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Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.

Blas. Boletín 2017

Sustainability activities Sandos San Blas Hotel



From the beginning, Sandos San Blas has based on the

principles of enterprise, socio-cultural
cultural and
environmental sustainability.

For this reason, for its perseverance and effort, this

year, the hotel has been awarded this prize, where a
jury composed of three distinguished international experts on topics of sustainability, evaluate several
projects independently; echoing in different media such as newspaper ‘El Diario de Avisos’

The primary evaluation criteria are based on:

• Contribution to the conservation of nature

• Conservation of cultural heritage
• Participation
ticipation and benefits for the community
• Educational elements and advantages
• Commercial viability and economic growth
• Innovation and creativity
• Marketing based on the creation of value
• Health, safety and welfare of employees and

Skal is a professional organization of tourism leaders around

the world, which promotes friendship and tourism globally.
It is the only international association
associatio that encompasses all
branches of the tourism industry. Its members are directors
and executives of the industry who meet at local, national,
regional and international level to discuss and deliberate on
matters of common interest.

Skal International is governed by an executive committee of

seven members, elected by its delegates participating in the
annual general assembly held during the world congress
that each year hosts a different country. This allows
members to have first-hand
hand knowledge of the potential
pote of
tourism in the world.

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

TripAdvisor has paid us a

tribute with its Excellence
certificate during 2017.

TripAdvisor's certificate of excellence pays tribute to certain

accommodations, attractions and restaurants that constantly
demonstrate a commitment to excellence in hospitality.

To determine the winners of the certificate of excellence,

tripAdvisor uses a proprietary algorithm that takes into
account the quantity, quality and topicality of the opinions
and comments sent by TripAdvisor travelers
trav over a period of
12 months, as well as the age of the business and its
classification in the popularity index on the web. To opt for a
certificate of excellence, the business must maintain a
general rating of at least four out of five bubbles on
advisor, have a minimum number of opinions and have
had the Tripadvisor profile for at least 12 months.

C.I.T. Award

Initiatives and Tourism Centers are social entities created a few years ago with the aim of promoting
initiatives that promote social participation
ticipation and the promotion of attractions that are of interest to both the
inhabitants of our island and our visitors.

Every year, from January to June, the South CIT

mobilizes more than
6000 students in its
school campaign
'Tourism and
Friendliness, Your
Future', in order to raise
awareness among our
students of the importance of tourism as an economic engine and as laboral future.

This year we have been awarded with this award for collaborating in these visits with
the Environmental Reserve, disseminating
disseminating knowledge of Tenerife's cultural
characteristics and conservation of our traditions; besides contributing in the
conservation and defense of the landscape, beauty and healthiness of the

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Social and environmental commitment

Urban Waste

Hotel Sandos San Blas actively participates in this project since November 2016, attended all the sessions
and providing data regarding internal problems of
hotels of any problematical residues.

The project URBANS strategies for Waste management

in Tourist Cities (URBAN-WASTE)
WASTE) was approved by the
European Commission in May of 2016 and a joint
initiative to HORIZON 2020. The project consists of 28
partners, the viceconsejeria de Medio Ambiental being the
general coordinator. Also participating on behalf of the
Canary Islands, members of the Cabildo of Tenerife,
ASHOTEL and the university of Las Palmas.

URBAN WASTE contributes an eco-innovative

innovative project
whose fundament is to analyze and evaluate the
strategies in developing touristic cities the material to
revent and manage de residues with the final goal to
reduce the generation of residues and improve
management of municipal treatments.

Due to presence of eminently touristic cities in different European

destinations it allows us to compare variations of approac
approaches that exists in
this matter.

The idea is to reintroduce the residues as a recourse within urban


Risk prevention and use of soils as part of the urban development.

• Reduction in generating urban residues

• Increase the volume of recycled residues
• Improve management of touristic municipal residues through eco
innovative strategies in prevention and management.

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Environmental awareness

Collaboration in formative projects in treatments and

elimination of residues

The hotel has cooperated with the council of Guía de Isora,

Isora, giving the installations and a guided path for
people who are interested in managing residues, and like to
have a professional career in the area, knowing environmental
practices in the hotel.

Dissemination of history, traditions, nature

and awareness

Visit of groups to the environmental reserve

This year, San Blas has hosted different groups altruistically or making
discounts, for guided tours of the environmental reserve.

Our hotel seeks to be a reference in terms of care and dissemination

dissemi of
history, custom and traditions. During this visit, visitors are informed
about the culture, geology, fauna and
flora of the area, as well as traditions
of former Canaries inhabitants.

