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August 23, 2018

Bishop Richard J. Malone

Catholic Diocese of Buffalo
795 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

Dear Bishop Malone:

Recent reports have demonstrated that the leadership of the Diocese of Buffalo has been complicit in a cover-up of
previously undisclosed actions of abusive local priests. Our community has only been informed of these abuses of
power because of the courageous actions of victims and the diligent investigations of local news organizations. Your
resulting conduct, to mask the truth from our Community, demonstrates that you have been seriously negligent in your
duties as the leader of our Diocese. The motto you chose as Bishop of Buffalo was, “Live the Truth in Love”. The sad
irony of your motto juxtaposed against your actual conduct is striking and as proclaimed in the Gospel of Matthew
12:37, “…by your own words you will be condemned.”

It is due to these tragic facts that I feel compelled to write on this Feast Day of Saint Rose of Lima to respectfully ask
for your resignation from the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Saint Rose was quoted as saying, “The gifts of grace
increase as the sorrows increase.” I pray that God’s grace will envelope our Diocese during this most sorrowful time.

I have been a Deacon for the Diocese of Buffalo since 2003 and served my entire time at the parish of St Mary’s of
the Assumption in Swormville, NY. As any Deacon, I serve at the discretion of the Bishop and my decision to speak
“Truth to Power” will likely come at a cost to me personally. However, my first loyalty is to my Catholic faith and my
Community. Your dereliction of duties and the betrayal of your own Episcopal Motto leave me with no alternative but
to speak out on behalf of those I feel duty bound to protect.

Our community deserves the very best of its duly appointed leaders whether they be political or religious. We expect
that those who fail in their leadership duties will accept responsibility and allow new leadership to emerge. It is time
for you to accept responsibility for your negligence, ask our community for forgiveness and allow a new Bishop to
begin the long and painful process of healing.

You once said, “Live the Truth in Love”. It is time to keep your promise.


Deacon Paul Snyder