. but getting the Foxes to respond. for we do this all the time. Some apartment buildings have up to 1. clean. you will be way ahead of your competition. but I have to say it is a very good utility angle if you can afford it. I happen to have lived in such a building for over a decade. Other men have work schedules which allow them to hook up more easily due to flexible or off-hours. and after you have completed it you can put your skills into practice. Meet enough of them and you will have no problems stacking a party in your favor. The real problem is not meeting Foxes. Your home is your lair. A course in massage will cost you anywhere from $5005. How you furnish a home is more important than where it is or what it is made of. put you in . You can count on being judged on the basis of it. perhaps even taking a job exclusively for this purpose. A strong argument can be made that income and prestige are secondary to the access to Foxes your job provides.furnished. the game begins long before meeting. I'm not going to tell you not to. I know many waiters who are not wealthy but have little trouble Foxhunting because their work gives them premium access. the kind Foxes seek out when they live in big cities. Look for slightly expensive. The more Foxes who live in close proximity.000 a month more than a one-bedroom.00. and this will improve your chances over a rural area where your next-door neighbor is a mile away. how well you prepare yourself for the Foxhunt greatly influences your results. as most of the Foxes are either Golddigging or Taken Foxes. and a Fox who sees the room and is not asked to visit it may just propose the idea on her own. secure apartment buildings.000 residents. If you build it. This is a good way for a wealthy Foxhunter to convert his wealth into opportunity without having to spend money on individual Foxes. especially if she believes another Fox already visits there. considering the impact on your Foxhunting. Their decision to respond or not is influenced by the meeting and how you present and conduct yourself. You cannot walk outside where I live without encountering scores of Foxes. we focus on prestige and income. anywhere I reside will put me in Fox-heavy territory. If you want to use free housing to lure Foxes. and you can get a good massage table for less than $500. well. I would rather have an average home in a great location than a great home in an average location. the better. Some jobs. like those in retail. An example of creative Foxhunting would be to use the extra bedroom mentioned in the previous paragraph as a massage room. especially if you patronize them regularly and get to know the Regular Foxes. If you are in a big-city and take a two-bedroom apartment.up early and your chances suffer. Find an Honest Fox to give you feedback.e. a place for Foxes to stay with you rent-free (if you are going to be giving them material goods in return for their company you might as well work it to your advantage). who you are and how you behave. you have a guest room that can be used at any time. but the man who already has status should work on giving himself greater access. Status is important. and if you can make your apartment FoxFriendly (i. It's also nice to have more space than your rivals. and appealing). especially if these buildings are near universities or other areas with large concentrations of young singles. Example: a two-bedroom apartment in New York City costs about $500-1.. and its access to Foxes. Living near Fox-heavy hangouts is recommended. Stick to the hip areas and areas popular with young people. in other words. Where You Work All jobs are not created equal. For Foxhunters.

and some Friendly Foxes will go a long way. and it was the same almost everywhere. he gravitates over time to the most lucrative Foxhunting grounds. Take a job in one of them. Long-term hangouts include anywhere you park yourself on a regular basis for an extended period of time. Once he has crossed the barrier to where he is always in the company of Foxes. the owner. it doesn't even take that much money to throw a decent party. Now imagine that you are at a Star Trek convention where the population is ninety percent male and there is nary a Fox in sight. especially party or club-oriented ones like bartender or DJ. secretaries (especially in law.. my stock rose and my access increased tremendously. his popularity begins to feed on itself. well-groomed pet to a park. build the wrong one and you can easily wind up doomed. I literally did not spend a day without running into one or more of his groupies.constant contact with Foxes. Who You Hang Out With (Now Called WINGMEN) So obvious. Fox-heavy environments are essential to success.e. and later married the driver. where I would rely on posturing instead. and your reputation will develop and spread like wildfire. I found myself outnumbered by Foxes. Though not for everyone. get one or miss out on short-term opportunity. Your own Fox Nest. and you will find yourself surrounded by Foxes. Hanging out with Foxhunters is easy to do. accounting. It helps to take an aggressive approach. citing their reliability and uniforms as major turn-ons. One Athletic Fox had it written into her contract with a sneaker company that she was to receive a new pair every two weeks. If you don't have a gimmick. delivered via UPS. to improve your overall chances without wasting it on any one Fox. Hangouts fall into two primary categories: Short-term. intimate contact with super-Elites. Build the right reputation and you have it made. Imagine for a moment that you are at a party with five other men and fifty Drunk Foxes. A Successful Foxhunter makes note of Fox-Heavy and Fox-Friendly hangouts. i. who wants a woman whose primary purpose in life is to be an ornament for the men she works with? Where You Hang Out Foxhunting time is precious: do not waste it. with loser guys surrounded by Foxes. This man kept several Foxes off the market simultaneously. In fact. usually off chasing more Foxes. and the Foxes had subservient relationships to their male superiors. The Wall Street Journal once did a piece on how Foxes across America have the hots for UPS couriers. there are a number of female-dominated professions where men are beginning to make inroads. Still other jobs. I found this coattail effect to be surprising and amusing. who you associate with will impact your results. Others. I noticed that wherever I worked. If your sole mission in life is to Foxhunt. play a guitar in a coffeehouse. where looks are often the primary hiring consideration. Long-term. I am much more likely to approach a Fox in a short-term hangout than a long-term hangout. put you in one-on-one. and the executive level) and others who wear pink collars will find themselves surrounded by Foxes at work. I realized this when in 1991 I began spending time with a Foxhunter. Having been a secretary myself. finance. A Foxhunter is not usually going to brush . I lost my taste for what I now call office whores because dating one usually means having to deal with too much rival attention from her workplace. will put you in Foxland with a degree of power and status. not tactically. You will get to know most of the other regulars. Also. or sit with a tarot deck and you can become the center of attention anywhere. Any place that you will not be frequenting regularly can be considered a short-term hangout. it helps to be seen with a Fox the first few times you frequent a long-term hangout. Because of this friendship. Foxhunters need to take their business seriously. It takes a high CUPID rating and good technique to succeed in a short-term environment. It was like the beer commercials. Bank tellers. I even wound up having to keep them occupied while he was busy. Gimmicks and utility also go a long way towards getting the ball rolling. like centerfold photographer. but also very real. Conscious of the importance of hangouts. Since first impressions are important. a few hundred or thousand dollars to blow. Use your money strategically. Men of means can create these environments at will. Take a well-bred. yet so overlooked.

If she senses you are expecting too much she will reject you on principle. Do not display anything inconsistent with you being a Foxhunter: wait out the dry spells. Few big-ticket items depreciate faster than a car. I would opt for a well-preserved. brains. If your approaches are not successful. Do not feed their massive egos!! Lose your cool when things aren't going your way and you lose everything. especially in the summer. A car is not worth it for a big-city dweller. but I'm not that fond of cars beyond their ability to get me from Point A to Point B. and walk away whenever your instincts tell you to. but having grown up in the heart of Manhattan. not caring if they bankrupt one man. be patient and disciplined.heavy. and few are more expensive to maintain.serves me very well. Your prospects will improve the most if you improve in the following categories: looks. No one is going to believe you are well-fed if you act like you are starving. He reaped enormous benefits from that experience. Avoid desperation. It is impossible to eliminate failure. For what it costs to keep a car standing still in Philadelphia (close to $5.000 a year). What You Drive A very important factor. and personality. Men who drive expensive cars have a wonderful gimmick at their disposal. but any obstacle you can remove with effort is worth the time and energy. I could hire a limousine once a week. None of these attitudes are tolerable. and the next.. I have never needed a car. Ultra-serious Foxhunters can take this concept to the extreme and do things like become a roadie for successful bands. but it is possible to minimize risk. The long-term benefits of are worth the effort.a $ off or be stuck up if you don't interfere. especially those with limited funds. It's one thing to be born with something you cannot change. pile as many points as possible onto your strongest category. the easier it will be to break the ice or have it broken for you by Foxes. Deviate from this principle and your batting average will decline. Keep your car in good condition. Foxes love to test men for resolve. because they can just move on to the next. giving Foxes the upper hand. One thing I can say is that if you live anywhere that requires a car. or that you just don't want to succeed badly enough. When all seems lost. If you find yourself with an automobile. but try not to assume that any Fox is a sure thing. To not make this effort is to say that you are happy with your results. The research will be insightful. Golddigging Foxes are merciless when it comes to money. Foxes will be judging you on it. . The rules of utility and gimmicks apply. Foxhunters are desirable men with superior options to any Fox they are talking to. money. keep your cool and hold your ground. enjoyable. Your Attitude Foxhunting uses maximum effort at maximum efficiency to obtain maximum results with minimal risk. like one of my friends once did. Project confidence. or take a thousand taxi rides. you are in an area that is not Fox. If I had to choose a car for myself. and do not panic. I can say that any man who is stuck should consider becoming close friends with a successful Foxhunter and observe. I have no sympathy for men who leave gaping holes in their CUPID rating and then complain about poor results.for attracting Golddigging Foxes.. Although in later years I was able to replace these men with Friendly Foxes and reputation-building platonic dates (I have few male friends and always Foxhunt alone now). who correctly assume that any man who would piss away $50. and the tide will turn in your favor. where on a typical weekend skate I might cross paths with several hundred Foxes. have no further room for improvement. and so on.00 pair of Rocer inline skates -. My primary transportation -. and you will meet many Foxes along the way. with a clean and comfortable interior and a nice exterior. this leaves plenty of time to improve your CUPID rating. Your CUPID Rating The higher your CUPID rating. and having lived in large cities for all but one of my three-plus decades. For groupie appeal.000 or more on a car is a spender. used car like a Buick.