In addition to the guided tour of

reserve, we have a small museumseum
with replica of Guanche ceramic
pieces, an audio-visual
visual room and a
historic experience tunnel where all

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

these values are made known to all visitors.

Some of these groups are:

• Mountaineers of Nivaria
• Biology faculty of La Laguna University (ULL)
• Lass Crucitas Center (drug addition center)
• CEAD (Santa Cruz de Tenerife Mercedes Pinto Distance
Education Center)
• PFAE San Miguel. In their training program for the
unemployed they carried out a complementary
transversal training of environmental sensitization during this visit.
• A total of 1034 school students from all over the island.
• Un total de 1.034 alumnos de colegios de toda la isla.

Formative talks for a Tourism + Sustainable to Hotels Waste and

responsible purchases – Energy and climate change

Sandos San Blas attended to talks organized by Turismo

de Tenerife within the actions that are being carried out
within the year of tourism development sustainability.

These talks, whose theme was: waste and responsible

purchasing, energy and climate change. These took place
in Adejee the days 13 and 20 of November 2017.

the island's sustainability strategy is a transversal

strategy of the Tenerife Council and local administrations
whose target is inform, educate and teach to the population about elements related to sustainability for
fo the
benefit of the environment and therefore of the people.

The informative objective pursued by the strategy is to achieve

the minimization of the use of resources and promote the correct
use of them. This is through the different elements that are
luded (waste, water, energy, mobility, climate change) at the
same time that make people aware of the importance of their
individual actions in the environment.

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Shearwater sensitization
As all years, San Blas carries out a
campaign of sensitization
tion and protection
of Cory’s shearwaters affected by light

The Cory’s shearwater (Calonectris

diomedea borealis) born in Canary Islands.

It is the most abundant seabird. It goes to the coast just to reproduce. Breed
on cliffs, precipices and middle
iddle areas. Between October and November, the
leave the nest. The young birds, on its first flight to the sea, are dazzled by
the illumination of coastal urbanizations and fall disoriented. In the national
catalog of threatened species, the Cory’s Shearwater
Shearwater appears as "of special interest".

The Cory’s Shearwater is an excellent indicator of the condition of our seas and our coastline, and as such,
we must ALL make an effort to continue being part of our valuable natural heritage.

For this reason, on time of first flights, informative posters are placed in San Blas so that all the staff know
how to proceed in case any of them fall next to the hotel.

Solidary San Blas

This year Hotel San Blas has actively participated with several
associations, which raise funds by organizing different activities for
solidarity purposes. In addition, economic and material contributions
have been made as school materials.

These are some of the associations with which we have collaborated.


lia Association of Santa Cruz de
This association works constantly to carry out actions aimed at
improving the quality of life of the family
fa of hemophilia. Sandos San
las collaborates with different types of donations so that AHETE
carries out different solidarity actions

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC

is an association that integrates patients, family members, volunteers and
professionals who work together to prevent, sensitize,
accompany people, and finance oncological research
ects that will allow a better diagnosis and
treatment of cancer. For this, they organize different
activities that raise funds for this purpose, this year San
Blas has participated in:

Golf Tournament in Buenavista.

Running race.

Spanish Red Cross, Is an ONG that work to facilitate

the social integration of the most vulnerable groups, reduce
inequalities and defend human rights
and dignity.

This year the red cross of Santa Cruz

de Tenerife has asked us to
collaborate in a solidarity raffle with
the aim of promoting the school
success of boys and girls in social

Association of aid to the marginalized and cooperation Is an NGO that helps

marginalized and homeless people.

Sandos San Blas helps them with financial

contributions so that they can carry out their
social work. This is one of the contributions.

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Childhood aid association, Is a non-profit, non-partisan and

humanitarian association that works for the defense of the rights of
children, adolescents, youth and families of extreme
extr poverty and at social
risk. The ONG has a Code of Ethics, Internal Regulation that regulates the
operation of each and every one of the people participating in the activities
are temporary or permanent. It is responsible for managing projects that
ribute to the improvement of the quality of life of children,
adolescents, youth and family and therefore to the social and community

Sandos Sanblas collaborates buying school supplies for these children

Iraitza Association Is an association that through the

collection of plastic caps takes actions to help people with
disabilities to have specific treatments for their condition or
orthopedic devices that will
help them to better social

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Training for hotel employees

This year our hotel has worked with several

several training companies specialized in working physical and
emotional skills, and awareness. Three training projects have been developed.

