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MODEL SERIES 4128 2.0 GPM AND 4138 3.0 GPM

SHURFLO AQUA KING™ II Delivers smooth quiet flow.

SHURFLO’S New 4128 and 4138 series fresh water pump design was created with unique over-molded single-piece diaphragm
and internal by-pass, assuring long life and top performance in all plumbing systems. Designed as the next legendary pump to
exceed the expectations of our customers, the 4128 and 4138 series pumps are constructed for medium flow demand, smooth
flow and no rapid cycling. Our quality reputation has been built on the reliability and dependability of every pump we build. The
4128 and 4138 series fresh water automatic demand pumps are quiet, thermally protected and can run dry without damage.


❚ 4 independent chambers
❚ Co-Molded diaphragm
❚ Adjustable pressure switch
❚ Self-priming up to 6 feet
❚ Dry run capability
❚ Sealed switch
❚ Sealed motor
❚ Corrosion resistant electro coated
❚ Thermally protected
❚ Ignition protected, CE


❚ Properly sized plumbing ❚ Pump is designed for intermittent ❚ Marine 12V DC or 24V DC fresh water
operation only systems – see pump label for rated
❚ Mount on a solid surface within 6 feet
of tank ❚ Turn off power to the pump when boat
is unattended ❚ For 4138 3 GPM models, up to 3
❚ Properly sized wiring
fixtures and up to 2 fixtures for 4128, 2
❚ Keep your strainer clean for ultimate
❚ Use proper fuse size GPM models
pump performance
❚ Install strainer on pump inlet ❚ General fresh water transfer
❚ Do not use pump with a Reverse
❚ Dry and accessible location Osmosis filtration system ❚ Pressurized water systems in cabins
❚ Minimize plumbing elbows and valves
❚ Flexible high-pressure hose on inlet
and outlet
❚ No accumulator needed



The goal of installation is to provide a ❚ Use a minimum of 1/2" [13mm] Inner ❚ Mount the pump within 6 feet (Max) of
quiet, easy-to-maintain installation with Diameter plumbing. Smaller ID plumb- the tank for best performance and pump
good flow and low back pressure. This ing will cause cavitation, high backpres- life. The pump will pull farther, but the
can be accomplished with the following sure, low flow and noise. farther it pulls the more work it does,
guidelines: increasing vibration and noise, and
❚ Pump is designed for intermittent duty reducing the output and pump life.
❚ Mount on a solid surface in an acces- only: Do not use these pumps for run-
sible location for strainer cleaning and ning a Reverse-Osmosis [RO] Filtration ❚ Mount pump in a space of at least 1
pump maintenance. System. High pressure-continuous duty cubic foot for adequate ventilation to
usage will shorten the life of the pump prevent overheating.
❚ Use flexible high-pressure hose on and is not covered under warranty.
the pump inlet and outlet [such as ❚ Pump may be mounted in any posi-
SHURFLO Kit 94-591-01]. The pump ❚ Wire Size is 16 GA MINIMUM, 12GA tion.
ports and strainer should not be con- [4mm²] is recommended—See Wire
nected to plastic or rigid pipe, or the Chart in Electrical Section for minimum ❚ Mount pump for easy access for
pump's normal motion will transmit sizing. cleaning strainer, maintenance and
through rigid plumbing causing noise, service.
and possibly loosening or cracking ❚ Minimum power requirement is a 10
components. Amp circuit. ❚ Mount pump on a solid surface to
prevent vibration and noise.
❚ Pump must use an adequate 50-mesh ❚ Reduce restrictions on inlet and out-
strainer [such as SHURFLO 255 series let. This includes small inner diameter
strainers]. shut-off valves, winterizing valves and
❚ No need for an accumulator with by-
pass pumps.