but those are suited to my personality and style. the times I am correct I leave the impression I have special powers. You'll be very popular at parties and sought-after by Foxes who will usually want to know what the future holds for their love lives. Even if she rejects you. however. you can "read" her actions as wrong. If you are good intuitively. A gimmick is anything that causes Foxes to approach you. I will always take the open three-point shot and make a move. If you don't want to risk being wrong. If you know of a better way to break the ice with a Fox. If you are proven right. You create instant Utility Foxes. I hold the upper hand. you'll make out like a bandit if you are any good. Men. Mention that you are a professional who charges for the service and they will have to up the ante to get you to work for free.quality options. that you see . an endless supply that can be replenished at will. you are way ahead of the game. Despite claims to the contrary. even though I explain to any Fox I read for that there is no magic to giving a spiritual reading. you can always let the stars or the cards do your work for you and take the credit for the good results while shifting the blame for the bad. A Fox who reaches this juncture with you will trust you in matters of the heart. I cannot tell you which gimmick to use. Usually she will get angry with you call you a fake. Even if I am wrong some of the time. or If she has a new man in her life and wants you to tell her that he's her soulmate. This variation of the gimmick works very simply: Give a psychic reading to a Fox who has a very messed-up love life (make sure she approaches you for the reading and warn her that she can't handle the truth). but it is absolutely essential to have one.Gimmicks The singlemost powerful Foxhunting tool is the gimmick. If you set up a psychic screen name. delivering a compliment while denying their utility. Another term for a gimmick is chick magnet. Tell her she will have to develop herself spiritually before she finds the right man. and she is available. A gimmick is a resource to draw upon whenever your Fox supply is dwindling. want immediate results. say she hasn't learned her lesson. and choreography. You can also say that they have complex love lives because everyone wants to have sex with them. the side where the Returning Fox walks. and the psychic gimmick is a more practical solution. and you can be reasonably certain that a gimmick which works with ten Foxes will work with ten thousand. which you can tease by saying they are too beautiful to read objectively. The psychic gimmick is especially strong on the internet because you can use it anytime. Foxes tend to think and act alike. Foxes scan the AOL member directory day and night in search of free psychic readings. Be nice to her for a little bit and then flirt very aggressively. the latter yields a small number of high. keep it to yourself and don't kill the goose. and then ignore everyone except the Foxes you want to pick up. please send it to me. as many women who seek out psychic guidance are sexy young dancers. They also work beautifully in concert. The former is easy to master and yields more windows of opportunity. I have already mentioned a few gimmicks. When I am approached by a Fox interested in my gimmick. My two current favorite gimmicks are giving psychic readings over the internet. I would recommend choreography only to men who know what they are doing. psychic readings can be very powerful. Tell her that she chooses the wrong men for the wrong reasons and needs to look for more meaningful qualities in her mates if she is to be happy. and a free psychic reading room. I will end this mini-lovefest with my pet gimmick with a walk on the bolder side. Once you are taken seriously by dancers and given the power to control their movement. A successful gimmick yields a bottomless pit of Foxes. Better yet. but when a Special Fox comes along. tell her instead that she will break up with him within 3-6 months. I do not make a habit of pursuing every Fox who responds to my gimmick. Tarot and astrology are excellent gimmicks because you are not responsible for the reading and serve only as a conduit. Without knowing you. she will respect your insight and become a Returning Fox. give a few free readings to make it look like you aren't Foxhunting.

If the preceding did not make sense. your position will become stronger and stronger. and wait for her to return again. and that when they cross the half-court line. Even more appalling is how these men insist that despite dismal results. The Microscope is most important when you are dealing with Forced Interaction Foxes. they are not doing anything wrong. I have seen wealthy men spend $25.another mistake in her future. fear not. they are more likely to have a favorable impression of you. The more you learn how to work your gimmick. This is where relative treatment comes into play. which she probably won't. Advanced long-term approaches like building a Fox Nest are so efficient that they serve as a bottomless pit for the Foxhunter. Men who make this effort will have no sympathy for their defeated rivals. while Foxes fail to realize that having sex with a man will not make him fall in love with her. consider it rejection by omission. This difference in playing style results in men not realizing that once they break the pressure they have a clear path to the basket. and if one has not approached you. Buy her a drink and she might be responsive. or he might open a coffeehouse as his gimmick. The Fox who does not roll out the red carpet for you. Peruse any Fox magazine and you will find many quotes like I knew I had to have him the moment I saw him! A statement like this has implications: any man she does not react to this way she rejects by omission. If you ignore them and let them observe you without realizing that you are aware of the Microscope. A creative Foxhunter would take the same money and throw parties where he controlled the setting. the men act genuinely surprised that the opposite sex ignores them. In most cases. and which will cause her to remove the brick wall she normally has up and roll out the red carpet. the activities. The higher your CUPID rating. but even then keep in mind that if your CUPID rating is high enough. If her impression of you is positive. Be the owner of the bar and ask her if she's enjoying her visit and you have smashed the ice. but does so for even one other man. sooner or later she will approach you. Presentation affects a Fox's perception of your status rating the most. and the better your reputation. What is logical is not as important as what works. but other factors come into play as well. Let a Fox know she has caught your eye and she will consider you conquered. ignoring her will reinforce it. how you meet. You can be sure that these Foxes have thoroughly checked you out. and she hears good things about you. Men need to let rejection-by-omission trigger one-and-done. ignore her and getting you to notice her becomes a challenge. Friendly Foxes provide a double boost to the Foxhunter because they improve his reputation and access. Men who waste their time with geek pursuits are going to find themselves Foxless. with men playing half-court and the Foxes playing full-court. The Importance Of Presentation At least half the Foxhunting battle can be won with proper presentation. and the man who sits around hoping a Fox will drop into his lap is a playground hacker. they are not home- . Remember The Microscope Of all the reasons not to pursue. and reputation. the more powerful it will become. Foxes have an amazing ability to summarily judge every man they cross paths with. and the guest list. including timing. The man who opens the coffeehouse or throws the party is Michael Jordan. The burden falls on the man to present himself in a manner she finds appealing. will let a Fox even get to bed with them before he puts up a wall. Most of a Fox's resistance is initial: from the moment you inbound the ball. posture correctly. on the other hand. Gimmicks are excellent tools for accomplishing this. has rejected you. you will be swarmed by the defense and judged. Foxes you are introduced to through a Friendly Fox feel more comfortable with someone a friend of theirs has already given her seal of approval to. she might make herself available. After wasting years in these awful places (take it from someone who played tournament chess for four years). Which would you rather be? Think of Foxhunting as a basketball game. Men. If you build your reputation properly. There are chick magnets and chick repellents. It is not enough to make a good impression on a Fox when you meet her if seduction is your goal. Until she finds her dream relationship. the most compelling would have to be The Microscope.000 or more in a short period of time on one Fox and wonder why they wind up fleeced. the more likely it will be sooner. it will be because the Fox is taken.

Do not let this intimidate you. but it lays the foundation for becoming a better player. For this to happen. Chapter Fourteen: Welcome To The Chessboard Seduction is a game of chess. and if they are lucky. Your results should begin improving immediately. your pawn structure intact. This book. and general principles. With Elite men in short supply. and it will be frustrating because just as you eliminate simple mistakes. Situations where dozens of factors overlap and even contradict will be analyzed correctly. The situation is similar to job hunting in that the applicant who can land a job with one company can usually land the same job with many other companies. The goal is even the same: to mate your opponent! This book was written much like many chess books in that it won't tell you which moves to make during your games. they win major tournaments and play in the world championship cycle. but once you sit down at the board you are still going to be a long way from duplicating the brilliance of a Bobby Fischer due to the enormous complexity of the task at hand. eliminate mistakes one at a time. but those who have the most choices often make the worst ones. the puzzle can be solved. If you persevere. and devote most of your time to it until you have what you want. As you play and study over time. and add strong techniques to your repertoire. You will not be able to integrate Foxhunting principles until you understand each principle. especially when it comes to negative outcomes. and in most cases your results will improve substantially. but only if you do the work. or even for the title itself. and about a thousand other tips. there will come the time when you are able to integrate the material and your game will flourish. the worst that will happen to you is that you get rejected by Foxes that any sane man would pursue. they consider a cheating man a lesser evil to being alone or settling for someone they are not attracted to. even against a player like Spassky. tricks. traps. poring through book after book. not chance. In a chess book. Fox value systems are so similar that a man who can attract one Fox usually attracts dozens. A simpler way of explaining this would be to examine each gender's most common complaints in dating: Men: "She won't go out with me. No one can seduce everyone. you find them replaced by advanced mistakes. I could advise you to develop your pieces in the opening. keep your king safe. Foxes attract liars and con artists because they have what these charlatans want. with similar compensation. Foxes confuse their ability to attract a man any time they want with the ability to attract any man they want. you will implement some of the principles. After a while you will move without thinking. pursue only under ideal conditions. If you make Foxhunting your top priority. and you will find yourself with a deep understanding of Foxhunting. Chess champions spend years slaving away at the board. represents that starting point. you will have to start at the bottom and work your way up. put your rooks on open files. and use posturing and indirect seduction the rest of the time. At but not the men they want. playing game after game. which are naturally avoided by the Foxhunter. If you stick to the oneand-done rule. to post pieces and control squares in enemy territory." or "he cheated!" Foxes have an abundance of men to choose from. you will continue to improve. what they achieve is the ability to always have a lover. One day the skies will part. within 3-4 months you should find most of your problems solved." Foxes: "He won't commit. but success will rarely come immediately. The best way to minimize the inevitable problem of information overlap that confuses beginning Foxhunters is to keep it simple at first with minor improvements. Recently. for all its complexity. Bobby Fischer can usually take one glance at a chessboard and find the correct move. the man quoted in the Foreword ("Miles") told . Practice and study are the keys to improvement at chess or seduction.

