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English For Academic Purposes
Master of Information Technology 12

Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City - 13, Kaski
Phone: +977-9806620963
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Student Visa Officer
Australian High Commission
1/50G Shantipath,
Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021


It is my immense pleasure to have this opportunity to express about my past, present and
future concerning my academic and aspirations. This Statement of Purpose depicts my
educational background, my future education plans and its relevancy to support my long-term
academic goals.

To introduce myself, I am Mrs. Srishti Adhikari, daughter of Mr. Khim lal Adhikari and
Mrs. Sarita Devi Khanal Adhikari and wife of Mr. Sagar Baral born on 30th October 1993,
the permanent resident of ward no. 13 Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolis , Pokhara, Nepal. I am
24 years old now, citizen of Nepal born in a beautiful city Pokhara, holding a passport no:
10654068. My family is a nuclear family consisting my father-in-law, mother-in-law,
husband, and brother-in-law.. We are permanent resident of Kaski. My father-in-law is a
reputed businessman of pokhara. My mother-in-law is a housewife and my brother-in-law is
a Civil engineer.

Talking about my behaviour, I am a helpful , kind and co-operative with all. My strengths are
my creativeness and enthusiasm in learning applications with good participation. I am able to
work with
Minimal supervision. I am flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment, work on
any project with confidence and positive attitude.

I have a nuclear family consisting of eight member in my family: my father ,mother, younger
sister, younger brother, elder brother, elder sister, sister-in-law and me. My father is a
permanent second class teacher of Secondary level where as my mother is a housewife. My
younger brother runs a hotel and my two elder brother and sister are studying at the moment.

Regarding my academic career, I have always prioritized my academics. I have completed
my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from River Dale School, in the year 2010, on first
division with distinction marks, scoring 86.75%. After the completion of my tenth grade, I
joined Pokhara Higher Secondary School to study science stream. The difficulty of the
subject and insufficient labour from my side yielded in poor result – 60.20% in HSEB in
2012. Paschimanchal Campus (or Western region Campus ) is one of the most reputed
institution of Nepal. It is really a great challenge to get admission in Paschimanchal Campus.
So, after completion of Intermediate Level in science stream, I decided to take one year
course for engineering entrance preparation and learning more about computer engineering so
that I could do better in my field. Luckily I was selected for the course. From my schooling
time, I have shown very keen interest on computer science and mathematics which have
enhanced my analytical and quantitative skills. And what could describe these interests of
mine other than Computer Engineering, in this era of information technology, at best? So, I
got enrolled in Paschimanchal Campus affiliated to Tribhuwan University, in 2013
December. There, I got the opportunity to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills; I
found the faculty members friendly and cooperative; I found myself really enjoying and in a
tranquil during my 4 years of engineering study. I completed my bachelor study as a regular
student in September 2017, scoring 70.51%.

Regarding my language proficiency test examination; I took IELTS examination on 1 st

February, 2018, where I scored 8 in Listening, 6.5 in Reading, 6 in writing and 6.5 in
speaking with overall core of 7 in IELTS.


The major issue faced by most of the student is the selecting right course and right
universities. Furthermore, choosing the right country is another critical issue. Even though,
there are a lot of educational destinations around the world, I prefer exactly Australia after I
did careful analysis of many other options like UK, USA, and Canada. I also visited some
websites and consultancies and got counseling for aboard study. At last I came to conclusion
that Australia is one of the best country having ESOS (Education Service to Overseas
Students) Act 2000, and also TPS (Tuition Protection Service) which is designed to protect
the rights of international student with protection for international student's tuition fees.
Australia is a globally known country for its internationally recognized degree and quality
practical education system in the world with access to advanced degree and research.
Australia has always been the most popular destination for international student due to high
reputation of government policies in educational sector. People from almost every aspect of
the world reside here; students can be a part of multicultural activities. Degree from
Australian college will provide me with invaluable academic, practical, professional and
personal growth and open up an infinite number of career opportunities after completion of
my course. Eight out of 100 top universities are Australian. The modern transport facilities
and communication system makes Australia an easy access to the dynamic world. The crime
rates are typically low in Australia than other country. Australia is very safe country for
international students in compare with other country i.e. USA, UK. According to global
peace index 2016 Australia has been ranked as 4th in world's safest place. Australia has
special health insurance coverage for international students called Overseas Student Health
Cover (OSHC). This insurance is required while residing on student visa; this will cover
unexpected sickness or any emergency care.
As I am a Nepalese citizen, I love my nation but due to some critical factors I have to choose
abroad for further studies. Nepal is a developing country and Nepal is a bit backward in the
field of technology. Comparing the education system of Nepal with that to Australia ,Nepal
still follows the traditional method of teaching and learning ,even the courses are not updated
properly, whereas Australia provide quality theoretical as well as practical education in the
world with access to advanced technology and research. As per the research I have done on
the similar courses here in my country, I found that only few universities offer the course that
I have choosed namely: Master of Technology (Mtech) in Information Technology in
Kathmandu University(KU), Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc. IT) in
Infomax College of IT and Management affiliated to Sikkim Manipal University. Most of the
courses in these universities are theoretical based rather than on research or practical. In
addition to this, the degrees obtained from Nepalese Universities are less globally recognised.
Moreover, there is no political stability which has badly affected the education system of
Nepal. These are the reasons which forced me to choose Australia for further studies.

