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14-0002-25-19 Timeline 5/13. -2:09 AM. Robert “Cory Clifton Sasser contacts Glynn County Police non-emergency dispatch tnd requests thre vehicle license tags be queried. Of the tree vehicle license tags that ae queried, 2 silver 2017 Ford F250 returned o Johnny Edward Hall. Sasser was informed of Has name and ess of III Darien, by cspatch personnel. At that time, cspatch informed Sasser they were unable todo. driver’ icense check on all 2:29 AM. 2:20 AM. Sasser used his Glynn Count Pole Department asigned ORI and computer system to perform 8 GCIC query of Hal's vehicle license tag and Hal's name to obtain his ‘river’ icense information. The query would have yielded Hal's name, date of birt, addres, vehicle Information, anda photograph. 3:40 AM 912 is contacted and cequested to respond tol Promenade Pace, Brunswick Georgia to the residence of Katie Kettles Sasser. The male caller informed that someone was "trying to breakin and someone wat “kicking the door in.” Multiple Glynn County Police Department Officers respond to Katie's residence to find Sasser outside th residence, and Katie and John Hallinsde. At conclsion ofthe incident, no acess are made and Saser leaves Kate's residence 3:20 AM Joanna Jessup Hall John Has Wife, estimated that at 3:20 AM, she received two rmissed cals vi her sews facebook com account, rom Sasser’ friend, Robert Hamilton Moore. ~ aut Josnoa estinated that ater inthe morning, she sent messoges to Moore, via waz asking if Meare had tried to call her and ithe needed hel with something. Moore replied that Sasser had been trvng to get ahold of her, he had used Moore's phone, and he wast sure what twas about. Commurieaton conluded when Joanna asked who Sasser was. S/S -Sasserwas arrested for misdemeanor charges of O.CG.A.165-23(21) simple Battery Family Violence Act and 0.66.8 1-7-21(0\2) Criminal Trespass Famly Violence Act Sasser received a bond flowing ast. Special conitons ofthe bond noted that Saser was tahave no violent contact with Kati, that he was to “attend psychiatric counseling weekly a prescribed by phyla,” and “all weapons to remain secured in safe/se~vice weapons returned to Glynn Co, PD.” Kate completed a “Victim's Afdavit that requested Sasser’ hond order be modified so that Sasser cule have contact with her. 5/16 Jeanna and Moore communicate vie waw and via text message regarding the Incident a Kate's residence on May 13, 2018, Moore indicate to loanna that ne wast involved inthe Incident, and after Joanna acknowledged that John was part oft, Moote agreed and informed that’s wy they were tring to get ahold of you that night to let you knaw: 5/38 5/17 -Oceuring from the evening of 5/16 until the early mocning of 5/17, when Sasser was on ‘the phone wit friend, Pert Rthemigh, a gunshot was heard and Sasser was thought to have shot himself. A search for Sasser’s vehicle was ntated and he was located at Hutchason Plantation, in Brunswick, Georgia, During the incident, Sasser was located inside of a truck, and was thought to havea firearm in his possession. When law enforcement approached Sasser and his vehicle, Sasser was shot witha taser, While he was Being examined by mesic, Sasser hcked Glynn County Police Department Officers and was subsequently arrested on two counts of felony O.C.G.A.16-10-248 Obstruction of An Officer with Violence, and one count of misdemeanor 0.C.6.A,16-10-244 Obstruction of an fcr. Sasser was then transported to @ medical fact 5/37 -Sesser’s Gn County Police Deparment iasued vehicle, rao, computer, and other assigned items were retrieved by Glynn County Police Department personnel. After tis date, Sasser had no access tothe aforementioned items 5/20 Sasser performed multisl website searches via his cellular telephone about 2018 Toyota Tacoma, 5/24 Sassers bond hearing atthe Glynn County Magistrate Court. Among the special conltons of. ‘the bond were tat Sasser was released int the custody of his Son, Robert Bryce Sasser, he was ordered to have “absolutely no contact of ay kind, whether in writing, onthe phone, using @-mal or other clectronie means or otherwise" with Katie, Sazzer wa ordered to eave the Brunswick Juda Creu within swe hours andnot return except to attend court functions, he was ordered to reside with Nis sister in Theodore Alabama, was to seek treatment for PTSD, was to notify CSRA Probation 48 hours