culminating in a position so strong checkmate was easy to force. said that the key to winning a chessgame was through the gradual accumulation of small advantages. and said "I'm going to the coffeeshop to grab a bite to eat.. The transformation rarely occurs overnight. she accepted. Eliminating this fear is as simple as realizing that when a Fox leaves." The Fox followed him instinctively. and realize that they are as ruthless in love as men are in business. with the classic example being the Teasing Fox who dresses provocatively. and uses this lie to control you.unless she changes her mind again. This is the treatment bad bosses give their employees. Which edge of the sword a man feels will be determined by the Fox's fundamental level of attraction to him. A simple example of this is using a lie to impress a Fox knowing that she cannot or will not bother to verify it. as is the quality and quantity of the Foxes you attempt to that he had explained Foxhunting to a friend of his. a man has to take control of the situation. This is not an accident: throughout time. Regardless of your approach. Foxes feed off of the double-edged sword of male obsession. you can to take your time. employment has been the primary social-climbing tool for men. she probably wouldn't have. The only thing a man can do to prevent problems of this nature is to withdraw from the process.. a Fox who is not with her soulmate (more often than not an Elite male who is supposed to love her exclusively and unconditionally) will work to climb social ladders the way men climb corporate ladders. and only after several comparisons between a man's results with his old methods and Foxhunting does one realize that deviating from Foxhunting principles constitutes an open invitation to difficulty he can easily avoid.beyond her looks -. it was not her I missed as much as the comfort of not having to Foxhunt. To counter Ruthless and Difficult Foxes. and appeared as if he didn't care if she took him up on it. but winning the war. Come along if you'd like.. Had he begged. I detached from the pain and focused instead on replacing her. This bait-and-switch is typical. and without warning he began walking away (a sign of control). building small advantages. while marriage has served this purpose for Foxes. This is enough to drive any sane man completely crazy. getting you to jump through hoop after hoop to keep her in your life. the first official world chess champion. but rest assured that longterm positional improvement pays off. and that the friend was almost immediately able to snag a date with a Fox through a chance meeting. only to have her slam the door in his face. A Fox who treats you this way does not truly like you. A more aggressive strategy -. but the root of the problem is the way Foxes assume that men who beg for them are unworthy. Foxes complain about distant men who don't open up and are incommunicative. your time frees up to replace her. he is supposed to turn his emotions around 180 degrees and forget her. When a man is encouraged to focus his attention on a Fox and then convinces himself he cannot live without her. Foxes are rarely special inside. It was at this point I began implementing one-and-done without a second thought. What a man will find special about a Fox -. Another is a Drunk Fox at a New Year's Eve party. when I lamented over a Fox after a breakup rejection. When this will happen is a variable. It is Foxes who crave the attention of men and panic when they are alone. and then acts like she is harassed by the men she deliberately attracted. Men have to break free from their programming that Foxes are inherently nice. Each Fox wants you to believe she is your best hope. acting as if they are doing all the favors. Because he didn't put any energy into the request. They were talking. as a Foxhunter you will be treating your love life as a singular entity and not worry about individual skirmishes. until checkmate arrives. This is why What does he do? and What does she look like? are the two most common questions asked about blind dates.the rapid accumulation of large advantages . The obsession will be encouraged or deemed wrong on the sole basis of her whim.boils down to her acceptance of him. The rejection men usually receive from Foxes instills a crippling fear of losing opportunity with a Fox. Once I realized that the word yes was what I desired more than the Fox. Without the pressure to go all the way with any one Fox. Men who tolerate this treatment are making a huge mistake. He must cater to reality and not his wishes. Wilhelm Steinitz. Like a man whose career has stalled. or at times large ones. . This is childish. In my youth. your only hope. sometimes possible.

Even if you aren't an "olympic" Foxhunter. and wastes precious Foxhunting time. Foxhunting has become second nature to me. your results will improve. the better. For the Foxhunter. establishing a baseline of neutrality eliminates the downside. Musicians are always going to make better impressions on audiences which prefer their type of music. who focus their attention on other goals. The man who obsesses over a Fox he cannot have could have used that time to Foxhunt. the more significant you become on every level. The more natural your interrogation. within a year you should have little difficulty raising your rating substantially. Most of us severely overestimate our appeal to the opposite sex. Men who let their time slip away. My evolution as a Foxhunter began slowly. As you gain practice in combining Foxhunting principles the way chessmasters combine chess principles. which raises a very simple question: if we know the benefits of a high CUPID rating. My goal with this chapter and this book is to point men along the same path I have traveled during that time. paying the most attention to Foxes who assign you higher partner ratings is also a must. Once your baseline is established you are ready to Foxhunt with confidence. Unless you are an Elite. In addition to raising your CUPID rating. I know how to get Foxes to make first contact. and this will lead to a stronger commitment to Foxhunting. The baseline concept is important because a man who has no minimum standards will have them met. The popularity of shows like Politically Incorrect stem from their unapologetic cynicism. how to pursue them when favorable or ignore them when required. The good news is that if you are truly dedicated. Make sure not to be complacent. You'll get better jobs. even anonymously. there is room for improvement. Seduction should be treated as an olympic event. and who do not make every effort to succeed are going to wind up with lackluster results. .As for the absolutely hopeless men who fail regardless of what they do. Doing nothing is always preferable to failure. Nothing turns a Fox off quicker than a man who will take her psychological abuse without complaint. The higher your rating. Anything which fails to meet your baseline is abandoned immediately in favor of greener pastures. and it pays to keep the partner rating concept in mind when dealing with Foxes. creates severe emotional strain. a catalyst for the future which has culminated in the publication of this book. Foxes who realize he is not an easy mark will treat him favorably. Study after study has confirmed this phenomenon. its principles integrated. few men are aware of just how much improvement is possible. and what to do at every step of the mating dance. with a single date with an 18 year-old Fox back in 1995. and I have been able to put my love life almost on auto-pilot. The CUPID rating reflects the romantic caste system in America. this flaw is even more damaging because it destroys his confidence. Most will severely understate their more shallow preferences. because people are not always honest when they know they are being studied. Three-and-ahalf years later. from the first to the last step. We gravitate naturally towards those who appreciate us the most. the smart thing to do is capitalize. harms his reputation. along with your confidence in the system. the better. better treatment in all walks of life. The man who refuses to tolerate failure and is willing to walk away will find what he seeks or be no worse for the wear. not just romantic. The less direct you are about this process. A man with a CUPID rating that is below his potential is going to find pursuit highly unproductive. partial use of the system will help. The chessplayer who does not know how to resign a lost position is thought a fool for playing on when all hope of victory is dashed. and attain celebrity status. I will now outline the sequence of steps I consider correct for any man who wishes to become a Foxhunter: Step One: Raise Your CUPID Rating A must! An absolute must. I made my first conscious effort to date that Fox. higher salaries. Each situation you are confronted with is compared to the baseline. or how powerful the effect.

A gimmick can be anything. Ignoring the Old Foxes will let them return after you have cleaned them out of your life. results-oriented in its implementation. and anything else which you think is important to your Foxhunting. car. This will flush out people who enjoy your company the most. add a part-time job in a social environment. hangouts. Develop some short-term and long-term hangouts. Psychologically. and you can be sure that they will take notice. expending maximum effort to reach his goal. Step Four: Develop A Gimmick A gimmick is a romantic calling card. I would venture that fewer than ten percent of men devote more than ten hours per week to seduction. or if your finances are plentiful. Any time I want to get the ball rolling.until the ideal base of operations has been established. developing your mind. especially if her new impression of you is more favorable. For Elite men gimmicks are overkill.Step Two: Housecleaning Familiarity breeds contempt. Examine your car. or a psychic reading room on the internet. making money. your furniture. If it is an exotic breed of dog. The vacuum created by those who are no longer in your life can be filled by Foxes who meet your new high standards. It is not uncommon for a Fox who previously rejected you to suddenly show an interest when she realizes you are no longer into her. Learning to spend your time alone productively is essential. Gimmicks give you the first-contact advantage. or any proven gimmick. and anything else relevant to Foxhunting -. but for the rest of the population they are essential for provoking first contact from a Fox. because you internalize the option not to play. and will assume you were always strong. there are many fish in the sea. but a New Fox will not have seen you before you got stronger. all you have to do is pick up the leash and take it to a Fox-heavy park. joining a gym where lots of Foxes work out. Say you have your morning coffee in the same coffeehouse. Step Three: Positional Improvement Reevaluate the permanent factors in your life: where you live and work. It will free up your time for work on your CUPID rating and Foxhunting. Few men do this. listen to Positively Fourth Street by Bob Dylan. and how you spend your leisure time. friends. One minor alteration in your routine can make a huge difference. transcending the ice-breaking obstacle. This commitment excellence will pay off enormous dividends. this is very important because the people who remain in your life will be those who enjoy your company the most. Over time you might win her over. Listen to the song Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones for an example of this. and redesigning every aspect of your life. a gig in a coffeehouse or bar will make you the center of attention for several hours and yield several Foxes. and the frequency and intensity of the responses. I know that the Foxes will come calling. If a Fox you have known for years suddenly sees you acting like a ladies' man. but the access it provides would be worth it. Long. Depending on who you are. A dedicated Foxhunter is going to have his bases covered. your clothes. but two blocks away is another Fox-heavy coffeehouse. The key here is to combine as many positive steps as you can. including their wardrobe. Changes like this are typical of the small advantages Steinitz spoke of. As the proverb says. taking a job at a trendy hangout. The quickest way to rebuild your social life is from scratch. and persistent enough to continue developing new gimmicks or tinker with your existing ones until you learn how to work them properly. certain gimmicks will work better than others. or consider a switch into Fox-Friendly career if you think that is called for. for a brutal example.term gimmicks. a place where Foxes are almost never found. Those who do are rewarded. With either a tarot deck at a coffeehouse or party. It helps a lot to start fresh with new people if you have improved because they will not be tied to their previous impressions of you and will treat you like a Foxhunter more quickly. job. just as Fischer combined multiple chess principles to create his most memorable moves. Be creative in designing your gimmick. A coffeehouse may not be very profitable. Hard-core Foxhunters alter every detail of their life. If you know how to play the guitar. house or apartment. just like few athletes train for the olympics. some of which struck his opponents like lightning from a clear sky. she might find it amusing. all I have to do is whip out a gimmick and progress will begin almost immediately. Solitary activities include the gym. Examples of positional improvement include a move to an apartment complex populated by a large number of Foxes. opening your own. Measuring the value of your gimmick is as easy as counting the number of Foxes who respond to it. like .

