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August 2018 E-News

August 2018

Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann

Dear 12mR Friends,

It is with great excitement that we anticipate welcoming
the European 12mR fleets to Newport, for the 2019
World Championship!

In 2013, when first appointed 12MYC Commodore, my
goal --in keeping with the mission* of our new not-for-profit organization-- was to re-invigorate our
then-dwindling local 12mR fleet.

*The 12 Metre Yacht Club, Newport Station was formed to provide and facilitate
discussion and a social environment for 12 Metre yacht owners and others interested
in the history of the 12 Metre Class and encourage continued involvement in
preserving, restoring and racing 12 Metre yachts in the Newport area.

Among my first priorities was to attend the 2014 12mR World Championship and learn about the
inspiring growth of the Baltic 12mR fleet. Many of you were around the table at the Real Club
Náutico de Barcelona, when we together envisioned the next 12mR Worlds at Newport during the
175th Anniversary of the New York Yacht Club. The collective thought was to recapture some of
the magic of the America's Cup Jubilee at Cowes, where 34 12mRs sailed together at the historic
gathering. By the end of that meeting at the RCNB expectations were soaring! I knew then that my
mission had become exponentially broader- organizing an event inspired by the Jubilee would be
no small undertaking!

Upon my return to the States, I quickly gathered together our 12MYC Officers and Advisors to
report on our Barcelona-born vision to host the 2019 12mR World Championship. Fortunately, our
group is comprised of Newport's most passionate, talented and dedicated 12mR supporters. They
embraced the concept, rolled-up their sleeves and began planning. We started by publishing a
12MYC E-Newsletter to disseminate news to build awareness and momentum.

Now 4 years on, by adopting a world-view, we've actually accomplished our original goal to
revitalize our local fleet. The contagious excitement surrounding the 2019 Worlds has to date
inspired six 12s to be re-fitted and re-launched. This season, Challenge XII (KA-10), Defender
(US-33), Easterner (US-18), Enterprise (US-27), Freedom (US-30) and Lionheart (K-18) will
re-join American Eagle (US-21), Columbia (US-16), Courageous (US-26), Intrepid (US-22), Laura

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August 2018 E-News

(KZ-5), Nefertiti (US-19), New Zealand (KZ-3), Valiant (US-24), Victory '83 (K-22) and Weatherly
(US-17) on the race course. By next season, we may see one or both America IIs (US-42 +
US-46) re-certified, and although not expected to compete, Gleam (US-11), Heritage (US-23),
Northern Light (US-14) and Onawa (US-6) will certainly sail with the fleet at the 12mR Jubilee
during NYYC's 175th Anniversary Regatta.

Together, 22 Twelves along with many old and new friends are eagerly awaiting your arrival next
June for the next iconic chapter of 12 Metre Yachting History in Newport, Rhode Island.

We sincerely hope that you will join us!


Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport
and your 12MYC Newport Station Friends

p.s. Please consider joining or renewing your 12MYC Annual Membership; with your help,
we'll continue to support the 12mR Class!

Your annual membership helps us to continue our mission...
To provide and facilitate discussion and a social environment for 12 Metre
owners and others interested in the history of the 12 Metre Class and
encourage continued involvement in preserving, restoring and racing 12
Metre yachts in the Newport area.

Benefits of Membership of the 12 MYC Newport Station:

Unmatched fellowship of the 12 Metre Community
Invitations to all 12 Metre YC Social & Educational Events
Subscription to 12 Metre YC E-Newsletter
Access to IYRS Research Library / Twelve Metre Collection
Access to Herreshoff Marine Museum America's Cup Hall of Fame
Preferred reservations at 12 Metre YC Room at Clarke Cooke House
Exclusive opportunity to advertise in 12 Metre YC E-Newsletter (this publication)

One Year Individual Membership $75

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August 2018 E-News

All 12MYC annual memberships now coincide with calendar year (January - December).

12MYC Annual Dinner, September 20, 2018

Join us for an evening of 12 Metre fellowship and revelry at the 12 Metre Yacht
Club Newport Station in the Clarke Cooke House on Thursday, September 20th.
Enjoy cocktails and a three course gourmet dinner prepared by award-winning
chefs.Reserve early, space is limited and this event always sells out!

Dinner Tickets, $150 per person

Click here to purchase now

Advance Payment is Required to Secure Reservations

We've recently launched our new 2019 12mR Worlds website

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August 2018 E-News

and have started to post Organizing Committee updates under
the NEWS tab... here is our first:

With less than a year to go, excitement over what could be one
of the largest gatherings of 12mR yachts is building. The Ida
Lewis Yacht Club is already up and running with its preparations
for the Worlds. On the social side, planning is well under way for
the welcoming and prize giving parties. Direction of the 12mR
Worlds Gala has been placed in the able and experienced hands of Kate Gubelmann...
read more.

