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PARLIAMENT OF UGANDA OFFICE OF THE CLERK TO PARLIAMENT Parliament House, P.O. Box 7178, Kampala Uganda. ‘Telephone: 0414-377000/377150/377152 Facsimile: 0414-346826 E-mail: clerk@parliament Plot Nos. 16 - 18 Parliament Avenue In any corespondence on this subject please quote No, PRESS RELEASE Fri, 09 MARCH 2018 Film production activities at Parliament Isaiah 60 Productions, a local film production company based in Kampala requested and has been granted permission to shoot a film within the precincts of Parliament. This is will take place on the 09, 10 and 11 March 2018. The film shooting activities wil also extend to the roads around Parliament. During this period, there will be increased movement of people along the roads near Parliament, presence of actors in military fatigue and equipment. Simulated gun sounds will be heard as the film crew and the actors shoot the film. The production company has sought all the necessary permissions from relevant authorities including the Uganda Police Force and Kampala Capital City Authority. The general public is advised to avoid the roads around Parliament as they will be sealed off to any traffic and also to remain calm as there is no cause of alarm. All the activities taking place at Parliament are entirely meant to facilitate the shooting and subsequent production of the film C\Ss Chris Obore Director, Communications and Public Affairs Parliament of Uganda