If you do not force matters. because you will be able to replace her much more easily than she can replace you. especially in the evening. you avoid the pining trap. you have created the ideal impression and the ideal environment for indirect seduction and pursuit. If all else fails. Friendly Foxes are replaceable. on a Wednesday). Initial attempts to improve your circulation should be low-risk. and appear to be a man worth getting to know. Be confident that if you have a high CUPID rating or a gimmick. Following is an example of how a Foxhunter might circulate for a year: . After your first Friendly Fox. even deep into the friendship. If you cannot accomplish this on your own. As I became more proficient in my Foxhunting. Utility Foxes are acceptable substitutes if they are committed to helping your Foxhunting. for when you have an open three. A Fox in a bar is worth ten in the office. and other highly social environments are best for this purpose. popular bars. and the longer you get to know one. and you don't make any serious mistakes. and she enjoys your company. Whatever you do. The more you detach emotionally from a Utility Fox. she'll make a great ally. It should not be difficult to find a Friendly Fox since you won't be pressuring her for sex like everyone else. surfing the internet.m.yFox-heavy environments during prime time. the Foxes who observe you under The Microscope will come to you over time. do not hit on her under any circumstances! This is your safety zone. Find a few short-term hangouts to visit for variety. but it is definitely the best shortcut. I have hung out with several Foxhunters during my life. Because you aren't pursuing her. someone to keep your reputation intact. and a lot more than one Friendly Fox. Step Five: Accumulate Friendly Foxes (Pivots) The Friendly Fox is the best building block for the beginning Foxhunter. trendy coffeehouses. and beginning Foxhunters would be wise to get their feet wet by focusing on platonic relationships at first. are even better. Just make sure you are actually funny. this will give her even more reason to assist you. and the spillover effect was tremendous. A Fox will have to go through many men with ulterior motives and hidden agendas who wind up hitting on her out of the blue. going to the gym. don't expect anything to materialize. who break a dozen hearts for every one they satisfy. The Utility Fox can function as a Friendly Fox. to be your friend. and the occasional direct approach. If you retain total sexual detachment. to confide in. Step Six: Circulate! Stake your territory in a long-term hangout. Other times of the week are better spent working. but Friendly Foxes are better.owning a bar or coffeehouse. do not appear desperate. and continue to Foxhunt. My father used to say that if you could make a Fox laugh you could make her do anything. and turn to. and to take your Friendly Foxes. but Utility Foxes are better at manipulation. The best times to circulate are on the weekends. Another popular gimmick which will keep the Foxes coming back is comedy. This can be good and bad: Friendly Foxes do not fake their interest in you. As long as you are playful about your request for help. because they can be worked constantly and inject status into your life. focus your attention instead on other Foxhunters. Do not resort to forced-interaction environments because your CUPID rating or technique are too weak to carry you. on the other hand. and you'll wind up with instant access to his Fox pool. or during times when social activity is minimal (like 3:00 a. starting perhaps with drafting another Foxhunter. can find a new Friendly Fox much more easily. I lost my need for this. or preparing for the weekends. Don't worry about your results as much as your presentation. you make a good presentation. The drawback is that the bond which exists with a Friendly Fox will not be there. If you have difficulty finding one. Hard-core Foxhunters will want more than one. the better she will treat you. try the internet. the more you will have the upper hand with her. to test your pursuit skills (if you fail it won't matter because you aren't returning). Parties. Just make sure not to trust the Utility Fox the way you would a Friendly Fox. You. accumulating more should be easy. Don't be afraid to move on if you don't find any opportunities which suit you. you can always go the drafting route and feed off the leftovers of other Foxhunters.

The Excluded Foxes will take issue with being blown off and up the ante. and this energy converts itself to baggage that poisons their . posturing. Patrick's Day (tons of Drunk Foxes). Monthly circulation. Weekend circulation. and other holidays. When auditing your Foxhunting (if you are truly serious you will analyze it). The odds you will be dealing with an Available Fox increase dramatically if you meet them during prime time. and even if you have a black book that would make Fonzie jealous. try the business district. and after work maybe a happy hour or another hangout. change your hunting grounds. you can usually find an hour to kill that can be put to productive use. Valentine's Day (and February 15. especially if you restrict your pursuit to weekends. as well as integrating as many Foxhunting principles as possible (i. Every Foxhunter is going to have his own moves and his own style. I prefer to free-form on weekends. if she is offended. don't let up. or ask them out with slightly better odds than normal. If one coffeehouse isn't performing. and so forth. Evenings should be spent either raising your CUPID rating. or anything else that will improve your results. and you will maximize the benefits of circulation like any good grandmaster. Most yearly circulation issues occur naturally. it's time for one. she has given a green light for future moves. Once-a-month circulation can include getaways to the same destination. Bookstores are also excellent places. but also some very lucrative Foxhunting times like New Year's Eve. The consequences of complacency are reversible -.anddone. An example of a minor move: Fox: Hi!!! Me: Hey Sexy! If she accepts the greeting. try another. Clubs and activity groups tend to meet on a weekly basis. Have coffee every morning at the same Fox-heavy coffeehouse. or a campus center. It is up to each Foxhunter to decide which moves are appropriate and when. building your reputation. they are worth paying attention to. Prior to work or school. Weekly circulation.but they are also avoidable. Having several Friendly Foxes in your life to choose from is vital. See the other chapters in this section for more examples of how to make a move. Yearly circulation. and over the long term you will get to know the Regular Foxes. for a few hours at a time. The out-of-sight/out-of-mind rule is the key to playing the numbers. Foxhunting. If you stockpile Friendly Foxes. unless I am in a relationship. Do not stop doing what made you successful. spend more time with them. Men get themselves into trouble by pining. Yearly considerations include vacation time. keep changing them until you find something you are comfortable with. It is fine to commit to a Fox. Friendly Foxes also are good to hang out with once a week. The same rules apply: stick to Fox.heavy environments and if you don't like the results you are getting.Daily circulation. Foxes go out of their way to reduce your replacement options by requiring commitments. but in the interest of not missing a trick. etc. Remember also the essential role played by Friendly Foxes in circulation. you can see which events recur on a monthly basis. Weekends are prime time for Foxhunting. to even being more bold or more blatant. because you wind up spending less energy on each one. If the moves you make aren't working for you. On Saturday afternoon you catch Foxes who haven't gone out yet. but only if she is giving you everything you would seek elsewhere.all you'll find is that you are back at square one unexpectedly from time to time -. indirect seduction. you'll also have some that you talk to about this often. Step Seven: Begin Making Your Moves Moves can be anything from approaching to asking for a number or a date.. gimmicks.). and on Sunday you will find an uptick of rebound and disappointment potential. because it saves a lot of money (dating economics are Fox-friendly) and you can talk to dozens of Foxes at a time who happen to be alone on Friday or Saturday night. parttime hangouts. and complain about men who do not commit.e. which I call Dennis Rodman Day because of the rebound potential). St. the internet is also great. especially in summer or winter. If you really want to tap into prime time. The reason is that Taken Foxes tend to spend this time with their lovers. Yearly pilgrimages to various resorts are also common. If this happens. and you see a Fox on several weekends in a row without a man in tow. Step Eight: Play The Numbers Even if you are having sex with the Fox Of Your Dreams. For lunch. Or hang out somewhere else that Foxes frequent. a park or mall. do nothing and let them stew. Overload your life with Friendly Foxes and then downsize.

They require men with high CUPID ratings who also have good seduction technique. convey that things are going well for you and can only get better. Some basic guidelines: Assume that everything will work out in life. If you meet a Neighborly Fox in the elevator. Quantifying the positive attitude that Foxes respond to is difficult. and her only seconds on you. From the lies they tell to the men they reject. If you have a problem. that judgment will be harsh more often than not. she will become agitated. men who pine project an air of desperation. I find this dance of denial fascinating. Foxes love it when a man cannot get them out of his mind. When a Fox asks you if you have been thinking of her. Paradoxically. but they want to make sure the Royal Couple is seen as gracious by the subjects of its kingdom. except to ridicule those who have them as weak. I have another name for it: mock humility. and who does so because he knows it is going to score points with the Fox he feeds this garbage to. is more likely to put forth that effort. it becomes yours to solve. even those who claim to be nice. Few things make me want to vomit more than mock humility. Foxes are extremely picky. at the right time and in the right place. Do not brag. If they have a problem. but it is clear that no other method is more effective. Be self-deprecating. and even then use understatement. It is frustrating for a man to be punished for his honesty while a liar swoops down and wins the Fox over effortlessly with manipulation and dishonesty. it is best for a man to put the best possible spin on any description of his life. I would hear endless catcalls if I advocated lying as a seduction technique. the next time you see her you will hope and dream that she wants you. An example is the GQ-type millionaire who says he's just a regular guy deep down and nothing special. This plays right into her hands. Despite Foxes who claim to value honesty. Blow your horn only when you have been prodded. . because when this happens they know they have achieved control. If you point out to her that the reason things work out for her is her sexuality. you help them to deny the role played by their sexuality. you become someone to avoid. while she has forgotten you in the meantime and if you are lucky she will say "Oh. One of those lies they reward is that everything is fine with a man's life when it isn't.interaction. Presentation is never more crucial than with self-praise. Foxes see honesty as a good thing because it saves them time getting key information. Honest men would admit that looks are 80 percent of their value system. with you spending two weeks on her. are truly honest with Foxes. The first-contact rule takes care of this issue very nicely. for Foxes to expect men to be any different than they are is unrealistic. If they did that. Foxes do not respect pushovers and use them. not yours. Step Nine: Put Your Best Face Forward At All Times Foxes avoid problems like the plague. The same Fox who will worship a man with money will be repelled by a man who thinks he can buy her with it. Foxes justify their dishonesty on the grounds that it is a test of a man's ability to detect it. In doing so. Suppressing adversity will help your seduction immensely. they would lose their chance of getting laid. I call this the Attraction Gap. and think about her day and night for two weeks. Foxes want to sit beside the King. if you tell her about the out-of-sight/out-of-mind rule and this will perturb her while instilling respect. This should not be a surprise. and she's yours. hi" when you cross paths. because Foxes have a cavalry of men waiting to help at the slightest sign of distress. Tell a Fox what she wants to hear. to the lies they tell in relationships. To make the right impression. become smitten with her. not just by entering a room once. It is best to have the same attitude they do. A Fox's attraction to you is based on her desires. The Fox who knows she must win you over with a real effort. Foxes have this view of the world primarily because things almost always do work out for them. they also require these men to be humble. to the lies men tell to get laid. The reason so many men lie is simple: Foxes reward lies with sex. Few men. Foxes are more responsive to men who are not impressed with them. This control serves as a trough for their massive egos and an endless source of utility. Foxes want honesty only so they can judge you accurately. A Fox who thinks her lover does not want her primarily for her body is deluding herself.