before his return to Glynn County for any reason, and he was to “ive all guns and weapons toa third party, shall not possess any such weapons during the pendency ofthis bond Order and shall ot purchase or possess any gun whether a long gus, shotgun or handgun. Sasser and Bryce drove to Alabama, per the bond order 5/29 Sasser searched “How does aw enforcement deal with an individual threatening to commit Suc? What ithe kely outcome?” “palce violate cil iahts when tying to stop suicide,” and “Suid intervention: How cops ean avoid getting sued" via his celular telephone 5/80. Joanna sent message via www facebook com to Sasser’ sister, DannetteSaser, stating that she wanted to spenk with Sasser and askng her to pass on her contact phone number to him, 5/91 -1252 AM First communication between Sasser and Joanna via cellar telephone. They speak bout the incident on May 13, nd Sasser explained to Joanna tat afer spending the day with Kate, he had gone to Katie's residence on May 13, and through the Binds, sa Katie an John making oUt 5/91 -10(05 AM—Second communication between Sasser and Joanna va cellar telephone. Again, they speak about the incident on May 33, Sasser asked Joanna if she thovght Katie and John had been seeing eachother, and Sasser noted that he and Joanna had a mutual rind in Brittany Ferrel 6/2 -2103 PMY Joanna contacts Kale via text message and inguired if she and John were invlved or if twas # one night thing, Afr Joanna identified hers, Katierepie tat she an John had never been involved, and she asked Joanna to not text her anymore. Thel text communication concluded at 226M, 2:47 PM ~ Fist text communication between Sasser and Joanna. Sasser asked Joanna i she was in Darien; she answered with multiple question marks. After Sasser identified himself to Joanna, he informed that" wos just tod they may be together tonight. | don’t know. ust people texting me.” Janna replied, "No, mere, He will be here Sasser apologized for bothering Joanna and noted that he was sure wae “people trying to keep the drama going” Thel text communication concluded a0 PM, {1:42PM -:S5PM ~ Sasser mace multiple searches about and vit to web pages regarsing ‘bond revocation via his celular telashone, 6/8 Sasser contacted CSRA Probation and informed he would be returning to Glynn County on 6/25 and that ha had @ schedules divorce hearing on 6/26. He added thet he was going tothe Savannah VA {nic on 6/27 ana i his Glynn County banishment wasnt ited, he would return to Alabama on 6/28 SRA Probation Officer Amv Corcoran noted that Sasser was allowed to bein Gyn County until Wednesday 6/27 morning when he was to goto Savanah, Georg 6/22 Sasser isin Jackson, Florida and he meets with Bryce, and multiple fiend for Glynn County Police Officer ustin Smiths birthday party at Top Golf and Mavericks 6/23. Sasser iin soeksonule, Florida 6/24 Sesser eat le residence at 37 Hunters Drive, Brunswick, Geol, I the aftemoon. Sassor's calllr telephone location data confirms that at 12:42pm is cellar telephone its offa tower in Brunswick, Georgia, Sasser cleans his residence during the afternoon andreturs to Jacksonville, Florida ‘toeat diner with Bryce and thir friends. Monday, June 25, 2018 During the day @ photograph Is posted on wut facebook com of Sasser eating at Ze’s Café, In Brunewick, Georgia Inthe late afterngon, Sesser meets with Criminal Attorney Alon David Tucker at Nis office in Brunswick, ceorea 2:20 9M ~2.23 PM. Sasser searches “how. to get you mortgage. Nicense," mortage broker requirements in GA” and “State Ueensing Requirements,” via hs cellular telephone. 15.35 PM -6:37 PM- Sasser searches “Soveccign immunity,” “do police have soverign immunity” and ‘ow Does Gorernmental Immunity Apply to the Acts of Police Ofer?” via is cellar telephone. 