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ROLL NO: 1409740022

I would like to extend warm thanks to all the people who had been associated
with me in some way or the other and helped me avail this opportunity for my
summer Internship.

I would like to thank entire Global Autotech Limited team, for giving me the
opportunity for pursuing my summer internship in the learning environment of
Global Autotech Limited . I sincerely thank HR Department of Global Autotech
Limited, for providing me with valuable insights on the training, correcting me
and guiding me throughout the training.

Last but not the least I express my thanks to all the staff at Global Autotech
Limited, from all departments I got in touch with, who have been very
cooperative, helpful, kind and empathetic; time and again, without whom this
dissertation would not have been possible.

Ashish kumar

Student, B.Tech


The objectives of the practical training are to learn something about industries
practically and to be familiar with the working style of a technical person to
adjust simply according to the industrial environment .It is rightly said practical
life is far away from theoretical one. We learn in class room can give the
practical exposure or real life experience no doubt they help in improving the
personality of the , but the practical exposure in the field will help the student in
long run of life and will be able to implement the theoretical knowledge .As, a
part of academic syllabus of four year degree course in Mechanical Engineering
every student is required to undergo a practical training .I am student of third
year mechanical and this report is written on the basis of practical knowledge
acquired by me during the period on the basis of practical knowledge acquired
by me during the period of practical training taken at Global Autotech Limited.
1. Company Profile
2. Introduction
3. Production Facilities
4. Tool room
5. Quality Allied Components
6. Performed operations in production line.
7. Customers
8. Reference
9. Conclusion

Global Autotech Ltd. is TS 16949, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified by TUV.
Global Autotech Ltd has been a pioneer in India in many cutting-edge
technologies for precision automotive components. From its inception, Global
Autotech Ltd has the vision to grow into one of the most dynamic organizations
that will supply quality automotive parts to a wide variety of customers across
the globe. The Global Autotech CSR policy is outlined with an objective to strive
for social development that positively impacts the society at large ensuring
environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna,
animal welfare, agro-forestry, conservation of natural resources and maintaining
the quality of soil, air and water. As a responsible global citizen, we continue to
meet all the social responsibilities including the environment. Global Autotech
will continue to dedicate itself to the fruition of the auto-fraternity and its
contribution towards the society.
Its achievements are accrued to the dynamic workforce of the organization,
their orientation towards the customer, their zeal to learn and excel every day
and their indefatigable disposition towards new challenging assignments. The
metamorphosis of Global Autotech has been realized with the strong support of
their esteemed customers and aspire to go all-out to meet the evolved needs of
The Indian automobile industry is witnessing substantial growth during the last
few years. The opportunities are unlimited, as the automobile industry is very
buoyant with a large number of new models lined up for launch in next couple of
years. This gives us ample opportunity to capitalize on the situation. We should
not forget that the market is fast-changing and demands a high degree of

Apart from the domestic market, there is tremendous potential in exports of

automotive components. India has a competitive advantage due to high technical
skills and competitive prices. Today, while competing globally, we have to face
competition from China, Thailand etc and the only way to improve operational
profitability is by sincerely deploying cost-cutting norms and improving
productivity. Global Autotech has made substantial investments in technology,
Processes systems, and infrastructure.
Global Autotech Ltd has been making high precision machined and tubular parts
for automotive Air Conditioners and its parts are being used in prominent
passenger cars manufactured in India.

Global Autotech Ltd is also the only facility in South Asia to have a vertical
squeeze casting machine which is suitable for very high integrity castings used in
structural and high pressure applications. These castings are used for engine
mountings and high pressure applications.

Global Autotech Ltd is also the pioneer in India manufacturing high precision
compressor parts like piston and swash plates. These parts are machined on fully
automatic lines with automated gauging and in house capability for special
process like Teflon resin coating and Tin coating.

