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"Heal The World" by Michael Jackson

Choose the correct alternative:

There's a place in your brain/heart and I know that it is doubt/love.

And this place could be much brighter/bigger than yesteday/tomorrow
And if you really try you'll see/find there's no need to die/cry
In this place you'll feel there's no hurt/pain or sorrow
There are ways to get here/there if you care enough for the giving/living
Make a little place/space make a better space/place...

Put it in the correct order

( )For you and for me and the entire human race

( )Make it a better place for you and for me.
( )Heal the world make it a better place
( )There are people dying, if you care enough for the living

Fill in the blanks:

If you want to know _________ there's love that cannot ________

Love is __________it only cares of joyful __________.
If we try we shall _________ in this bliss we cannot feel, Fear of dread we stop __________and start living
Then it feels that __________ love's enough for us ___________
So make a better ___________make a better___________...

Match the sentences

And the dream we were conceived in (A) ( )is heavenly Be God's glow...
And the world we once believed in (B) ( )wound this earth, crucify its soul
Then why do we keep strangling life (C) ( )will reveal a joyful face
Though it's plain to see this world (D) ( )will shine again in grace

Put the sentences in order Circle the extra Words

so precious and so dear Save this world, so blessed ;
__________________________________________________________ We could fly so high let our holy spirits never die
don't let that disappear and splendour, . Protect it's beauty In my heart I only feel you are all my brothers
__________________________________________________________ Create a big world with no fear together we'll never cry happy
and plants, Preserve our and humankind as well; animals tears
__________________________________________________________ Watch all the nations turn their Sharp swords into plowshares
So that our , can have a future generations story to tell. We could really get there If you only cared enough for the living
__________________________________________________________ Make a little space To make a bigger and better place
and spread the Word from evil, Protect us of good;
love, and brotherhood. virtue Of peace, justice,
Cause we only motherland; and we can't have one Earth,
waste our
to take a stand! I think it's time as one force, So let's move

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