MONTANA AT AIRWAY . 778.7781 .
The attacks on September
11, 2001, and the ensuing
wars, caused many to re-
member the lives of thou-
sands of military
personnel that serve and
die in defense of the US
and its people. On Sep-
tember 11, 2010, the New
Mexico 1 Chapter of
Rolling Thunder organized
a charity ride to remember
those soldiers, past and
present, that were impris-
oned, killed, or are miss-
ing in action. Riders from
El Paso, Las Cruces,
Alamogordo and as far as
Albuquerque, New Mex-
ico, came together to
honor POW/MIAs in a
300 mile tour.
Rolling Thunder, Inc. is a
national organization that
supports veterans with
various forms of financial
aid, family support, and
services. It also works to
“improve legis-
lation to the POW/MIA
situation and improve vet-
erans' benefits.” The New
Mexico 1 chapter, char-
tered in 2005, specifically
works to help support the
Veteran’s home in Truth or
Consequences, New Mex-
ico, the only one of its
kind in the state. This ride
is its sole fundraiser for
the year.
Saturday’s ride had three
start bases, including Bar-
nett’s Harley-Davidson
here in El Paso and rode
through Las Cruces and
ended with over 200 riders
at a memorial service at
Vietnam War Memorial
reproduction in Truth or
Consequences. Many
other Veteran rider groups
like the “Combat Vets As-
sociation” and the “Buf-
falo Soldiers MC”, among
others, rode in co-opera-
tion with the Rolling
Thunder to support Ameri-
can Veterans.
For more information
contact Dusty at
More pictures fron the
Rolling Thunder Ride on
Page 27.
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder
Ride for Veterans
Ride for Veterans
By: Ricky J. Carrasco
October 2010 Sun City Biker 3
Pg. 18
ON THE COVER Photo by: Mauricio Lara
Fernie Castillo on his Honda RC51.
Rolling Thunder
Pg. 3
Survivor Run
Pg. 7
Pg. 12
On August 28 and 29, the
Mad Hatters MC organ-
ized a weekend of activi-
ties to help support kids
with cancer. Saturday fea-
tured a poker run that fea-
tured stops at Hooters, the
Cockpit, but the most spe-
cial was the stop at Provi-
dence Hospital to visit the
pediatric oncology unit.
Several kids were able to
come out to greet the bik-
ers and see the many mo-
torcycles that rumbled by
the normally quiet hospi-
tal. The most personal day,
though, was Saturday’s
blood run in United Blood
Services at Barnett Harley-
Davidson. The drive
proved to be very success-
ful. According to Luann
Wieland at UBS, more
than 114 units were col-
lected in one day, about
25% more than the pro-
jected goal. This included
17 “double donations” that
involves a special machine
that takes out 2 pints in
about 30-40 minutes. A
normal donation is a single
pint of blood that takes
about 15-20 minutes. “We
had two buses (collection
trucks) running at capac-
ity. We could have easily
used a third. By 5pm, we
started running out of sup-
plies!” El Paso bikers def-
initely showed their hearts
because a similar run
could collect 80 units on a
good day.
Blood donations are a
large part of the healing
process for any severe
trauma, like auto colli-
sions. For this run, it also
raised awareness that
many illnesses and condi-
tions, like cancer require
blood transfusions. As
Josefina Remes, blood do-
nation technician at the
Zaragosa UBS office,
states, “It can provide a
kick start to the system of
a sick person.” Remes
states that both of her par-
ents have been in the hos-
pital for various reasons
and they have been saved
by blood transfusions.
“Cancer patients, in partic-
ular, are very much in
need of blood transfusions
and especially platelets for
their recovery.” Blood
platelets help to restore
clotting and immune fac-
tors in patients that are
weakened by chemother-
apy and radiation treat-
ments. A platelet donation
typically takes 2 hours and
can help various patients.
This length of time, along
with the needles, typically
scares off many people
who might normally be
willing to help. Thank-
fully, the Mad Hatters MC
and many, many El Paso
bikers proved that riders
are willing to put up with a
little temporary sting in
the arm to help out kids in
Bikers give of themselves to help
cancer patients
By: Ricky J. Carrasco
Mad Hatters MC and some of the technicians
with United Blood Services
Diana and a friend trying out the Harleys at Providence Hospital
Mad Hatter Emilio about to donate
6 Sun City Biker October 2010
What does it mean to
have a support system? To
have people you can count
on to lift you when you are
down, to give you strength
when you are weak? To
Joe B., a prospect with
Survivors MC El Paso, it
means the difference be-
tween possibly living and
dying. Joe’s story reflects
many of those of the Sur-
vivors, whose motto is
“Clean and Sober.”