7.00PM ~ Sesser meets with Lenn Duckworth of Duckworth Properties, er daughter, Hannah Melton, {and Melon's husband and owner of Jie, Jacob Melton, to eat dinner a Hafshell on St. Simons Island, A, 9:39 PM —Sasser talks to his frien, Jarratt Sanford, on the phone fr 20 minutes. They discuss Sasser ‘accepting that he was getting adlvorce and that he realy wanted to se hs so, River. Sasser was reportedly hopeful that he would beable to receive more treatment or therapy at aVA lnicin Georla During Monday, June 25, Saser's cellular telephone contact log noted contact between he and Aver, 3 11:15 AM for duration 3 mins 13 sees, at 11:18 AM for duration 27 secs, at 12:08 PM for duration # mins 122 sece, at 12:29PM fora duration of 12 secs, at 215 PM for duration 1 min 21 secs, at 2:30 PM for {ration 1 min 40sec, at 4:24 PM for duration 22sec, and at 5:49PM for duration 1 min 42 secs ‘Adcitonaly, there were multbe text messages between Sasser and River. ‘Tuesday, June 26, 2018 Prior to the court hearing, Saser vite and spoke with Giynn County Magistrate Court Deputy Clerk Luctrice Lott. During the communication, Sasser sounded “fn,” he wasn't upset, he Informed Lot that he was over the situation with Katie, ad alle wanted was jin custody of River £830 AM1~ 3:30 PM- Custody Hearing a the Glynn County Courthouse in Brunswick, Georgi ~$.00- Katie and her mother, Debra Gann, leave the Glynn County Courthouse and goto Marshside Grillrestaurantto get something o drink “Alter Marshsde Gil, Debra and Katie leave and goto Moondogey’s Pia to meet with John Halland Katie’ friends, 3:41 PM 4:11 PM: Saser communicated vi text messages with his brother inlaw, Tim Newton, Tim asked Sasser if everything went ok. Sasser indicated “Nope,” and Tim tld him to “Wang in there bo.” Tim ten asked Sasser “You headed back here?” Sasser replied, "Thursday" 14:34 PM Location data from Sasser’ cellar telephone records indicate that Sasser s near his residence until atleast 551 PM. 5155 PM ~5:56 PM- Saser searches “how to overcome divorce where she wins," and “Recovering Your Life Alter» Ovorce" ia his ella telephone 7:22 PM~7.27 PM: Sasser sends text messages wth tend, Molle Manel and informs her he “siting tthe hous.” Manel asked, "How did today go," and Sasser replied, “Not good at all” Inthe evening, after cour, Sots and Bryce goto Bryce’ mother, Susan Saser'sresidance nd Sasser points out the specie ivearms that were ta be given to Kati, for River. The frearms originally came ‘om Katie's father and were ordered tobe returned to Katie during the recent custody hearing. While {at Sura’s residence, Susan recalls that Sasser and Sryce had planned to go to Meondogeysto get fo 800 PM Debra lft Moondogeys and went to Kate's apartment to meet with Gabby Gunn and obtain River ‘8100 PM ~ Sasser and Bryce arrive at Moondozey’s 18:30 PM - Location data fom Sasser’s calla telephone phone records india that Sasser was near Susan's residence, The data incieated that the cellar telephone traveled near Moondogsys at :¢5, PM and then wes. “E150 PM Katie arrived at her residence and told Debra that Sasser and Bryce showed up at Moondogay’s After Sasser and Bryce leave Moondogey’s, Bryce calle Katie and “lost ton her.” This was done in responce to Bryce seeing Katie and John Hall at Mondogey's together, 8.57 PM- Bryce sent text message o Kate teling her that “all our propery is across the street.” Shorty thereafter, Katie called and tested Bryce to state that aw enforcement was en route to Sasser’s residence and tht if any of her belongings were moved, he would be going to ail. 19:15 PM ~ Sasser calles Glynn County Sherif Neal ump. Sherif ump does not answer. Location data from Sasser’ cellular telephone records indieate that Sasser is ner Sterling, GA ~3:18 PM Sasser contacts Joznna froma private number. Sasser informs Joanna that Katie and Hall were at Moondogay’s together. Joanna stated that she knew John wat at Moondogey’. Joanna asked Sasser to take 2 photograph of Kale and John together; Sasser tls Joanna he cart because t would be considered staking 9:17 PM ~ Sasser called Bryce twice ora total duration of approximately 3 minutes, Location dt from Sozeer’s phone incieate that Sasser was ding South way from String, Georgia, towards Highway 82 ~3:20 PM: Katie contacted Glynn Count Police Deparment Crime Vetm Liason Nicole Spannuth and informed that while she wss previously at Moondogay’s with Daniel Pearsan and John Hall Sasser and ‘ryce entered the restaurant and Sater imitated a gun with hs hand and pointed it Kati, Halland Pearson. Spannuth tld Kate to cal the police to report the incident, 9127 PM- Katie called Glynn County 931 to report the inedent that occurred at Moondogays 9:29PM & 9:48PM - Sasser received a cll from and called Glynn County Police Department Officer Heather Savage. Duration 1 min 4 sec and 2 mins 19 ees, Officer Savage reported that she was frends lth Sasser ana Katie and that Sasser nly denied being in Brunswick, Georala when she spake with 19:38 PM- Sasser called Glynn County Police Department Sergeant Gerald Herndon; He did not answer 19:32 PM ~ Sasser called his fiend, Tammie Crum. Crum did not answer. 