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com Grade Level: V

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File Created by Ma’am IRENE A. MANZANERO Learning Area: MATHEMATICS
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: OCTOBER 30 – NOVEMBER 3, 2017 (WEEK 1) Quarter: 3RD QUARTER


a. Content Standards Demonstrate understanding of percent
b. Performance Is able to apply percent in mathematical problems and real-life situations.
c. Learning Visualizes percent and its
Identifies the base, percentage, and Identifies the base, percentage,
Competencies/ Objectives. relationship to fractions, ratios, Defines percentage, rate or Defines percentage, rate or percent,
rate in a problem. and rate in a problem.
Write the LC Code for each and decimal numbers using percent, and base. and base.
M5NS-IIIa-138 M5NS-IIIa-138
models. M5NS-IIIa-137 M5NS-IIIa-137
II.CONTENT VisualizingPercent and Its Relationship of percent to Relationship of percent to fractions, Identify the Base, Percentage, and Identify the Base, Percentage,
Relationship to Fractions, Ratios fractions, ratio, and decimal ratio, and decimal numbers. Rate in the Problem and Rate in the Problem
and Decimal Numbers Using numbers.
1.Teacher’s Guide pages TG Q3 TG Q3 TG Q3 TG Q3 TG Q3
2.Learner’s Materials LM Q3 LM Q3 LM Q3 LM Q3 LM Q3
3.Textbook pages Growing Up with Math pp. 217- Lesson Guide in Mathematics 5 Lesson Guide in Mathematics 5 pp. Growing Up with Math pp.220, Growing Up with Math pp.220,
219, Math for Life pp. 254-257, pp. 417 417 Math for Life pp.256 Math for Life pp.256
Mathematics for a Better Life pp. Lesson Guide in Lesson Guide in Math
208- 210. Math 6 p 311 6 p 311
4.Additional Resources
from Learning Resources
(LR) Portal
B. Other Learning
A.Review previous lesson Using flash cards. Express each of Mental computation
or presenting the new the following in percent. Drill on
What is base, percentage, rate? Drill on percent What is base, percentage, rate?
lesson. Review meaning of Renaming Fractions to Decimals
percent to Ratio and Vice-Versa
B. Establishing the purpose Concept Development
to the lesson. Material: fraction
Action Song (Body Exercise)
Tune: Are you Sleeping
Who among you have Title: Fraction to Percent
a. Form 5 groups.
baby brother and sisters who still
b. Distribute
take milk from bottles? Do (One-fourth) 4x (Twenty-five) 2x
fraction strips equally among the
You know how (One-fourth change to percent)
groups and place them face down
to prepare their milk? How many 2x
ounces of water do you use? (Twenty-five percent) 2x
a pile.
c. Pupils look at
many scoops of One-half = 50%
the top card, name fraction and the
milk do you put? One-fifth = 20%
name percent for the fraction.
Three-fourths = 75%
d. The group with
Two-fifths = 40%
the most number of correct
responses wins the game.
C. Presenting examples/ Mechanics:
instances of the new 1. Let 5 boys and 5 girls
Action Song (Body Exercise)
lesson stand in front of the class
Tune: Are you Sleeping
forming a circle. While the music Showing a paper clips. Where do
Title: Fraction to Percent
is we used these paper clips?
(One-fourth) 4x (Twenty-five) 2x
being played the Original File Submitted and
(One-fourth change to percent) 2x
participants move around. Formatted by DepEd Club
(Twenty-five percent) 2x
2. When the music stops Member - visit
the teacher will say “The boat is for more
One-half = 50%
sinking group yourselves into
One-fifth = 20%
Three-fourths = 75%
3. The group continues till
Two-fifths = 40%
the described players necessary
to form the ratio is achieved.
D. Discussing new Discuss the following to the Problem Opener Acting Out: My Favorite Fruit
concepts and practicing pupils; Rafaela has 10 Mechanics;
new skills # 1 For instance, the first paper clips. She gives 2 paper 1. Divide the class into 8
group there are 3 girls and 1 boy clips to her seatmate and keeps groups.
left. the rest for the future 2. Teacher will presents a
Then the ratio of boys to use. Is it right for her to say that question: If you were to choose
girls is 1;3 she keeps 80% of the paper which fruits would you like to eat
The ratio of girls to boys clips? everyday?
is 3;1 Questions to answer: 3. Each group decides on
If we are to write the 1. Who has 10 their favourite fruit among the
ratio 1;3in fraction which will be paper clips? fruits posted on the board.
the numerator? the 2. To whom 4. Teacher request the 8
denominator? does she give 2 paper clips? group leaders to stand at the back
If we are to get how 3. if you were of the classroom.
many percent of the pupils are Rafaela will you also keep 5. As the teacher gives the
boys, in relation to the group, materials for the future? Why? signal, the leaders go to the fruit
divide the fruit chose.
The numerator by 6. The teacher ask the
denominator. leaders to explain their choices.
7. Let the pupils form the
ratios for each fruit chosen: number
of groups who chose the fruit
To the total number of
8. Convert the ratios to
fractions then to percent.
E. Discussing new Present the table below: Discussion
concepts and practicing a. Get 2 paper clips from 10 a. How many group are
new skills # 2 paper clips. Express in fraction there? 8
form the paper clips parted b. How many chose
in relation to apple? 6
the total paper clips. Change the c. How do we write it in
fraction form to rate or percent. percent? 75%
Relate Say: We can write:
the number of 75% of 8 = 6
2s in 10. Let them think aloud on We deal with the three
the number of 20% in 100% and elements: rate, base and
There are 33% in relation to the in percentage:
girls in the group. relation to 2s in 75% of 8 = 6
In decimal, change 10.
percent to fraction with b. Ask them what part
denominator of 100. Ten express of the total number of paper clips
the fraction describing the number of paper
as a decimal. clips for future
