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Recommended Strategies

EDNA MATERNITY HOSPITAL must upgrade its facilities and services through acquisition of
new medical equipment and instruments. It is also important that the hospital is constantly
abreast with technology hence any changes that will augment cost and time savings must be
incorporated in the hospital information system is therefore important that the hospital
information been constantly upgraded as need arises.

As the lifeblood of EDNA MATERNITY HOSPITAL is its attractiveness to its clients the
marketing department plays a vital role in enticing the target market to avail of the services
and facilities of the hospital. There must an aggressive marketing penetration in lieu of the
current competition. An increase of 20% in patient admission is targeted under the
proposed strategic plan of the hospital.

As part of the strategy, the Human Resources Department will implement a strict adherence
to skills, experience and qualification of employees starting with recruitment and in its
subsequent hiring. Founders may give simple verbal recommendation but undue influence is
strictly prohibited, with continuous training and seminars, and a working environment that
encourages employees’ loyalty, there will be an increase of employee efficiency and
productivity. Employee’s confidence and professional capabilities are maximized when
management sets the example of trust, honesty and integrity in its corporate culture. When
patients are happy with the care and services provided by the hospital medical staff and
practitioner such will redound to patient loyalty and income for the hospital.

The motivation to create high morale and self for the employees will like translate to more
efficient and productive workforce. Increase in basic pay or non monetary incentives such as
hospital discounts for them and their legal spouse and children below 18 years of age, stock
options, team building, seminars, training, sports festival and Christmas party held annually.
An employee that is happy is both productive and loyal to the corporation.

As marketing continuous its vital role, discounts and packages shall be offered every month
to clients. This activity can coincide with the DOH calendar of activities such as Cancer
Prevention Month, where the hospital can offer packages related thereto.

As part of finance strategy, enhance collection of credits and receivables. For patients that
are unable to pay, the Credit and Collection Department shall refer them to the social
worker that will facilitate referral of the patient to PCSO or other foundation who are
mandated to assist this category of patients. HMO collections must be always be on time,
long term loans must be paid to avoid penalties. If possible pay up all loans with onerous

In general, the EDNA MATERNITY HOSPITAL strategies are to be participated by the different
departments of the hospital. The result desired is targeted towards the hospital's vision
Measures Initiatives Targets
Objectives Measures Initiatives Targets

 Increase in ROI on growth  growth strategies in 15 % revenue

revenues and initiatives Market focused areas – increase for
collection Share  Cardiology the next
Implemented  Maternal three years

 Orthopedics
 Radiology

 Deliver Cost Operating Cost %  Supply standardization Increase

Efficient Care compliance to and expense reduction return on
formulary Supply  Formulary Expansion investment by
expense Costing  Care delivery model 3% for the
next three
on surgeries  Standardized Inventory

 Basic Care  Excellent  Implement Quality 20 % increase

in the
patients service and Plans to improve
number of

 Specialty Care Personal Overall Patient

satisfaction satisfaction
Patients relationship
 Implement Marketing and increase
 Referring s
plan number of
Physicians costumers for
 Leading
 Insurance/ the next
Corporate three years
 Leading edge
 Low cost
service and
Objectives Measures Initiatives Targets

 Provide  Waiting Time  Implemented Increase

Outstanding  Telephone growth strategies in customer size
Customer access focused areas : by 5% for the
Service  Clinics with open  Cardiology next three
access  Maternal
 Feedback and  Orthopedics
satisfaction  Radiology

 Clinical Depts.  Supply 95% increase


With quality standardization and of satisfaction

 Develop Clinical rate
plan expense reduction
 Patients on  Formulary
approved Expansion
 clinical pathways  Care delivery model
 Research in  Standardized
targeted growth Inventory system
 Strive for  Bad debt /  Quality dept. being Improve
Operational receivable initiated
time of
Excellence  Cost reduction  Cost areas being
mapped processes by
 Staff
 HR review and Lower TAT by
competency and
assessment 20 % for the
efficiency  IT integration next three
 Process years

Objectives Measures Initiatives Targets

 Environment  Idea review  Open door policy

for Change and  Employee/physici for ideas and
Learning and growth

commitment an satisfaction innovation

 Staff recognition  Satisfaction survey
and retention  Organization wide
program regarding
commitment &

 Deployment of  Process review

technology in key time and motion
 Technology
patient and study
operational areas  Deployment for
patient education
 Implement to
integrate E
Medical record

 Skill and  Staffing positions  Implement staffing Increase 15%

Competency in targeted and recruitment
Development growth areas  Implement quality
education and efficiency
 Performance to
training and
Quality education