19:34 PM ~ Sasser called Glynn County Police Department Sergeant Gerald Merron; He didnot answer. 19:38 PM ~ Cory Saser received acl from a friend, sco Melton. Duration 2 min 20 secs. 5:41 PM: Sasser called Glyn County Poi Department Sgt. Gerald Herndon, Duration 3 mins 45 ses During the communication, Sasser asked if St. Herndon was looking fr him, and informed that he had been at Moondogsys with Bryce earlier and had seen Kate and John Hall atthe restaurant. Sasser told Set Herndon that he threw his hand upto wave 32 male nd “nothing happened.” Location data fom Sasee's celular telephone records indicate that Cory s driving near Highway 82, near Rati Raunt 2038 PM, 9:45 PM~ Bryce called Sasser. Duration 2 min 6 sees 9350 PM ~ Bryce called Sasser again Duration appx 3 mins 40 secs, 20:18 PM ~Sazzer called Glynn County Police Department Ofier Scat Browning Duration 9 mins 18 secs, Sasser reportedly wanted to speak with Oficer Browning about what happened at Moondosey's but Officer Browning tod him he dln’t want toknow about it, They then spoke about family and traveling. Sasser inccated he knew Officer Browning was glng to his residence and tht there wast {ving tobe any of Katie's property outside the residence a Bryce ha previously tod Katie Sasser goes to Tommie ram's residence in Brunswick, Georgia, to vist. He eaves between 11:30 pm {and sherey before 12:00 am, 11551 PM Sasser expressed that nie main goal wast be father for his ids. Sasser gave no indication that there had been any interaction between he, Kati, ana/or Hall at Moondogay's. Sasser told Jarratt he aid not know that Katie and Wall were a the restaurant and tat Sasser had ne Indication that Katle and Hall alle his fiend, Jatat Sanford Duration 22 mins 29 secs, During the ell, Sasser were stl seeing each ther after the first inedeat at Katie's residence. Location data from Sasers ‘allulr telephone records inciate that Sasser began to dtve north o Interstate 9 and towards his uring Tuesday, une 26 there were mukple attempted contacts between Sasser and River, that were not successful, Sasser and iver sent multinletext messages to each other during the day Wednesday, June 27 1132 AM ~Sasser calle his sister, Pamela Ashley Newton Durtion 45 min 35 secs Location data from jhone cecords indicate that Sasser was driving around Brunswick at his elulr telephone his off serval towers. During the communication, Saser as upset over how the court hearing Went. Newton asked Sasser to goto Susans residence because he wae so upset. She spoke with Sasser ashe drove tothe 2:8 AM ~ Sasser’ sister, Pamela Ashley Newton called Sasser. Duration 4 min 52sec, 2:29 AM ~ Sasser called Glynn County alice Department Officer Heather Savage, Duration 42 secs. 2:47 AM = Gynn County Police Department Officer Heather Savage called Sasser. Duration 11min 47 secs, Location dat from Sacer cellular telephone records indicate that Sasser Ia or near Susan's residence. During the communication with Ofcer Savage, Sasser admis to having been n Brunswick and asked about the incident at Meondogsy’s. Officer Savage dd not respond to the incident and didn't provide any information to Sasser. 3.27 AM- Sasser sends a text message to Mcintosh County Sherf’sOfice Corporal Cal Ralph Johnson tating, "You working” Sasser receives no reply fom Corporal Johnson. 3:29 AM ~ Sasser tents his Wien, larat Sanford, "You ever heard of Talamoto island in Melntosh,” via hiscellular telephone 3:30 AM ~ Sasser searches “tlemata island meintosh via his ell telephone 5:13 AM ~ Sasser received a text frm frat Sanford stating, "Ihave but ot sure where its at 1:23 AN 7:38 AM ~ Sasser and River tent. River wrote that he was spanked by his mom, Kati, and when Sasser asked why, River wrote “know what appened last right" and "No! back talk.” Sasser then texted ver “We ran into eath other las night at moon doggies she was wth him and ele law 7155 AM ~ Sazcer called Brunswick luda Greult Assistant DistretAttormey Liberty Stewart. Duration 137 ming 52 sees, Sasser told ADA Stewarthe was diving tothe VA lini in Savannah, Georgia. They siscussed his court proceedings from the day before the incident at Moondogay’s, a the guns that were to goto River. Sasser told ADA Stewart that