“I grew up with drugs and
alcohol. I used them as an
outlet, to get away from
everything that I thought
was wrong in my life, but
they did nothing but cause
more problems.” Joe, 35,
tells his story with the
matter-of-factness of a
man that has faced his
demons. He is not
ashamed of his past.
Rather, he is proud of the
change to which he has
committed himself. “I
started smoking when I
was 12. I just didn’t know
how to say no.” He contin-
ued his self-destructive be-
havior until his wife
challenged him when he
was nearing 30. She told
him those with alcohol and
drug abuse problems find
it much harder to quit after
age 30. That caused some
resolve in his decision. He
is now celebrating 5 years
of being Clean and Sober.
“I realized the problem
was not with the drugs, it
was within me.” But he
obviously didn’t do it by
himself. Joe had the sup-
port of his wife, and now
the biker community, es-
pecially in Survivors MC.
“In the biker community, I
found acceptance and be-
longing that had been
missing before. It em-
braced me and I cherish
that. I know that I am not
Dimple, Survivor Presi-
dent, started the club for
that kind of camaraderie.
“We all were in drug/alco-
hol recovery. We love mo-
torcycles and we decided
to ride together.” Clean
and sober now for 19
years, Dimple says the
club, the ride, and most
importantly, sobriety has
been very important in his
life. “It’s been something
that has brought us to-
gether as a family. My
daughters, grandsons and
great grandson were all
helping out at the run,
being together as a fam-
Survivors MC, one of the
oldest continually running
clubs in El Paso, make it
their mission to not leave
their brothers behind.
They current host an AA
meeting at the Al-Ano
Club at the corner of Mon-
tana and McCrae. The
B.A.D.D. (Bikers Against
Drunk Driving) poker run,
now celebrating its 18th
year, is one of the oldest in
El Paso and proceeds go to
building an alcohol and
drug rehab facility here in
El Paso. This year’s run
was scenic and family
friendly and included run
stops at Leo’s and Rudy’s
restaurants, the top of
Transmountain, and finally
a barbeque at Album Park.
According to Dimple, Sur-
vivors MC El Paso Presi-
dent since 1995, more than
100 riders were registered
for this run that raised
over $4000 to help out a
recovery home to be run
by Grace Christian
For more info, contact
Survivors at:
Bikers Against Drunk Driving
By: Ricky J. Carrasco
October 2010 Sun City Biker 7
To many queries are
made and we need real an-
swers. In motorcycles,
overwhelming questions
are given especially
on motorcycle parts. One
motorcycle part that needs
elucidation is tire.
Here are few of the fre-
quently asked questions
about tires:
1. Why are new tires bet-
First, new tires are better
because it is organic and it
decomposes. Second be-
cause the older the tire
gets, the more it
is exposed to outgassing.
Outgassing makes the tire
2. What’s the right tire
In essence, the principle is
the newer the tire the bet-
ter. However, to make a
tire last longer the tire’s
age is of lesser
importance. But be careful
not to buy tires which are
over six or seven years
old. You will be able to
know their date of
manufacturing by search-
ing for the three or four-
digit number stamped in
the tire’s sidewall. For in-
stance, 2101 stands
for 21st week of 2001 -
which is its manufacturing
3. What are size and
Run the bike in the recom-
mended tire pressure. It is
so simple. You just have to
stick to the manufacturers
That is the safest and the
best thing that you can do.
Nevertheless, you can
have some deviations de-
pending on your
desired performance.
Moreover, you have to
check tire pressure regu-
4. What will I do in case
of a flat tire?
Motorcycle tires swerve
from more directions. Un-
like car tires, motorcycle
tire has only the other tire
to prevent it from
falling. Thus, the best
thing to do in case of a flat
tire is to replace it and not
just plug it.
5. When is there a need
for replacement?
It depends. Front tires may
still shot even when there
is still ample rubber. In
fact, they may still look
good even if they
have gone through consid-
erable heat cycles. They
can also cup or scallop
when already having un-
even surface. This
is the best time to replace
6. When to buy a tire?
Buying tires must be made
at reputable motorcycle
stores. These stores have
already established their
names and
services. You can also
order online. But this rem-
edy is a gamble because it
will not guarantee that you
will be getting
newly manufactured tires.
When you buy tires per-
sonally, you have the op-
portunity to choose the
freshest tire in the
store. You also have the
chance to compare prices
and quality.
About The Author:
Please visit Motorcycle
Parts OEM site at
http://www.motorcy- for
comments and inquiries
regarding this article.