Talking about the course structure of CSU for Masters of Information Technology (MIT), it
offers 12 and 16 subjects. As I have already completed four years Bachelor’s Degree, I am
applying for 12 subjects program.

There are 5 core subjects in this program:

 ITC505 ICT Project Management

 ITC506 Topics in IT Ethics
 ITC544 Computer Organisation and Architecture
 ITC556 Database Systems
 ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation

And the remaining 7 subjects are to be selected from the list of Postgraduate Information

 ITC504 Interface Use ability

 ITC508 Object Modelling
 ITC513 Wireless Networking Concepts
 ITC514 Linux Server Administration
 ITC515 Professional Programming Practice
 ITC516 Data Mining and Visualisation
 ITC518 Principles of Programming using C#
 ITC521 Programming in Java 2
 ITC538 Programming in Java 1
 ITC539 Android App Development
 ITC540 IT Infrastructure Management PG
 ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP
 ITC548 System Analysis PG
 ITC558 Programming Principles
 ITC560 Internet of Things
 ITC561 Cloud Computing
 ITC563 IT Management Issues
 ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security
 ITC570 IT Project Experience
 ITC595 Information Security
 ITC596 IT Risk Management
 ITC597 Digital Forensics

While reviewing the MIT course, I found that CSU offers a 2 years full time study on the
topic enabling various specialisations:

 Business Analysis
 Cloud Computing
 Mobile Programming
 Computer Networking
 IT Management
 Network Security
 Software Design and Development
 System Analysis

I am planning to do my Masters in Information System in the field of Computer Networking.

For that I have to choose at least four subjects from the section of Computer Networking. So,
I will have the following subjects for my Master’s Program:

 ICT Project Management

 Topics in IT Ethics
 Computer Organisation and Architecture
 Database Systems
 Emerging Technologies and Innovation
 Internetworking with TCP/IP
 Information Security
 Networks and communications
 Wireless Networking Concepts
 Data Mining and Visualisation
 Digital Forensics
 Virtualisation and Cloud Computing

I am well aware about the Master’s program I am attending. Master of Information Technology
(MIT) course for Engineers course is of 2 years’ duration, I will have to study total 12 courses with 96
credit points. Moreover, the most important aspect of this course is that I will be having a better
chance to do 12 weeks’ internship, which will additionally enhance my knowledge and skills in
practical field.


Since my childhood, I have studied Computer as my basic course and have always got good
marks in computer. I had a keen interest in Computer software and always wanted to know
how these software are developed. After completing my higher secondary level, I decided to
study the subject related to computer. Then, I got enroled in Paschimanchal campus in the
program of Bachelor in Computer Engineering. Nowadays, technology is increasing
exponentially. Everything is possible with just the touch of screen. Information technology
has changed the life style of people globally. . IT is such a subject that incorporates new
technology and its definition keeps on changing with time.
I dream of working as a IT expert or establishment of IT company in future. Also there are
very few qualified IT professionals in the market due to which there is high demand of IT
professionals in the days to come.

Of course, Salary is one of the reasons why people of all backgrounds invest in Master’s in
Information Technology. According to the survey done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics, it is seen that IT is one of the field in which people with master’s degree often
earns a premium over workers with just a bachelor’s degree. It is worthwhile to invest in IT
field for future.

After completing the course I will have different opportunities like: Database administrator,
ICT Project Manager, Network System engineer, Software Developer, Web Developer,
Systems Analyst, web developer in well known IT industries of Nepal such as Axiata, Nepal
Telecom,Verisk Information Technologies, Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Deerwalk
Services, Brain Digit IT Solution, EB Pearls, F1 Soft and many more.


After choosing Australia for further studies, the next challenge for me was to choose better
university for my program. I did a lot of research on universities on the basis of academic,
flexible learning, student facilities and location. I searched broachers and websites of the
universities and listened from counsellors in Pokhara. They told me about La Trobe
University for the best quality. I later found that La Trobe University is a bit expensive one. I
had also attended a seminar held on Expert education and visa services at Pokhara where I
had got chance to meet director from CSU University David Knight and learn lot more about
CSU in person. He made me clear about the fee structure, courses, environment of CSU as
well as scholarship opportunity provided to the international students. I also consulted with
my friends, brother and consultancy about the CSU then I got insights about CSU and they
also highly recommended the University for me, on the basis of economic and academic

CSU, named after Indian born British explorer Charles Napier Sturt, is one of the highly
renowned public universities with more than 42,000 students enroll in around 350 courses.
Charles Sturt University is a public university which is funded by the Australian government.
It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. CSU is one of the largest
universities in Australia which has a wide network of campuses. CSU has received 631
Academic Achievement Awards and 71 Executive Dean’s Awards for outstanding results in
2017.Courses are designed in collaboration with academic and industry professionals to
ensure quality and relevance. It offers three months internship after completion of final
course which helps in gaining work experience.