he heard it was reported that he made piso motion lth shang while at Moandoge/s Sasser denied that this happened. Location data from Sasser's Celular telephone record indicate tha Sasser wat leaving Brunswick and deving north to Savannah, 15:20 AM Sasser ale his fiend, lacob Melton. Duration S mins 34 ses £8.27 AM~Sasser called Melntosh County Shelf’ fice Corpora Car Ralph Johnson, Duration 4 mins 25 secs, During the communication, Saeee eked Corporal Jonson what he knew about John Hall. Corporal Johnson reportedly stated that he knee Hal was from Mlntosh County end that he owned some busineszesin the ares. Sasser also informed Corpral Johnson he was driving to the VA Cini Savannah, Georg 18:32 AM. Sasser called Susan Saser, B1yce's mother. Duration 3 min 16 secs, 8:43 AM Sasser aed his friend, Hannah Melton, Duration 13 mins 7 secs. Sasser reportely spol Hannah about his court hearing 2 call fom Hannah, Duration 6 mins 35 sees. Location data from Sassers cellar telephone records indicate that Sasser was n Savannah 9:38 AM ~ Sasser arrived at Savannah Toyota 10:00AM - Katie met with Giyan County Police Department Detective Stephanie Olver and was bout the incident at Moondogsy’s Katie didnot goto work this dy. 10:11 AM ~Sesser agreed toa negotiated deal forthe purchase of a 2018 Toyota Tacoma. He traded in his 2016 white Ford F-250 and was seen to move an "AR-5, a Glock (handgun), and possibly a hunting rile” from the F150 nto the Tacoma, Sasser informed Savannah Toyota personnel that he was going to labors 10:20 AM ~Saseer sigs into Savannah Toyota Wi connection vais cellar telephone. 10:47 AM ~ Sesser caleg Buch Paxon State Farm insurance Agent Duration 3 min 39sec 11/01 AM & 11:21 AM ~ Sasser called the Glynn County Magistrate Court Office/ the office of Deputy Clerk uethice Lot Durations 17 & 13 secs. 1130 aM ~ Glynn County Palce Department Detective Stephanie Olver interviews John Hal with his attorney, son Clark present, Tis ntervew i conducted regarding the Moondogey's incident. Page Bos ~wesnesday moening, CRA Probation Officers Amy Corcoran and Katelyn Cross were in State Court ‘when Glynn County Sherif Nea Jump made them aware ofthe incident that occurred at Meondoaay's ‘the previous ight. Sherif lump requested Corcoran and Cross to Inform him when Sasser was coming back to Gynn County 11:47 AM — Glynn County Magistrate Court Deputy Clerk Luetriee Lot called Sasser on her Giyan County ‘Magistrate Court Extension phone number, Duration 2 min 31 ses, Sasser reportedly mentioned how his court hearing had gone and spoke about he Incdent at Moandogy's fom 6/26. He stated that when he and Bryce went to get something to et, Katie and John Hal were there. When Sasser was leaving, he theew his hand up to wave at a bartender, and police responded te Moondogsy’s 11:52 AM ~Sasseraled J & Teen Brunswick, Georga, Duration 1 min 28 secs Location data from ‘soster’ collar telephone records indicate that Sasser was in berty County, Georgia, 12:28 PM ~Sasser called his rend, Male Manel. Duration & min SS ses. Location data from Sasser's cellular telephone cords indicate that Sasser began the cal in/near Darien, Meintosh County, GA and he traveled north on Highway 99, towards John Hal residence. 12:35 PM. Sasser received a cal fom Jacob Melton, Owner of 8 Tire Pros. Melton informed that he land Sasser hac planned to meet and have lunch this day. During the communication, Sasser informed that he wos stuck ata vehicle aeldenton interstate 95. They did not meet fr lune, 12:43 PM ~Sosser called Melntosh County 912 Director Vekle Navgle on her personal celular {elephone, while she was a work Duration 7 mins & secs. Location data from Sasser’ cellar telephone ‘econ indicate that Saste is in Melntosh County, north of Hal's residence, near or on Highway 38 ‘uring tne communica with Naugle, osFer requested Nau to query a addres ot ir eating 4 piece of property he heard was forsale by owner. Naugle told Sasser she was unable to perform the requested query for him, Saser reportedly wanted to gve Naugle the name ofthe home ower so she ‘could crass reference i to obtain the exact residence adress. Sasser ald not gve Nauge the name of ‘the person he wanted her to query, and Naugle didnot perform the query. During the communication, Sasser indicated he was lst inthe area of Old Cane Mil, on Tolomato Islan, Melntosh County, Georg 12558 PM ~Soscercaled