Few Foxhunters are willing to take the Bobby Fischer approach and implement the entire system. but I meant it when I said that I wouldn't talk to you again unless we went on a date. if nothing more than avoiding negative outcomes. I cannot imagine you not improving your results on some level. Let the clock tick when circumstances don't favor you. and that is where you come in.what I believe I have done through my writing and advice to men -- . Good luck in finding what you seek. I outlined the steps every Foxhunter needs to take to get the best results. and had excellent results. Letting the clock tick gives a Fox the chance to make the first move. and -. If Foxhunting is indeed superior. Make sure you combine this trait with indirect seduction and pursuit techniques. because you must first write off a Fox for her to return. Again I ignore her completely. don't repeat them. Either I get my date with no obstacles or I refuse to let her make me a prisoner of my desires. Goodbye. you are more likely to become one. they will pursue low-percentage Foxes in low-percentage situations. Being willing to walk away shows backbone and puts me in control of the situation. and will not reach their full potential. the Foxhunter who ignores a Fox is discriminating and has standards. make sure you pick up wherever you left off. There is nothing I can do to change this. There will always be a shortage of Foxes relative to the number of men who want them. In her eyes.finally -. you no longer have to take risks. and at the most unexpected times. The trick to making this happen is to ignore them completely once you have written them off. I know that not all or even most of the steps will in fact be taken. with an open and focused mind. this is the half that I can help you win. Those results take time and effort. Along the way you will make many mistakes. I completely avoid one-sided pursuit. Even I don't come close to this. and consider it a turnoff. You can also use the clock to your advantage as Foxes who were taken when you met them become available. its use will result in improvement. Knowing what you have to do to succeed is only half the battle. Epilogue: Beyond Foxhunting In the last chapter.Be amiable. Take the following example: Me: Hello? Fox: Long time no see!! Me: I thought I told you not to contact me anymore. because if you are amiable and pursuing a Fox she will reject you as a nice guy who isn't worthy of her. they will come baaaaaack. Failure to pursue is rejectionby-omission and you should proceed with caution. Foxes smell desperation or eagerness a mile away. It will take a year or more to realize the benefits of this part of your Foxhunting. Doing what has to be done for you to succeed is the other half. they will surrender large chunks of prime Foxhunting time to loser friends and geeky hobbies. If I did I wouldn't have found the time to write this book! I have put what I can of the system into practice. a determination to succeed.if you give the system a full year to work (necessary to get your act together and to let the Returning Fox scenarios begin to play out). When she returns. It could mean that instead of being rejected all the time. Fox: Get real! Me: Fine. plus you can use long-term reputation-building and indirect seduction much better when you are not operating under timepressure. Who you are and how hard you are willing to work will determine your ultimate level of success. Men who could be Elites will let their CUPID ratings languish in sub-Elite territory and below. Improving your results is not always all it is cracked up to be. while the nice guy who pursues her is a patsy. but blending into a social setting will make it much easier for you to gain acceptance among the Foxes in that circle. use trial and error (there will be many errors). Fox: Aw come on! I just wanted to see how you were!! Don't be like that!! We have a Returning Fox! Me: Excuse me. and still others nothing will happen. while others she will walk away only to return again. and persevere. What I can do -. Sometimes she will relent. or that you spend less money and time for the same results. but learn from them. Step Ten: Know When To Let The Clock Tick Remember the Foxes I Told you to write off after they rejected you or were taken? Like that movie monster. You don't have to be a brownnoser. This is a lot like saying that if you sacrifice your youth to spend 6-8 hours a day preparing to become an olympic athlete. As just about every relationship guru on the planet has pointed out.

and to change our minds without notice. The person with the higher CUPID rating is more likely to exercise this freedom. Precise CUPID ratings are not practical to compile for every Fox. It is a lifestyle. but no one would call them better scientists. If true emotions were involved. Further study revealed a dark side of human nature that tells me that the proper reaction to rejection or dumping is use of the one-and-done rule and moving on. These standards are applied not because they are necessarily ideal. merits four chapters in this book. I've been tempted to use it myself at times. CUPID forces me to undergo rigorous self-examination. the CUPID 90 who rejects or dumps the CUPID 60 would feel an amount of pain equal to their partner. The old line What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? still gets more mileage than one would expect. I suspect that in the year 5. Stalking behavior illustrates this concept brutally. What took Charles Darwin decades of research to uncover. but you can assist your progress a great deal by filtering your experiences through its prism. as concisely and inexpensively as possible. The winners are the men who most quickly seduce the Foxiest women. let me add a few more reflections: Beyond CUPID CUPID is second-nature to me at this point. In this freest of nations. In fact. but rather because new information was uncovered. This would mean that the previous information was incomplete. As one of my former chess teachers said about Karpov and Kasparov during their heyday of the late 1980's. less likely to have present. but because they represent the greatest degree of difficulty in seduction. The method just might be in need of a little polish.000. which overlooked entire aspects of chess that are now considered basic. the only time they look weak is when they play each other. while few of us ever train to become world champion. Having used the system for close to eight years now. or circumstances changed. It pays to study those who are successful. I find myself faced with a lifelong study. I have also seen modern theory pay homage to and update classical approaches. This rarely (if ever) happens. with a clear objective. players all over the world at all levels study the games of each world championship intensely because they can see the best in action against each other. and to properly evaluate Foxes and my rivals. Today's junior-high-school science students learn more in a year than Newton learned in his entire life. and the people they exercise these freedoms with are more likely to react negatively. To use the chess analogy yet again. Because something is considered obsolete or outdated. and in fact the 60's would reject the 90's just as often. Fashion and science do not mix. While we are in the Great Beyond. One generation's brilliant discoveries are axiomatic to the next. Darwin's theories will be universally accepted. but I do not have to. I am reminded of the chess theory of the 1800's. something is not going to be true in 1900 and false in 2000 because it went out of fashion. but by then many men will have gotten laid and Foxhunting will have evolved. Foxhunting goes beyond individual seduction attempts. The stalker almost . Seduction theory is in its infancy. others who want to continue my work will have an equally full in-box. If you think a year is a long time. I am sure that by the year 2100 many flaws will be found in this book. Even after several years. I couldn't imagine life without it. so I have done most of the work for you. My first year as a Foxhunter was very mild compared to now. an overall approach that needs to be followed in its entirety for a full year before anyone can properly judge it. I think of the entire concept of treating seduction as a game. No man on the planet can say he fully understands chess or Foxes. When I began trying to figure out how to get laid I found myself agreeing much more with Darwin than modern-day behavioralists like John Gray. and with winners and losers. Emotional expressions of righteous indignation from the jilted are merely sour grapes. When I contemplate what is beyond Foxhunting. keep in mind that it took me fifteen years to design the method. we have the liberty to select anyone we want for any reason we want. It always takes time to master a new technique.00015 per hour. your payment for my work (assuming you are the purchaser of this book) comes out to about $0. and the knowledge that once I am done. his life's work. that doesn't mean that it is. I do not make complex calculations with CUPID. and among those men the biggest winners are those who gain the most control over their relationships. a method for seducing Foxes that any man can put to use in just about any situation.

Rather than obsession or true love playing a role. and this is why Foxhunting is based on circulating and accumulating Foxes. let me call it an unqualified success.but let's not get technical. It is interesting to watch when a man's CUPID rating rises. keeping your dignity intact is more important than a futile attempt to reverse a rejection. Foxes see arrogance and stuck-up behavior as their privilege. and asked him about his relationship. she is forgotten. you are supposed to return the prize. they engage in destructive pursuits. you are left with what amounts to a child throwing a tantrum after not getting what s/he wanted. I know a wealthy man who has several female stalkers. Your options for protest when rejected are quite limited. remember that most of your obsession is with having a Fox in the first place. Even if no Fox on the planet will have you (this will not happen in the current global economic climate). Once we have replaced a Rejecting Fox with a Fox of equal or greater value. .such as be honest and be mysterious -. when you analyze the ratings of people involved in stalking incidents. The final compliment that I can pay to The Rules is that if a Rules Girl encounters a Foxhunter. a chance they refuse to give non-Elites themselves. He said he was still happy with his Fox. Victory is possible only if one side caves in and violates its system. everyone does that. My opinion of The Rules is that it is one of the smartest books ever written. isn't it? If Foxes win. and thus very selfish. if you win. I have no sympathy for anyone who reacts this way to rejection. Under this system. To carry on any kind of obsession for someone for an extended period of time. The Rules are still a very effective way for Foxes to make sure that a man does not take advantage of you. men listen to non-Elites who tell them to be nice and not shallow. It is much easier to have a reserve of Foxes to call upon at your whim than to have to Foxhunt. Had I been the author of such a book. Some of the Rules are contradictory or even oxymoronic -. especially in the beginning. and that most of your anger has to do not with losing the Fox. Any time you find yourself becoming obsessed with a Fox. published it. Recently I had another conversation with "Miles" (the guy from the Foreword). Stalkers remind me of the Unabomber. The old saying nothing replaces an old love like a new one should be taken to heart. Stalkers are very much the same: they take legitimate anger at romantic injustice. this pattern would not exist. What the Rules Girls did should be the goal of every writer: they saw a demand for their information. Right the way a Foxhunter sets out to build a Fox Harem. and to do so in a society biased heavily towards Foxes. Reversing the rejection is always the ideal countermeasure. the dating game will automatically end in a draw. A wonderful game they have going. I probably would have called it Mantrapping For Dummies. Breaking The Rules Someone on USENET called Foxhunting the male answer to The Rules. Two sub-Elites set out to capture Mr. but making that happen is only likely if you raise your CUPID rating or her CUPID rating goes down (this is why Former Foxes seek out men they had previously ignored). Though diminished by publication. Don't know about you. Obsessive romantic behavior is not gender-specific. Even men who improve their seduction technique and aren't given to extreme behavior often wind up wasting time wishing a CUPID superior would give them a chance. If indeed this book is received that way. Foxes are anything but irreplaceable. By contrast. The Rules is one of the most effective books of this generation. and instead of raising their CUPID rating and learning better seduction techniques. I would argue that for practical results. borders on insanity. your wins never count while Foxes' do. I have found that square one is a perfect place to begin a housecleaning and a CUPID upgrade. but I gave up on three-card-monte a long time ago. Were CUPID not a factor. and in doing so changed American society while making millions of dollars for themselves and becoming famous in the process. he would be completely confident starting over. you are supposed to take your loss like a man. but returning to square one. Theodore Kaczynski was a brilliant man with some very complex positions on the issue of technology who made those positions moot with his means of expressing them.always has the lower CUPID rating. It is one thing to curse out a partner who has wronged you. and answered another important question by saying that if his relationship were to end tomorrow. but CUPID-specific. however.

