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Wisuda Periode September 2018




Artikel ini disusun berdasarkan skripsi Cahyo Agung Saputra untuk persyaratan wisuda
periode September 2018 dan telah direvisi dan disetujui oleh kedua pembimbing.

Padang, Agustus 2018

Pembimbing I Pembimbing II

Dr. Nurhasan Syah, M.Pd Totoh Andayono, ST.,MT

NIP. 19601105 198603 1 001 NIP. 19730727 200501 1 003

Tim Redaksi

Rusnardi Rahmad Putra, Ph.D.Eng

NIP. 19760923 200912 1 001
Cahyo Agung Saputra1, Nurhasan Syah1, Totoh Andayono1, Reviewer1
Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Padang State University

Abstract- This research descriptive with a quantitative approach which aims to determine the extent of the comfort
level of the UNP Library space based on student perceptions. The population in this study amounted to 549 students,
which was obtained from the average number of visitors per day in the semester period July-December 2017/2018.
The number of samples in this study was 232 students obtained from the Slovin formula with an error level of 5%,
and sampling techniques using Accidental sampling. The research instrument used was a questionnaire
(questionnaire) using a Likert scale consisting of five answer choices. The number of statements on the
questionnaire is 44 items. Data analysis techniques using descriptive percentage and using a Likert scale to give a
score for each comfort statement. The results of this study indicate that student perceptions of the comfort of
Padang State University Library space are still not comfortable. This is shown by the average score of the six
indicators that there are only two indicators that fall into the comfortable criteria of lighting (3.49) and accessibility
(3.43), while for the airplane indicator (2.58), color (3 , 21), hints / marks (3.27), as well as security and safety
(3.28), are still not included in the criteria of comfort.

Keywords: Perception, Convenience of Library Room,

I. INTRODUCTION able to create a comfortable atmosphere for users.

high [2].
In this modern era, every day people are
Comfort is an important requirement of a library
competing to find new innovations. The rapid
so that the library can be used properly by its users.
development of the times was followed by growth
Aspects related to user convenience consist of
and development in various aspects of people's
aspects of lighting, airing, color usage, provision of
lives, including information and education media.
instructions and signs, security, safety and
The increase in various aspects of life in the
accessibility requirements [3]
community is one of the driving factors for
Padang State University Library (UNP) is a
information media service providers and education
stand-alone library building on UNP campus, UNP
to continue to improve their services to remain
library is approximately 5000 m2 in size and
optimal. One form of information and education
consists of five floors, but which functions as a
media service providers that is often found is
library is only two to five floors. [4].
Based on observations made on September 7,
The library is an institution that manages a
2017, the authors found the fact that in the UNP
collection of written works, printed works and
Library there were still many problems related to
recorded works in a professional manner with a
space comfort, including not optimal lighting and air
standard system to meet the needs of education,
circulation at certain points. This can be seen from
research, preservation, information and recreation
several points of lights that do not turn on so that the
of the visitors [1].
lighting is less comfortable to read and do other
One type of library that is often found is college
activities. Likewise with air circulation, which only
libraries. College libraries are libraries that are
uses a number of open windows and doors, this is
located in universities or colleges, academies and
felt to be less comfortable if the center conditions
higher education, as well as higher education
are crowded. The absence of air conditioning and
institutions such as departments, faculties,
fans in the UNP Library adds a sense of discomfort
institutions and centers in higher education [2].
during daytime and crowded visitors. Furthermore,
Some things that must be considered so that the
the condition of the distance between the
function of the library can run well is the level of
bookshelves that are only 90 cm away is too narrow
comfort both in physical and non-physical forms.
to pass when passing other visitors, plus the
Convenience in physical form includes facilities in
placement of furniture such as tables and chairs is
the library in the form of furniture that supports
placed between the two bookshelves, which
library functions such as chairs, tables, shelving
prevents other visitors passing through the area.
collections and others. While non-physical comfort
According to a number of library visitors who
relates to lighting conditions, and air circulation is
were asked for their opinions, stated that they felt

CIVED ISSN 2302-3341

less comfortable when doing activities in the library. Table 1. Setting Lighting Conditions
According to them the most perceived discomfort is NO SPACE NAME LIGHT SPACE
the absence of air conditioning, which causes a 1 Read Area 200 Lumen
2 Read Space 400 Lumen
sense of hotness at certain times, especially during
3 Reading Desk 600 Lumen
the day. 4 circulation Area 600 Lumen
Based on the description of the problem, it is 5 Processing Area 400 Lumen
necessary to examine student perceptions of the 6 Closed Access Area 100 Lumen
comfort of the Padang State University library 7 Book Collection Area 200 Lumen
room. 8 Work Area 400 Lumen
9 Hearing and View Area 100 Lumen