Mo t o r c y c l e T i r e s Q & A
By: Maricon Williams
October 2010 Sun City Biker 9
By: Keith Nivon
"You can never be too
paranoid". That sums it up
when talking about some-
one wanting to relieve you
of your hard
earned Harley Davidson
Bike thieves have nothing
but time and imagination
when it comes to stealing
bikes. It is up to you to
know how
bikes are stolen and what
you can do to prevent it.
Most bike thefts occur
after hours under the cover
of darkness. The vast ma-
jority of bikes are simply
rolled away out of
sight into a waiting truck.
A locked up front forks
and a lock on the front
wheel can help to prevent
this type of theft.
In the past, some thieves
have used devices like
skateboards under the
front wheel in order to
move the bike where
they want. In reality, four
strong men can pick up a
bike up off the ground and
toss it into the back of a
pickup in mere
High quality chain or
cable can be used to an-
chor your bike to a power
pole or even to other
bikes. This method can
be effective to the thief
who wants a clean and
quick getaway. It takes a
bit more time to use a
bolt cutter or chain
cutter can to slice
through these devices.
An audible alarm can
signal you and others
nearby when your bike
becomes disturbed. This
type of device can be
very effective. Some of
these alarms will even
call your pager or tele-
phone when your bike
has moved. These de-
are generally more effec-
tive to prevent night
The bottom line is if
somebody wants to steal
your Harley Davidson mo-
torcycle, somehow or
someway it will likely
happen no matter what
prevention measures you
take. No one special has
designed these theft pre-
vention devices.
Professional thieves al-
ways have a way of get-
ting around them.
The idea behind all these
security gadgets is only to
deter the would be crimi-
nals and send them to
down the street
looking for easier prey.
All or a few of these secu-
rity devices I talked about
used in combination can
be very effective in pre-
venting motorcycle
I guess if all else fails, you
can always bring your bike
with you in your bedroom
at night.
About The Author:
Keith Nivon is an avid
Harley Davidson Motorcy-
cle Enthusiast! His website
contains information on all
things Harley
http://www.everything- is a
great resource for anyone
who shares a passion for
Davidson Motorcycles.
Is Somebody Stealing
our Motorcycle!!
10 Sun City Biker October 2010
By: John Daniele
They’ve been glamorized
in the movies and on tele-
vision by the likes of
everyone from James
Dean to Peter Fonda in
movies like Easy Rider
and The Wild Ones.
For years, they’ve repre-
sented freedom on the
open road to several gen-
erations of Americans, but
there are still those
of us who don’t know
much about motorcycles
but would like to. Still,
there’s one thing that’s
undeniable. The
motorcycle is part of the
American way of life.
First the basics: What ac-
tually makes up what
many enthusiasts refer to
as the Iron Horse?’ Like
many other
mechanized things today,
most modern motorcycles
are mass-produced using
aluminum for the frames.
engines are gasoline pow-
ered and usually have a
five or six speed transmis-
sion. While many of us are
familiar with
the North American made
Harley Davidson, there are
other manufacturers from
various countries who sell
motorcycles in North
America as well as world
wide. Some well know
Japanese makers are
Honda and Yamaha brand
Although there are motor-
cycles for every walk of
life and need, from Japan-
ese made commuter bikes
to the racing
machines that come
equipped with wind
screens to cut down on air
resistance, it’s the Harley
Davidson motorcycle
that has become a house-
hold name.
Harley Davidson, the most
famous bike in the world
of motorcycles, was
started in Milwaukee in
1903. By 1917 one
third of all Harleys built
were sent overseas to help
with the war effort. By
1918, Harley Davison had
the biggest
motorcycle factory in the
world. But the history of
one of America’s favorite
pastimes goes back even
It is generally accepted
that the very first motorcy-
cle was a two cylinder
steam engine variety in-
vented in 1867. The
first record of any type of
motorcycle goes back to
1885, with an engine that
was attached to a wooden
bike by a man
named Gottlieb Daimler.
Like many other indus-
tries, the history of the
motorcycle is divided into
clear divisions or time seg-
ments. The next
notable era is the time be-
tween 1955 and 1985 that
was characterized by some
of the other big names in
history such as the Indian.
Even though the Beatles
weren’t about to invade
American shores with their
brand of British music for
another ten
years, the English Indian
motorcycle was
out selling the American
competition in the 1950s.
Another big name that
made its appearance in the
pre-Japanese era of motor-
cycle production is Nor-
At one point in time, the
Norton motorcycle gave
the bigger names like
Harley Davidson a run for
their money in the
motorcycle subculture.
