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Understanding Too and Enough

The rules of grammar and structure are very strict, especially regarding patterns of sentence
usage involving size. The wordstooandenoughare words used when we express the "number" or
size of something.
Tooused in sentences when it feels there is a problem with the number or size of an item while
we are using it orenoughwhen we feel that the size or number of a barag is right with our will.
Simply means too "too" while enough means "enough". Let's look at the following example:
▪ The T-shirt is too big: this sentence shows that the size of the shirt is problematic for the
speaker in the sense that "The shirt is too big"
▪ The T-shirt is big enough: The sentence besides showing the speaker feels right to the size the
t-shirt, if translated to "(I'm a big person) The size of the shirt fits me"

Using Too and Enough with Adjective

We need to puttoobefore adjective (adjective) while usingenough, placed after the adjective. See
the following example:
▪ The man is too young
▪ The man is old enough
▪ We are too sad
▪ They are happy enough

with the use of Too and Enough Noun

addition to pair up with an adjective, the wordtooandenoughalso can be juxtaposed with the
noun (noun). But the placement is different from when pairing with adjectives. Pay attention to
the following rules!
1. If coupled with uncountable noun (nouns that cannot be counted), the wordtoomust be
accompanied bymuch / little. See the following example!
▪ We have too much water = too little water
▪ You put too little sugar = You have too little sugar
2. If you hold a countable noun, the wordtoomust be accompanied bymany / few. Consider the
following example!
▪ The man has too many shoes = The person has too many shoes
▪ The girl has too few friends = The girl has too few friends
3. While the wordenoughif it is with a noun, place it in front of the noun. Examples are:
▪ We have enough water
▪ We have to do enough preparations
▪ The kid bgirns enough books
Using Too and Enough with Adverb Do you

still remember what adverb is? Yes, adverb is a word that functions to spread predictions in a
sentence. Like adjective and noun,tooandenoughcan also pair with adverb by following the rules
as follows.
If the release is with adverb, place ittoobefore the adverb. Because of that, put the wordenough,
after the adverb. See the following example!
▪ She runstoo fast
▪ The man drivestoo quickly intervening
▪ The man works too hard
▪ We walk carefully enough to reach that place
▪ The students do not study hard enough to finish the assignment

of Use Too and Enough paired withVerb

Verbis a verb that generally placed as a prediket a sentence. Same as adjective, noun, and
adverb,wordstooorenoughcan also join with verb with some rules as follows.
If we pasangakan with a verb, the wordtooneed to be accompanied bymuchso that we have the
phrasetoomuch.Even though it is allowed, the phrasetoo little israther rarely used. Meanwhile,
the wordenoughremains alone and is directly coupled with a verb. An example is the following.
▪ The woma Worriestoo much
▪ speaktha man s too much and does too little
▪ We do not sleep enough
beberpa That the ordinary rules we learned in grammar English when using the
wordtooandenougharm with adjectiven noun, adverb and verb. Hopefully it's useful.