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maybe everything not complying with the "politically correct" dictatorships is

just fascist ??
all bullshit, they will all be on welfare in italy...don't make the same mistake as
america....send those lazy @sses home?
I have a white skin european culture and live in africa , and it seems black
politicians dont want europeans here.why do african people want to go to europe,
if they want to kick European s out of Africa , its very strange.and wanted to end
colonialism, And rule themselves, then to put yourself under colonial powers again
? Wierd.every thing was put in place in the colonial countries , and it
detetiorated .what will happen to the eifill tower and big ben? Never mind
rome.spose the world's changing fast.its things are gonna happen cant stop
it.change is inevitable.were all gonna die one day jesus died to save us from our
sins , were all human .both have good points .?
Of course everything is the white mans fault , would you expect anything else , so
he says that he is entitled to be in Europe as he is human , but whites are not
acceptable in Africa , sounds like a fair deal for an African then doesn't it , a
bit like dealing with the Asians who only want to sell not buy , so the answer is
for the white man stand your ground hang onto what you have , only trade if it is
on equal terms or the whites will be on their knees if this one sided affair does
not come to an end .?
Europe is truly dead
Leftist propaganda. Italy belongs to the Italians, no one else.?
the border are put up for a reason.?
If you really want freedom, wouldn't you want to fight for it in your country
instead of fleeing from it??
It�s disingenuous to say all the problems in Africa are caused by colonization.
That�s just letting them off the hook from taking responsibility for their own
life�s and cultures. I�m sick of all this PC nonsense being shoved down our
throats. When will we see a fair and open exchange of views? I�m Irish , we didn�t
colonize anybody so why do I owe anyone anything. The same can be said for far more
European countries than not. It�s not racist of people to consider and look after
their own peoples first and not jepordise their culture and ethnicity
unnecessarily. I wouldn�t blame an Iranian, Chinese , African whatever person for
putting their peoples first so why do it to us??
Migrants out of Europe! These people bring crime and violence and welfare strain,
we owe third worlders NOTHING and are only committing cultural and racial suicide.
Italy for Italians, Viva Il Duce!?
We don�t want African �refugees� or Muslims in Italy?
he did not seem like a fascist to me, he had all legitimate concerns that the
Africa did not seem to care about.?
what africans can do the best ? kill each other. drawn the boats and stop that
migration. black people always talk about bad white people but white girls are fine
.yes? back to Africa do peace and start thinking about future do not destroy my
Europe. have you ever see a free lion in italy (no zoo) No . because everything has
it's own place.?
Yeah, better living conditions on someone else's dime. What a joke. And whites are
being slaughtered horrifically in Africa by the way.?
Plenty of Europeans had grandparents who were poor, often very poor, who sometimes
had no decent sanitation, or bad living conditions, or housing. And then they
suffered 2 world wars that decimated the continent, killing millions. And the
Europeans' alive today had families that fought and worked hard to build their
countries again. So why can't the Gambian understand that??
Europeans cant take everyone in the world.?
They still try to blame colonialism for their own inter-tribal mess.... the
colonialists are gone...and now the Africans are following them!?
There was no argument from the migrant, just endless rhetorical questions with so
substantive backbone.
You can't empty Africa into Europe?
They had severe problems, wars, enslavement, genocide, BEFORE colonists arrived.?
Yesterday i was walking with my friend around the Colosseum and a black vendor
started following us and we kindly said "No, thanks" and then he said "Do you hate
blacks?" and started getting aggressive, just because we didn't buy his shitty
souvenirs. EUROPE, ARISE!?
Of course people must have the right of moving around, but legally! If I'd move to
another country in a legal way I wouldn't be a cost for the hosting country as I
would have a job, pay my rent, pay taxes, while immigrants in Italy have all this
paid by the government, Italy can't afford to take care of them anymore!?
This is all guilt tripping crap. They left their homeland because it is a failure.
They want to get lots of free stuff. They dont want to lift their own country up.
They want a system that gives them what they need without having to contribute. Ask
any south african how utterley childlike and dependent the native occupiers of
africa are. The handing over of africa to these people was a disaster
Italy is in the top five greatest countries to ever exist with some of the greatest
artists and innovators to ever live, and is now an extension of Africa.?
this is the same BS. colonial this, colonial that, many countries have been
colonies, but yet have found peace and have found away to build their economy and
"There are a lot of problems in Africa" , so coming with millions to Europe will
bring those problems here..?
That african is entitled. He behaves like he is a child as if that italian is his
father. And what colonies had Italy?? Ethiopia? So what prevents Ethiopia to
Immigration has killed Italy.?
They vast majority of them don't work, don't contribute and don't assimilate. Just
more pro EU and open borders propaganda. The very people destroying Europe and it's

Stop blaming your issues on immigration. Immigration is not the reason for your
problems it's capitalism and imperialism (which are ironically what's responsible
for the recent influx of refugees)?

If Fascism is the way to save Europe. Then Fascism it is.?