Darien Police Department Office James Richard "Richie" Douberiy. Duration 12 tin 1 ee, Location dat from Sacer: cellular telephone records indicate that Sasser traveled south on Highway 89, nd passed the road for John Has rescence, During the communication with Officer DDoubery, seer informed that he was “in town” and asked ifhe wanted oeatlunch with him, Officer DDouberiy stated he wasn Brunswick and they spoke via telephone about the VA Ofie, VA beni, and that Officer Douberly had heard about Sazse’s incidents in May, 2028. Officer Doubelyindested that we talked like we always talked," and “nothing seemed too much et ofthe way 1140 PM-Sasser called River. Duration 7 mins 23sec, Location data fom Sasse's cellular telephone records indicat that Sasser iin the area of interstate 95 and Highway 25, west of Nighway 93 123 PM Sesser called Melntash County 911 Director Vik Naval; No answer. 1153 PM ~1:54 PM ~Sasser searched “john hall tolamato,” "john hall tolamato meintosh,* and “John halljetolomato meintesh,” via his cour telephone. 1159 PM ~ Sesser searched “public address fr john hal arin,” via his cellular telephone, 2:28 PM ~Sasser received a cal fom David Gay. Duration 10 mins 54 secs. Location data from Sosse's Cellular telephone records neiate that Sasser alla telephone is connecting of the cellular tower near Tolomato lang and Hal's residence 2.38 PM Sasser searches “husband kls man who wie cheats wit,” via his celular telephone, 2:42 PM.~Sasser sent text message to loan stating, “Od he deny i.” 2.43 PM ~ Sasser caled River, Duration 2 mins. Location data from Sasers cellular telephone records Indicate that Sasser’ cellular telephone was stil iting ofthe tower by Tolomato and Hall’ residence 2:57 PM ~ Sasser searches “hall address drien ga" and "john hal jr addossdarien ga" la hs cellar telephone. 43:00PM and 2:02 PM —Sasserrecelved text messages from Joanna that stated “Said she came in with her tam. There was» group of them paying tia,” and "S0 no" 3:2 PM Sasser sent a text message to Joanna stating, ‘Where she now.” 11.33 PM ~ Sasser receive a text message from Joanna stating, “why2" Sasser id not respond to this tox message. 443 PM ~ Sasser received a cal from Mle Manel. Duration 2 mins 56 secs. Location data from Sasser’ celular telephone recards inca that Sasser was near arle,Mcintash County, Georg 43152 PM ~ 42 PM Sascer and fiver tak multiple times. Location data from Sasers cellular telephone records indicat chat at the time of the fist call, Sasser was traveling south, leaving Mcintosh County, [the time ofthe last al hes in Jaksonvil, Florida ~ wednesday afternoon, CRA Probation Oficer Katelyn Cross received a message to contact Glynn County Police Department Detective Stephanie Oliver regarding the incident that occured at Moondogay’s, regatcing Sasser. CSRA Probation Officer Amy Corcoran returned Detective Oliver's phone call and during the communication was informed that there were no charges for Sasser at that “wednesday afternoon, CSA Probation Officer Amy Corcoran spake with Katie and was informed that she wanted to press charges against Sasser. During the communication, Kate stated that she didn't think police were presing charges yet because they stl needed another witness statement that they would be getting t approximately 630 pm. Corcoran told Katie that she needed the police reports ‘ndfor arrst reports for CSRA Probation to move forward. Katie told Corcoran that she understood that the police reports would ake a day to type up, 4:14 PM ~ Sasser received a cal fom friend, Danni Moody. Duration 7 mins 25 secs, Location dats {rom Sasser’ cellular telephone records naieate tht asses traveling south on interstate 85, ans pasting Wooabine, Camden County, Georgia during the cll 5:10 PM ~Sazeer received cal fom Hanna, Duration 28 mins 45 secs. Location data from Sasser’ cellular telephone records indicate that Sacer was traveling west through Flrda, towards Alabama ‘During the communication, Sesser spoke about how he was upset with how court went and about the Incident at Moondogay’. Sasser told her that Kati ad John Hall had been at Moondogey’s and when he saw a guy he knew aeros the barat Meondogsy’s,he waved at him. 5:39 PM Sasser received a cal from Danni Moody, Duration 10 mins 39 secs. 549 PM. Sasser received acl from Hannah. Duration S mins 24 sees, 5155 PM, 6:05PM, & 6:27 PM Sasser called Hannah Melton Duration 8 mins 21 Sees & 9 mins 29 secs {1 min 4 secs, Hannah informed that she anc her husband Jacob Melton, spoke with Sasser regulary and at nights when they were together, 6:04 PM: Sasser called Gynn County Magistrate Cour Dapuy Clerk Lutrice Lot. Duration 1 min 2 secs, Sasser asked oti Katie had come to her oie to take out a warrant on him. Lott aévsed that ‘she was in cour al day, hadn't sen Katie, and she didn’t have any paperwork on hr desk or him. Sasser told Lott he had heacd Katie had been to Lot's ofc to obtain 2 warrant. 