There were other few universities like Central Queensland University (CQU), University of
Sunshine coast (USC), Macquarie University and Charles Darwin University (CDU) but
because of the reasons like affordable tuition fees, 12 subject course module, internship
options, I preferred Charles Sturt University (CSU) over them. So, there is no doubt that
studying in CSU will help in meeting career and destination.


Selecting the better place for studying in Australia was not so difficult. Although CSU is
located in three different cities namely Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, I prefer Sydney due
to its climate, friendly life style, world-class recreation, transport, telecommunication
facilities and universities.

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. It is
one of the world's most livable cities and also capital of New South Wales. It is metropolitan
city with well-planned transport and easy communication in English with international
students along with peaceful environment with wide range of students, Sydney has cultural
and religious harmony. Climate in Sydney are similar to Nepal so that will be easier for me to
sustain there during my studies and the good environment of Sydney helps students to remain
active. Moreover, Sydney is the city of grooming with tourism destination that enjoys fresh
air and beautiful parks and gardens. It is also a gateway to Australia for many international
visitors. As an international students, studying abroad means not only to achieve the degree
but it is more about learning new things like cultures, way of living, new ideas and
knowledge. I hope students can achieve these qualities during their student life in Australia
which can help to build their confidence to achieve their future goal.

Following are the estimated cost for a year while I stay in Australia

Tuition Fees per year $22,260.00(MIT)

Living expenses per year (with spouse) $20,290.00 + $7,100.00
OSHC Insurance Dual Family $ 4,988.00
Stationery Expenses $2,000.00
SSAF $111.00
Total $56,749.00

I am sponsored by my father, my father-in-law and Mother-in-law. My father is a permanent

second class teacher of Secondary level and also he is a part time lecturer with an annual
income of Nepalese rupees 7,33943.00 from source-Salary.

Similarly, my father-in-law owns Poultry farm named Gandaki Poultry Suppliers

established in 2nd February,2009 A.D, with an annual income of Nepalese rupees 1725553.83
from sources- Business and a .In addition to this, my mother –in-law owns a house with
house number-41 and Land plot number-9 with annual income of Nepalese rupees 3,24,000
from source-House rent. I assure my family won’t have any difficulties sponsoring me for
my higher education. They always wanted be to continue my further education as my father
and mother both are teacher. They are actually happy to support me financially to complete
my further studies in Australia.

So, the total net annual income of my family is Nepalese rupees 27,83,496.83 from sources-
salary, business and house rent.

By the year 2020, I will complete the MIT program from CSU, Sydney. This certificate is
highly appreciated in Nepal. So, I can easily get job opportunity in a renowned software
companies like: Verisk Nepal Private Limited, Verscend Technologies Private Limited,
Braindigit IT Solution Private Limited, F1 soft technologies, EB Pearls and NEPAL
TELECOM. I want to contribute the knowledge and skills that I have learned. After the
completion of master’s degree in CSU, I will return back to my own country, Nepal as there
is a high demand of qualified IT professionals in Nepal. Despite of these successful
companies in the country, most of the government projects are outsourced to foreign
companies. The failure of the government to recognize domestic IT companies has caused a
big loss for the economy.

Achieving degree from globally recognized university from CSU, I can be a part in
convincing government bodies to trust domestic skills. After returning to Nepal, I will be
working in a reputed software company for some years. And, after gaining some experience
and skills, I will open my own software company and will try to provide a platform for new
comers who are aiming to develop career in IT sector. First of all, I will open a single branch
in my own hometown. After that I will extend my company in other cities too. My aim is to
get the government projects from different states of Nepal.

Since my husband is also from the same field, he will give his full support to fulfill our
dream. He is also a Computer Engineer with good knowledge and skills of programming.
This is an additional benefit for me to complete my dream. We both have a dream to run a
Software company in our hometown.

Besides future professional career, I have certain duties and responsibilities towards my
family. Being a daughter, I must look after my parents and in-laws parents in their old age.
My father-in-law had a business of poultry farm, which should be looked by me and my
husband in their old age. The other dream I have is to spend prosperous and healthy life with
my family in distant future.



Furthermore, higher education from Australia will make me eligible to attain my masters
from any reputed universities of the globe and it would be a positive remark for me to extend
my academic and economic horizon.

Lastly, I have fully understood the visa conditions under 500 subclass which are as follows:

 I can work up to 40 hours fortnight while the course is in progress.

 I must maintain overseas student health cover (OSHC) policy for the full duration of
 I have to inform DIBP/University of any change in address within seven days.
 I must maintain at least 80% attendance in my course as per education provider.
 I must Score minimum of 50% in each subject to pass.
 I must maintain the payment of tuition fees by the census date of each term in which I
am enrolled to study.

I hereby confirm that I will obey all the rules and regulations of Australian Government and
my chosen college to establish my career and for my further studies.
Signature ………………………… Date of Birth …………………………………..

Name ……………………………… Passport No ……………………………….

Date ………………………………