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Module Two Wellness Plan

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Fill in all logs and answer the reflection questions completely ​with supporting details
for sections 1-5.​ ​After completing all sections, submit this file as your Module Two
Wellness Plan assignment.

Section 1: Fitness Assessments

Complete the following steps on the chart below:


Complete ​Column B.​ Use the ​original results​ from your 01.03 Fitness Assessments.

Step 2

Complete ​Column C.​ Use your results from the ​Module 1 Wellness Plan Fitness

Step 3

Complete ​Column D.​ Use your current results from the ​Module 2 Wellness Plan
Fitness Assessments.

Column A Column B Column C Column D

Activity Lesson 01.03 Module 1 Module 2

Fitness Wellness Plan Wellness Plan

Assessment Results Results

Mile Run/Walk 12:52 12:36 12:31

Body Mass Index 33.77 33.50 33.36

Aerobic Capacity 32.01 32.17 32.28

Curl-ups 4 7 9
Push-ups 5 9 11

Trunk Lift 6 ¼” 6 ¼” 6 2/4”

Sit and Reach Right Leg Down: 7 ½” Right Leg Down: 7 ½” Right Leg Down: 7 3/4”
Left Leg Down: 7 ¾” Left Leg Down: 7 ¾” Left Leg Down: 8”

**Please save these results, as you will need to include them for future Wellness Plans
in the course.

Fitness Assessment Reflection Question:

Explain the effects of exercises on your health-related components of fitness

(flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular, and body
composition) since beginning this course.

Answer: ​These exercises extend my flexibility range, allow to prevent injury, help to
gain muscles and will help me achieve the goal of completing this course in

Section 2: Flexibility Workout Log

Perform and log stretching exercises for all ​eight​ muscles listed below at least ​two
days per week​, but you may stretch every day. Module Two suggests starting with ​two
repetitions held for 15 seconds for a total of 30 seconds for each exercise​. Refer
to the yellow highlighted example below.

Please refer to Video Gallery in the course for demonstrations of how to perform
the stretching exercises.
Flexibility Exercises/Muscle
Day 1 Day 2
Flexibility Muscle # of # of
Dates Time Dates Time
Exercises Stretched Repetitions Repetitions
2 15 2 15
seconds seconds

Lying Quad 4 4
Quadriceps 6/9 1 min 6/11 1 min

Modified 3 3
Hurdler's Hamstrings 6/9 45 sec 6/11 45 sec

Upper Back 3 4
& Torso Trapezius 6/9 45 sec 6/11 1 min

3 4
Calf Stretch Gastrocnemius 6/9 45 sec 6/11 1 min

4 4
Lower Back
Latissimus Dorsi 6/9 1 min 6/11 1 min

Chest/ Bicep Pectoralis/ 4 6

Stretch Biceps 6/9 1 min 6/11 90 sec

Shoulder/ 4 4
Tricep 6/9 1 min 6/11 1 min

Lying 3 4
Abdominal Abdominal 6/9 45 sec 6/11 1 min
Flexibility Reflection Questions:
Explain how the stretches become easier each time that you performed them.
How did these stretches affect your muscles during physical activities completed
after stretching?

Answer: ​They became easier through repetition and me understanding how to correctly
perform the stretch. They made my muscles feel ready and prepare for my exercise and
I had no cramps like I used to do when doing exercises.

Section 3: Muscular Strength and Endurance Log

Complete the chart below. Remember:

● Complete muscular exercises on ​nonconsecutive​ days.
● Do not​ work the same muscle groups more than once within a 48-hour period.
● You may select a different exercise than what is listed.
● Module Two suggests starting with 2 or 3 sets.
● The suggested number of repetitions is 8-10 for challenging weights and exercises.
● If you are using very light weight or bodyweight, you can complete as many as 18
repetitions depending on your current ability level.
Please refer to Video Gallery in the course for demonstrations of how to perform
the muscle exercises.


Exercise Muscle Dates # of sets # of reps Resistance (Weight)


Squats Quadriceps 8/3 3 8 20 lbs.

Day 1 Day 2
Exercise Muscle Dates # of # of Resistance Dates # of sets # of reps Resistance
Worked sets reps (Weight) (Weight)

Squats Quadriceps 6/13 2 4 5 lbs 6/15 2 5 5 lbs

Push-ups Pectoralis 6/13 2 6 none 6/15 2 6 none

Bridges Hamstrings 6/13 2 3 none 6/15 2 4 none

Latissimus 6/13 2 4 none 6/15 2 4 none


Gastrocnem 6/13 3 3 none 6/15 4 3 none

Calf Raises

Chair Dip Triceps 6/13 2 4 none 6/15 2 5 none

Curls Biceps 6/13 2 10 5 lbs 6/15 2 12 10 lbs

Abdomina 6/13 3 15 none 6/15 3 15 none


Muscular Strength and Endurance Reflection Question:

Based on your workout, what muscles do you think are the strongest and which
muscles need the most work? Explain your answer.