A. Library 2) Airing
Library space management should be as good
The library is an information service provider to
the community in the form of library materials for as possible in good air condition, so as to provide
educational, research, science and technology comfort for the user. Good air condition is highly
purposes and cultural development. The library expected in most libraries. A good level of air
material in question is all forms of written, printed coding in the college library room can be seen in
and recorded works such as manuscripts, books, Table 2 and the following Table 3 [2]:
periodicals, newspapers, brochures, maps, films, Table 2. Room Temperature Settings
photographs, tape and others [5]. While the College Space Name Temprature
library is an integral part of education, research and Read Users Area,
20o – 25o
community service activities and serves as a center Collection Area and
for learning resources to support the achievement of Workspace.
educational goals based in universities [2]. The
purpose of the college library is [2]: Table 3. Space Moisture Settings
1) Providing library materials and information Space Name Moisture %
access for visitors for the sake of education,
research and community service. Book Collection Room 45 – 55 %
2) Develop, organize and utilize collections. Collecton microfilm Room 20 – 21 %
3) Improve user information literacy
4) Utilizing information and communication 3) Coloring
technology. The use of color in the library must provide
5) Preserving library materials, both contents and a pleasant feeling for the user. For this reason,
media. various considerations are needed in choosing
and using colors in the library room. We
B. Library Space recommend avoiding the use of dark colors for
Library space arrangement is a facility walls, floors and plasterboard, because dark
arrangement in a room or library building that has colors will create a narrow impression on a
been planned in such a way, with the aim of room. [3]. Following are the consideration of
obtaining a smooth and comfortable feeling for color selection in the library [3]:
visitors. Here are some aspects related to library a) The color chosen must be in accordance
layout [3]: with the soul of the library user
1) Lighting b) Library space can use neutral colors such as
Lighting is one of the most important white and cream, and natural colors of wood
elements in creating a comfortable atmosphere in that are bright enough to be used in some
a space. Adequate lighting will greatly support space or furniture.
activities in the library. The dark atmosphere due c) Library space can use more than one color
to lack of lighting in the library room will have combined to color various parts of the
an impact such as fear, sense of creep and feeling library
unclear. Setting the lighting conditions in a d) The colors that need to be avoided are
library is as follows [2]: colors that are too bright and colors that are
too dark.
e) In a large room, colors can be used to mark
different parts of the library

2 CIVED Departmet Civil Engginering, Vol. XX No. X, August 2018

CIVED ISSN 2302-3341

C. Comfort
4) Instruction/Symbol Comfort is everything that shows the
Instructions or symbol are elements that need harmonious use of space, both in terms of shape,
to be planned properly in order to facilitate users texture, color, aroma, sound, sound, light or other
in using the library. Instructions and signs on the [6]. Comfort can also be interpreted as enjoyment or
library must be designed to be easily seen by human satisfaction in carrying out its activities [6]
users, provide information needed by users and
D. Perseption
support the overall atmosphere of the room.
Perception is an experience experienced by a
Types of instructions and signs that need to
person about objects, events, or relationships
be provided based on the Spatial Planning and
obtained by inferring information and interpreting
Library Perbot [3]:
messages [7]. Perception is also said to be a
a) Library Identity
cognitive process that is experienced by everyone in
b) Identity Types of Library Services
understanding information about the environment,
c) Instructions on Collection
both through vision, hearing, appreciation, feeling,
d) Other information relating to space
and smell. [8]
The following is the principle of accessibility
that needs to be considered in the library based III. RESEARCH METHODS
on the 2011 Spatial Planning and Public Library This type of research is descriptive research
Furniture [3]: using a quantitative approach. In this study, will find
a) Library space must be easily accessible to out the comfort level of Padang State University
users. Library space based on student perceptions.
b) The height of the collection storage rack This research was conducted at the Padang State
must be adjusted, so that it is easy to reach University Library in March 2018. The population
by the user. in this study was obtained from statistical data on
c) The instructions in the room must be easily the average number of visitors per day during the
visible. July-December 2017 semester, which totaled 549
d) Layout of library furniture should not make people. The sampling technique used is Accidental
it difficult for the user to move.. sampling, the sample size in this research is 232
5) Security and Safety people based on the Slovin formula. Research data
To ensure security and safety in the library is primary data obtained directly from respondents
room, here are some things that need to be using a questionnaire.
considered in library spatial planning [3]: The research questionnaire was conducted on 30
a) All activities taking place in the library must respondents who were students of the UNP Library
be supervised by the library staff. For that visitors. Questionnaire validity test was carried out
there is no hidden library section. as many as two rounds of 47 statement items and
b) The library room must be properly locked produced 44 valid and reliable statement items,
c) We recommend that there is only one because all Pearson Correlation values were greater
entrance and exit, so that it is easier to than rtable ie 0.361 (n = 30) and obtained
monitor it. The use of sensor technology to Cronbach's Alpha value of 0.942.
control can be applied to libraries that are The data analysis technique used is to calculate
able to provide. the frequency of each alternative answer from the
d) All furniture in the library must be in good respondent. Next, the percentage of each statement
condition, sturdy and not easy to override is calculated using the following formula [9].
e) The entrance and stair area must be bright 𝑓
and not slippery and there is no difference in 𝑃= 𝑥 100%
the height of the floor which is not normal Information :
which causes the user to fall. P = percentage of respondent achievement
f) Need to consider access to rescue users at the f = Respondent's Answer Frequency
time of fire. Access to rescue must be clear. n = Number of Respondents
Furniture placement must not block rescue