With every recommendation. if you use one-and-done and don't engage in futile damage control. If you can stomach rejection. you may have chosen guitar-playing as your gimmick. You can be nice to a sub-Elite and call her a Fox even if she isn't. If your Foxhunting is lagging. acquaintances. If you are not succeeding. The man who asks 100 Foxes out and gets two to say yes has more dates than the man who asks out five and gets one. or your status that is suffering. this is preferable. If you are a truly dedicated Foxhunter. The sooner you act like a man who is already overbooked. if only on the internet. Unfortunately. You don't have to require a sexual rendezvous from a Returning Fox. and making other improvements. think of what you do instead. and flirtations until you are overbooked. by all means do it. evaluate what you are doing and see if there is not room for improvement. If you have a good reason for bending or breaking a rule. Furthermore. he was right. for whatever reason. with the only change being that you now use one-and-done or another rule. but once you have the ball rolling this becomes commonplace. That is why one-and-done is so crucial. Once you are comfortable you can move on to finding Friendly Foxes. the Fox is more likely to forgive you. Or maybe your CUPID rating isn't as high as you think it is. and it reduces my percentage of successes while increasing the number of attempts. and so forth. As most successful seducers who post to USENET seem to agree. you will systematically accumulate Foxes as friends. and a critical component is to analyze your results and make adjustments accordingly. she will become agitated at you and punish you beyond what the mistake justifies. and integrate it slowly into your life. Another way you can bend the rules without bending them is to take the reverse approach to Foxhunting. This may not be the case with you. but it is only when I make this decision that I pull out all the stops and do everything possible. Audit your schedule periodically to see how you are spending your weeks. . change will be a good thing. the sooner this will happen. You don't have to ignore your co-workers or neighbors (lord knows few other men do). developing a gimmick. The game is not sympathetic to those who refuse to play it as best they can. I do this myself. but you just aren't a good guitar player. The system is flexible. my results worsen. but pays a price of 95 rejections for that extra date. odds are you will not be able to undo it without making major concessions. Dealing With Failure Foxhunting is inflexible in its recommendation for dealing with failure. success is a lot more difficult to deal with than failure. try to see if it's your body. your mind. I usually do. there is no such thing as damage control with a Fox. For any risk. although you would be better off if you did. The only way to avoid this problem is with one-and-done. and each Fox you deal with will respect you because she will know that you aren't obsessing over her and have replacement options.Bending The Rules One-and-done could easily be changed to two-and-done or three strikes and you're out. I have found personally that when I do not Foxhunt. In that case. You could do everything now as you have been doing. but knowing you could should give you a bit more confidence whatever your rules. You can use one-and-done long enough to let a situation cool off and then reestablish contact a few months down the road. and so forth. In that case you should find a new gimmick. Few men have ever had to choose between multiple Foxes. Make sure that you are following the system as best you can. Dealing With Success Strange as it sounds. Once you have offended or otherwise lost favor with a Fox. and compare your results with both methods. it makes you appear weak. If you make a mistake. John Wayne once said never apologize. For example. Are you getting the most out of them? I know that on nights where I decide that I am going to pick up a Fox. there is an equal and opposite reward. because she will take oneand-done as an acknowledgement from you that you made a mistake. You'll wind up having to ignore some Foxes.

Put in your profile that you are a professional psychic and you will be constantly bombarded with IMs. The chart is simplistic: moon signs and other planetary alignments also come into play. Three factors come into play: Men who lie to get sex. A Smart Fox can use the internet to her advantage. I would also scout their views on Foxes. I would probably go online as a man and see how other men treated me before I ever contacted them as a Fox. but many wind up being taken. and worth including. What I would be trying to avoid is the method I recommend for men who are willing to be dishonest to get sex: Design an AOL profile that doesn't lie about your body (raise your CUPID rating if you have to). If I were a Fox. especially when you compare what happens online to what happens offline. the last thing I would do is advertise it.building. I would be very suspicious of any man I met online. It is a natural ice-breaker and way to start a long conversation about a romance-related topic. and have their own opinions of each pairing. and if I were searching for my soulmate. Men don't have to dress up and spend a lot of money and time going out Foxhunting. Beyond friendship. Even though more men than Foxes surf the internet. They can use the internet as a springboard for dating or reputation. but they are neutralized by the above. you can use the following chart to dictate your Foxhunting. mostly from females. Higher ratings indicate a greater level of compatibility: With Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis 10 30 30 70 50 70 50 10 90 70 70 50 Ari 30 10 50 70 50 30 90 50 90 50 10 70 Tau 30 50 50 10 30 50 90 70 70 10 90 50 Gem 70 70 10 50 70 90 50 70 10 30 30 50 Can 50 50 30 70 50 70 10 90 50 70 30 30 Leo 70 30 50 90 70 30 70 50 30 70 10 30 Vir 50 90 90 50 10 70 10 30 50 30 70 50 Lib 10 50 70 70 90 50 30 50 30 70 50 30 Sco 90 90 70 10 50 30 50 30 10 70 50 50 Sag 70 50 10 30 70 70 30 70 70 30 30 70 Cap 70 10 90 30 30 10 70 50 50 30 70 90 Aqu 50 70 50 50 30 30 50 30 50 70 90 30 Foxes who are into astrology will be fascinated by this chart. Seducing Foxes On The Internet The internet is useful for everyone in finding their ideal partners. and the chart itself is a conversation piece. meeting a Friendly Fox offline for a drink. The much-touted advantages for Foxes looking for love online exist. Foxes who believe the lies and reward them with sex. the online dating game favors men.Astrological Compatibility Chart A fun exercise for those inclined. many Foxes fall in love online because they are less concerned with looks and more likely to become attached to a man's personality. and even if nothing happens with her. and which puts the most positive spin possible on your life. The ease with which a man can lie online. Considering the Foxhunting potential of the astrology gimmick. your reputation will be solid. . falling in love with a man they have never even seen. it is something which is definitely worth learning. Many Foxes are into astrology. I have never done any research into astrology and compatibility but I have seen enough evidence to keep the jury out.

In conversation. general Foxhunting rules apply. be civil.. and let them volunteer information about themselves. you should find your internet results improving a great deal. Arrange to meet for 1-2 hours in a public place. When you meet. flight attendant. and after the date." Men who do this successfully usually get sex in their first offline date. He is wealthy and well-known. People use the internet as a CUPID screening tool online more than offline. I do this myself many times. bail out. bail out and go back to Step #1. gymnast. Prior to getting their picture. Express disdain for men who are primarily into looks. I know of one writer who had over 100 Foxes lusting after him simultaneously. If the picture measures up to your standards. Once you are convinced you want the Fox. but try to set it up so you can extend the date if it goes well. Treat the looks as if they were a bonus. obviously. and an example of what a high CUPID rating can do. Over time. however. she won't hesitate to use her sexuality to attract you.Scan the AOL member directory (keyword: profile) for Foxes or Potential Foxes. The person who talks the most to the other is always the one more likely to fall in love. proceed as if her looks didn't matter. Act like you are seeking your soulmate and are not into looks or sex. Online. what type of job they have. Obvious keywords include: dancer (plus type of dancer) secretary. Odds are if you talk long enough they'll send a picture. especially if a Fox becomes attracted to you. if her body doesn't measure up). but men are generally more prone to this. You want to convince them that you aren't into looks. Also tell her you think you might be "soulmates. executive assistant. Interject every so often with comments like "I understand" and her mind will do the rest. I laugh. if the body measures up. and will report to you here his secrets: The key to making a Fox fall in love with you online is to let her talk about herself as much as possible while you say as little as possible. not a compulsory. that many Foxhunters are impatient types who may want to . figure skater. See how men treat them. Let her create the fantasy. Pickup Lines Breaking the ice is very important. look for signs that they are Foxes but do not ask outright. I am aware. If it doesn't. tell her you would like to meet sometime. I have come down heavily in favor of gimmicks and other means of getting Foxes to approach you. If it does not measure up. When Foxes tell me about meeting their soulmates online. an afterthought. it is possible to string many Foxes along at the same time with no one being the wiser. ballerina. Beyond this advice. make sure you tell them that you adore their personality. proceed as if her looks didn't matter. Between his method and the method I outlined above. or bail out if it doesn't (i. but in their absence you might occasionally want to take a chance and approach a Fox. but leave yourself an out in case she doesn't measure up in person. although usually very conservatively.e. aerobics instructor. Both genders can use it as a tool of duplicity. or just about anything that indicates looks and fitness. This man truly did not want the Foxes he was getting.