Mussolini told the rich to open business, told people to go to school, told the
Southern Italians to learn how to speak proper Italian. He tried raise Italians
up. He's big mistake was to team up with Hitler.?
The only problem is if the Blacks and Muslims take over Europe, we are all going to
wish Hitler had won. As a matter of fact, many Nazis before being put to death
said those words.. we must come together, all of Europe and stop the invasion of

Fascism is far right conservatism. You cannot be working class and also be

Italy trashed fascism in 1945 but still didn't trash comunism. People voted
Berlusconi, not because he is rich, powerful, paid everyone of us, etc etc He won
because today in Italy he is the best for programs, targets, goals. People lost
trust for left parties after Govs PRODI, D'ALEMA, AMATO. They earned disgusting
people feel for them.
Someone in ITALY realized that is possible to live without comunism of left-parties
and all their cheats. That's the reason why Berlusconi won, win and will win. No
brainwash in tv, pay for Vote, mafia, secret agents, these all are BULLSHIT.
Itali is not communist, RIGHT ! But comunism MOVE almost any king of BUSINESS in
the country. They push their people inside courts , offices , pools of power to
hold the country under control.
fuck the USA fuck the zionist state of israel and fuck all the zionist
jews....europe of the europeans?
you knew anything about Italian politics, you would know that Alleanza Nazionale,
the party mentioned in this video, is not fascist by any means. Fini the party's
leader issued a public repudiation of Mussolini (which led to a fallout), has asked
for voting rights to immigrants, and "leniency" with illegals - not really a
fascist platform.
Democracy is useless nothing gets done theres constant infighting and democratic
law and justice is joke. The ideal of freedom is properganda from america and
fascism didn't ruin italy, democracy did, member american invaded italy and commit
war crimes againt italy too.
For the past few decades the left has not had a clear direction. That is why all
these corporate plutocrats,free marketeers,extreme evangelical christian and the
fascist hate groups have taken over.This is not only in Italy it is becoming a
western epidemic and if and it is only going to get uglier if liberals do not start
to deliver plan and reasonable policies
This video is communist biased.?
Fascism is actually a form of Socialism in which trade unions have influence in
government, but unlike Communism and Socialism the government doesn't own you and
your property and the state doesn't control your every thought and action.?
Jewish Bolshevism killed over 20,000,000 eastern Europeans, where are their
reparations ?
yeah you totally liberated the people. Communism killed more people than anything
in history. 100,000,000 in just 1 century.
Maybe italians should stay in italy and not migrate to other countries as well.
Shitty country?
The world is too wild, too disorderly for socialism. The population as a whole is
too ignorant to be in charge of the world. Humanity is reaching a boiling point.
Fascism brings order to the chaos. Based on the regression of the human condition,
fascism will likely be the only way to ensure the existence of the species.