Training "Leadership Excellence Workshop”


To provide this training, Hotel Sandos San Blas has worked with FORTUR, a leading company in this sector, to
give leadership training to those who exercise it, and whose
objectives are:

- Work the level of dominance of the leader in the face of adversity.

- Awareness of the importance of providing attention,

attentio appreciation
and animation of the leader with his team.

- Analyze the level of disciplinary behavior of the leader with his

people, correcting them and changing their behavior.

- Reflect on the need for authentic leadership behavior,

without pretension or arrogance.

- Be able to treat your team as if they were important


- Learn to meet the needs of the team and not their


- Understand that it is useless to hold a grudge against

those who fail at work.

- Identify if the leader always offerss the necessary and

timely information in a positive way to his team.

- Learn communication techniques that will lead them

to maximum influence on their teams and energize
their leadership skills.

- Generate behavioral changes.

- Generate a framework of trust

ust in the team.

- Understand leadership as a service to collaborators.

All these collaborators finished the course managing better the emotions and exercising better the
competencies in each job, and in this way creating teams of more united and happy jobs..

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Transformation workshop “ Management of the

change, 20 hours of duration, directed to the collaborators of the
departmentt of Technical Service of Sandos San Blas, was distributed from
January 25 to March 22, 2017,. The classes were held at the Sandos San Blas facilities in San Miguel
de Abona.

General purpose:

Train and develop the skills and attitudes necessary for personal
personal and professional success, driving
and facing different situations in an appropriate and adaptive way.

Become aware of our emotions, understand the feelings of others, tolerate the pressures and
frustrations of the day to day, develop our ability to work as a team and adopt an empathic and
social attitude, will provide us with more possibilities for professional
professional and personal development.

Specific objectives:

• Reflect on the attitude of change.

• Know and manage emotions so that they do not become emotional burdens.

• Develop an attitude of acceptance and self-assessment.


• Experience how information is transmitted.

• Experiment different ways of listening.

• Identify emotions Interpret the body language of others and perceive moods.

• Know strategies and know how to apply them to improve empathy.

• Relate yourself through assertive communication, and apply it to increase your creativity
creativit in the face
of new problems or challenges.

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Housekeeping: Wellness training.


Hotel San Blas has collaborated with the training company BIRCED
CONSULTING, which has taught a Professional Welfare Course, directed to the
apartment department. Where tools arear given so that our collaborators
are physically and mentally prepared, when carrying out their tasks, as
well as to become aware of the behavior of the body. Improving the
quality of life.

Sustainability training in tourism .

As every year our staff has been trained in good

environmental practices, with this training is intended to
give continuity to our environmental management system,
Inform and educate all workers of the importance of carrying it out, to have a hotel and a most sustainable

Recycling training...

Sandos San Blas Hotel works jointly with Martínez Cano, leader in waste
management, this year with the aim of promoting the recycling of packaging in
the Hotel, a collaboration agreement has been signed where,
wh among other
points, the training was included for meet this objective.

Now our workers are more clear about what they can or can not recycle in each of the

Waste management

San Blas aims to recycle everything possible, and perform a proper management and separation,
se for this we
work every year to improve this system, providing material resources to hotel employees giving them
training and information. To facilitate this work this year, the following
following measures have been addressed:

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Contract with Martínez Cano selective collection of

packaging and cardboard

This year San Blas has signed a collaboration agreement with Martínez Cano, with the objective that they are
directly responsible for the management of containers, separated in Sandos San Blas, in this way we
have managed to facilitate the recycling of containers for workers, since currently
currently do not have to move to
municipal containers, where it is more complicated to deposit these types of waste by size of the mouth of
insertion of waste as per location.

Martínez Cano picks us up several

times a week, taking these
containers directly to the plant for
their compaction and subsequent
transfer and treatment, in this way
we make sure and convert them into
other materials.

On the other hand with this measuree

we have unified the manager for two
waste, cardboard and packaging.

We have improved the

conditions of collection
for the cardboard, contract
that we fear from 2008 that where the commitment is agreed and the conditions of having the hotel of a
vertical press for cardboard

Purchase containers.

Sandos San Blas has made the purchase of containers of 120

liters to place in the kitchen and maintenance bars department, in this way it is
easier to differentiate them from those that are not used to recycle gray,
gray to

Martínez Cano has provided us with another 10

selective containers of 1100 liters.