The Problem(s) The Cause(s) The Solution(s) She just wants to be friends (LJBF). Asking a question that demands an answer is a good way to engage a Fox in conversation. On USENET. or you can use a clever comeback if you have one. it sounds great and that's all that matters to most Foxes. odds are your pickups aren't going to work very well and you should be conservative. to strike up a conversation with a Fox at a bus stop. A lot will depend on the Foxhunter here. A line like this is also great bait for a Submissive Fox. Regardless. Troubleshooting Men are simple creatures.try the old-fashioned pickup. you can make a comment. Now I'm not sure if my late father actually said that. It's best not to look like a predator. One-and-done can be triggered by anything you decide is unacceptable: failure to flirt enough. and that any approach should be made within one second. If she doesn't take advantage. Think of this as if you were a bike racer drafting during a race by riding directly behind another racer. If you cannot pique or keep a Fox's interest with your words and wit. failure to kiss you (if you are some brazen men I know of). I will often use the following line on her: My father said if you can make a woman laugh you can make her do anything. saying hi seems natural. You cannot count on any individual Fox. failure to give you her phone number.and-done is always there. Almost a must. then I know I have a brick wall or a difficult sell. Remember one-and-done. one. For example. For these men. In a bar. like you did it without thinking. This way. Do not ask for permission to approach. who will become aroused by the idea of you controlling her. Know which MEN to approach. Many of the solutions and problems overlap and are interchangeable. and do what she has to in order to make you happy. if you are a smooth talker. but I've found that just saying hi works pretty well. If she ignores you. this gives her one. Bond with a man who has six Foxes wanting him and you have five leftovers at your disposal. or whatever it is that is your baseline for tolerance. If a Fox truly wants you. . distractions on her part. In fact. and for the Foxes to see this with their own eyes. and by diverting your attention from them you leave them room to up the ante. and a man who can make them laugh can make them do almost anything. She rejected your attempt to kiss her goodnight on your first date. while responding only to those Foxes who have first displayed interest. Most don't like digesting large amounts of material. Focus your attention elsewhere. Be a good conversationalist. This rule states that you have three seconds from your first eye contact with a Fox to approach her. Having studied this myself in practice recently. The following chart attempts to answer them in the simplest possible format. there is much talk about the three-second rule. by all means run for a touchdown if you can. immediately upon arriving if she is waiting there I might ask "Have you been waiting long?" If she is seeking an opening talk to me. Foxes in social environments are there to have a good time. she will make the most of every opportunity to talk to you. It helps to have multiple options. Be funny. I concluded that three seconds is actually too long. even if doing so will get them laid. I have a few pieces of advice for executing a proper pickup: Be immediate. if I have succeeded in making a Fox laugh. but since he was married five times I'm sure he would have backed me up to assist me in my Foxhunting. On the other hand.

The more you ignore her. she will violate her rule eventually and pursue you. She wants to wait to have sex and rejects your attempt to. She's a prude. Sexual resistance is rarely a good sign.done. If she likes you enough. She does not wish to appear a slut. Offer to cook for her at her place and buy the groceries (good rendezvous potential). You are not circulating properly. 3. but you can't get the opportunity to talk to her. 2. 2. 3. Counter timetable. and the more desirable you appear to her. She's using you for free evenings out. 1. Counter timetable. One-and-done. She's being prudish. She works with you and you want to date her. 1. Counter timetable. She is not attracted to you and is putting up a brick wall under the pretext of not dating anyone from work. 3. the more likely she is to reverse her mental rejection of you. . She is attracted to you and has a policy not to date anyone from work. Ignore her completely and posture. Forced Interaction is a low-percentage option. 1. 3. Do not pursue. But use one-and-done immediately. Foxes are not approaching you. and see how that goes. One-and-done. Your gimmick isn't working or you do not have one. Stop by and say hi once. 1. Your CUPID rating is too low. 2. 3. 3. 1. 2. 2.. Correct action is therefore a countertimetable followed by one-and. 1. 2. 1. She's waiting to see how things go wit h another guy. She's using you for dates. 2. 3. She really doesn't have time to talk but would not mind it if you approached her once.

2. 2. 1. Confirm that these obstacles really exist. You are 3. 2. Develop a gimmick. he will. shy. Contact her during prime dating hours to see if she really can't go out. Refer to the chapters on time management and meeting Foxes. She is willing to overlook the negative aspects of the bad-boy so that she can enjoy his positive aspects. 2. Become a bad-boy or forget her. You don't create or recognize windows of opportunity and are working in low-percentage environments. or cancels at the last minute. If she is not lying. She likes bad boys. 3. Pretend you are a bad-boy and let her tame you. . 1. Also become more conservative in your approaching. Get a (better) gimmick. 2. 1. Let the clock tick and wait for the other guy to falter. She stands you up for a date. 3. She is turning you down for bad-boy types and you are a nice guy. more often than not. Raise your CUPID rating and develop a gimmick.1. 3. She uses external obstacles to block your progress. 1. She will also find ways to overcome the obstacle whenever possible. she will go out of her way to compensate you for the difficulty she is putting you through. She's lying and doesn't want to reject you or hurt your feelings 2. She's not lying and the obstacles really exist. She's playing the field and keeping the jury out. 2. You have difficulty approaching Foxes or wind up rejected when you approach them. 3. 3. 3. 1. 2. She was standing you up. Develop a gimmick. She is trying to tame him. Watch how she treats others relative to you. 1. Your CUPID rating is too low. Raise your CUPID rating. 1. She has a legitimate excuse. Develop enough positive nice-guy aspects for her to find you equally attractive to him.

My favorite is "Popularity is a bitch. If she returns. 2. Let the clock tick and do nothing. and truly busy. Then let the clock tick. The best way to catch a fast-moving insect in a closed environment is to stand still and wait for it to come to a complete stop. Be firm. 1. She is giving you a creative excuse Offer to hook her up with a Fox. 2. 1. She prefers to approach men herself. She is unapproachable. while still rejecting the idea of dating you. Let the clock tick. If she rejects this idea. . She likes having her ego fed and wants to keep you as her flunky. isn't it?" Foxes almost always laugh at that one and some bonding often occurs. you can take matters into your own hands by creating a female identity and hitting on her yourself. 3. use one-and-done. Sooner or later she will have time to talk with you. 2. If she's telling you the truth. 1. You might wind up with a threesome as a result. If she does not do this. and/or 3. 1. She ends every conversation with you at the beginning. Then pick the right moment to bring up the slight. Use indirect seduction liberally. Tell her you would rather be her lover than her friend. repeat the process until she agrees to go out with you or have sex with you (if you're bold). Develop a gimmick. She is not interested in you. Being angry over a stand-up is more effective if you express your anger with actions and not words. You have rejected her for friendship but she is begging you to reconsider. If you are on the internet. for rejecting you. One-and-done. 1. 1. Let the clock tick and do nothing.1. One-and-done is thus called for. she is lying to you and didn't really want to go out with you. She doesn't want to interact with you. She is taken. Come back with a sound bite. She tells you she is bisexual with a boyfriend or lesbian. although at first be civil and silent and let her think you have forgotten. You are of strong utility to her and she doesn't want to lose that. she'll jump at the chance. Ask her to reschedule. 3. She is telling the truth. 2. All living creatures have time to kill sooner or later. 2. Then use one-and-done. If she returns. 2. She is taking pity on you and is guilty over hurting you. She is rich and/or famous. be very aggressive. 2.

3. She is taken when you meet her. Make a move. Call her a tease and use one-and-done. 2. . 1. She is shy. 2. 2. 1. 1. She hasn't made up her mind yet. I can better analyze the data and draw firmer conclusions. You have a fatal flaw. Her actions say she wants you but her words say she doesn't (or vice versa). and use oneand-done if she pulls The Guy Switch. but sooner or later you are going to have to make a pass at a Fox or learn how to get her to make a pass at you. and use her to build your reputation. The Guy Switch is the critical rejection point to watch for. and block her attempts to take advantage of you. If I don't like the answer. figure out what the Fox stands to gain from her behavior. Then use one-and-done. You reveal something personal about yourself that causes the Fox to reject you. . Let the clock tick.done. If you don't know what to do to make a pass. Sounds difficult. As more people use the system and report their results back to me. once they remove you from consideration they dispose of you like a week-old fish. and if not. I am a bit reluctant to write about troubleshooting extensively because the number of Foxhunters is still very small. Learn how to close the deal. The rest of the male population wants what you want. As nice as Foxes are when they are scouting you.One thing I also do in this situation is ask the Fox at the beginning of the conversation how much time she has (preemption). I tell her to come back when she has more time. You do not know how to close the deal 1. 1. By holding my ground. She is man-dependent and always taken. it means she is always looking. if she accepts. try a simple kiss on the lips or hand-holding at an opportune moment. 3. If she is always taken. fine. Indirect seduction is also useful here. Use your head. Conversations seem to be going fine and then suddenly they end at the same point over and over again for no reason. use one-and. Also locate and fix the flaw or work around revealing it 2. She is teasing you. High CUPID ratings are especially effective. 2. 2. Just learn to absorb the shock and use one-and-done. Be prepared to fight for a rebound like Rodman when she dumps who she is with. Call her a tease and ask her politely to stop teasing you. Foxes respect me for having standards and not taking crap. 1.

