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SUBJECT: Status Update on the Project Implementation of Water Projects for the DATE City Government of Marawi under FY 2016 SALINTUBIG Program May 25, 2018 BACKGROUND: Php 76,000,000.00 water projects was allocated to City Government of Marawi as part of DILG assistance in the rehabilitation process of the City under FY 2016 SALINTUBIG. On November 13-18, 2017, the OPDS thru WSSPMO provided technical assistance in the assessment for the Rehabilitation of Water Supply System in Marawi City which included the preliminary field surveys and preparation of Detailed Engineering Design (DED) for the seven (7) priority barangays. On December 19, 2018, Consultative Meeting between the DILG CO, DILG RO X, DILG- ARMM and the City Government of Marawi was conducted to establish the implementation arrangements for the water projects in Marawi City. The DILG CO shall transfer the funds to. DILG RO 10. The DILG RO 10 shall be responsible for the release of financial subsidy for the infrastructure investments to Marawi City, subject to the latter's compliance with certain terms and conditions stated in the Tripartite MOA. A support to operations fund to DILG RO 10 and DILG-ARMM for the provision of technical assistance and monitoring of project implementation of the SALINTUBIG Program will also be downloaded. (On December 29, 2018, a Tripartite Memorandum of Agreement was forged by and between the DILG Region 10, DILG-ARMM and City Government of Marawi to formalize the implementation arrangements. On January 9, 2018 during the Programming Workshop on the Consolidation of the Identified Priority PPAs to be programmed under the PhP 10 Billion Marawi Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Budget in the 2018 GAA at NHA Main Office, Quezon City the project was included in Infrastructure Sector. The following table shows the brief profile of the project funded under FY 2016 SALINTUBIG Program’ Major PPAs Construction of Level Ill Water System for the City Government of Marawi, Lanao Del Sur (short implementation) Indicator Construction of two (2) water system for seven (7) barangays with a total household connections of 2,156 Location/Site Barangays Sagonsongan, Mipaga, Emie Punod, Basak Malutlut, East Basak, Poblacion, and Moriatao Loksadato Project Cost PhP 76,000,000.00 Source of Fund DILG - FY 2016 SALINTUBIG Implementing Agencies/LGUs | DILG & City Government of Marawi Timeline! Implementation Period | July 2018 - December 2019 (Construction period) (years/ months) On February 7, 2018, Consultative Meeting between the DILG CO, DILG RO X, DILG-ARMM and the City Government of Marawi was conducted to discuss the strategies and options to fast track the project implementation and to be able to release the funds to the LGU by the ‘end of 1st Quarter this year. Also, the meeting served as the response of the Department to “Matino, Mahusay, Maaasahan” 24" Floor DILG-NAPOLCOM Center, EDSA cor. Quezon Avenue, West Tingle, Quezon City 1100 the request of Marawi City to assist the LGU in the project implementation of water projects on the seven (7) priority barangays under FY 2016 SALINTUBIG. On February 28 — March 2, 2018, technical staff from OPDS-WSSPMO provide a technical assistance in the preparation of documentary requirement for the release of 1st tranche of funds to Marawi City under FY 2016 SALINTUBIG and submitted to the DILG RO 10 for review and approval. On April 3, 2018, Consultative Meeting for the Detailed Engineering Design (DED) Preparation and conduct of geo-resistivity for the proposed Water Projects for the City Government of Marawi City was conducted. As per advice of DILG RO 10 Accountant, DED must submit first by the LGU before the release of the first tranche of the LGU - Marawi City as stipulated on the signed Tripartite MOA. LGU — Marawi City asked the helped of the DILG RO 10 to engage a consultant to prepare the DED and to conduct geo-resistivty test provided that the DILG RO 10 to use not more than the 6% of the total allocation. (Highlights of the Meeting was attached for your reference) On April 9-30, 2018, the hired consultant, Falcon Geoenvironmental Services Co. conducted the Geo-resistivity and DED Survey on Marawi City. Based on the contract the Scope of Work of the consultancy are the the following: Geo-resistivity Survey, Topographic Survey, Geotechnical Investigation, Detailed Engineering Design and Cost Estimate with a contract cost of PhP 1,765,000.00. On April 10-13, 2018, the OPDS thru WSSPMO provide technical assistance in the conduct of geo-resistivity and topographic survey for the proposed water projects in Marawi City with the hired consultant. ‘On May 17, 2018, Consultative Meeting between the DILG CO-OPDS WSSPMO, DILG RO X, and Falcon Gecenvironmental Services Co. was conducted for the Presentation of the Draft Detailed Engineering Design (DED) and Program of Works (POW) of the water projects for Marawi City. UPDATES: It was agreed on the conducted Consultative Meeting last April 3, 2018 for the presentation of the DED prepared by the engaged consultant to the LGU-Marawi City will be on May 29, 2018. The objectives of the meeting are the following: (1) to consolidate the comments and recommendation by the different involve parties in the projects before the finalization of the DED which will be the bases for the release the ‘1st tranche to the LGU by 1st week of June 2018, (2) reached with an agreements for the implementation arrangement and (3) set timelines to fast track the implementation of the project. DATE VENUE I EXPECTED PARTICIPANTS LGU-Marawi City DILG RO 10 DILG - OPDS thru WSSPMO DILG - ARMM Task Force Bangon Marawi SURGE USAID Marawi City Water District Falcon Geoenvironmental Service Co City Hall May 29, 2016 | siamic City of Marawi “Matino, Mahusay, Maaasahan” 24™ Floor DILG-NAPOLCOM Center, EDSA cor. Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City 1100 FY 2016 SALINTUBIG Islamic City of Marawi Highlights of the conducted Consultative Meeting for the Consultancy for the preparation of DED and for the conduct of Geo-Resistivity last April 3, 2018: ACTIVITIES Arey Wi REMARKS PREPARATION OF DETAILED April to May ENGINEERING DESIGN (DED) 2018 GEO-RESISTIVITY SURVEY | Technical Assistant all through-out this phase shall be provided by OPR 1. Conduct of geo-resi April 8- duct of geo-resstivity survey | nr 12,2018 | Consultant | oNG 2. Submission of _ geo-re: SALINTUBIG. for uubmission of _georesistivity | api 26,2018 | Consultant | Marawi City which survey to Marawi City composed of the | DED SURVEY/PROGRAM OF WORKS following | 1. DILG, OPDS thru | x WSsPMO 1, Survey Proper April 15-30, 2018 | Consultant | PSO ag 3. DILG Marawi City Consultant | 4 Marawi City thru Office of City Consultant | Engineer 2. Presentation of draft DED to DILG | May 17, 2018 | | 3. Presentation of final DED to LGU May 29, 2018 RELEASE OF FUNDS June 2018 | | | | FA 7 Tranche Release | Ceremonial Turn-Over of Funds to Marawi | 1*Week of June | nig 10| (80% of Allocation) | | | city | 2018 PhP 60.8 Million Notes: The DILG RO 10 will request the funds to the DBM this April 2018. The cost for the DED consultancy and geo-resistivity is PhP 1,765,000.00