The Media tries to make it look like the rise of Fascism is because of the memory
of Mussolini? The people are not pining for the old days. They are just picking up
an old strategy to protect what little they have left. And the medias job it to try
to shame you out of it. Don't fall or you will fail.?
Italy was invaded by approx 105,000 "migrants" in,are these "fascists" in
Italy anywhere near the numbers for "migrants" because this seems like the usual
hype to obscure the obvious and deflect a citizens right to object to the
I'm saying it's a fact that we in Europe have spent the better part of five
centuries exploiting these people and their lands, now the chickens are coming home
to roost and people are getting angry with them wanting to know why they're all
pouring into the very countries that have thrived over the centuries at the expense
of their own. Actions have consequences and there's no such thing as a free meal.?
Most Europeans weren't even alive back then, and the ones that were alive were
little kids. This is not justice, unless you think people should be punished for
the crimes of their ancestors, in which case everyone on earth deserves invasion
including Africans! They have been killing, enslaving, and selling each other since
before Europeans ever went there.?
I'm no arbiter of morality, it's not justice or otherwise. I'm simply stating a
fact. We might not have physically been there but we in Europe still enjoy the
benefits a legacy of colonialism has left to this day. Look up how the European
Union is still actively hindering African development. It's disgusting and part of
the reason I voted Brexit. Imo we should be helping these people better themselves
(and by extension their countries of origin) so they wouldn't have to come here
seeking a better life, rather than slip into this "us and them" mentality that
ultimately benefits nobody.?
It is us Vs them. The fact that you can't see that is a 'you' problem.?
Human life is valuable anywhere
Are you done? Can we get back to solving the problem??
one third of crimes in Italy are committed by these 8,3% of immigrants: do we have
a problem, yes or no??
the eu have let an invading army in to Europe that will destroy Italy's culture its
a disgrace and will cause civil war?
In the USA (((They))) are caught all the time doing to Ann Frank type stuff to gain
crying eyes and no complaints vs them... old trick ...? What do you expect when you
flood the continent with millions of Africans and Arabs? People get fed up and they
support anyone who will make it stop.?
Ann Franks is one more LIE of Jewish Parasites.
Fascism kills less people than communism, and Fascism usually kills colored people,
where as communism kills White people. Guess which one I prefer? FASCISM IS THE
The Jew cries out in pain as it strikes you...
It seems that reporters use "fascism" as a code word for resisting the erasure of
one's people and culture!?
The Left only has to look in the mirror to see who brought about the resurgence of
Fascism. Duh! What did they think flooding the country with Africans would result
in politically??
Every day more non-white subhumans invade Europe is a disaster!?
That's what happens when your traitorous Leftist politicians import hordes of
violent migrants from the Middle East and Africa.?
Migrants kill and rape Italians : Media do nothing. Italians want to defend Italy
the land of there birth, the homeland: Meda ''omg nazis! they should let italy be
3rd world!''?
Italy for Italians!?
Nobody is happy about the crazy immigration...but politicians do not listen nor
care....this is what you get as a more savages let in.?
HEIL EUROPA ! Europa is waking up...?
this is what Islam does to societies ,brings out the worst in people, make them
pure evil
When you pack your country full of African and Muslim savages and tell the
population they are racist for not liking it, expect a push back.?
The media are so lacking in basic intelligence. It seems to be all driven by
agenda and emotion. Fascism was NOT 'FAR-RIGHT' or 'Right-wing'. Certainly,
patriotism was a fundamental part of the Fascist doctrine, but it possessed as many
'left-wing' tenets as it did 'right'.?
Fascism because they're against the whoring of THEIR land to immigration.
7 decades of far left in control - look where that got us -- lets have a change?
The EU and UN are the fascists bringing down the west USING "migrants" (fighting
age men from Africa).?
It's quite clear; people of the EU are thirsty for some kind of identity. The
globalists are trying to take that away from them by flooding the streets with
foreign refugees and disintegrating borders that have stood for hundreds of years.
For better or worse, renewed nationalism is on the horizon and with it the world
will see westerners take their heritage and culture back for future generations to
carry on instead of surrendering years of history for the sake of sharing land and
wealth with invaders invited in by our own governments. No matter what they say,
it's not racist to want your grandchildren to speak the same language you do.?
Those scumbags that only seek to help their fellow citizens and not illegal
immigrants. What? You're telling me that's the case in the majority of countries in
the world? Well, I guess the whole planet must be fascist then.?
Notice how Italy is becoming great again and the commy western news channels don't
even show it.?
Italians taking care of italians in dare they
So let me get this straight. Being openly fascist is worst than being openly
communist. More proof that the journals are far-left shills.?
Good stuff Italy,nationalism is the only way to defeat these globalist scum!!?
well done italy glad to see you take back your culture and identity dont let silly
British tabloids like this make you feel fascist far right or racist for putting
your country's interests first well done?
When the EU and corrupt NGO's deliberately flood the continent with 3rd world
economic migrants (not refugees) what did they expect? It's the oldest trick in the
authoritarian book.. Create a crisis, create division then implement new laws to
bring eveyone under control.
The left have abandoned working-class and poor communities at the expense of
Identity Politics, political correctness and wet empty middle-class liberalism. A
smart far-right could easily destroy the left if they adequately replace this gap
in the left's continuous failure to address class politics.?
The self righteous tone of the reporter is evident, sadly for him and his marxist
ideology, this is the result of years decadent decay, and moral corruption, mixed
with collosal illegal immigration.?
whats so wrong with being a nationalist and looking after your own our, news
tabloids make me feel sick?
Channel 4 News is a joke of an organisation. They have no idea what Fascism is as a
political and cultural ideology. Channel 4 want to push the idea that Fascism is
simply a militarised society, that is not the case if you read the likes of Sir
Oswald Mosley's 'The Greater Britain'. Even Mein Kampf is largely concerned with
domestic policy to develop society by maximising industry, social services etc and
truly engage the citizenry in all of these, including the political process, so
that no-one is left behind. Fascism is a fascinating ideology for the learned who
actually study it to some degree or other. Unfortunately, most people simply blurt
the word 'Fascist' as a pejorative without any idea what the word actually means.?
So it's these guys or Islam... I pick these guys, they seem like nice people to
The Left have created this, only they are too cowardly to admit to it. No, they'd
rather sit in their Ivory Towers, looking down upon Society, claiming their insane
policies in relation to mass immigration have nothing to do with the radical change
going on throughout Europe. There would not have been a Brexit if it were not for
immigration on a massive scale and a lack of borders. The Left's insanity has led
to Populism, and all they will have as an option is to wreak further havoc upon
Democracy, by not accepting the will of the people.?
Fascism is an evolutionary immune response to a pathogen. There's a pathogen
amongst all European countries. Don't be fucking surprised. Those who don't know
history are doomed to repeat it.?
Wow, looking after the italians rather than immigrants.How evil.?
Liberalism is the disease. Fascism is the cure.?
Can you blame Italians? I think NOT?
You are not a fascist for wanting to save your culture.?