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Marine Drilling Riser System
Oil States Industries (UK) Ltd. is a world-leading Termination Joint: functions as an attachment
manufacturer of advanced connection systems point for the auxiliary line gooseneck terminations.
for offshore tubulars. Our connectors are fast It provides termination from the hard piping on
make-up, high-performance connection systems the riser below to the flexible hoses required to
ideal for SCRs, TLPs, tethers, conductors, casing, accommodate the relative motions between the
new and replacement caissons, HP risers, pipelines riser and the vessel.
and jacket piles. We’re a proven provider of riser
Tension Rings: tension rings attach to the
components for deep water, production, drilling
telescopic joints and form termination points
and completion riser and we offer comprehensive
between the riser system and the tensioning
riser system design services, completion, drilling,
system on a floating rig. They are used to pull
subsea and surface equipment to complement
and support tension to give the riser string more
our trusted worldwide field proven connector
Telescopic Joint (TJ): the telescopic consists of
MARINE DRILLING RISER SYSTEM (MDRS) inner and outer barrel, packer housing, barrel
latch, tensioner ring and auxiliary lines. The TJ
A Marine Drilling Riser System is a temporary
compensates for heave and offset of the vessel
extension of the wellbore to the surface, i.e. the
and is available together with the riser system.
connection between the subsea BOP stack to a
This compensating movement is achieved
floating surface rig, facilitating mud returns to
through the stroking of the inner and the outer
the surface.
barrel of the telescopic joint. To remove the need
Oil States has designed and developed the Marine for rope riding operations and the associated
Drilling Riser System, connecting the drill floor to risks, a range of hydraulic latch and auxiliary line
the subsea wellhead. The subsea well is drilled remote connection solutions are available.
through the riser string, allowing the drilling mud
Packer Housing: a total of 12 OR-6C dogs secure
to circulate back to the rig. Risers are supplied
the API 16F qualified hydro-mechanical packer
with a selection of auxiliary lines such as, choke,
housing to the Telescopic Joint. Both upper
kill, booster and hydraulic lines with maximum
and lower packers benefit from Packer Wear
working pressures up to 20 Ksi.
Indicators. These features enable live monitoring
Risers can be supplied either slick or with of packer condition, providing predictable packer
Buoyancy modules installed. change out with fast and easy access to the
packer elements.
The risers can be supplied in effective lengths of 5
feet up to 90 feet. Packer Elements: are qualified to API 16F and are
mechanically energised.
The Oil States MDRS is made up of the following
components:- Testing has shown Oil States' bespoke material
compound offers a life cycle that far exceeds the
Diverter System: during drilling operation, the
industry standard. Elements are available in solid
diverter system is used to protect against shallow
or split variations.
gas kicks. If there is a shallow gas kick, the Oil
States diverter is energized to seal around the Retrofit Packer Elements: Oil States has a
drill pipe and divert the gas safely through one number of retrofit options available for existing
of the overboard lines, depending on the wind standard TJs.
directions. Our diverter systems are easy for use
on the rigs and provide long service life.
MDRS system

Integrated Solutions. Proven Results.

Marine Drilling Riser System

Oil States Industries

Riser Joints/Connection: Oil States offers a range API Subsea Flexible Joint : the Subsea Flexible Joint is used
(UK) Ltd. 16R classified 21” Marine Drilling Riser couplings; OR-6C, to couple the riser to the subsea stack. It is designed
Moss Road
Gateway Business Park OR-21 and OR-F, with rated tensions from 1 million to to operate in water depths up to 12,000 feet, and is
Nigg, Aberdeen AB12 3GQ
Scotland, UK
2.5 million lbf. Each offers a fatigue resistant pre-loaded capable of angular deflection of
Ph +44 (0)1224 290000 connection with the ability to carry external Choke Kill, ±10ꢀ and maximum axial tension
Fx +44 (0)1224 290110 Booster and Hydraulic lines. up to 3,500 kips. This flexible joint
is also designed to withstand
Flexible Joints: Oil States is a pioneer in the design and
extreme internal pressures,
Oil States Industries (Asia) supply of Flex Joints, which offer 360 degrees of flexing
PTE Ltd. tensions and rotations. Working
42-H Penjuru Road movement. They are a flexible, frictionless, maintenance
Singapore 609158
pressure ranges from 600 to 6,000
free alternative to the standard ball joint. The different
Ph +65 67737555 psi.
Fx +65 67737667 types available are Diverter Flex Joint, Intermediate Flex
Joint and Subsea Flex Joint, as described below:- Subsea LP 2.0K 2.5K 3.0K 3.5K 4.0K 5.0K 6.0K

