Basics for Intellers --------------------------Intelligence (by Gimli): --------------This is a little explanation of intel for peeps who really want to do intel

. First i recommend that you have played the common strats (ranking, nuking, EMP) so that you have learned what intel opperation hurts most under what circumstances. This way it will be easy for you to know what intel op to do once you gathered intel on the target. You can go intel with every nation you want, but Italy gives you a tremendous income bonus. A 2nd thing i recommend is to pass a couple of laws and do some research: Laws (must pass to get as high income as possible): - Zoning Permits - Foreign Currency - Women´s Rights - Minimum Wage (Note that the moral bonus of this law is not working!) - Labour Unions (to hold moral over 50 with 50% taxes) - Education Bill Laws (optional): If you play Italy you can consider passing all moral laws, since you can reach a moral of 80+, which will give you another 5% income bonus. - Free Speech - Nuclear Pact You should only pass CI-Fund if you want to go nuker hunting in the ranks 250 and below. Otherwise the -10% tax revenue is too bad. Techs (must research): - intel techs up to Case Officers - advanced up to Radio - up to the 2nd offensive tech in the branch you later want to spec in (since you have less to research i recommend air or navy, since you have less to research) Techs (optional): - intel techs up to espionage (to improve your techs later on) - more techs in your spec area - 1st tech in the other two branches You can do all the research you want, but be aware that the turns you spend on research the more turns will the allieds go unharmed. 3rd recommendation is that you try to stick to a certain rank area and add all

Keep in mind that EMP players receive the money from the market 12h (=36 turns) after they send the units to the market. agents and the land in which the agencies are on. If the target is only a regular inteller. not very harmfull to your enemy since he will compensate even 3 attacks within 5-10 turns . Or the target has a very large number of agencies (>250) and a very low agents number (<5. If you want to start an intel opperation against any target.) .Spread Propaganda: steals around 10% of the target population (could make you loose educated civilians if your residential go over 100% capacity). since you can only revolt newbies and EMPlers can simply lower their taxes to 0% for a couple of turns to compensate. I personally think it´s only worth the turns if you catch someone with a very high agents count (>10. does a little more damage than spread propaganda. The target will only profit from your actions!!! Gathering intel on a target does NOT count as an intel attack. . Although it doesn´t hurt your target right away. so killing some of the agents goes more or less unnoticed. .Poison Population: kills target population.000) but relativly little intel agencies (<100). The intel efficency of the target is below 100% and the target will most probably get a max agent count. There are different oppinions about the value of this opperation.Bomb Banks: destroys 12% of the targets money. check on them first to keep them under constant presasure.allieds that are obviously good/dangerous players to your relations list. nevertheless you can´t gather intel on a target already in awareness. Intel opperations and their effekt: . I think it´s the most harmfull operation you can do.Terrorism: -4% to dynamic morale (effekt vanishes nearly instantly once the target takes turns. Everybody can see the weaknesses of the target and exploit them. . he will allways have enough agents to break every ranker.000). do two things first: check the old intel on the target (to see if you will be able to break it at all. So do only 1 BB if the target has less than 150M$. Other intellers will do more damage .Gather Intelligence: you get a bunch of information about the target territory excluding number of nukes and GNP. this is a rather useless opperation as well. to gather intel have at LEAST the same number of agents as the target had according to the last intel) and gather intel as FIRST opperation! Gathering intel has the highest probability for success of all opperations and if you send someone into awareness without gathering intel first you may not do maximum damage and the other axis don´t know weather they will be able to break the target (and so will not attack). 2nd of the three operations you can really harm a target with.Bomb Enemy Agencies: destroyes some target´s agencies (the land is lost!). So the target will have most money when they have 40+ turns stored! Remember that out there are other intellers that can attack the target later as well. The next time you take turns. but even with poison population researched the target will compensate that fast that she/he will barley feel it.

to realy catch it!) How to manipulate rank (by Alustriel with help of Gimli): To be able to intel as many good targets as possible it's important to know how to drop or raise in rank (so manipulate your GNP). Only newbies pay the ransom. If i remember correctly you can steal one technology every 300 turns (150 with espionage). There are several ways to do it and it depends strongly on what kind of stuff you have in your territory. but it worked I dropped to rank 600+ and that was around turn 300. Factories need that little engineers to operate that even a loss of 32% engineers (= damage of 3 consecutive KEC ) can be replaced within 10 turns.Release some edus .Frame Territory Frames a territory for a (on purpose) failed attack (completly useless op in standard and blitz version) .Sell your weapons . you read correctly! Sometimes you have to get rid of your agents.ionichost. target may profit from this op!). But this op is good to get rid of your agents (yes. ) .when they attack later on! . the amount of moral lost seems to be quiet to reach down to a certain low rank) and to monitor a single target closely (since you will get a message right away when the target takes turn. For the exact figures.Get rid some of your agents (hostage op) . This op is the op that enables you to do so little research.If you plan to stay low for most of the round.Steal Technologies: automatically researches one technology that you can research and your target has as long at it's not the last in the branch and it's not above sonar. so even don´t hope for getting decent money out of this. 3rd and last op you can hurt your target with.Take Hostages target may loose or win moral if the ransom is not payed (very dangerous. This ist he opperation of choice if you find a researcher or missiler (missiler: very large number of engineers(>300.Destroy some of your buildings (I've used that only once and I wasn't intelling then. .Kill Educated Civilians: kills: 12% of targets educated population. .php) To drop rank you can do some of the following: . But you should only use it. But it´s useless against people who are in production or EMP. don´t attack once you have more than 2000 sqkm. but it´s still not worth to assasinate someone. . make sure to check Hagrid´s advanced manual (http://intel.Get rid of your money (buy from the market and sell the weapons right away) . Bombing banks or killing educated civilians deal much more damage! .Assassinate Leader -12% to dynamic morale (target knows who did this op!). but only very little factories(<50)) . if you will be online for at least 18h/day fort he next two days.000).

Usually the GNP values of weapons is much higher than the GNP value of the money they cost to buy. then it's good to write down his/her number (or add the number to your relations list or even post to the axis forum) and go for a visit everytime you take turns. Some nukers use econ strat... many nukers/ fast researchers hide in the lower ranks. Some nukers use market to get money (they produce either before or after researching). it's worth to kill them. Usually intellers have lots of res&coms. he/she has sold off and might go nuclear (especially if you have seen him/her having lots of scis earlier in the game). If you find a target with huge amount of scis. so they will get the money anyway. „Nuker hunting“: In the early part of the game.To raise rank you can't do as much as to drop rank. When you have more cash. if you see someone with more than 400k scis. you can buy weapons from the market. so while you take turns.. with tons of scis and sometimes even unintelled. So. but attacks and bank bombings slow them down anyway. Watch this guys banks even sometimes it's better to wait for him/her to get more money than to bomb just 100 M$ that it currently has in the banks. if you notice someone who has been in top ranks for some days suddenly in a really low rank. So. . you always get some money and some more agents which raises your rank. We don't want to let allied nukers to get nuke to easily Later in the game you start to hunt for money as well.

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