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21 Week Baby Born Alive (photo, 8 weeks later) Baby Born at 4% Months Morgus Richardson was born 1:1-72 in Cincinnati, Ohio, 19 weeks and 6 dys after the fst cay of his mother’s lst menstrual period (18 wooks after oncention). A preprancy normally totais 40 weses. He i pictured here 9 tneeks after birth, 3 perfectly normal child ‘Some states use “viability” or ability 1o survive outside the womb as ‘a measurement 0’ the humanity of the Unborn. Thirty years ago, however, ‘vlability" wae about 80 weoks. Now it i> a0 early as 20 weeks. In 20) more years it may be at. 10 oF 12 wooks. Whal is changing is the in- Ereasing sophistication of our external life support systems, The babies are the same. Thorofore, "viability" cannot be used to judge the baby's humanity. Raiher jt mesures tho ekil and equipmont of the doctors, furees, and hospital in which the baby 19 born Eleven to Twelve Weeks (3 Months) [At this stage all organ systems are functional. He breathes, swallows, digests, and urinates. He fs very sensitve to pain, recalling {rom pin brick and noise, and seks a position of comtart when disturbed. Soon Fe wil sloop and wake with Re mother. I his amniotic iid to awest fered, ho will swallow mare offen, iit fs made sour he will cuit swal- rowing. Ho can be taught by sound signals to anticipate and recoil from a pain stimulvs, but no two lille ones wil respond the same, they are already individuals. At this stage Arnols Gesel has sald, “The organization of NS peyehoeomatio soll ie well underway, ‘Attor this time nothing new will develop of funetion, anly further growth and maturation, Note, he Is sucking his thumb. Utrasound movies have shown thumb sucking at eight weeks: Caesarean Section Abortion (Hysterotomy) ‘This method is exactly ike a C-section until after the cord is cut. In 1 Caesarean Section, the baby's phlegm le sucked out, and sho ls taken fo the inteneive care: newborn nureery where everything fs dane to care for her ‘The baby in this picture weighing two pounds (a 24 week pregnancy) was to be aborted, ‘She was cut free, dropped Ina bucket, and lett 0 Sle. At this age they all move, Breathe and some will even ¢ry. By Dr & Ms. JC. Wie The photos inthis brochure are copyrighted. Permission to reprosuee must bo octane fe ubktnce “ 1901, Hayes Poathing Co, ine Salt Poisoning Abortion at 19 Weeks (4% Months) Thi method is dono alter 16 wocks when enough fluid has accumulated in tho baby’s bag of waters. A long needle is inserted through the mother's labdomen ino the baby's sac and a sollion of egncentraied salts Injected Into The baby Breathes in and swallows the sah and is possoned by f The ‘utor layer at skin is Burnod of By its corrosive effect. takes over an hour {9 slowly Kila baby by ths method. The mother will then go into labor about Be hours later and deliver the "Product of Pregnancy” above. Prostaglandin Abortion This drug, made by the Upjohn Company originally for the specific pur pose of abortion, causes the woman to\go Into laber at ary'stage of preg Raney itis Used in midale and late pregnancy to Induce abortion. I's major “complication” Is "ve bir I also can cause serious maternal injury. Tiny Human Feet @ 10 Weeks “These perfectly formed foot demonstrate that the baby's tiny body ie ‘complotely formed at this time. ‘at sb weeks — “quickening” occurs — that ie movement begins human’ brain “aetivity can be recorded on the electroonceshalogram. at iBdays~— {he human heart bauins to beat 4at conception— human life begins, At that moment 2 new being totally different from the body of either the mother or the father (different genetic makeup), human (46 chromosomes) alive (eapabio of replacing his own dying calls) ‘and needing only food and time to grow into an ‘dott human, Human Life at Eight Weeks (2 Months) A this stage: —he (or she) will grab an instrument placed in his palm and hold on —an electrocardiogram can be done he in the amniotic fuid with @ natural swimmer's ‘stroke’ ‘with instruments you can hear his heartbeat D & C Abortion at 12 Weeks Portormed petwoon 7 and 12 wooks, this method utlizs a loop shaped, steel knife: The uterus 's entered through the vagina. The cervix (mouth of the wom) is stretched open, The abortionist tien cuts the tiny body 10 pieces and slows the placenta from the walls of the uterus, D &E Abortions Until 18 Weeks Performed betweon 12 and 18 wacks, this method ullizes @ sharp toothed plerslike instrument. The aborionist grasps a part of the body of the baby Sand tears it away. This dismembarment of tre living baby continues without {ny fetal anaesthetic unt all parts, plus the deeply rooted aferbith, are Fomoved, Blescing Is profuse ‘Ono of ho jobs ofthe oporating room nurse iste reaesemble the body part to bo sure the uterus s emp othermse the mother wil bleed and become ‘Suction Abortion at 10 Weeks {va so a aporians parormed in he US. and Canada are done by this method. tts like the © & C oxcopt that a powerful suction tube is Inserted. This tears apart tho body of the developing baby and his placenta, Sucking the "products of pregnanty" into ajar. Sometimes the smaller body pans are recognizable as on tis pictur. Allphots in hs brochure wore entered a documentos videnco before the Focal ist Cour of Comactut n 707%. These and wines were submited cunng seine ‘estima before ine susielary Subcommitea ofthe US House of Representa {6 ates he cn Sorte te Us, Sea 88 andr a8 protesdngs nae =

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