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News Letter July 2008
June is the month when children usually enjoy summer holidays and wait for the schools to reopen. In the current month SHIKSHA SOPAN team was mostly involved with the summer camp of the senior PPY as all the evening centers were closed. Preparations for the Gahan Adhyayan Kendra were also taken up, to some extent, in this month. Science Cell was busy making Science Kits for various groups who have approached Shiksha Sopan for the purpose. We also gave a cultural evening for the participants of a National workshop held at IITK. Here is a description about this month’s activities.

Summer Camp (PPY)
The summer camp of 12 children from different villages of Kanpur, Kanpur Dehat and Buxar districts continued till June 28th. Some highlights are as follows: •Teaching in classrooms for about five hours a day, each period extending to 75 minutes. Still it was not boring and overloading. On the average if the teacher was at the board for 10 minutes, he/she was sitting with one or other child for next 10 minutes. Often the teacher had an assistant to help in these individual interactions. A new methodology for classroom teaching. •Learning also comes from means other than textbooks and blackboards. Learning by doing was a special focus in this camp. Lots of activities in Science, were given to them from which they learned principles, not just cramming but getting the real meanings. •In the period of 36 days the children of the camp visited to many important places of Kanpur and Lucknow. On the first tour they visited Kanpur city including J.K. temple and Bithoor. On the second tour they visited Regional Science Center and Imamwada in Lucknow. The other tours were to the Kanpur Zoo and Bhaunti Goshala. From these tours they learnt a lot in unstructured but natural manner with enjoyment and excitement.
Learning charges by rubbing balloons to their hair

Teaching by interacting in Gurukul Style

Learning Science in Science Center Lucknow

•Music was a regular activity. Barring Sundays when they were taken for excursions, 30 minutes of music class was given everyday. They practiced Four Bhajans and several songs in these classes. •Knowledge about Our cultural heritage, Freedom Struggle including 1857 war, Our geographical span etc were given in another regular 30 minutes class every day. •Sharing and Caring was naturally inculcated as they helped each other in all daily needs, both at the physical level and at psychological level. •After an initial home sickness period of 2-3 days, all became very well accustomed and Quarter 494 became their second home.
Learning from Environment

At Bada Imamwada, Lucknow

The children of the camp enjoyed the camp immensely and they went their home on 28th June with heavy hearts. All of them had the wish in their hearts that they may join Summer camp next year also. Each one of them was asked to write a feedback in free format, whatever they wanted to share with us in written form. The feedback amply tells that children were enjoying their studies with the teachers of the camp and all other activities. At the day of departure many of the children had tears in their eyes. Busy in taking addresses and contact numbers of each other, they all were telling that they will not forget this camp for whole of their life. The Camp was declared over by performing a Closing Ceremony in L-13. The Director, IIT Kanpur, Prof Sanjay Govind Dhande was the chief Guest and Mr S Kashalkar, the Registrar IITK was the Special Guest. All Shiksha Sopan workerrs, Instructors, and people associated with the Summer Camp were present. Prof H C Verma introduced the Shiksha Sopan Team to Prof Dhande. Children and the Instructors expressed their feelings during the Camp. All of them told in different words that this had been a unique and most Director, IITK lighting the lamp in closing ceremony exciting experience of their lives and they lived in a totally different world for the 36 days. Prof Dhande wished them all the best in their lives and asked them to very carefully store the memories in the well preserved slots of mind, more like ornaments are preserved in velvet boxes. Mr S Kashalkar, Registrar IITK and faculty members present also blessed the children. A Scholarship of Rs 1700 for School fee and books was given to each child.
A participant narrating his experiences. Prof Dhande, Mr Kashalkar and Prof Verma on the dias

Science Cell activities
Science Cell of Shiksha Sopan kept busy all the month. Apart from planning Science activities for the Summer Camp children, it had two major involvements in June 2008. (a) It helped in making experiments for “NWIPT08”, National Workshop on Innovative Physics Teaching held on June 15-20 at IITK. Some of the experiments designed for Bal Vigyan Mela were included by NWIPT-08 Team in their programme structure and Shiksha Sopan was requested to make the necessary equipment for these. Not only they made many of the experiments, Mr Amit Bajpai, Mr Hanuman Prasad Gupta and Mr Deepak Agnihotri demonstrated and explained some of the Physics experiments in the technical session of the workshop where 27 teachers from 18 cities of 8 stated/Union territories were participants. All 27 participants were given an experimental kit containing finished material for 15 experiments. These kits were prepared by Shiksha Sopan volunteers. Three of our class 12 students from Sopan centers, Rohit, Deepak and Ranjeet, stayed in the Workshop for all Six days and helped in Rohit busy in testing an experiment arranging Science Experiments for several Demo sessions. (b) Shiksha Sopan got an invitation from Guru Ma Ashram, Gannauer in Haryana to participate in a Camp there (June 25-27) and conduct a Science Show for an hour for all the participants. Mr Ashish Bhateja and Mr Amit Bajpai went there with their Magic Box containing about 15 Science Experiment. As the Camp participants, about 400 in number, were from all kinds of background it was a difficult task to choose Science experiments for them. So the experiments were designed to involve actively all the audience, and which are related to normal daily life of a common person. The show was conducted on June 26 for about an hour and was greatly appreciated by one and all.

Experimental kits made by Shiksha Sopan Science Cell for NWIPT-08

The registration bags for NWIPT-08 were prepared by Shiksha Sopan. The cloth bags were got stitched by a professional tailor and then embroidary was done by Shiksha Sopan children from Barasirohi and Ratanpur, mostly studying in middle schools. This handwork on all the 40 bags by children was greatly appreciated by the participants.

Shiksha Sopan also put up a 120 minutes of Cultural Stage show for the participants of NWIPT-08.

On 17th June, Shiksha Sopan organized a Vidai Samaroh for the IITK Students associated with Shiksha Sopan who had completed their studies here and were leaving the place. All active workers of Shiksha Sopan were present in the get together. Several Sopan Children whom these people had taught at some stage were also present. Each student told how he/she felt working with Shiksha Sopan during the stay at IITK. All of them were going for Jobs at different Mr. Ashish Bhateja receiving places. They vowed that they will keep working memento from Dr. H.C. Verma for the weaker section of the society wherever they are and will keep contact with Shiksha Sopan. In the samaroh, mementos and Certificates were presented to the students by Dr. H.C. Verma. All the students were very pleased with the farewell they got from Shiksha Sopan.

Other Informations
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