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Agni College of Technology

Department of Computer Science and Engineering Department Faculty Meeting

Meeting Date 24.08.2018 Ref #:DFM /MoM/ 5 /2018 to 2019 – ODD SEM

Name Designation Present Sign Name Designation Present Sign

Dr. S. Srikrishnan HOD / UG Y Mrs. Jeyaseeli Annie Frid AP N ML
Mrs. N. Sumitha AP N L Mrs. P. Jayalakshmi AP N ML
Mrs. M. Jeyaselvi Sr. AP Y Mrs. R. M. Shiny AP Y
Mrs. S. Jayanthi AP N Mrs. R. Abirami AP Y
Mrs. P. Kalaiarasi AP Y Ms. C. P. Jetlin AP Y
Mrs. W. Mercy AP Y Ms. T. Siva Prabha AP N ML
Mr. S. Yoganand AP Y Ms. A. Rajakrishnammal AP N
Ms. K. Deepika AP Y Mr. R. Julian Menezes AP N L
Mrs. M. Revathi AP N Mrs. G. Angel AP Y
Mrs. D. Mariammal AP N ML Mr. S. Gopinathan AP N
Mr. A. Thiyagarajan AP Y S. Jegan AP Y
Mrs. A. BeenaGodbin AP N J. Santhoshkumar AP Y

Sl. Target Status/

Subject Activity Responsibility Sign
No. Date Remarks
Feedback of students attending Japanese class
1) need to be collected. 3.45pm to 5.00pm classes Class In- charges 25.08.2018
need to be conducted to complete the portions
Department brochure need to be prepared for the
2) betterment of placement opportunities (2 to 4 Mrs. M. Jeyaselvi 29.08.2018
IA2 – All faculty and class in charges to motivate the
3) Motivation students to do the Internal Assessment – II well. Class In- charges - Completed

CSIR and Mando projects are in progress.

4) Project It should be enhanced and reports need to be Mr. S. Yoganand 30.08.2018
3rd Sep to 10th Dec; 75 working days including
First Year Saturdays
5) All -
12th Dec, practical exam start; 29th December
Theory exam start
6) Ford Explore opportunity for internship & projects HoD
All the Centre of Activities should be completed 1. Ms.Rajakrishnammal
in the month of September 2018. / HoD
Centre of 1. Varyx – Cloud Computing 2. Mr.S.Jagan /
7) Activity Mr.Yoganand 15.09.2018
2. First Source – Robotic Process Automation
3. Mrs.Deepika / HoD
3. Data Analytics - TBD

Minuted by HOD, CSE

(Mrs. W. MERCY, AP) (Dr. S. Srikrishnan)