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Theatre Education/Drama  Foreign university degrees must be recognised by

uni-assist before the application at UdK Berlin.

Master of Arts
The uni-assist certificate
("Vorprüfungsdokumentation/VPD") has to be submitted
Application period
together with the complete application documents to
15 March–15 April for the following Winter Semester UdK-Berlin.
Detailed information can be found here:
Applications are only accepted within the application period.
Only the date the application is received is decisive not the
postmark. In case the last day of the application deadline is the-study-process/applications-general-information/uni-
a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday the application assist/
deadline is extended to the next working day.
 Applicants from the People’s Republic of China, Vietnam
and Mongolia have to pass a special visa procedure.
Duration of study course and degree qualification
Please get in contact with the Academic Evaluation
Standard period of study: 4 semesters Centre (APS), which is attached to the German Embassy,
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.) in good time before the application. Detailed information
and the forms can be found on the respective homepage.
Language of instruction
 Outline of previous creative and educational experience
German in the fields of acting and theatre (documentation,
samples of work e.g. photographs)
Structure of the study course
 A short description of the goals the applicant sets
Theatre and Play are obligatory parts of this study course.
himself/herself for the study course
Other course specialisations can be chosen alongside.
 transfer students from comparable programs:
Special emphasis is placed on project work. This allows
documentation of courses completed and examinations
students to benefit from the specific qualifications of all
participants. Co-operations with institutions outside of the
university offer students the possibility to explore future  proof of knowledge of German:
working areas.
At the time of application: proof of linguistic ability
Detailed information about the study program and its equivalent to level B1
curriculum can be found in the study regulations (available
At the time of matriculation: proof of linguistic ability
only in German).
equivalent to level C1

Entrance requirements Applications can be sent by post. It’s not possible to send
applications by fax or email.
 university degree from the fields of either Acting, Teacher
Training, Theatre Science or Social Pedagogy;
Address for applications
The examination board will decide upon the recognition
Applications can be submitted by regular mail or personally,
of the degree.
not by email or fax.
 experience in the field of theatre and acting
Please find detailed information regarding the shipping or
 specific talent for the programme personal submission on the following website:
 sufficient knowledge of German
Documents to be submitted with the application application-documents/
 Printout of the online applications form (signed)
Admission procedure
 Detailed CV in tabular form
The admission procedure consists of a preliminary selection
 Certificate of university graduation, foreign certificates and an entrance examination.
have to be handed in as certified translation (German or
English) Preliminary selection
The examination board decides upon the submitted
application documents whether or not to invite applicants to
the entrance examination.
Entrance examination
The entrance examination is held in form of a workshop.
Modes of working within the study course as well as focus
areas within the programme will be introduced and tried out
in practical exercises. Applicants will have to show their
aptitude for the programme throughout this workshop.
The workshop generally takes place in July.
The examination boards decisions in both rounds will be
based on the following criteria

 Specific qualification: previous theatre experience,

professional work experience

 Correspondence of applicants educational needs and the

possibilities of the programme

 The immediate impression of applicant’s artistic and

pedagogic abilities shown throughout the workshop

Place of Study
Bundesallee 1-12 (Bu), Berlin-Wilmersdorf