Stay Informed: Follow & bookmark the
12mR World Championship website

NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND (August 22, 2018) - The International
Twelve Metre Association is pleased to announce Sevenstar
Yacht Transport as the official Logistics Provider for the 2019 12
Metre World Championship scheduled for 8-13 July, 2019 in
Newport, R.I., USA. With interest shown throughout the European 12
Metre fleets, this partnership will enable the 2019 12 Metre World
Championship to be a truly international event. "At Sevenstar Yacht
Transport we thrive in making the world smaller by providing safe and
smooth transports for yachts to their dream locations," said Head of
Racing Yacht Logistics Wouter Verbraak. "Partnering with the 12
Metre Class to transport the European fleet to the 2019 World
Championship is perfectly aligned with this goal. We look forward to
working together with the teams and making the event a resounding
success for all involved."... read more.

Jenetta (K-1)

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August 2018 E-News

We love these creative photos of Oliver Berking's Jenetta crew as they ready her
for the 2019 12mR World Championship in Newport!


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August 2018 E-News

After several inquires from eager sailors AND in view of 12s
returning to the racing fleet that will need crew...

We are continuing to build our online CREW LIST for
the convenience of our Members! If you are a SAILOR
looking for opportunities to crew on 12mRs, visit our
CREW SIGN-UP page, create a Screen ID and
complete a quick racing experience profile.

Attn: Owners, Captains & Project Managers:
We currently have 13 crew candidate
listings posted on our website. Each profile displays credentials,
experience, availability and contact information. Eleven
candidates indicate 12mR racing experience! Click through,
perhaps you'll find your next crew MVP here.
If you are a 12mR OWNER or CREW MANAGER, book mark our CREW LIST page for
your future reference.

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

by Stephen Lirakis, 12MYC Historian

The America's Cup Summer of 1977 is remembered for many things; the "Teds," the
Hood - North Sails controversy, the first Mylar sails and Independence was the favored
boat, but that became a curse...

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August 2018 E-News

Making the Repair

In the last day of racing in the July Trials, Independence was paired against Enterprise.
Shortly before the start of the last race, the main halyard lock failed. If we could not race,
we would be forced to forfeit, potentially losing a much needed point. We were granted
an hour delay to be ready to sail or go home.

After inspecting the problem, I fashioned a strop from a piece of 5/16" wire coupled with
some large shackles.

When completed, we signaled that we were ready to sail. We won the race and the
much-needed point.

As it was the last day of the July Trials, we now had time to fix the halyard properly and
we pulled the mast the next day to do so. - SL

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August 2018 E-News

Broken Halyard Lock

Masthead showing damage
from the wire strop

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:



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August 2018 E-News

$50.00 USD
Click to Order Here.

$50.00 USD
Click to Order

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

WINGS Team Touches Down at Newport's 12MYC Clubhouse

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August 2018 E-News

Thomas Ahlstrøm, Commodore Gubelmann, Jens Harder and Philipp

Commodore and Kate Gubelmann hosted an impromptu cocktail gathering at the 12MYC Newport
Station to meet 12mR Wings (K-15) co-owners: Philipp Skafte-Holm, Jens Harder,
Thomas Ahlstrøm and key crew members Peter Kampmann, Victor Skafte-Holm, Brit Lilja and
Anna Klingspor. The Wings team visited Newport last month to race the X-boat Foxtrot in NYYC
Race Week and to gather logistics information re: the 2019 12mR World Championship.
More photos

CONSTELLATION: Money, Genius, Craftsmanship & Patriotism
part 2

New York Herald Tribune
Paris, Friday, March 13, 1964 - pg.9
(part 2 ~ transcribed text below)

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August 2018 E-News

By Anthony Bailey- from the Herald Tribune Bureau

part 2: Walter Gubelmann continues...

Safety Margin
"Well they say you need $500,000 and we've now got a little more than that- call it a safety
margin. I have friends in Philadelphia, people we sail with in Maine in summer. I have friends in
Palm Beach, where I've lived half of my life. I'm afraid I have friends who are also Pierre du Pont's
friends, but he decided to build a new Twelve a littler later than we did, and I got to them before he
did. All told, 25 people put up roughly $25,000 each. Eric Ridder, publisher of "The Journal of
Commerce" and a great pal of mine in Oyster Bay, took a share. So did his father, and his brother.

"Some people gave me a check for the whole amount- one said he never bought anything on the
installment system, and wouldn't start now- but others are paying over six or eight months. Of
course, there were those who said they'd take a share then after talking with their financial
advisers, found they couldn't. It's not tax-deductible.

Gubelmann is syndicate manager and originally had himself slotted as the Constellation's
navigator. "I'm up for the job," he had said, "but if I start making mistakes or if someone better
turns up, I'm through. That goes for everyone on the boat." Gubelmann meant what he said. Two

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August 2018 E-News

weeks ago, he relieved himself of his navigator's berth in favor of K. Dunn Gifford.

