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Ocean Heights 2 (Dubai, UAE)

Ocean heights 2 is a residential skyscraper located at

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE. The construction of the high
rise building started 2007 and finished year 2010. The
skyscraper residential building was to public in the year
2010. The tower is 420 meters or 1378 feet tall with 85
storey tower spiral skywards creating a dramatically
different view from every angle and the floor area.
Currently the Ocean Heights is the third tallest
residential building in the whole world and one
of the tallest in Dubai. The tower is designed by
Andrew Bromberg of Aedas and analyzed by the
structural engineer Meinhardt. It is made by DAMAC
Properties and Arabtec is the main contractor of the

The main vertical elements (column and shear

walls) are reinforced concrete, providing
stability against wind and seismic activity. The
stability of the tower is further enhanced by the
outrigger effects of typical thickened corridor
slabs that connect the outer walls and the main
central core walls of the building. CCL designed
and supplied post-tensioned slabs on this 85
storey tower.
Burj Dubai – The Residences Dubai, UAE

The Residences is a complex of 9 high-rise

buildings in downtown Burj Dubai. It was
developed by Emaar. Launched in year 2004
and completed year 2007. A water-front
community, residential building with some
retail and it has a ready 1,056 apartments.
The 9 towers have a 24-storey to 41-storey
buildings or 70 meters to 135 meters high

The tower structures are outrigger-stiffened

cores that are jump formed ahead of the
post-tensioned concrete floors. The podiums
makes extensive use of prestressed, precast
flooring that is composite with prestressed
band beams. It has a precast concrete façade
panels and curtain walls. The foundations
consist of raft supported on bored
reinforced concrete piles.

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