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a r t i s t d a i l y. c o m
november 2010


easy reference 26 Rosemarie Beck: Exploring

the Physicality of Paint
Acrylic: 20
by Eric sutphin
Oil: 10, 26, 34, 40, 48
Pastel: 56 This New York artist used
Watercolor: 40 themes from mythology, music,
and literature as ways to explore
the tactile properties of oil paint,
4 Editor’s Note and her approaches can offer
6 Letters inspiration and guidance to
today’s painters.
7 What’s New at

8 Art Mart 34 Rose Frantzen: Building

Community & Impacting
10 Quick Sketches Culture, One Portrait at a Time
The Hudson River School Art by Allison Malafronte
Trail...44th Annual Mother Lode When Iowa artist Rose Frantzen
National Art Exhibition...Kathy returned to her hometown of
Anderson’s Work in the National Maquoketa after several years
Arts Club’s Permanent Collection... living in major U.S. cities and
In Memoriam: Frank Frazetta. traveling abroad, she decided to
commemorate members of her
20 Landscapes, From Top to community through a powerful
Bottom portrait project.
by Bob Bahr
Washington artist Victoria 40 Inspiring Figures: Portraits
Adams focuses on the sky and by Women
horizon, and she utilizes both by john a. parks
oil and acrylic paint to create A new exhibition reveals the
magnificent scenes. enormous contribution of women
artists to the figurative tradition.


Belle (detail, 48
by Galina Perova,
2007, oil, 50 x 44.
Private collection.

48 Painting Life: Galina Perova and the Portrait

Society of America
by Michael Gormley
Galina Perova is a contemporary figurative painter
who has taken up the challenge of painting from life
in an attempt to replicate “real” human experience.

56 Inside the World of Pastel

by Wende Caporale
As a pastel painter, I feel that knowing the history
of the medium is important for me to grow and
improve as an artist. I am especially inspired by
female artists who helped bring the medium to
public attention.
64 Exhibitions
The Birth of Impressionism...A Belief in the Power of
Beauty: A Selection of Works by May Morris...Thomas
Gainsborough and the Modern Woman.
72 Business of Art

76 Technical Q+A

78 Bulletin Board

80 Coming in... 34

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