If you’re wanting to get
started riding, you’ll need
to obtain a motorcycle li-
cense. While the require-
ments for a
motorcycle license vary
from state to state, there
are generally some ac-
cepted prerequisites that
don’t change. Most
states require a commer-
cial driver’s license before
they will allow an appli-
cant to start the procedure
for getting a
motorcycle license. Also, a
person will usually need to
pay related fees and take
tests that vary from state to
About The Author:
John Daniele is an expert
on motorcycle helmets.
For information or to pur-
chase a handcrafted, light-
weight, fiberglass
novelty motorcycle hel-
mets see http://www.hel-
Motorcycle ABC’s
Model J 1917 Harley-Davidson Army Motorcycle
October 2010 Sun City Biker 11
at the Miner’s game!
at the Miner’s game!
12 Sun City Biker October 2010
October 2010 Sun City Biker 13
By: John W Daniele
Years ago, when a large
group of motorcycle riders
rode into town, the locals
had reason to fear that
something wicked had
come their way. It was as-
sumed that a big bunch of
guys on bikes were a gang,
an assembly of society’s
rebels who scoffed at the
law and ran roughshod
wherever they wandered.
That bad rap was rein-
forced by equally bad
press. Headlines about
bikers causing mayhem
were consistently
front-page. When a gang
wearing one distinctive
motorcycle jacket invaded
another gang’s space,
brawls would break
out in the bars and other
places where they gath-
Hollywood features about
fictitious, scurrilous char-
acters on two wheels who
terrorized towns were box
office bonanzas. Although
most real-life dudes in
leather duds were more
bark and less bite, it took
many years for the
bad-boy stereotyped
image to fade away.
Today’s motorcycle en-
thusiasts who want to get
together with other like-
minded individuals are
not running from the
law. As a matter of fact,
many riders who choose
to wear the motorcycle
jacket that showcases the
name of their biker
association are cops and
attorneys. The thrill that
these and other bikers are
seeking is not to scare or
harm people and property;
they are hitting the rode
just to enjoy the ride and
to do good deeds.
Fund raising and organiz-
ing charity events are on
the agenda for the current
crop of biker guys and
Associations have popped
up all over North America
and are organized by state,
province, motorcycle
brand, profession, region
or religious affiliation.
Some exhibit a keen sense
of fun, and focus in on a
particular type of biker,
like the Bald Guys Motor-
cycle Club. There are over
200 chapters of these fol-
licly challenged bikers
around the globe.
Christian motorcycle min-
istries spread the gospel
across the continent. With
creative names like Chari-
ots of Hope,
Cycle Disciples and Kings
Horsemen, these believers
dedicate much of their
time to helping those in
Jewish biker groups have
also sprung up. Chai Rid-
ers, Hillel’s Angels, King
David Bikers and Jews
that Cruise proudly
wear the t-shirts and
Cont. pg 15.
Motorcycle Clubs
Motorcycle Clubs
14 Sun City Biker October 2010
Cont from pg 14.
motorcycle jackets that
bear their special logos.
They have outings that
might start with a meet
up at a bagel shop and end
up with a ride to raise
money for the Diabetes
Association or another
worthy cause.
How do biker groups get
the money to give to chari-
ties? The methods are
many. They sell raffles,
have barbecues
and clambakes and hold
car washes, to name just a
few. These macho men
and biker babes often
show their softer
side when they have a
bake sale and sell home-
made brownies.
Sometimes, they just go
out for a ride in the coun-
try and get local busi-
nesses to sponsor each
mile that they travel.
Funds collected might go
to buying swings and
slides, and building a new
playground in the commu-
nity. But these
angels on wheels don’t
stop at that. They donate
their time and labor to
adopted projects, and put
in many hours of
sweat equity.
The millions of motorcy-
cle aficionados around the
world can still be seen in
motorcycle jackets. But
their image has
undergone an extreme
makeover. Under that
rough, leather exterior
beats a heart of gold that
wants to help.
About The Author:
John W Daniele is an ex-
pert on motorcycle hel-
mets. For information or to
purchase a handcrafted,
fiberglass novelty motor-
cycle helmets see
Motorcycle Clubs
Motorcycle Clubs
October 2010 Sun City Biker 15
Strokers Dallas 15th
Aniversary Party
Start Date: Oct 8th, 2010
End Date: Oct 10th, 2010
Address: 9304 Harry
Dallas, TX 75235
Three days of Bikes,
Babes, and Beer!