Sandos workers are responsible for keeping this system alive, aware of the
limited space on the island to house all waste without

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Awareness and training posters

This year Sandos San Blas has continued to promote respect for the
environment and information to hotel employees with informative posters

Posters have been implemented:

• Information and awareness about recycling with posters in

selective packaging containers. Posters have also been placed in
different places and work areas where workers are explained the
separation systems and selective collection are implemented in
the Hotel.

• Information and awareness of energy saving measures.

• Maintenance
tenance and improvements of the recycling

• Every day Our Hotel works on the maintenance

of the recycling system.

• Maintaining selective containers in all common


• Fulfilling the conditions of the contracts with the

different waste managers.

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Currently, our system includes all these managers and

ste in our management system

Every day Our Hotel works on the maintenance of the

recycling system.

Maintaining selective containers in all common areas.

Fulfilling the conditions of the contracts with the different

waste managers.

rrently, our system includes all these managers and waste in our management

Ataretaco is a company, among other things Waste Management, that in an effort to reduce harmful
effects on human health and the environment, Ataretaco performs the tasks of
Waste Management:

• Harvest
• Transport
• Prosecution
• Recycling
• Disposal of waste material

In this way, it completes the chain of waste management produced by human

activity, minimizing the amount of waste sent to the landfill

Among its objectives is:

• The Integral Training and Social and Labor Insertion of

people in a situation of exclusion, focusing on
prevention, and personal, social, economic and
cultural improvement.
• The positive impact on the environment.
• The equality of opportunities.
• The social and solidarity economy.

With this company San Blas manages the following waste:

• Batteries: San Blas has several battery tanks used in the reception area, as
in the technical service area, strategic areas in the accumulation of this
type of waste.
• Oils used in kitchens.
• Electrical and electronic devices.
• Fluorescent lamps.
• Contaminated packaging

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Ecovidrio is the glass management company in our Hotel Sandos San Blas, belongs to the Glasstar
program, which is a program designed by Ecovidrio to thank Hotels for their
their effort in recycling glass and to
reward in some way all those companies that work in equipment for the maintenance of a unique
environment like that of the Canary Islands.

This year Sanblas is the second 5-star

star hotel that recycled more glass a
total of 34,050 Kg of glass

Composting (Vermicompost
lombricompost) (EISENIA FOETIDA)

In San Blas we recycle part of the remains of kitchen vegetables and

the derivatives of gardening prunings to make our own compost.

The composting process is based on earthworms

earthworms that ingest these remains transforming them into

The vermicompost or vermicompost humus, is a fertilizer obtained from

the excrement of epigeal worms fed with organic waste (vegetable
remains, crop residues, herbivorous manures among these
thes some birds,
etc. Animal remains are avoided by the odors and scavengers that this
can attract) on those who act and work the worms.

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

It is a natural fertilizer that provides a multitude of nutrients to the soil and plants, contains fungi and
beneficial bacteria
cteria and does not contain synthetic chemicals in its composition, is organic and natural,
improves water retention and has a PH around neutrality ,

There are known cases of earthworm cultivation for three

thousand years before Christ the civilization of the Sumerians,
known for their agricultural advances. In ancient Egypt, the
work of these species was also known, since they made humus
from the silts that remained when the waters of the Nile were
removed, making the soils fertile. This civilization came to
punish those who did not take care of them, or export them
from the kingdom, with penalties that included the death

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Energy saving and water.


Maintenance of flow reducers

Sandos Sanblas continues to maintain its energy saving project with AQUALIMIT®,
AQUALIMIT®, which was implanted at
the end of 2016, a company with which through a contract it is committed to reducing water consumption
by 66% in the areas of Rooms through its implementation and maintenance.

AQUALIMIT® arises as the result of the experience of national and international

companies merged into one for the commercialization of its flagship products,

The system used by this company allows, due to a

mixture of air, that the water jet be constant and
adequate with a good level of pressure,
pressure, even if the amount of water is reduced.

The saving of water has as an important consequence a proportional energy

saving in electricity and other fuels.

Maintenance of sustainable gardening and localized


Sandos San Blas, being firm to its criterion of

sustainability, continues betting on the native species
or with sustainable criteria from the point of view of
saving water and adapting to the characteristics of the
area. With this and the maintenance of the localized
irrigation, we have managed to continue to maintain
water savings through irrigation.

The design of the gardens also favor to reduce the

evapotranspiration of water since they are covered by
coarse basalts or quiet that maintain the humidity.

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Maintenance of photovoltaic and thermal plates.