Answer: ​I think my biceps are the strongest because I used to exercise them a lot, and
I also frequently lift things. My least strongest would probably be my abdominals
because I have trouble doing pushups and curl ups.

Section 4: Physical Activity Log

Include all moderate and vigorous physical activity in the table below. You need at least
three different ​moderate to vigorous activities that add up to ​420 minutes​. Activities
need to add up to ​420 minutes​ without your warm-up times. Keep adding rows to show
all of your activities.

The first five rows are completed as a sample only.

Activity Minutes
Date Warm-up Physical Activity
without Warm-up

12/25 5-min stretch 2-mile walk 30 min

12/26 5-min jog 4-mile run 45 min

12/27 5-min stretch Basketball practice 60 min

12/28 15-min stretch Cheerleading–state championship 180 min

12/31 5-min stretch 3-mile bike ride 20 min

6/9 5-min walk 5- Mile Bike Ride & 2 mile run 60 min
6/10 stretch & walk 4 mile walk 70 min
6/11 light swim Swimming, vigorous (5 min break 90 min
between each 45 minutes)
6/12 walk 1-mile run @vigorous pace, repeated 3 50 min
times every hour
6/13 mile walk bike ride with friends 70 min
6/14 stretch 4-mile walk to friend’s house and back 75 min
6/15 jog and run swimming, vigorous. 75 min
TOTAL Activity Minutes ​→
Remember the 420-minute minimum

Physical Activity Reflection Chart

Using your activities as examples, reflect on your use of skill-related fitness elements by
completing the chart below: ​Sample:

Skill-Related Element Activity Explanation

Balance Cheerleading I am a flyer on my
cheerleading team and must
balance on one hand of my

Skill-Related Element Activity Explanation

Agility Soccer Playing with friends and
having to dribble around and
through them to score a goal

Balance Squats After doing reps of squats

your legs can feel tired and
you can fall on the ground.

Coordination Soccer Dribbling a soccer ball

requires coordination with
your whole body.

Power Dumbbell Curls Using the dumbbells require

great strength when using
heavy weights.

Reaction Time Swimming Jumping into the water or off

the blocks is needed to be
done quickly so you can get a
faster swim time
Speed Piano Having to play keys that are
sometimes feet apart very
quickly needs a lot of speed.

Section 5: Fitness Tracker Data

You have two options to complete this section.

Choose Option A OR Option B:

A. If you have a fitness tracker, such as MOVBand, Fitbit, iPhone Health App,
etc., please include a screen shot of your results here AND use your results to
fill out the chart:
● Wellness Plans are expected to include ​12,000 daily moves​, the
equivalent of 10,000 steps.
● Average daily moves this week​ = Total number of physical activity
minutes for the last 7 days x 26.19

● Percent toward my goal this week​ = Total average daily moves ÷


● Total moves this week​ = Total number of physical activity minutes for
the last 7 days x 183.33

Percentage/Total Module 1 Module 2

Wellness Plan Wellness Plan

Results Results
Average Daily Moves
This Week

% Toward My Goal
This Week
Total Moves This

B. If you do not have a Fitness Tracker, you may complete the chart below using
the following formula:

● Wellness Plans are expected to include ​12,000 daily moves​, the

equivalent of 10,000 steps.
● Average daily moves this week​ = Total number of physical activity
minutes for the last 7 days x 26.19

● Percent toward my goal this week​ = Total average daily moves ÷


● Total moves this week​ = Total number of physical activity minutes for
the last 7 days x 183.33

Module 1 Module 2
Wellness Plan Wellness Plan
Results Results
Average Daily Moves 15190 12833
This Week

% Toward My Goal 127% (rounded) 107% (rounded)

This Week

Total Moves This 580(183.33)= 490(183.33)=

Week =​106331

Fitness Tracker Reflection Questions:

Have you made any adjustments to your workout routine to increase your activity level
and improve on your achievements? What adjustments will you make to continue to
improve your results?