Fri: Bad Tattoo Contest at
Sat: Wet T Shirt Contest at
Sun: Bikini Contest at
No entry fee, vendors, live
music, cold beer, tons of
Contact: Meghan
Phone: 214-357-0707
Fort Hood H-D Blues,
Brews, & BBQ
Start Date: Oct 9th, 2010
End Date: Oct 9th, 2010
Address: 875 W. CenTex
Harker Heights, TX
Live music, food and bike
show. There will be a
home brew contest, biker
games, and a bikini con-
test. Starts at 12pm.
Sponsor: Fort Hood
Phone: (254) 680-4747
Child and Family Guid-
ance Center Bike Raffle
and Poker Run
Start Date: Oct 9th, 2010
End Date: Oct 9th, 2010
Address:4000 N US Hwy
Sherman, TX 75090
Poker Run begins at Tex-
oma-Harley-Davidson and
ends at Loose Wheels.
Raffle for a 2010 Harley-
Davidson Softail Custom.
Proceeds go to the
Grayson County Child &
Family Guidance Center.
Sponsor: Texoma Harley-
Phone: (903) 892-2530
SOTX Biker Jam and
Start Date: Oct 8th, 2010
End Date: Oct 9th, 2010
Address: BEING
08/17/2010 UPDATE
was informed that the
event is being re-sched-
uled for the summer or
2011. The dates will be an-
nounced. Thanks, Steve
Lightning Customs Reliant
Arena October 8th and
9th, 2010 Houston, Texas
This unique show will
combine American and
Metric motorcycles and
accessories all under one
roof. Additionally, this in-
teractive event will be
open to the public with ex-
periential activities to keep
the whole family enter-
tained. For two days only,
motorcycle enthusiasts
will shop and discover all
the latest gear, parts and
information relating to the
exciting sport of motorcy-
cling. Among many fun-
filled attractions featured
at this one-of-a kind event
are: Live music acts Cus-
tom bike building demos
Vintage motorcycle ex-
hibits Tattoo competitions
A Bike-wear fashion show
Outdoor demo rides High-
energy freestyle stunt rides
Swap Meet Tables in two
areas open during expo
(American / Metric) There
are opportunities to pro-
mote your products
through the following: Ex-
hibition Booths Sponsor-
ships Product Demos Stunt
Shows Product Installation
Swap Meet (Accessories)
Fashion Show For further
information check out our
Contact: Jaye Olson
Phone: 281-614-9143
Isaiah's Cancer Run- 4th
Start Date: Oct 16th, 2010
End Date: Oct 16th, 2010
Address: Scooter Pete's-
14685 Highway 155
Tyler, TX
First Bike Out at 9 and last
out at 10 am.
Live music and more on
Phone: (903) 581-0810
Angels on Wheels Ride -
3rd Annual
Start Date: Oct 16th, 2010
End Date: Oct 16th, 2010
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16 Sun City Biker October 2010
October 30, 2010
1st Annual Halloween Bash!
Open Everyday 12 noon - 2 am
, 9 ß ó 2 5 7 ûß T5 3 , ) ( - - - -


Country Club Rd. / Mesa
e Contest $500 in CASH & Prizes
Scarrrrry Drink Specials!
3rd Thursday of Month
Santa Teresa Motorsports
Bike Show


. / M
Address: 4900 Mueller
Austin, TX 78723
Central Texas Riders Cir-
cle of Friends presents the
3rd Annual Angels on
Wheels Motorcycle Ride.
Rally around this exciting
event for just $25/person.
Not a rider? Come for the
live music, food and
drinks at the Hill Country
Galleria, sponsored by
Zingers Bar & Grill, Twin
Liquors and Premiere
Tents & Events.
Funds raised from this
event will benefit the
Texas Child Study Center
at Dell Children's Medical
Center. This center is a
collaboration between Dell
Children's and The Uni-
versity of Texas treats chil-
dren and adolescents with
emotional, developmental
and behavioral challenges.
With your support, this fa-
cility will develop disease-
specific evaluative and
intervention programs to
address disorders such as
autism, depression and
other mental health issues.
Sponsor: Zingers Bar &
Grill, Twin Liquors, Pre-
miere Tents & Events
Contact: Rita Willoughby
Phone: 512.324.0192
Website: www.angelson-
ROQ and Ride Commu-
nity Fest
Start Date: Oct 23rd, 2010
End Date: Oct 23rd, 2010
Address: Wonderland of
Americas (formerly Cross-
roads Mall), 4522 Freder-
icksburg Road
San Antonio, TX 78201
Google Map
Hotel Reservations
Description: City wide
community event honoring
San Antonio's first World
Box Champion, Robert
Quiroga (deceased) and
bringing bikers for a full
bike ride through the city,
boxing (a fully sanctioned
boxing ring on site), Moti-
vational pep rally for chil-
dren (Our future leaders)
and their parents of the
community and all benefit-
ing educational scholar-
ships and charities.