Or simply drop the % symbol, use. Require them to relate 80%
Then move the decimal point 2 to the number of paper clips for
places to the left. future use.
c. Let the pupils The relationship among
identify rate, base and the three is:
percentage. R x B = p or P = R x B
The rate is the 75% is the rate. The number
percent of the whole. It has the written with the word “percent” or
percent symbol (%). with the symbol “%”
The base is the It can be expressed as a ratio of
whole we’re talking about. It is 75
written after the word “of” or the fraction .
phrase “percent 100
of”. 8 is called the base. The total or
The percentage whole and it is the number that
is the portion of the whole based usually follows the phrase “percent
on the rate. It is usually followed of” or “% of”.
by the word “is”. 6 is called percentage. It is the part
Using the Techan’s of the whole.
Triangle, ask them to determine We can also use the
the rate, base, and percentage. Techan’s Triangle to identify rate,
base and percentage.
F. Developing Mastery Have the pupils work in group. The
(Leads to Formative teacher gives problem statements
Assessment 3 wherein the pupils
Identify the rate, base and
Group 1:
Station 1: 5 is what percent of Paolo listen very well to the teacher
50? during the discussion of the lesson.
What is the rate? ______ When they were given a 5-itm test
A. Using pictures the pupils will Station 2: 40% of 60 is what? he got 4 correct answer. He has a
give the ratio of the number What is the percentage? _______ grade of 80%.
shaded parts to the unshaded Station 3: 16 is 25% of 64 Group 2:
part. Then change them The base is ________ There are 40 pupils in a class.
to fractions, decimal and percent. Station 4: 15% of total sales is Seventy-five percent of them are
P 8 910. present. 30 pupils are present.
The rate is _________ Group 3:
Station 5: 43% of 150 is 64.5 Monique invited 300 kids to her
The base is ___________ party. Only 15% of the kids did not
showedup.Forty-five kids did not
attend the party.
Group 4:
Shiela got 90% of a 20-item test in
Science. She answers 18 item
G. Finding practical
applications of concepts
and skills in daily living
Ask the pupils to do the
activity under Apply Your Skills on
Have the pupils work in group.
page ____ of LM Math 5
H. Making generalizations Ratio is a comparison between
Rate is the number written with the
and abstractions about the two or more quantities. It can
Percentage is a part of a whole. It Percentage is a part of a whole. It is word “percent”. It is express in
lesson also be expressed as fraction, the
is the resulting fractional part of the resulting fractional part of the percent form.
first number being the
the base. Rate is the number base. Rate is the number written Base is the total or whole and it is
denominator. Through ratios and
written with the word “percent” with the word “percent” or with the the number that usually follows the
fractions we can get the percent
or with the symbol “%”. Base is symbol “%”. Base is the total or phrase “percent”.
equivalent by dividing the
the total or whole and it is the whole and it is the number that Percentage is the part of the whole.
numerator by the denominator.
number that usually follows the usually follows the phrase “percent Techan’s Triangle is also used in
The result is a decimal but move
phrase “percent of” or “% of”. of” or “% of”. identifying rate, base and
the decimal point two places the
right and affix the percent sign.
I. Evaluating learning Encircle the letter of the correct
1. When one finds what percent
one number is of another, we
looks for the ______.
a. base c. rate
b. percentage d. ratio
Identify the rate, base, or
2. Finding a number when a
percentage in the following
percent of it is known means
solving for the ________.
1. 50% of 78 = 39
a. base c. proportion
2. 10% of 60 = 6
b. percentage d. ratio
3. A 20% or P 4 600 is the
3. 16 is 25% of 64. The
down payment for a brand new TV
Write the name for each shaded percentage in the problem is
set. The original price of the
part as fraction, ratio, percent __________.
TV set is P 23 000.
and decimal a.16 c. 64
4. Carlo invest P 750 000 at
b.25% d. 41
6 % simple interest a year. His
4. Two of the 50 pieces of
interest is P 48 750.
tomatoes in the basket are
5. Melissa has 120
rotten. This is 4% of all the
kilograms of rice. Her mother sold
tomatoes in the basket. Which is
105 kilograms. Is she right to tell
the rate?
her mother sold 87.5% of what she
a. 50 c. 4%
b. 2 d. 48
5. Seven of the 35 boys in the
class wear eyeglasses. 20% of the
boys wear eyeglasses.
Which is the base?
a. 20% c. 7
b. 35 d. 40
J. Additional activities for Complete the table below using
application or remediation the given data
Identify the R, B, and P in the
1. The set of even Identify the R, B, and P in the
following statements:
numbers from 1 to 20. following statement.
1. 180% of 200 is 360
2. The set of odd 1. 180% of 200 is 360
2. 35% of 90 is 31.5
numbers from 1 to 20. 2. 35% of 90 is 31.5
3. P100 is 4% of P2 500
3. The set of composite 3. P 100 is 4% of P2 500
4. 20% of 50 is 10
numbers from 1 to 20. 4. 51 children, 66 % of
4. The set of prime them are boys, 34 are boys
numbers from 1 to 20. 5. 16 is 20% of 80
Ratio Fraction
Percent Decimal
V.REMARKS Introduce new topic
A. Number of pupils who
earned 80% in the
B. Number of learners who
require additional
activities for remediation
who score below 80%
C. Did the remedial lesson
work? No. of learners who
got caught up in the lesson
D. Number of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategy worked well?
Why did this work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor can
help me solve?
G. what innovation or
localized materials did I
used to discover which I
wish to share with the

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File Created by Ma’am IRENE A. MANZANERO