Answer: N/A

Module Two Wellness Plan Grading Rubric

Excellent Good Needs Poor


Section 1: 18-20 points 16-17 points 13-15 points 0-12 points

Assessme ● Fitness ● Fitness ● Fitness ● Fitness
nt assessment assessment assessment assessme
Results for: results are results are results are nt results
recorded. recorded. recorded. are
Lesson ● Reflection ● Reflection ● Reflection recorded.
01.03 question responses responses ● Reflection
Module 1 responses are are ​adequate are ​complete responses
thoughtfully ly detailed but lacking are
Module 2
detailed and and detail and incomplet
supported​. supported​. support​. e or

Section 2: 36-40 points 32-35 points 25-31 points 0-24 points

Log ● At least two ● More than ● At least one ● Less than
days of one ​day of day of one
stretching are stretching is stretching is complete
recorded. recorded. recorded. day of
● All​ ​eight​ stretc ● At least​ ​six ● At least​ ​four stretching
hing activities stretching stretching is
activities are activities are recorded.
are recorded recorded recorded ● Less than
each day. each day. each day. four
● All​ stretches ● Most​ stretche ● Some​ stretch stretching
are held an s are held an es are held activities
appropriate appropriate an are
length of time. length of appropriate recorded
● Reflection time. length of each day.
question ● Reflection time. ● Few
responses are responses ● Reflection stretches
thoughtfully are ​adequate responses are held
detailed and ly detailed are ​complete an
supported​. and but lacking appropriat
supported​. detail and e length of
support​. time.
● Reflection
e or

Section 3: 36-40 points 32-35 points 25-31 points 0-24 points

Strength ● All eight ● At least six ● At least four ● Less than
and muscles are muscles are muscles are four ​muscl
Endurance exercised at exercised at exercised at es are
Log least two days. least two least two exercised
● All ​muscles days. days. at least
are rested for ● All​ muscles ● Most​ muscle two days.
at least 48 are rested for s are rested ● Few ​muscl
hours​ ​between at least 48 for at least 48 es are
workouts. hours hours rested 48
● Appropriate between between hours
reps, sets, and workouts. workouts. between
resistance ● Appropriate​ ​r ● Appropriate workouts.
used for​ all eps, sets, reps, sets, ● Appropriat
exercises.​ ​ and and e reps,
● Reflection resistance resistance sets, and
question are used are used resistance
responses are for ​most for ​some used
thoughtfully exercises. exercises. for ​few
detailed and ● Reflection ● Reflection exercises.
supported​. responses responses ● Reflection
are ​adequate are ​complete responses
ly detailed but lacking are
and detail and incomplet
supported​. support​. e or

Section 4: 45-50 points 40-44 points 30-39 points 0-29 points

Activity ● All​ exercises ● Most​ exercis ● Some​ exerci ● Few
Log are moderate es are ses are exercises
YOU ARE to vigorous moderate to moderate to are
REQUIRE intensity. vigorous vigorous moderate
D TO LOG ● At least 420 intensity. intensity. to vigorous
EACH activity minutes ● At least 385 ● At least 350 intensity,
WEEK are recorded. activity activity or intensity
YOU ARE ● All ​exercises minutes are minutes are is not
IN THE are dated as recorded. recorded. indicated.
COURSE daily or every ● All ​exercises ● Some​ exerci ● At
other day. are dated as se dates least​ ​315
● At least three daily or every listed are not activity
different other day. in an minutes
exercises have ● Most​ exercis effective are
been logged, e dates are pattern. recorded.
including listed and are ● At least two ● Few​ exerci
specific not in an different se dates
exercises when effective exercises listed are
required. pattern​. have been in an
● Reflection ● At least logged, effective
chart three including pattern.
responses are different specific ● One
thoughtfully exercises exercises type​ of
detailed and have been when exercise
supported​. logged, required. has been
including ● Reflection logged,
specific chart including
exercises responses specific
when are ​complete exercises
required. but lacking when
● Reflection detail and required.
chart support​. ● Reflection
responses chart
are ​adequate responses
ly detailed are
and incomplet
supported​. e or

Section 5: 36-40 points 32-35 points 25-31 points 0-24 points

Tracker ● Average daily ● Average daily ● Average daily ● One or
Data moves, percent moves, moves, more of
toward goal, percent percent the fitness
and total toward goal, toward goal, tracker
moves for the and total and total data is
week are moves for the moves for the missing.
recorded week are week are ● Reflection
and ​at least recorded recorded responses
90% and ​at least and ​at least are
completed. 80% 70% incomplet
● Reflection completed. completed. e or
question ● Reflection ● Reflection inaccurat
responses are responses responses e​.
thoughtfully are ​adequate are ​complete
detailed and ly detailed but lacking
supported​. and detail and
supported​. support​.
Presentati 18-20 points 16-17 points 13-15​ ​points 0-12​ ​points
● Plan format is ● One or two ● Three​ errors ● Four or
properly errors in plan in plan more
followed. format. format. errors in
● All ​responses ● Most ​respons ● Some ​respon plan
are in the form es are in the ses are in the format.
of complete form of form of ● Few
sentences. complete complete responses
● No​ spelling sentences. sentences. are in the
errors. ● One or two ● Three ​spellin form of
spelling g errors. complete
errors. sentences.
● Four or