San Blas works monthly in the maintenance and cleaning of our renewable energy sources, which means
savings in the consumption of non-renewable
renewable polluting fuels and energy production from these sources

Photovoltaic solar plant

A photovoltaic plant of 17.85 kW with grid connection was implemented, consisting of 105 modules located
on the roofs of block E2, which will produce about 27,000 kWh / year. In addition, the AQA Group
participated as an investor in the SOLTEN II project,
project, promoted by the ITER (Technological Institute of
Renewable Energies), with an
installed power of 100 kW. The
energy generated by these two
photovoltaic plants will be
injected into the grid, thus
increasing the percentage of
energy generated on the island
through renewable resources,
avoiding the emission of some
141 tons of CO2 into the year

Solar thermal plant

The hotel has a solar thermal

installation of 256 m2 of catchment, located on the roofs of blocks E3 and E4, with a nominal power
equivalent to 141 Kw, applied to the production of hot water and pool heating. This installation is integrated
in the central control system of the facilities and will allow to contribute approximately 50% of the necessary

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

Sustainable purchases.

Led lamps in 90% of the Hotel.


The Sandos San Blas Hotel continues with its policy of

renovating and only buying LED lamps with A and A +

LED lighting uses 95% of the energy for light and only% 5 is
wasted to the heat, making them more durable and eco-eco

A single LED bulb requires much less power than a

traditional bulb - only 38 watts compared to 84 watts. Due
Due to their efficiency, these bulbs reduce the total
energy consumption. In turn, this also reduces the number of greenhouse gases that are the main cause of
global warming.

Unlike other lights LED lights do not contain toxic elements. Most
traditional lights
hts contain harmful toxins such as mercury, with
known harmful effects on health. LED lights do not represent a
problem in this aspect, nor is their final arrangement like
fluorescent LED lights have a longer life.

LED bulbs last almost six times longer than

t traditional bulbs,
which reduces the number of replacements needed. This also
reduces the costs and amount of resources needed for
manufacturing, packaging and transportation.

All this means less carbon emissions, which is the main cause of global warming.
warming. Consider gradually
replacing your regular bulbs with LED bulbs and at the end, you can enjoy the benefits of having to change a
bulb every 5-10 years.


Sandos Sanblas contributing to the environment,

buying Eco-Label
Label products The ecolabel evaluates the
environmental effects of a product throughout its life
cycle and is granted to products that guarantee a high
level of environmental protection

Actividades sostenibles Hotel sandos san Blas.-
Blas. Boletín 2017

100% recycled paper

Sandos uses paper steinbeis classsic white Recycled graphic paper recovered 100%

It has a DIN EN ISO 14001 certificate. The certification

body TÜV CERT certifies, according to the TÜV CERT
methods, s, that Steinbeis Papier GmbH has implemented
and applied an environmental management system in
the field of application for the "development,
production and distribution of office and catalogs ".
Through an audit, it has been verified that the
requirementss demanded by DIN EN ISO 14001 are met.
EMAS Logo (Registration No. DE-S-140 140-00033) EMAS
Management and Audit Scheme) rewards the
behavior of ecological conscience of the company and
as proof of this, it meets strict criteria. After carrying
out the analysis
nalysis in accordance with the specifications of Regulation (EU) No. 761/2001, it is certified that
both the environmental policy, the environmental program, the environmental management system, the
environmental suitability test, the procedures of the environmental
environmental compliance review by the company, as
well as the environmental declaration of Steinbeis Papier GmbH, meet the requirements of the regulations.
The company meets the conditions and has been registered in the regional register by the Chamber of
Commerce and Industry of Kiel.

San Blas uses this slightly alkaline Ecological Scrubber for the
cleaning of all types of soils. Presentation in sustainable packaging.
Ecolabel register ES-CAT
CAT / 020/010 developed under the criteria of
the EU Ecolabel European Ecolabel, which ensures maximum
protection of the environment through life cycle analysis (selection
of raw materials and packaging, manufacturing,
manufac application, waste,
etc.) ) and maximum efficiency in the application

San Blas preferred to opt for this concentrated ecological sultiusos
with antistatic effect for the cleaning, care and polishing of crystals,
tiles, formica, metallic surfaces, enameled
ameled objects, ... Presentation in
sustainable packaging. Ecolabel registration ES-CAT
ES / 020/010
Product developed under the criteria of the EU Ecolabel, which
ensures maximum protection of the environment through life cycle
analysis (selection of raw materials
erials and packaging, manufacturing,
application, waste, etc.) and maximum efficiency in the application .