Restrictions in a plumbing system may

cause the pump to rapid cycle (ON/OFF
within 2 sec.) during low flow demands.
Cycling should be minimized to prevent
pulsating flow and to achieve maximum
ELECTRICAL pump life. To determine if adjustment
if necessary, turn tap on to lower than
average flow of water. The pump should
❚ The pump should be on a dedicated
Ft. [m] AWG [mm2] cycle, but its “OFF time” must be 2 sec-
(individual) circuit protected by the
onds or longer. If the cycling is correct,
specified fuse on the motor label. 0-25 [0-7.6] 16 [1.3] leave well enough alone. If the pump
❚ A UL marine duty switch (ignition 25-50 [7.6-15.2] 14 [2.1] is cycling rapidly increase the setting
protected) rated for 15 amps or higher is by turning the screw clockwise (1/2
50-70 [15.2-21.3] 12 [3.3]
recommended, and must interrupt cur- TURN to ¾ TURN MAX.) until the pump
70-110 [21.3-33.5] 10 [5.3] operates for 1 second with at least 2
rent flow on the positive (+ red) lead.
Minimum Wire Size for a 10% voltage drop on a 12VDC, 10 Amp seconds “OFF time”. If cycling cannot be
❚ SHUT OFF POWER TO THE PUMP Circuit. Length is the distance from the power source to pump minimized consider removing plumbing
WHEN LEAVING THE BOAT UNAT- and back to ground. restrictions or simply install a SHURFLO
TENDED. Accumulator.

SURE SWITCH "OPERATION" Installation of a strainer is required to Normal pump maintenance is all that is
prevent debris from entering the pump. needed: Checking and cleaning of the
For noise and vibration reduction we strainer, normal sanitizing and win-
recommend at least 18 in. [.5 M] of terizing and occasionally checking all
The pump operates normally up to about 1/2" [13mm] I.D. flexible high-pressure plumbing hardware and fittings for tight-
40 PSI, where a spring-loaded by-pass hose to both ports. The pump ports and ness. Lack of sanitizing is the number
valve opens, allowing flow back from the strainer should not be connected to one reason for premature pump failure
output side to the input side, providing plastic or rigid pipe. This hose should and poor performance over time. Lack
smooth, steady flow with virtually no be anchored where it meets the hard of sanitizing will cause scale build-up on
cycling, all the way down to a trickle. plumbing to reduce plumbing vibration. the diaphragm and valves, causing low
As a faucet is opened, the pressure will flow and leak back [occasional pump cy-
drop, the by-pass will close and full flow cling with no faucets open or tank filling
is achieved. This allows good flow, even up when hooked up to city water].
with today’s commonly used restrictive
showers and pullout sprayer faucets.
Performance will vary, of course,
depending on the voltage to the pump: SANITIZING WINTERIZING
lower voltage = lower flow, higher volt-
age = higher flow. Always be cautious
Potable water systems require periodic Refer to the boat owner’s manual for
and practice electrical safety. It is al-
maintenance to keep components work- specific winterizing instructions.
ways best to shut off power to the pump
ing properly and deliver a consistent If water is allowed to freeze in the
when leaving the Boat unattended.
flow of fresh water. Sanitizing is recom- system, serious damage to the plumb-
mended: prior to storing, after a period ing and pump may occur. Failures of
of storage, or any time the system is this type will void the warranty. The best
opened or contaminated, as follows: guarantee against damage is to com-
ABOUT THE BY-PASS NOTE: Check your Boat Owner’s Man- pletely drain the pump and perform the
ual for specific instructions. By-pass following:
The by-pass is a spring loaded dia- any filters or remove filter cartridges.
phragm that, when open allows water 1. Drain the water tank. If the tank
1. Determine the amount of common doesn't have a drain valve, open all fau-
from the discharge side back to the household bleach needed to sanitize the
inlet side. If the switch or by-pass are cets allowing the pump to operate until
tank. the tank is empty.
adjusted too much, the by-pass and
switch shut-off can overlap and THE A) 2 ounces of bleach per 15 gallons
tank size: 60 gallon tank [15 x 4] = 4 x 2. Open all the faucets (including the
2 ounces = 8 ounces of bleach. lowest valve or drain in the plumbing),
ing the switch screw in clockwise will
allow the pump to purge the water from
raise the shut-off pressure. Unscrew- B) I ml bleach per 1 liter tank size: the plumbing, and then turn the pump
ing the switch screw counterclockwise 300 liter tank = 300 milliliters of “OFF”.
will lower the pump shut-off pressure. bleach.
Screwing the by-pass screw in will raise 3. Using a pan to catch the remain-
the pressure at which the by-pass starts 2. Mix the bleach with water in a con- ing water, remove the plumbing at
and raise the full by-pass pressure. tainer such as a gallon jug. If tank is the pump's inlet/outlet ports. Turn
Unscrewing the by-pass screw coun- filled through a pressurized fitting, pour the pump “ON”, allowing it to operate
terclockwise will lower the pressure at the bleach into the hose before attach- until the water is expelled. Turn “OFF”
which by-pass starts and lower the full ing the hose to the city water entry. power to the pump once the plumbing
by-pass pressure. is emptied. Do not reconnect the pump
3. Pour the bleach solution into the tank
plumbing. Make a note at tank filler as a
WARNING: If full by-pass is reached and fill the tank with potable water. Rock
reminder: "Plumbing is disconnected".
before the shut-off setting, the pump the boat back and forth to coat top and
will not shut off. Full by-pass pressure sides of potable water tank. 4. All faucets must be left open to guard
setting should be at least 0.48 bars [7 against any damage.
psi] higher than pump shut off pressure. 4. Open all faucets (Hot & Cold) allowing
the water to run until the odor of chlo- 5. Potable anti-freeze may be poured
rine is detected. Allow four (4) hours down drains and toilets to protect
of contact time to disinfect completely. p-traps and toilet seals. Sanitize the
Doubling the solution concentration al- plumbing system before putting the
lows for a contact time of one (1) hour. plumbing system back in service.
5. Drain the tank. Refill the tank and
flush the system once or twice until the
odor has decreased. The residual chlo-
rine odor and taste is not harmful. 3

