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Victoria Fargas Speech 135

2013-31008 Prof. Melanie Leano

A Second Chance

The movie “A Second Chance” was a sequel to the famous movie “One More Chance”
featuring John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo as the main characters, Popoy and Basha. In the movie, the
characters were already married and the contact and involvement stage was not shown in the
movie. It starts with the characters already in the intimate stage or as it was called in the movie,
the honeymoon stage of their wedding. Then the problems came due to their own insecurities and
attitudes. There were also problems in their business which brought the relationship of Popoy
and Basha to the deterioration stage. They stopped telling each other everything. Popoy kept the
problems happening in the business to himself and ended up coming home drunk. They started
growing farther apart and that is how their relationship started deteriorating. Another factor was
the insecurity of Popoy when his wife started helping and took over to save the business from
going under. He felt useless and that his wife did not need him anymore.

The deterioration stage was inevitable because one of the factors was intrapersonal
(Popoy’s insecurities) and it is hard to change a person’s attitude. This is also one of the conflicts
in the first film and as it can be seen in the sequel, Popoy is still an insecure person who wants to
be in control. They could have disclosed more and discussed the problems of the company but
then if that happened, Basha would take charge earlier and Popoy will still feel useless. They
were bound to have problems but they were able to overcome it because they chose to accept
each other’s faults and cope.

Their self-concept and self-esteem affected the deterioration of their relationship almost
entirely since both were good in their own fields and they are used to excelling. Basha felt
restless because she was just at home and she did not go to work anymore which led her to use
other means in channeling her talents which is through shopping and changing things in the
house. The problem was that they were also having financial problems so spending money on
new things would be very difficult. Popoy was used to being in control and things going
smoothly but when things stopped going his way and the business was going under, he felt that
he was becoming a failure also because he could not provide his wife the kind of life he wanted
to give her. Their relationship deteriorated because of Popoy’s insecurities and him feeling
useless especially when Basha tried to help save the company which can be seen in the line
“Okay sige ikaw na, ikaw nalang, ikaw nalang ulit, ikaw na magaling, ikaw nang tama, ikaw
nalang lahat! At ako wala, wala lang, wala lang sayo!. Tae! Tae lang naman ako sayo eh!”.

As sappy as it may sound, the cliché “love wins in the end” manifested in the story. Their
marriage was not smooth sailing but they can work it out and still be happy or at least satisfied
with what they have together. I think that the relationship was worth repairing because they were
still emotionally invested in it anyway and both of them were willing to make an effort to repair
it. If you can fix things, why not? They chose to repair the relationship and in the interview of
the psychology student, they said that their marriage was “everything they never hoped for” but
that was love for them and they accepted it for what it was.