I first noticed this pattern when in one of my AOL profiles I required Foxes to be 18-22 years old and got hit on . Never be friends with more than two Foxes at a time. or wish I had implemented when things wound up going awry instead. Excluded Foxes will be very frustrated and not have anything with which to attack you. A Taken Fox has an interest in diverting your attention so she is ideal. You can tell them that you are willing to overlook the rule -maybe -. Why throw good money and time after bad? Knowing the rule will make her angry. and how they will up the ante only when they have to. and you tell her that if she hears it she has to wear it. call her a coward or a liar. of course. and the Fox caves in. Put a bunch of s illy rules together into a book and you can strike it rich yourself! I have higher standards for my writing than to make a book out of a bunch of rules. Very good user repellent as well. she will be highly motivated to work with you. Many Foxes actually find this a turn-on. but if you hold your ground. In that spirit. Creating a rejection scenario for the Foxes you exclude. but she can often serve as a catalyst. you have very smooth sailing physically. The purpose here is to demonstrate control and creativity. Require any Fox you date to dress to your exact specifications. Be prepared to hold your ground and let the clock tick after the initial negative reaction. Arbitrary. Refuse to ask a Fox on a date unless you have kissed her on the lips at least once. plan to implement.if they hooked you up with someone. and is she willing to take that chance? She will love that flirtation. thus piquing her curiosity. or ask for anything else you want. which is why it is better to state it in a general conversation about dating. Avoiding the nice-guy trap. and if she agrees. I will now list some of the many rules I have either implemented. you can specify something sexy and elegant and set the tone for a fine evening. and a highly effective one if executed properly. This is strictly a posturing move.Rules You Can Use To Get Laid Never underestimate the value of rules. Expect drama if the date happens. but a mention in the Epilogue is by all means appropriate. not when you are asking her out. Some examples of how this works out in practice: The Rule The Reason The Desired Result End a first date with a Fox after exactly 90 minutes if she has not kissed you on the lips. Foxes who use you for dates will not agree to this. Since she wants your friendship. Utility Foxes will be even more annoyed. which will cause her to challenge you. Refuse to be "just friends" with a Fox unless she hooks you up with a Fox of equal or greater quality. Require any Fox you date to be born under a certain astrological sign. She asks you what you would have her wear. A hookup. Nothing beats a recommendation from a Fox to convince another Fox to give you a chance. which would mean she is special. To get a hassle-free date. Rebound Fox potential exists should her relationship sour. Foxes who want you will. Also expect her to balk at the rule at first. because you don't want to talk to them! Another example of how Foxes reward negative behavior. She'll also be wearing exactly what you want. and be prepared to think on your feet. A Fox who would otherwise never think of going out with you will sometimes try to win you over if she learns that she does not meet some silly requirement of yours. The Taken Fox or Utility Fox can become a reputation-building Friendly Fox who may not be the one for you. Expect a bit of resistance. indirect rejection. especially if utility is involved. If she bails out after you tell her. to see if she can get you to break the rule for her.

Contrarian approach: by removing sex from the table entirely. but you can come up with just about anything. this will help her along in showing it to you. To communicate a definitive sexual timetable. Invasion Of The Foxhunters As occurred with The Rules. Don't mention the rule again. even if they are Foxes. I would add to the effect by singing the praises of the sign. If you don't have sex with a Fox by the fifth date. In this example. once this book is published and Foxes become aware of its methods. Any tactics mentioned in the book will become known and thus lose value. and neither will your cute . the better. you just stop dating her. and if the Fox has not made a pass at you by then. The Fox who does not love you might love the challenge you present with the rule. the Fox might have heard it before. plus if she asks you to not wait once she has made up her mind. and she is a begging Returning Fox. and that is the main reason I have focused more on strategy. If you try a pickup line you read in a book. Timetable antidote. and avoiding the question is not possible. you stop speaking to her. Keeps the Fox honest. Most common applications are online. Foxes are not going to gang up on you at a party and expose you as a Foxhunter. The inevitable moment where she is caught in a lie. An impressive display of ethics and principle that ensures respect and presents a challenge to a Lying Fox to outfox you into bed. like having her dress to your liking. Beats looking desperate by a mile. but the idea that if she did she would have to wait an increasing amount of time will fascinate her. Good curiosity angle. if on July 1 I ask out a Fox and she says she has to take her time to get to know me first. Indirect seduction will often have you speaking generally about dating and sex. If you want to be really sneaky. she won't want to discuss it with you. since this is what she wants to begin with. you don't let her. she will know what you are expecting. If she likes you. I would not recommending using a rule which is published here (unless you want her knowing you are doing so). because the Fox will remember it. Seduction through celibacy. Foxes who love a challenge will want to be the exception. you can ask for something in return. Mention this rule before you date her. and she decides on July 15 that she wants to go out with me. and so forth. when you ask to talk offline. due to a previous bad experience. In the course of doing this. For example. Usually she will become unnerved by this. but it is much more difficult for a Fox to attack a man for not hitting on her. If you start dating. and if you are appealing to her in other ways. It's amazing how much progress you can make from this position!! No sex until marriage. she will want you to make a move on her. you can mention that you wait up to five dates to have sex. and she might want to be the one who gets you to break your vow.incessantly by those who were 23-24. you have a great posturing angle. If you can convince Foxes you are truly celibate by choice. Make a Fox wait one day for every day she makes you wait. One lie and she is history. that will cause a few changes. she can relate to you without sexual tension. or when you ask her out and she says she needs more time. she wants to make things right. Most of the time she won't want to date me (the reason for the excuse). Every time their relationships fall apart. you can talk about the dangers of confusing sex with love and appear to be more sexually responsible. she has to wait until July 29. you break up. The pickier the requirement. find out her sign first and then say you don't date women born under that sign.

and still many others do not impact it at all. To examine the phenomenon surrounding The Rules. Some books change the dating game. The idea that we are an active player in determining our fate drives people to read books like this and rely on technique rather than fate to find their lovers. Some of the material will wind up obsolete. One rule that the two authors of wrote The Rules forgot is not to publish them! Maybe they didn't forget this rule and instead focused on the value created for them as authors. but strong general advice such as finding companies in emerging industries would prove timeless. without realizing you are fully aware of what they are doing and even posturing for them.the successful Foxhunter will scale back his love life to a level that satisfies him. If the method proves equally successful for the masses. men . The only difference is that they are the one in control of the process now. The man who can successfully hunt for his food is never hungry. This is unavoidable.a lot sooner than most would think -. My limited sample of Foxhunters have done exceptionally well. Some Foxes might even thank me if a man they fancy has read this book and learns how to tell if they are interested or not. and the more windows of opportunity you create. but sooner or later -. the Fox gives them a great deal back and is a lot Foxier than their previous partners. I'm sure a few hardcore Foxhunters might spend their lives Foxhunting. instead of settling for whatever he can get. others influence it somewhat. choosing one Special Fox over many others. he will never let his food supply deplete to the point where he becomes desperate. as the book sold several million copies. and how to make himself more appealing to them. Cashing Out Surprising as it sounds. Foxhunting works very similarly: the more you apply yourself. Each man has a different cashing-out point. With Foxhunting. recognize. The Borg is a collective consciousness controlled by a single being that was part life-form and part machine. and they did not even come close to using the entire system. if for no reason other than it has held true for tens of thousands of years already. Those who criticize The Rules now should imagine the time when men did not have access to the book. In a perfect world. the more likely you are to reach the point of overbooking and cash out. An analogy exists in the financial markets. and no reason to suspect that the system was being used on them. If he is a truly skilled hunter. growing and incorporating each person's individuality into its collective. from a time that predates modern society and which caused the societal jungle we call these modern times to exist in the first place. that's for sure. Parting Shot The Star Trek: Next Generation series presented an enemy to the Federation tougher than any before it: The Borg. I have tried to avoid this publish-and-perish problem through a focus on strategy and away from tactics. It had the power to assimilate people into its consciousness. It is a much finer experience than the hand most men allow themselves to be dealt. No writer can predict the effect his work will have on society. and or neighbor whom you ignore while you live the life that they will want to become a part of as they observe you silently under The Microscope. People of either gender who use systems or methods are the opposite of those who choose to rely on fate. and expect that a lot of what I write here will hold just as true hundreds or even thousands of years into the future as it does now. because so few of us ever do this. within weeks I would have them replaced with Foxes of equal quality and number. Mine came when I realized that even if every Fox in my life suddenly disappeared. I consider Foxhunting a timeless endeavor. its influence will be profound and unpredictable. where a successful system that is published loses its profitability as the market digests the system. and when they give the Fox the privilege of a commitment. there is an odd appeal about someone who is willing to take control over their love life. and will usually have accumulated a store of food that allows him to hunt at his leisure. most Foxhunters I have personally taught have cashed out by using their new skills to enter into long-term relationships. What makes it better for a Foxhunter to enter into a long-term relationship is that he is doing so from a position of strength rather than desperation.

They give jobs to Foxes because of how they look. and both Popeye and Bluto would learn to ignore Olive. here's mine: go online as a tall. The result would be all men behaving as perfect Foxhunters. Foxes will think you are the perfect man. we would stop cannibalizing each other. they would not be able to tease.would have their own Borg for Foxhunting. My last piece of advice here to men is this: do not betray your brothers in pursuit of a Fox. with every man refusing to weaken the collective and keeping the upper hand at all times. No longer would they be able to fix their problems overnight. They offer conversation without seeking anything in return. but beyond that. Men who have used this masquerading posture relay tales of incredibly successful results. one they cannot have. not realizing that both should go out for a drink and forget Olive. strengthening them economically. Men cannibalize themselves when they attempt to seduce a Fox with utility or by doing favors. the Foxes would be in dire straits and have to seriously up the ante. and will become obsessed with winning you over. wealthy gay man. or if they did they'd have to have sex up-front to do so. and Foxes finding that they can no longer win the gender war they started. All of Mankind would benefit as the result and we would all have an easier time getting laid. You can then let them "convert" you without having to look or act gay in your daily life. and utility in return for nothing more than interaction. As each man learns new Foxhunting techniques. The Last Word Is there an ultimate Foxhunting strategy? After reviewing this book prior to publication. and hope that they will be rewarded for this. If all men were to suddenly withdraw the utility they provide Foxes in the hope of getting laid. Who am I to argue? . They bow down. handsome. surrender. that information would be relayed back to the Borg and assimilated. If every man on the planet were a Foxhunter I would become rich. They confront other men as Bluto does Popeye. If men treated their careers the way they do their love lives they would never get past the mail room.

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