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Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence

Performance Task

Through what authentic performance task will students demonstrate the desired understandings,

knowledge, and skills? (describes the learning activity in “story” form. Typically, the P.T. describes a

scenario or situation that requires students to apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate their

understanding in a real life situation. Describe your performance task scenario below)

By what criteria will performances of understanding be judged?

GRASPS Elements of the Performance Task

G – Goal Students will be divided into several groups, and each group will come to

the front of the class by turns and do the reciting and skipping count (one
What should students
number for each group member). The specific number sequences will be
accomplish by
given by next group. If a student gives a wrong number, the next one should
completing this task?
give the right one. When previous group are reciting, the next group need to
R – Role
record what is recited.

What role (perspective)

G: a grasp of certain number sequences
will your students be
R: the ones who prepare the P.T., prepare for the P.T. and assess others

A: the rest of the class

A – Audience

S: to change the standing sequence sometimes

Who is the relevant
audience? P: video clips of each group doing the performance task, the partnerships

between group members and a grasp of the number sequences

S – Situation

The context or challenge

provided to the student.

P – Product,




will the student


The reaction period and accuracy towards certain number sequences.

The reciting part:

S – Standards & Criteria

1-3 seconds and correct: 50%
for Success
4-10 seconds and correct: 40%
Create the rubric for the
More seconds and correct: 30%
Performance Task

Wrong: 20%

The recording part:

0-2 numbers wrong:50%

3-5 numbers wrong:40%

My reflection:

I will let them count pages, money, people and do a chain game as assessment for

learning activities before this step, which will help them go through the mathematical

concept conversion (from concrete objects to abstract numbers). This assessment of

learning activity based on the students’ degree of understanding and familiarity will

suggest whether students have achieved the outcome. Students will get a mark

attached with a video clip and the assessing criteria. Students who get a mark below

71% will be assigned to an extra task.