Die Casting with machining (Al. alloys) – HPDC & Full Squeeze Casting
Magnetic Clutch, Rotor, Coil & Idler Pulley
Hose Assemblies & Connector Sub Assemblies
Tube Connector & Charging Ports
Piston, Swash & Shaft
Tool Room

Die Casting
GAL has a state-of-the-art facility at Greater Noida on 80,000 sq meter area with enough
space for future expansion. The facility has 10 Real Time Shot Control Die Casting
machines ranging from 150 Ton to 850 Ton capacity, including 4 HVSC Machines of 800
Ton capacity.

GAL is the single source for squeeze cast engine mounting brackets to the largest
manufacturer car in India and for power steering pump housings for the largest
commercial vehicles steering systems in North America.

GAL is capable of casting alloys like ADC-12, AlSi9Cu3 and LM-24. Since we have
dedicated temperature controlled melting cum holding furnaces, GAL has the capability
to run different alloys simultaneously. The current range of parts manufactured by GAL
includes Steering Pinion Housings, Automotive AC Compressor parts, Electronic Power
Steering parts, Brackets, Braking System parts & EGR Housing parts, Oil Pan, Plate Intake
Manifold and Case Cover.

GAL also has a T-6 solutionising Heat treatment facility for making heat-treated casting
which have very good machined properties.
Die-Casting Plant

High Pressure Die-casting Vertical Full Squeeze Die-casting

T-6 Heat Treatment Furnace Shot Blasting Machine

Machining Centres
Magnetic Clutch, Rotor, Coil & Idler Pulley
GAL manufactures magnetic clutch rotors, coil housings and Idler pulleys for AC
compressors from low carbon steel forgings. These multi V-Groove rotors &
pulleys are manufactured on CNC machines and can be ED or powder coated.
GAL has the capacity to make vacuum impregnated rotors & pulleys for high
end AC compressors.

Takisawa TC 200
Hose Assemblies & Connector Sub Assemblies

GAL manufactures hose assemblies and automotive AC piping parts suitable for
high pressure refrigerant applications. The machining facility includes
automatic end forming machines, spinning & buldging machines, CNC bending
machines, Brazing machines and Leak checking equipment.

Spinning and Buldging Machine CNC Bending Machines

3-Axis COMCO Bending Machine - Automatic CNC machine to bend Aluminum tubes

Tube Connector & Charging Ports

GAL has the state-of-the-art facility for machining Tube Connectors, end fittings
& charging valve parts for automotive AC piping systems. These parts are
machined from aluminium extrusion profiles on CNC turning centres, VMC’s &
Turn Mill Centres.
Piston, Swash & Shaft
GAL is the only facility in India to manufacture critical compressor components
like Tin Coated Swash Plate & PTFE Coated Pistons for fixed displacement

The pistons & swash plates are Machined on automatic machining lines using
gantry systems and automatic port process gauges. .GAL has in-house PLC
control facility for Tin coating and PTFE coating.

GAL also manufacture steel shaft for power steering pumps and compressors.
Tool Room
Precision Lathe
Precision Milling M/c
Radial Drilling
Vertical Milling M/c
Surface Grinder
Tool & Cutter Grinder
Electro Spark Deposition M/c
Die Polishing Equipment

GAL does in-house design of PDC & squeeze casting die’s using Uni-graphics NX-4
and AutoCAD. All critical dies undergo Magma metal flow analysis so as to
minimize shrinkage porosities.

The Tool room is equipped for Die maintenance and will shortly start in-house
manufacturing of dies.
Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
Blister Test Equipment
Microscope with Photography arrangements
X-Ray M/c from Yxlon
Millipore Test M/c
Roundness Testor
Profile Projector
Contour Tracer
Hardness Testor
Metallurgical Microscope

Co-ordinate Measuring Machine Optical Emission Spectrometer

Metallurgical Microscope Roundness Testor

Hardness Testor X-Ray machine from xylon

Contour Tracer Profile Projector


Overall it can justifiably be assumed that the production line is able to deal
with high dimensional data sets and can be used to find distinguishing
attributes. Regarding the extensive set of production which were run
systematically and the numerous approaches to deal with the given data and
number of products, it can also be said that the resulting maps are a good start
to follow up improvements.

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