Contact: Epi Quiroga
Phone: 210-214-0722
Avon Walk for Breast
Cancer Car, Truck and
Bike Show
Start Date: Oct 23rd, 2010
End Date: Oct 23rd, 2010
Address: 10000 Emmett F
Lowry Expy
Texas City, TX
Google Map
Hotel Reservations
Description: Avon Walk
for Breast Cancer Car,
Truck and Bike Show
Swap Meet, live music,
raffles, silent auction,
50/50 pot, food and drinks.
Mall of the Mainland
Spectator Entry is Fee is
Contact: Sabrina
Phone: 832-890-3851
Email: tripleheartfarmatg-
Ghosts and Spokes
Start Date: Oct 30th, 2010
End Date: Oct 30th, 2010
Address: 1412 Griffin
Street East
Dalllas, TX 75215
Google Map
Hotel Reservations
Description: Poker Benefit
6 stops - total 96 miles:
Strokers of Dallas, Hoot-
ers, Harley Davidson,
Twin Peaks and more!
Counterfeitradio will be
the band/food/FREE
Merchandise vendors
All bikes welcome!
15.00 pre-registration
20.00 on-site
Sponsor: Dallas Assist the
Contact: Cher Lon Malik
Phone: 972-693-2350
If you would like to have
your event listed in Sun
City Biker please email
details to:
October 2010 Sun City Biker 17
Sport Bike
Photos by: Maurico Lara
Driver: Fernie Castillo
Bike: Honda RC51
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Setup: Track
October 2010 Sun City Biker
Author: Motoman
In 1936, Mother Harley
introduced one of the
benchmark motorcycles of
all time —the OHV 61-
cubic-inch EL. This beau-
tifully styled bike is
affectionately known as
the Knucklehead. What's
truly amazing about this
bike is the design of the
transmission, which re-
mained in service until
1986 — an incredible
half-century run with the
same basic configuration.
There were, of course, dif-
ferent variationsavailable
in the early years, like the
standard 4-speed, a 3-
speed with reverse for
sidecar use, and hand shift
or foot shift. The original
design was extremely bul-
letproof. Knuckles and
Pans shared the same
outer case. The only ex-
ception was the introduc-
tion of the electric start
with the 1965 Pan. The
transmission case grew a
couple of ears to support
the new aluminum inner
primary to which the elec-
tric start was bolted, and
the main shaft in the trans-
mission got a quarter-inch
inch longer to accommo-
date these new goodies.
Things pretty
much re-
mained the
same until
the intro-
duction of the alternator.
Adding an alternator af-
fected the transmission.
The primary had to be
moved out to accommo-
date the alternator. As a re-
sult, the main shaft grew
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Harley-Davidson Transmissions
and Alternatives
OCC Knucklehead
Continued from page 19
These minor changes went
on until the demise of the
4-speed in 1986. The
biggest complaint about
the 4-speed was universal
throughout the years —
most everybody thought
the bike needed another
In 1980, Harley in-
troduced the FLT series
motorcycle, a fairly revo-
lutionary bike in Harley
history. A rubber-mounted
engine with a 5-speed
gearbox was the major de-
sign change. For many
years, riders thought an
additional gear in the
transmission would be
ideal. Harley listened, but
what many riders didn't
understand is that the final
drive ratio of the 4-speed
and the 5-speed was the
same 1 to 1. Many erro-
neously believed that the
5th gear was an overdrive.
The lower gear
ratios in
1st, 2nd,
3rd allowed the engineers
to raise the overall gear
ratio to achieve the
same off-the-line per-
formance with a
higher top speed.
Today's higher
road speeds have
prompted requests for yet
another gear. Harley intro-
duced its 6-speed cruise
drive transmission in
2006. The changes in the
overall gear ratio are what
made this unit a positive
upgrade to the Harley
gearbox. However, it's not
as refined as some of the
aftermarket transmissions
that are available today.
Baker, Jim's Machine,
RevTech and Milwaukee
Twins all produce over-
drive gearboxes.
new transmis-
sions feature a high
gear that is .86 to 1 or .80
to 1 — less than the stock
1 to 1, resulting in a reduc-
tion in engine rpm at a
given speed, or a faster
speed at the same rpm.
For example, a mid-'90s
Harley Softail would have
an overall ratio of 3.36 to
1. This is determined by
the number of teeth on
each of the gears or pul-
leys in the primary drive
and the secondary drive.