6:17 PM ~ Sasser called Glynn County Police Department Officer Justia Smith. Duration & mins 33 secs. Officer Smit stated that Sasser spoke about the incident at Moondogsy’s anid mentioned that he saw Kati and John Hall there together. Sasser noted that he did't ak to Kate, but Bryce did text her that her belongings would be outside, Sasser agreed that he knew beter than todo that. Offer Smith had re Indication where Sasser was atte time ofthe cal 6635 PM ~ Sasser called Shawn Culpepper, Duration 2 mins 15 secs. Culpepper reported that he and Sasser spoke about Sassers court haring and how Sasser wasn't happy about his cid support having ‘been doubled. Sasser mentioned seeing Katie and a male at Moondoga’s, but cit go into any further etal, Culgenper had no indzation where Sasser was during the cll {6:56 PM: Sasser missed a call from his rend, Britany Ferel 1103 PA Sesser called ritany Ferrel, Duration 11 mins 16 ses, 7:15 PM ~Sosser received a cal fom Criminal Defense Attorney Alan Davi Tucker. Duration 19 mins 13 secs, During the communication, Tucker stated tha Sasser spoke about his cour hearing and how he \was only granted two hours of vstation with River, yet was banished frm Glynn County. Sasser als talked to Tucker about the inedent at Moondogay’s and tate that he didn’t know Kate wasn Moondogay’s uti ree pointed her out, an porto leaving, he waved at someone and didnot make @ shooting sign towards Katie, Sasser told Tucker that he was in Pensacola, Florida, 1135 PM ~ Sesser called Britany Ferell Duration 54 mins 5 secs. Outing their communications Sasser ‘eked rtany f she was sure Katie and Hal weren't ting. Britany stated they waren’ seeing each other, Sasser ke about hs court hearing and about he and Seve having gone to Moondogay's 18:32 PM ~Soscer called Malie Marcil, Duration 12 mins secs 8:86 PM - 9:01 PM Sasser called and Facetimed with "Mogan* Location data from Saree’ cellular telephone records indicate that Sasser returned to Alabama around 9:00 PM, 19:19 PM- Ashley Newton called Sasser. Duration 33 mins 57 sees. During the communication, Sasser told ashley that he was driving through Pensacola, Florida 9:28 PM. 10:20PM Sasser texted with Michelle Hunt. After stating that court went “Not good," and that he was ok, Hunt asked "So, how bad ld you get screwed?” Sasser replied, “’s temporary we haven't settled anything.” 9°53 PM Molle Mancl called Sasser. Duration 12 mins 32 sees No noted activity on Sasser’ cellular telephone from 20:43 PM on 6/27 unt 6:49 AM on 6/28. Thursday, June 28 Moring Katie went to work at! Tire, Debra and River are together. 7.01 AN ~ Sasser signs into a bank acount on hs cellular telephone. 7:49 a ~ Sasser alls 800-669-6550, 2 Belk Rewards Credit Services hone numer. Duration 1 min 23 18:30 AM ~9:00 ANI Sasser leaves Ashley Newton's housein Alabama and sayshe’s going to Blox), Missesinp. Location data from Sasser’ cellr telephone records indicate he isheadng towards Bx, Misesiop. 18:30 AM ~fycecaled Sasser, Curation 1 min 10 sees Between 8:00 AM 10:00 AM- SRA Probation Officer Amy Corcoran ealed the Brunswick uaa CircutDistriet Attorney's Office and spoke with Mark Spaulaing regarding revoking Sasser's bond pursuant toa reported incdent that occurred at Moondegay's. Spaulding told Corcoran tory to ‘oarnate a date with tha court ta is esence in Brunswick, Georgia because he had found a quantity of money and Sasse’s watch next tothe bed, ‘Before 10:00 PM. Bryce Called Dannette and asked if she had spoken with Sasser lately. She informed she spoke with him earlier, Dannete stated she thought Sxyce thought Sasser wasn lox, Mississippi atthattime, Sryce tod her he was trying talk to Sasser about abil 19:39 PM: Mcintosh County 911 is ale regarding shots red on Mission Drive on Tolomato sian, Darien, Meintash County, Georgia ‘941 PM: Meintosh County 911 