3 CIVED Departmet Civil Engginering, Vol. XX No. X, August 2018

CIVED ISSN 2302-3341

To find out the respondents' assessment of an 1) Discussion

object, the average score must be sought. a) Based on the results of the analysis as shown
Calculation of the average score can be calculated in Table 5, it was revealed that according to
with the following formula model: [10] students' perceptions, the existing libraries in
the UNP Library were in the comfortable
𝛴(𝑓𝑖.𝑥𝑖) category with an average score of 3.49.
x = N b) Based on the results of the analysis as shown
Information : in Table 5, it was revealed that based on
= Mean student perceptions, air conditioning was the
fi. = Frekuensi data indicator that obtained the lowest average
fi.xi = Frequency multiplication with score. Air conditioning indicators get an
data values average score of 2.58, which means that
N = Respondent students feel uncomfortable with the air in the
UNP Library.
To interpret the average score, a scale range (RS) c) Based on the results of the analysis as shown
calculation is used. Scale range is needed to place in Table 5, it was revealed that according to
the position of the respondent in an object of students' perceptions, the coloring in the UNP
research whether included in the criteria of comfort, Library was still not comfortable. This can be
comfortable enough, less comfortable, seen from the average score obtained is 3.21
uncomfortable, and very uncomfortable. To d) Based on the results of the analysis as shown
determine the scale range, that is by dividing the in Table 5, it was revealed that according to
difference between the highest score and the lowest students' perceptions, the instructions / signs
score. Scale range formula [11], namely: in the UNP Library were still not
comfortable. This can be seen from the
𝒎−𝒏 average score obtained is 3.27.
Scale Range = 𝒃 e) Based on the results of the analysis as shown
in Table 5, it was revealed that according to
Information. : students' perceptions, the existing
m = highest number in measurement accessibility of the UNP Library was in the
n = lowest number in measurement comfortable category with an average score
b = the number of classes formed of 3.43.
f) Based on the results of the analysis as shown
Table 4. Comfort Criteria in Table 5, it was revealed that according to
Criteria Score
students' perceptions, Security and Safety in
Very Comfortable ≥4.24
the UNP Library was still not comfortable.
Comfortable 3.43 – 4.23
Less Comfortable 2.62 – 3.42
This can be seen from the average score
Uncomfortable 1.81 – 2.61 obtained is 3.28.
Very Uncomfortable 1.00 – 1.80 V. CONCLUSION
Source: Processing Results Based on the research that has been done, it can
be concluded that the students' perception of the
IV. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Padang State University Library space is less
The following is a recapitulation of the average comfortable, this is indicated by the average score
score for the comfort of the UNP library space from which can be seen in Table 5 of the six indicators that
each indicator: there are only two indicators that fall into the
Tabel 5. Recapitulation of the average score for the comfortable criteria, namely lighting and
convenience of the UNP library space accessibility. As for air conditioning indicators,
Indicator Average Score Criteria colors, instructions / signs, and security and safety are
Lighting 3,49 Comfortable still not included in the criteria of comfort.
Airing 2,58 Uncomfortable
Color 3,21 Less Comfortable Library List
instructions/Symbol 3,27 Less Comfortable [1] Undang-Undang Republik Indonesia Nomor 43
Accessibility 3,43 Comfortable Tahun 2007 Pasal 1 Ayat 1 tentang perpustakaan
Security and Safety 3,28 Less Comfortable [2] Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia,.
Standar Nasional Perpustakaan (SNP) Bidang

4 CIVED Departmet Civil Engginering, Vol. XX No. X, August 2018

CIVED ISSN 2302-3341

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Biodata Penulis

Cahyo Agung Saputra. Born in Curup, August 8,

1995. In 2018 he obtained a Bachelor of Education
degree at the Department of Civil Engineering FT
UNP with the Building Engineering Education
Study Program.

Nurhasan Syah. Born in Kodya Bukittinggi, 5

November 1960. Lecturer Civil Engineering
Department UNP.

Totoh Andayono. Born in Jambak, 27 July 1973.

Lecturer Civil Engineering Department UNP

5 CIVED Departmet Civil Engginering, Vol. XX No. X, August 2018