The problem with any
overdrive type system is
that if you slow down
too much in that
overdrive gear, the
engine can
lug when
you attempt to accelerate.
This can be detrimental to
the engine. The solution
would be to downshift to
An alternative to adding
an overdrive is to change
the overall ratio of the
bike to reduce engine rpm
at a given speed. When
motorcycles had a chain
drive secondary, this was
very easy to do. Chains are
easy to obtain in various
lengths to accommodate
the differences a larger or
smaller sprocket would re-
quire. With the advent of
the belt secondary, things
got more complicated.
Due to the fact that belts
are fixed in application we
have some serious limita-
tions in what we can do,
not to mention removal
and reinstallation of all the
Baker Drivetrain, one of
the leading manufacturers
of upgrade solutions to
your stock Harley trans-
Harley-Davidson ...
20 Sun City Biker October
1980 Harley FLT
2006 Harley
October 2010 Sun City Biker
Author: Mack
The traffic packed roads of
today give biker's all the
more reason to care about
their safety and well
being. Roads are not safe
for anyone either driving
or walking because of
people who take reckless
actions and have respect
for their own lives, let
alone others.
A lot of research has been
put into the matter of mak-
ing the roads a safer place
for pedestrian and drives.
With the increasing influ-
ence of technology in
every aspect of life, it was
about time that it collabo-
rated with motorcycle ac-
cessories to make riding
bikes safer than ever.
Biking is a passion which
is not limited to a certain
age or class. Teenagers to
people in their forties, lay-
man to business people all
love bikes and feeling the
roar of the strong engine
of a good bike would
make their day. Bluetooth
Helmets is the best mix of
safety and technology for
bikers who like to drive
safe and make roads a bet-
ter place
for peo-
ple. Blue
tooth Helmets allow the
bikers to talk while driv-
ing in order to keep their
hands free and keep them
where they belong while
riding. Due to the rise in
technological awareness,
now it is not hard to find
Cheap Bluetooth Helmets
so you do not have to
make any compromise of
your safety.
The types of helmets
available with the facility
of Bluetooth are Full Face
mets and Open Face Hel-
mets. The variety in
helmets would allow you
to ride with ease and at-
tend important calls while
you are riding your bike or
listen to music, radio or
the news. Nonetheless,
there are insecurities con-
cerning this issue as well
since the use of a Blue-
tooth device can take the
drivers attention off the
road. Continues on next
22 Sun City Biker October
Continued from page 20
.... has an excellent calcu-
lator on its website for de-
termining final drive ratios
In summary, using a 6-
speed overdrive transmis-
sion, or modifying your
stock drive ratios are fine
ways to lower overall en-
gine rpm. Hopefully we've
given you a little history
lesson and enough infor-
mation to understand both
Harley and aftermarket
transmissions. As always,
if you have questions or
need assistance, don't hesi-
tate to chat with a J&P
technician via Live Chat.
Or call our technical sup-
port staff at (800) 397-
Article Source:
About the AuthorYou can
find more information and
all the motorcycle parts
and accessories you need
at J&P Cycles. J&P Cy-
cles carries Harley parts,
Vintage Harley parts, met-
ric cruiser parts and Gold
Wing parts.
Harley-Davidson ...
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To resolve this issue you
can purchase Cheap Mo-
torcycle Mirrors which
will keep you aware of
your surroundings in any
These Bluetooth devices
can be either inserted into
the helmet or are built into
the helmet of a biker. You
can choose the one that
suits your requirement the
best. Since the importance
of helmets cannot be
avoided at any age, you
must look into
the market of
Kids Bike
Helmets if you
have young ones
experimenting with
their bikes. Rather than
taking away the joys of
childhood from your kids,
prepare for more precau-
tions that would keep them
safe from any accident that
might occur while they are
on the roads.
Article Source:
October 2010 Sun City Biker
Author: Jo da Silva
Imagine you have just
bought a brand new
Honda CBR Fireblade, it's
your baby and you treas-
ure it more than any of
your other possessions.
The last thing you want is
for something to go wrong
and to find yourself
searching Google for
honda motorcycle parts,
honda motorcycle spares
or even honda motorcycle
dealers within a year of
purchasing your bike.
This is something that can
easily happen though if
you do not properly main-
tain and look after your
bike. So many new motor-
cycle owners forget the
simple steps which they
should take daily to look
after their new motorcycle.
This is a list of three sim-
ple daily checks which
will prolong the life of
your treasured motorcycle
and ensure that it is a long
time before you have to
spend money on repairs.
The first is to
check oil levels.
