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HSBC «> ‘eae ani! Sons Amanah PERSONAL FINANCIAL UPDATE/PENYATA KEWANGAN PERIBADI — cxannen: on UN 0 mae ENCIK ZAINAL AZRUL BIN ZAINAL Statement Details 47500 SUBANG JAYA. ‘Customer Number ra uta mn ne : wae a (Tour PonfoNo ao Gang EavalonP) ‘Your Portfolio at a Glance MYR Equivalent Total Deposits and investments 7297.41 Toll Financing 0.00 — Net Position 729741 Home Finances 0.00 _ LN Summary of Your Portfolio DEPOSITS AND INVESTMENTS CCY/Unit Account Number Credit Limit Balance (OR=Debi) __ MYR Equivalen) (OR=Debit) DEMAND DEPOSITS [myer | I 7.297 44 729741, ‘TOTAL DEPOSITS AND INVESTMENTS T2974 Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be imposed on taxable financial supplies effective 1 April 2015 inline with the implementation of GST. Details of Your Accounts "AMANAH BASIC SV Elighble for protection by PION Date Transaction Details Deposits Withdrawals Balance (DR=Debit) wyR 110ct2015 BALANCE BROUGHT FORWARD 7967.33 160c015 4OCTIS 15:08:46 My121535MYR 1000.00 MEPSCMYR 400 GSTAMTMYR 024 REF Ag95-11001 1100426 6,863.09 saocTis 150447 My121552MYR 100.00 MEPSCMYR — 4.00 GSTAMTMYR 024 REF A896-11010 10424 6,558.85 180cQ015 130CTIS 15:11:02 IMy2ea090MYR 28.00 AD-FEE MYR UNICEF -R REF AB95.06509 38.00 652085 [2tocwo1s_210CT15 coMA3s2 11:26:51 BALANCE CARRIED FORWARD 6.52085