Max. Working 1,000 2,000 2,500 2,000 2,500 2,500 2,500 3,500
Diverter Flexible Joint: the Diverter Flexible Joint is Tension (kips)

installed at the top of the riser below the diverter housing Max. Operating 600 2,000 2500 3,000 3,500 4,000 5,000 6,000
Pressure (psi)
North America where it will encounter significant compression. It is
Oil States Industries, Inc.
1155 Dairy Ashford, Ste. 700
capable of free angular rotation of ±15ꢀ, up to 4,000 kips Gimbal Bearing: proven through more than 25 years
Houston, Texas 77079 USA tension and 500 psi maximum pressure. The Diverter of offshore application, the Oil States Gimbal Bearing is
Ph +1 (713) 510 2200
Fx +1 (713) 510 2307 Flexible Joint is available in different designed to absorb loads imposed on the spider/riser
configurations, based on the maximum due to vessel motion. It is installed directly between the
Europe & Eurasia working tension requirements. The spider and the rotary table and is composed of two halves,
Oil States Industries, Inc.
5, Allée des Mésanges Diverter II Flexible Joint contains two each housing three or four flex elements depending
13012 Marseille, France
Ph +33 491 95 60 51
flex elements (double-ended) for on the Gimbal Bearing diameter size. These Gimbal
applications requiring rotation at both Bearings are available in 49.5”, 60”, and 75” I.D. sizes. The
Oil States Industries, Inc. ends. Each flex element comprises a flexible bearings are made of high-grade steel and nitrile
Suite 5, 1 F Amirov Street
AZ1000 Baku, Azerbaijan
primary and secondary flex element. elastomer
Ph +994 12 5 981 125 The Diverter III Flexible Joint utilizes one for durability
Fx +994 12 4 379 125
flex element for situations with one fixed and long
Africa & Middle East
end and the other subject to rotation. service life
Oil States Industries (MENA) under harsh
HDS Tower, Unit 2209 Diverter II -1 -2 -3 -5 -8
Cluster F, JLT conditions.
Dubai, UAE Max. Working Tension (kips) 1,000 1,000 2,000 2,500 4,000
Ph +971 4 452 8482
FX +971 4 368 8403 Max. Operating Pressure (psi) 500 500 500 500 500 Subsea Connector: the Lynx-Grip™ family of Connectors
are designed to be simple and reliable. Hydraulic
Oil States Industries Diverter III cylinders are connected to a cam ring which pull down
(Nigeria) Ltd.
No. 50C Glover Road Max. Working Tension (kips) 2,000 to lock dog segments onto
Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria the Well Head profile.
Ph +234 1 2718363 Max. Operating Pressure (psi) 500
Fx +234 1 2718364
Intermediate Flexible Joint: the Intermediate Flexible
South America Joint is a double-ended version of the Subsea Flexible
Oil States Industries do
Brasil Ltda. Joint designed for installation below the
Rua Professora Ivone Alves
de Barcelos, No. 205
telescopic joint. It has the capacity to
Novo Caveleiros handle rotation angles up to ±20ꢀ, axial
Macae, RJ Brasil
CEP 27930-490 tension up to 4,000 kips and pressure up
Ph +55 22 2763 4300
Fx +55 22 2773 5625
to 3,000 psi. When necessary it can also
withstand extreme compression loading
with limited rotation through metal-to-
metal contact of its internal elements.

Intermediate -1 -2 -3 -4

Max. Working Tension (kips) 2,000 2,600 2,000 4,000

Max. Operating Pressure (psi) 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,000

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