Checking the oil level on a
bike is very simple, either
your bike will have a tra-
ditional dip-stick just like
on a car or an oil inspec-
tion window. Oil is some-
thing that should not be
decreasing in volume too
regularly and if you find
that the oil level in your
bike is dropping rapidly it
could indicate a couple of
problems. Your bike could
have a simple oil leak or it
could have engine prob-
lems. An engine in good
condition will not use very
much oil between changes.
Continues on next page
24 Sun City Biker October
Continued from page 23
Remember that your bike
should be level to the
ground when you are
checking the oil so that the
oil can stabilise and be
measured accurately.
The second check
is the motorcycles
brakes. This is a very
important check for both
the maintenance of the
bike and the rider's safety.
Break checks are simple to
do, just apply the brakes
and ensure that they are
fully applied without the
lever or pedal being fully
applied. Also the breaks
should free up fully with-
out any drag once the
lever or pedal is released.
Once this check has been
made you should check
the brake fluid level and if
it is low replace it immedi-
ately. If your brake fluid
continues to drop or your
brakes do not appear to be
working properly take
your bike to a mechanic or
the deal you purchased it
from before riding it
The third and final
check to do before taking
your bike out each day is
making sure the drive
chain is in good
condition. The drive
chain should be well lubri-
cated and should not be
too slack looking. This is a
major component on the
motorcycle and it is vital
that it is kept in good con-
dition. If the chain looks a
little dry the spray it with
some aerosol chain lubri-
cant and if it appears slack
either adjust the tension
yourself or pay a profes-
sional to do so.
By following these simple
daily checks you will en-
sure firstly that your bike
is safe to ride but also that
your bikes performance
will be optimal.
Article Source:
About the AuthorAbout
Honda of Bournemouth:
Located on the outskirts of
Poole, Honda of
Bournemouth offers
everything you'd expect
from a modern Honda mo-
torcycle dealer. As well as
Honda motorcycles and
Honda motorcycle parts,
we also sell top quality
motorcycle clothing and
helmets including a superb
range of Arai helmets.
Author: ironboltbruce
As some of the Last of the
Motohicans, every year we
try to plot a different
course for our annual two-
wheeled pilgrimage to
"Sturgis". Our motorcycle
touring itinerary for 2010
was to cover a distance of
3,055 miles over 7 days.
We covered the first 1,515
miles--from Miami Beach
Florida to Wichita Falls
Texas--in under 36 hours.
That should earn me my
51st Iron Butt cert, and
bought us the time we
needed to relax the pace
and take in the scenery
over the remaining 5 days.
Those last 1,540 miles
took us west across
stretches of old Route 66
in Texas and New Mexico,
then north through the
high peaks and narrow
valleys of the southwest-
ern Colorado Rockies, and
finally northeast across
Wyoming to Sundance,
our base for this year's
"Black Hills Trailer Clas-
chitafalls2sundance After
a sunny Monday morn-
ing's coffee and cold egg
breakfast at the Wichita
Falls La Quinta, we
headed northwest through
the Red River Valley on
US 287 where it parallels
the famous river's course
and Texas-Oklahoma bor-
der. We made our first stop
just shy of the Panhandle
at a crossroads named for
Quanah Parker, the "half-
breed" Indian and last Co-
manche chief who--given
he sired 25 children with
his 5 wives--might very
well have been its found-
ing father. We then fol-
lowed 287 on across the
High Plains of the Pan-
handle through small
towns lost in time that re-
minded me of "The Last
Picture Show" until we
reached Amarillo. From
there we headed west past
the Big Texan Steakhouse
on I-40 and old Route 66,
stopping for lunch and lots
of iced tea at the Route 66
Midpoint Cafe in Adrian,
where the food is just as
good and the people are
just as friendly as their
website suggests:
http://www.mid- A
short ride west from
Adrian took us across the
state line into the Moun-
tain Time Zone and the
Mesalands of New Mex-
ico. The landscape transi-
tion there from the endless
flat grasslands of the High
Plains to the flat-topped
buttes and mesas of the
High Desert is sudden,
dramatic, and another one
of those experiences I
don't have words to ade-
quately describe. To read
the complete story please
go to
Motorcycle Touring: Mountains,
Motorcycles and Motohicans
October 2010 Sun City Biker
Ruidoso Golden Aspen Run
Photos By Angel B.
26 Sun City Biker October 2010
Rolling Thunder Ride for Veterans
Rolling Thunder Ride for Veterans
October 2010 Sun City Biker 27
28 Sun City Biker October 2010
Biker Babes
Biker Babes
October 2010 Sun City Biker 29
Readers Rides
Readers Rides
30 Sun City Biker October 2010

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