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7. What action plan do you recommend to oracle?

Create pull demand strategy by aggressive marketing campaign targeting 40-50k pool service

professionals and independent contractors in the following ways:

(a) Aggressive Mailing campaign

(b) Huge advertising in trade journals

(c) Prominent display counter in trade-shows

(d) Message should be centered around 20-30% savings of pool chemicals by use of

Coracle resulting in higher profits for professionals and contractors.

(e) Focus on Lower annual cost compared to ClearBlu ($39.06 vs $56.25)

Action plan for long-term

 Impart education to Pool Owners regarding adverse effect of waterborne diseases:

Live Demos in societies, buzz around rewarding cleanest pool in city etc.

This will increase the % of customers using clarifiers regularly.

 Make Pool Owners aware about potential savings and economic benefits of

using Coracle.
 Price revision to $30:

Survey indicates acceptable treatment price of $50/annum.

Retail price of $30 will lead to treatment price of $46.8/annum, hence acceptable.

Soren will have cushion to bear the marketing expenses and additional distributor

margin to promote sale