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Subject : English Language

Class : 5 Success

Enrolment : 25

Date/day : 10 October 2017

Time : 12.15 – 1.15 pm

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Unit 14, Adventure Sports

Focused skill : Listening and Speaking

Content standard : 1.3 By the end of 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to understand and respond to oral texts in variety of

Learning standard : 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral

text by answering questions.

Learning objectives : Pupils are able to match the words with the pictures

Vocabulary : BMX biking, rock climbing, rafting, caving, surfing,

parachuting, bungee jumping, skateboarding, paragliding and

Educational Emphasis : Thinking skills, Multiple Intelligences

Resources teaching aids : Flashcard

Stages/Time Content Activities Remarks
Set induction Differentiate 1. Teacher write Preparation phase
(3 minutes) the words
Question: sport and White board and
adventure marker pen
“What is mean by sports
sports?” 2. Teacher ask
“What does randomly to
adventure means?” differentiate
the two words.
“Can you list some 3. Teacher
sports that you explain the
know?” words.
4. Teacher ask
“What sport do you the pupils
like to play?” whether it is
suitable or not
“Have you heard to do
about adventure adventure
sports?” sport in
“Can you list some
adventure sports
that you know?”

“Do you think we

adventure sports
can be done in
Presentation Flashcard of picture 1. Pupils are Imagination phase
(5 minutes) and words. divided into
groups. Flashcard and
Vocabulary: 2. Teacher say sentences
out loud each
BMX biking adventure Cello tape to paste
Rock climbing sports with the flashcard
Rafting correct
Caving pronunciation
Surfing and the pupil
Parachuting will follow.
Bungee jumping 3. Teacher
Skateboarding explain each
Paintball word with
Sailing action for the
pupils to get
the gist of it.
Practice Broken telephone 1. Assign each Flashcard
(15 minutes) Sentences : group with 2
1. A boy is adventure
boarding a sports.
red 2. Each leader
skateboard. come to the
2. He ride a teacher to take
white BMX the flashcard.
3. The man in 3. Each group
white form a straight
parachuting line to play
with white broken
parachute. telephone.
4. Six people 4. Teacher will
enjoy rafting whispers the
on a blue sentences to
raft. the first person
5. Seven of each group.
bravely 5. After all the
surfing on first pupil has
the wave. been
6. The man whispered
wears red teacher the
suit in the game start.
cave. 6. When teacher
7. He spreads say start, the
his arms first person will
during the whisper to the
bungee second person
jumping. in 1 minute.
8. The man is 7. The last
standing person will
near the sail. match the
9. He wears adventure
mask while sports to the
paintballing. picture
10. She uses according
rope to help what they
her climb the heard.
rock. 8. This game will
have 2 round.
Each pupil has 1 9. Each group
minute to memorize representative
the sentence. (the last
person) will
Teacher can ask the write on the
first pupils to say the whiteboard
sentence they heard and present
during the what they
presentation. have heard to
the class.
10. Teacher
correct pupil
sentences and
if necessary.
11. Teacher will
give reward for
the group who
matches the
word and
12. Teacher will
correct the
wrong one.
Production Worksheet 1. Each pupils 25 worksheets
(5 minutes) *refer appendices* are given
worksheets to
test their
2. Teacher then
asks the pupils
to prepare to
speak about
one adventure
sports that
they would like
to try in the
future. A few
pupils will be

Closure Examples of 1. Rewards are Rewards : sweets

(2 minutes) teacher’s sentence: given to the
pupils who
“What have we gained it.
learnt today class?” 2. Teacher sums
up the lesson.
“It is very good to
listen carefully so
that we gained the
right information”

“There are a lot of

adventure sports
that we can try”

“We get to know

some adventures


Comments by supervisor:

Prepared by
Shaliza Abdul Said

Name: _______________ Class: _______________

Adventure sports worksheet

Match the activities and the word.


Caving Rock climbing

Parachuting Paintball

Bungee jumping Surfing