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Mar 2017


Starter Bronze Silver Gold

$99 $149 $249 $499

starting from starting from starting from starting from

monthly monthly monthly monthly

Covers upto 30 assets Covers uptp 75 assets Covers upto 142 assets Covers upto 333 assets
$3.30 per additional asset $2.00 per additional asset $1.75 per additional asset $1.50 per additional asset

Email Support Email Support Priority Email Support Phone Support

WhiteLabel Mobile apps WhiteLabel Mobile apps *25% off Branded Android app *50% off Branded Android app

1 Free hardware integration Free hardware integrations

**20% off SSL / HTTPS **30% off SSL / HTTPS

API Access

Recommended for Recommended for Recommended for Recommended for

0 to 45 assets 46 to 125 assets 126 to 285 assets 285+ assets


HTTPS SSL $499 Custom $499 Branded $749

Setup per annum Theme one off fee Mobile Apps starting from

**Purchase, setup and configuration of SSL If none of the included themes fit your brand, *Publish the Mobile apps under your own
Certificate, run the whole app on SSL (HTTPS) We can highly customise the app colours brand on Play Store, App Store and Windows
or just the login page for you store

Invoices are issued on the 1st of each month for the previous month.s usage
The “per additional asset” charge is based on assets that have reported data into the system per calendar month
There is a $499 one time setup fee for new Resellers signing up to the WhiteLabel Tracking Platform.
If hardware integration is not included in your plan, there will be a minimal charge for integration
You can choose any plan above, regardless of the amount of devices you have on the system.
You will be responsible for:
> Purchasing and installing GPS tracking devices, Purchasing & Sourcing SIM cards and their data costs
> Using your own Email and SMS settings to send emails and text messages (i.e. Gmail for email and Twillio for SMS)