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College Algebra 2

2018-2019 Course Syllabus

Contact Description

Ms. Carey Homework:

Homework will be checked for effort, some will be collected for a grade on the
class day that the homework is due.
(207) 377-2228
ext 3206 There will almost always be a quiz in
middle of each chapter to check for
understanding. If you wish to fix a grade
Supplies on a quiz you may make points back for
half credit, after having some
remediation with me after school, but
An important part of high school not during class time. Expect a mini quiz
next class period after new material to
is developing effective check for understanding.
organizational strategies and
habits. Summative Assessments:
There will be some tests and projects for
end of chapter assessments. If there is a
The following tools are
test, you will know ahead of time, and
recommended to help keep you you will get a day to review in class
organized and be successful: beforehand. If there is a project, you will
get class time to work on it. Questions
ü Three Ring Binder are always welcomed, but not the day of
a test.
ü Loose lined Paper
ü Scientific Graphing Calculator Participation:
(recommended) I expect you to put effort into the class
ü Writing Utensils and participate in all activities. You will
need to step outside of your comfort
ü Laptop zone and try new things. My class is a
new surprise every day, so be prepared!
Late Work & Absent Policy “A mind is like a
If you are absent it is your responsibility to check the class
parachute. It doesn’t
website for notes, and also to check your class bin for work if it’s not open.”
handouts. I will not completely reteach a lesson to you, but I – Frank Zappa
will answer questions. Homework will be accepted late for
partial credit, only until the test for that chapter. After the
test date, homework grades will not be changed for that Grading

In the event of an absence, if you miss a class when

homework was due, you have two school days to get it to
me. If you are absent on a day that homework is assigned,
you have two class periods to get that completed assignment Summative Assessment (45%)
to me. If you are absent two days, during which homework
is assigned, you have four extra days to hand it in. Homework (15%)

Classwork, Quizzes, Participation (40%)

Course Outline Midterm/ Final (20%) Of the Year

1. Solving Equations and Inequalities: Review

creating and solving equations (including radicals)
and inequalities.
Standards: HS.A.CED.01, HS.A.REI.02
2. Linear Relations and Functions: Review domain,
range, and graphing functions (new functions include
piecewise, step, and absolute value).
ü Be Prepared
Standards: HS.F.IF.01, HS.A.CED.02, HS.F.IF.05, Come to class on time. This means
HS.F.IF.07b being in your seat at the start time,
3. Systems of Equations: Solve and graph systems of focused and ready to learn with the
equations while interpreting domain, necessary supplies.
range, and solutions in context.
Standards: HS.A.REI.05, HS.A.REI.06, HS.A.REI.12,
HS.A.CED.03 ü Be Respectful
4. Quadratic Functions: Graph and solve quadratic Respect yourself and others.
functions with real and complex solutions.
Standards: HS.F.IF.07a, HS.A.SSE.03a, HS.NQ.01,
Respect our class time and our
HS.NQ.CN.02, HS.F.IF.08a, HS.A.REI.04a, HS.A.REI.04b, materials.
HS.NQ.CN.07, HS.A.SSE.03b
5. Polynomials and Polynomial Functions: Review
computation and sketch graphs of polynomials and
ü Do Your Best
other rational expressions. Calculate roots and zeros Be responsible for your learning;
of polynomials using theorems. work hard and do your best. Don’t
Standards: HS.APR.01, HS.APR.06, HS.F.IF.04 be afraid to ask for help.
6. Radical Functions: Work with radicals and rational
exponents, graph square and cube roots