The Details
There remains, for Gubelmann, more than enough to do. The pre-war Twelve Nereus has been
chartered as Constellation's sparring partner, and Briggs Cunningham's powerboat Chaperone will
act as tender to the engine-less yachts. The Castle Hill Hotel, overlooking the entrance to
Newport's harbor, has been rented for a campaign base. Among other details to arrange was a
$1,000,000 / $2,000,000 insurance policy to cover any boat used and a $1,000,000 / $3,000,000
umbrella policy to cover everything else, from a car a crew member may borrow, to slander.

About the design Gubelmann had no worry. There are fewer than a dozen naval architects in
America with the experience and skill to take the Twelve-Meter formula and produce a successful
Twelve-Meter yacht. Philip Rhodes, designed Weatherly, the last champion, and A.E. (Bill) Luders,
who is designing the new du Pont boat, Aurora, worked on Weatherly's modifications. Ray Hunt
designed Easterner, which has never been raced steadily enough to show whether her occasional
flashes of brilliance could, in other hands, be made more than occasional.

There are a few other naval architects, like Bill Tripp and Charles Morgan, who are waiting and
willing, because the job is, of course, the plum of the profession. When the time came, however,
Gubelmann chose Olin Stephens. "I don't mean any disrespect to the other designers," he said
cautiously, "but we know Olin Stephens and his brother, Rod. They designed Windigo 17 years
ago. We felt a little closer to them."...

Read more now or tune in next time for Part 3.

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:


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August 2018 E-News

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August 2018 E-News

Click for complete scoring details.

Would you like to share your 12 Metre photos and
experiences with your fellow 12MYC members on
our Club website and here in our e-newsletter as
Stephen and Scott have done above? Please
contact us if you'd like to be a Content Contributor.
We hope to hear from you soon!


June 7 - 10 *** NYYC 164th ANNUAL REGATTA- results
July 20 - 21 ***NEWPORT TROPHY AT NYYC RACE WEEK - results

August 9 - 12 *** EDGARTOWN YC 12MR REGATTA - results

*** indicates Waypoints Regatta Series Event

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:



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August 2018 E-News

Enterprise (US-27) was designed by Sparkman & Stephens and built
at Minneford Boat Yard to vie as a defender for the America's Cup in
1977. Developed and optimized under the leadership of Lowell North,
she sailed as the 'trial horse' for Freedom in 1980. In 2016, she was
purchased by a passionate owner whose stated objective was to win
the 2019 12mR World Championship. Following the removal of her
cruising interior, including engine, machinery and plumbing, she was
measured in the water as per the 12 Metre Rule. From there every
item of hardware was removed and the hull re-faired and finished. A
thorough examination of her construction was undertaken followed by MODERN
a laser scan of the hull, interior and appendages. Following months of
reviewing data the decision was made to cast a new keel, build a new rudder and trim
tab. Orders were placed for a new mast, deck hardware package including coffee
grinders and hydraulic system. Documentation is available reflecting total expenditure of
approximately $1.5m. The asking price reflects the owners earnest wish to see
Enterprise under new stewardship and attain the originally stated goal. "Win the 2019
World Championship." learn more

To see all Americas' fleet 12s for sale visit

Do you have extra 12mR gear
gathering dust in a container? Would
you like to sell or lend it to another
12mR program just getting


Is your 12mR program in need of
practice gear?

In either case, email us!

Based on your responses, we will
set-up a webpage at to
list pre-owned 12mR gear wanted
or available in the Newport area.


This 12 Metre Yacht Club E-Newsletter is proud to have a very
sophisticated readership comprised of yacht owners, sailors,

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August 2018 E-News

entrepreneurs and community leaders among others. If you
would like to bring your business to the attention of our
discriminating subscribers, please contact us for our
reasonable rates and advertising options.

Put your team together and join us on the starting line!
Immerse yourself in Newport's 12 metre tradition for one race, a long-weekend
or for a series of events throughout the season. You will enjoy exciting sailing
on America's Cup yachts, the camaraderie of racing sailors and glamorous
social events at the most prestigious yacht clubs in New England. The charter
companies below offer expertly maintained yachts, top-knotch service and
years of experience in customizing an unforgettable 12 metre sailing
experience for you, your family, friends, colleagues or clients. Just click on any
of the links below to learn more...

SeaScope Yacht Charters Gleam, Northern Light
Twelve Metre Charters Columbia, Heritage
America's Cup Charters American Eagle, Intrepid, Nefertiti, Weatherly


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2019 12mR World Championship

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Twelve Metre Yacht Club, Newport Station

International Twelve Metre Class Association (ITMA)

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August 2018 E-News

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