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Over the past decade, we have witnessed an ongoing information revolution

brought about by the Internet. We have learned to harness the Internet for more efficient

communication and ubiquitous information. These benefits have enabled us to bring

many aspects of our lives online. This thesis is concerned with options for user

interfaces. In this study, we hope to develop a web-based application that will minimize

all paper works and manual records keeping, therefore allowing the company ease in

keeping track of deploying trucks, orders, billing audits - a system that is fully

automated, user-friendly, time effective, easy to work with and efficient. The purpose of

this work was to find a feasible way to utilize simulation environments for improving

product time to market.

Area of Investigation

We conducted a study of the application of user interface by examining their use

in a retrospective evaluation of the user interface of an existing system they’ve been

using. Work effort mainly consisted of studying the existing environments,

understanding the lessons learnt, finding a proper architectural approach for a new

design and implementing it to the system as a proof of concept. The result of the work

can be used in the future simulation aided software development by the client company,

In the short term, the result of this work will be viable in daily basis. The following effort

to continue this work is to implement the proposed system, to verify the implementation

and make the possible changes found necessary to create a working in a efficient way

System Modules

To achieve the aims & objectives of this proposal system, the main things are to

identify the main features that involved in the system. In this scenario, there are two

types of users; they are Admin, Users/Employees. All these users should be login to the

system with separate authentications and limitations. This information can be retrieve

given specifications and the availability of the process are updated and done by the

admin. The proponents are going to used PHP in making the system interface.

Reason of Choice

Users performed similarly with both paradigms although they perceived that they

performed better with the proposed system. It is computerized system that will reduce

errors and cost by saving time using data more effectively. In their existing system, a

company needs to go through a lot of work to do and the process is done one by one.

However, on the proposed automated system, it’s just a button/click keyboard away to

access the records of list transactions.

Objectives of the Study

The aim of this work is to develop efficient and fast computer-based monitoring

system in client company. The proposed system will provide service in place where to
ensure that all transactions are recorded, so the business is conducted in an orderly

manner. User satisfaction with a new application system depends to a significant extent

on the system’s ability to deliver performance that is acceptable and consistent.


Manual inputting from their previous system is a definition of something to work

with a lot of exerting efforts by hands, and are not the most efficient way. It’s a lot of

work before you get the progressive task. Whereas the automates system is derived

from “automation” meaning that is machine driven by a person or machine controlled

with little or very less exertion of efforts, this it makes easier to generate an output.

Conceptual Framework
According to Cramer, Duncan and Dennis Howitt. The SAGE Dictionary of

Statistics. London: SAGE, 2004; Penslar, Robin Levin and Joan P. Porter. Dependent

variable is the variable that depends on other factors that are measured. These

variables are expected to change as a result of an experimental manipulation of the

independent variable or variables. It is the presumed effect. While independent

variable is The variable that is stable and unaffected by the other variables you are

trying to measure. It refers to the condition of an experiment that is systematically

manipulated by the investigator. It is the presumed cause.

Existing Framework

Independent Variables Dependent Variables

Manual checking of
contract Manual inputting of new
Manual checking of
Manual inputting of pro
product picked up

Manual inputting of
product pull out
Manual checking of
product pull o

Manual checking of Manual inputting of

delivered repor contracts completed

Manual checking of Manual inputting of

contracts’ status transport bill expenses

The G Two Movers Company had this manual procedure of checking of

contracts, product picked up, product pull out, delivered reports, contracts’ status day-

to-day basis regularly. Integrating incomplete task and sometimes conflicting of orders.

Propose Framework

Independent Dependent Variables


Dvelopment checking
of deliveries made

checking of product
picked up
Development Parcel Carrier
checking of product Dispatch
pull out
checking of delivered

checking of contract’s

On the expressed variables you'd notice that the majority of the processes were

done manually, therefore we have a tendency to came up in our projected system to

automate these processes to make them uncomplicated and easy. The system itself

would supply a good ease on the user's since the system is enforced, then that may

lessen the work of the user specifically on the adding of contracts and checking of

contract’s status.

Theoretical Framework

The study is focused on the System Theory, which states that, “A System refers

to any collection or combination of programs., procedures data and equipment utilized

in processing information”. A system is mainly made up of two components that

represent the units of analysis or the variables under study. As the result of the study, it

represent input as the Independent variable (IV), the Process, and the Output as the

Dependent Variable
The upper portion of the paradigm clearly illustrates how the existing system will

be process. The materials used in the tradition method, which is a manual way of

recording files using the pen, pencils, papers and columnar notebooks serves as the

input; and the manager being able to get the incoming files of the clients serves as the


The lower portion of the paradigm illustrates how the proposed system will be

process. It illustrates the new method of recording files through the use of a computer,

which serves as the input: the process is automated and is therefore faster, more

efficient and easier to work with. The manager can now get the recorded files faster by

inputting the records.

Significance of the Study

Accounts Manager. The proposed system will be privileged to obtain full access

or control with the system as they hold critical responsibilities and decision-making

process. The system would provide offer nice edges to company specifically. This could

provide the manager quick outline and fast summary of what’s the standing of the


Office Staff. They will obtain in depth access the system to those authorized

personnel only. They have to enter codes to unlock the account. The system was build

with a very strict security however accessible and upgradable.

Treasury Personnel. generally responsible balancing and managing the day-to-

day cash flow of funds. So, our application proposal would be easier and utilize for work


Scopes and Limitation/Delimitations

In general, the focus of this study is directed towards the design and

development of an online trucking management system. The study is largely dependent

on the honesty, sincerity and integrity of the respondents.

In this proposed system, records and files are computerized and stored online for

accessibility and portability. However, the proponents limit the online feature of the

system to treasury and staff only. Managing appointments is also integrated and billing

statements and official receipts are automated.

Target Users

The proposed system target users would be our company client especially to the

operations department of the company. Starting from the operations manager, Ronaldo

Gimeno until to the dispatching office, our proposed system will help their work


Software Development Tools

The proposed system were fully developed in Sublime Text. It is a text editor for

source code and it has nice user interface. We also use bootstrap as a responsive

framework for designing and developing. It has many in-builds components that you can

possibly use, where it easily drag and drop to assemble responsive web pages. Having

these software development tools helped our proposed system structured and