was calle by Mary Nelson, regarding multiple gunshots heard from outsde of her residence, vision Drive SE, Oaren, Melntosh County, Georgi, ‘9:42 PM. Mcintosh County 921 radlo communication with Melntosh County Sherif’ Office Deputy ‘Jason Tuner, who was handling 2 al inthe afe9 of Tolomato island. Osputy Turner is made aware of the two 911 cals regarding hots fire, in close pronimity to where he was. 9:43 PM- Meintosh County 911 was ealed by Savannah Ourrence, who informe that her neighbor, ohn Hall had been st infront of his residence, several ines Inthe chest. “Savannah's brother, Cade Ourrence Informed that just rir tothe 911 call he heard 8 gunshot come fom nede John Ha residence, then a male ented the residence, pointed at Cade, an stated “that’s what happens when yousleep with anather man's wife” The male had a longarm gun io his 9:44 PI - 9:45 PM Sasser called Bryce. Duration appx 1 min 13 ses. Sasser told Bryce, “Is done bud, Its dane," and kiled them, tkled them both. Bryce asked Sasser what he was going todo now, and Sasser replied, "a what! gots do." Location data rom Sasser’ cellar telephone records indicated ‘hat Sasser was near Tolomato sland and Kal’ residence 9:46 PM Meintosh County radi communication from Georgia DNR Game Warden Johnny Brght requesting law enforcement to be on the lookout for a four-door sver Tacoma that was thought to possible be involved nthe shooting. Bright added that he spoke with the vehicle occupant ana thatthe ‘cupant wasn't from that area and he knew the accupant shoul’ be around there right now. 9:49PM. Melntosh County radio communication regarding the driver of the Tacoma that was thought 10 be Involved in the shooting, being Sasser 19552 PM Ashley Newton called Sasser. Duration 18 mins 3 secs. Sasser admits he was nt In Blox, confesses to kling John and Katie, and that he didnot plan to go to prison. Newton tried to tak Sasser ‘ut of harming himself. Location data from Sasser’ cellular telephone records indicated that Sasser was ‘ravelng South on interstate 95 in Georga ~10100 PM Debra received a phone cal rom Bryce, stating that he needed to come gether and Rivet to take them to safe place because Saser us led John Hall Debra hung up the phone and caled on, 10:11 PM ~Sosse called Melntosh Count 921 Director Vik Naunle. Duration 1 hr and 39 mins. This is Sasser’ lst outgoing cal from his cellar telephone, Location dats from Sasser’s celular telephone records indicate that near the end of the call, Saser was near ora his residence, During the call, Sasser {old Naugle that he was at the Meintosh County Sherfs OffieeJlltoturnhimsefin, Naugle ‘communicated wth Melntesh County 913 and was informed that Sasser was net atthe jal. Nau ‘connected the communication between she and Sasser ito a three-way al with her husband, Glynn ‘county Police Department Sergeant Ere Naugle. During the communication, Sasser stated “it was the principle of things” and the lat thing he said was, “it's over” Sgt. Naugle maintaine the telephone call "wth Sesser, despite communication ceasing just pir to Sasser pullng his vehicle into his residence rvewa. 30:13 PM- 10:23 PM-Melntosh County 921 Director Viki Naugle called Mcintosh County 911 to inform that Sasser was at the Melntosh County Sherif's Office to tur himself in. During the communication, Naugl stated she was on the telephone with Sasser. Mcintosh County al confirmed tat Sasser was not there. Naugle repeatedly asked Sasser where he was and Naugle toa himto turn hms in, Nausle ‘encouraged Sasser to pull hi vehicle over and to turn himself into Glynn County Police Deparment Sergeant Eric Naugle. 10.24 PM. Mentos County radi communication regarding la enforcement turning onto Hunters Drive, during Sasse's pursuit. Sasser resides at 37 Hunters Drive, Brunswick, Georgia ~Thursdey evening fom 10:24 PM until Friday morning, Sasser’ vehicle remained under surellance by mull law enforcement personne until Gyan County SWAT Team approached the vehicle, uilzed gas caristrs, and found Sasser to havea gunshot wound this chest. During the survilance, no gunshot was heard from Sasser’ vehicle and minimal motion was detected fom Sasser. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested by the Glynn Count Police Department to conduct Sasser’ death investigation, Friday, June 29 {457 AM. Sasser was pronounced deceased by Glynn County Deputy Coroner Chris Stewart,