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My friend AV Sundaram very kindly shared a nadi technique (Jyothida kana

kanda) for those who want to know how 2015 will be. It is what he called a
"mini dasa" for the new year. My sense of this is that the year lord will help to
condition one's mind for the year so will be king of the year, so to speak. Count
from your birth star (nakshatra) to the nakshatra of the Moon at sunrise in your
locale on January 1. Multiply that sum by 7 and then divide that amount by 9.
The remainder is the number you will use to determine the year lord (starting
dasa). This is based on 360 day year REMINDER--DASA--DAYS.(approx) 1
SUN 18 2 MARS 21 3 JUP. 48 4 KET. 21 5 MER. 51 6 VEN. 60 7 SAT. 57 8
MOON 30 0 RAHU. 54 TOTAL...360 DAYS. Example (I calculated in the
wrong direction before and Robert Koch kindly helped me correct it, so please
Robert, let me know is this is not correct now)...birth star of USA Kelleher chart
is Shatabhisha. Year 2015 starting star is Krittika (i.e., Moon is in Krittika
nakshatra in Washington DC at sunrise on Jan. 1 2015). Counting from
Shatabisha to Krittika we get 7. So then 7 X 7 = 49 divided by 9 gives
remainder of 4 which is Ketu. Then we have to apply all the usual results for the
graha's natural and temporal significations to see what that might mean. Ketu
rules the year and in USA Kelleher chart is in 2H in Capricorn. Hmmm...what
might this indicate for the economy, I wonder? Hope you all have a wonderful
new year and enjoy this technique from the great AV Sundaram.