Vibration induced by sea conditions or PUMP WILL NOT SHUT-OFF / RUNS √ Is the pump plumbed with rigid pipe
transporting can cause plumbing or pump WHEN NOZZLE IS CLOSED causing noise to transmit?
hardware to loosen. Check for system com- √ Output side (pressure) plumbing for √ Does the mounting surface amplify
ponents that are loose. Many symptoms leaks, and inspect for leaky valves noise (flexible)? Does it bang like a
can be resolved by simply tightening the or toilet. drum?
hardware. Check the following items along √ For air trapped in outlet side (water √ For mounting feet that are loose or
with other particulars of your system. heater) or pump head. are compressed too tight.
√ For correct voltage to pump (±10%). √ For air in the system. Check all
PUMP WILL NOT START/ BLOWS √ For loose drive assembly or pump fixtures for air and bleed system.
CIRCUIT head screws. √ The motor with pump head re-
√ Electrical connections, fuse or √ Are the valves held open by debris moved. Is noise from motor or
breaker, main switch, and ground or is the rubber swollen? pump head?
connection. √ Pressure switch operation. By-pass
√ Is the motor hot? Thermal breaker set higher than shut-off. LEAKS FROM PUMP HEAD OR SWITCH
may have triggered; it will reset √ For loose screws at switch or pump
√ Is voltage present at the switch? √ For plumbing which may have √ Switch diaphragm ruptured or
Bypass pressure sw. Does the pump vibrated loose. pinched.
operate? √ For a restricted inlet (clogged √ For punctured diaphragm if water is
√ Charging System for correct voltage strainer, kinked hose, restrictive present in drive assembly.
(±10%) and good ground. valves).
√ For an open or grounded circuit, or
motor; or improperly sized wire.
√ For seized or locked diaphragm as- SERVICE KITS
sembly (water frozen?).
4128-110-X04 4138-111-X65 4138-131-X65
(No discharge/Motor runs) 1 94-800-22 94-800-23 94-800-23
√ Is the strainer clogged with debris?
2 94-800-01 94-800-01 94-800-01
√ Is there water in the tank, or has air
collected in the hot water heater? 3 94-800-25 94-800-26 94-800-26
√ Is the inlet tubing/plumbing suck- 4 94-71-003-07 94-71-005-07 94-71-006-07
ing in air at plumbing connections 1, 2, 3 94-800-28 94-800-29 94-800-29
(vacuum leak)?
Check Valve
√ Is inlet/outlet plumbing severely (not shown)
94-800-03 94-800-03 94-800-03
restricted or kinked? Restrictive
*With preset switch and by-pass adjustment
√ Proper voltage with the pump oper- 4
ating (±10%).
√ For debris in pump inlet/outlet
valves or swollen/dry valves.
√ Pump housing for cracks or loose 3
drive assembly screws.

√ For restrictive plumbing and flow
restrictions in faucets/shower
heads. 1
√ Water filter/purifier should be on
separate feed line.
√ Shut-off pressure set too low.


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