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Phillips High School

Chorus Department

Dr. Suzanne Knight Keith Galasso

Principal VPA Department Chair

Isiah Maxey Rebecca Hammac

Director of Choral Activities Associate Choral Director
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Table of Contents
Letter from the Directors page 2

Communications page 3

Membership Requirements page 4

The Ensembles pages 5-6

The Visual and Performing Arts Program page 7

Classroom Responsibilities and Expectations pages 8-9

Grading and Attendance Policy pages 10-11

Finances pages 12

Uniforms page 13

Performances and Special Events pages 14-15

Private Voice Lessons page 16

Chorus Boosters page 17

*Important Forms (to be returned) pages 18-20


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Dear Chorus Family,

If you are new to the DPHS Choral Department, “Welcome,” and if you are returning,
“Welcome back.” We are thrilled you have decided to take the challenge of developing your musical
and artistic ability. While we will have fun together throughout this year, the standards you will be
asked to meet are high and we expect ​ALL​ of you to do your best to meet them, not only for yourselves,
but for your fellow choir members and our school.

We take our responsibility for your musical and Intellectual growth very seriously and promise to do our
best everyday to provide you the best choral and musical education possible. There may be times we
need your help and support and we promise to always give you the same in return. This is a team effort
and we will do it together.

As a nationally recognized choral program, we offer considerable opportunities for you to make
music at the highest level. For the past 4 years, we have been one of the highest rated programs in
Florida. Our students excel both musically and academically earning numerous scholarships from some
of the best music schools in the USA. We continue to promote character building and leadership as
important life skills. Being a part of the DPHS Chorus Department ensures not only a comprehensive
music education, but also a sense of community. We Are truly a ‘family’, and welcome any and all
students into the program.

It is very important that you read this Handbook with your parents and return the required Forms as an
Indication that you have:
• Read and discussed the information together
• Understood and agreed to the policies of the choral program, financial and other.
• Thoroughly examined and noted the dates of events on your calendar

Congratulations on becoming a part of the DPHS Chorus Family! We cannot wait to get to know each of
our new students and to continue to learn more about those of you who are returning.
There are many exciting things planned and we can promise that you are in for a wonderful year!

Your Directors,

Isiah Maxey Rebecca Hammac

Director of Choral Activities Associate Choral Director

The best way to reach Mr. Maxey and Mrs. Hammac is by e-mail:

​ ebsite
The website is updated daily. There you will find the ​calendar​, rehearsal schedule, class
requirements, practice tracks, and more. ​It is your responsibility to check the site daily
for any changes. “I didn’t know,” “I had to work,” and “I couldn’t find a ride,” are not
valid excuses.

It is always more challenging to reach the directors by phone, as
they are typically in rehearsal. You are welcome to call however, and
leave a message at any time: 407-355-3200 Ext. 6053275.

Charms Program ​(​
Charms will be used as our primary means of managing money, as well
as distributing mass email. A link to this program can be found on a
page of the chorus website.
● Login: DrPhillipsHSChoir (*case sensitive)
● Password: Your Student ID
*You may change your individual password after your initial log-in. If you
forget your changed log-in, please see the directors to re-set it.

Social Media
Facebook -​ ​DPHSChorus
YouTube – Dr. Phillips High School Chorus
Twitter - @DPHSCHORUS1
Instagram - dphschorus

This is our primary means of communication. PLEASE BE SURE AND SIGN UP for your class’ REMIND
Students ​– Each class has their own account. Instructions will be given in class.
Parents​ – Text @dphsparent to 81010

Membership is based on several important factors:

Musical Ability
You do NOT need to be a good singer to join chorus. You must, however, continually strive towards
your greatest potential. To become a great singer takes consistent effort and practice. If you are
contributing your very best to your voice part, then you are doing your share to further the progress of
the entire chorus. Therefore, the chief requirement is that you strive to sing your part to the very best
of your ability.

Willingness to Work
Each person must be willing to put forth the necessary effort throughout every rehearsal to make the
choral program the best it can be. In addition, work outside of rehearsals may be necessary to be
prepared for class. Students achieve excellence only with an extraordinary work ethic.

A positive attitude will help you accomplish and enjoy many things in life. Working together as a team
requires treating each other with respect and kindness. Negative attitudes are unhealthy, interfere
with team progress, and will not be acceptable in or out of the chorus room. If you have an honest and
legitimate concern, please come and discuss it with your director before you share it with anyone else.
This increases their respect for you and accelerates your maturation process.

According to Florida Statute 1006.15, student participation in activities that are off-campus, involve
competition, or require missing class requires a minimum 2.0 grade point average. Chorus students
that are not able to attend a performance will be required to do an alternative assignment to make up
for that part of their grade.

To be admitted to one of the choruses at Dr. Phillips High School, you must want to become a member.
No one is forced to join against his will. Remember this at all times. Because you choose to become a
member you have no excuse for not giving all your effort all the time!

Treble Ensembles

Freshman Women’s Chorale (Pantera Chorale)

The Freshman Women’s Chorale is comprised of all the 9th grade ladies in the Chorus
Department. No audition is required to join this class. It consists of fundamental vocal
technique, ensemble skills, music literacy, and ear training through the preparation and
performance of a variety of appropriate repertoire. The Freshman Women’s Chorale rehearses
as a class every school day and performs at several concerts and assessments throughout the
year. Private voice lessons are encouraged for all members of the Freshman Women’s Chorale.

Women’s Chamber Choir (Pantera Chorale)

The Women’s Chamber Choir is comprised of 10​th​ through 12​th​ grade ladies. No audition is
required to join this class. It consists of fundamental and developing vocal technique, ensemble
skills, music literacy, and ear training through the preparation and performance of a variety of
appropriate repertoire. Women’s Chamber Choir rehearses as a class every school day and
performs at several concerts and assessments throughout the year. Private voice lessons are
encouraged for all members of Women’s Chamber Choir.

Harmonia is a upper level women’s ensemble comprised of 10​th​ through 12​th​ grade ladies. It
consists of a higher level vocal technique, ensemble skills, music literacy, and ear training
through the preparation and performance of a variety of appropriate repertoire. Harmonia
rehearses as a class every school day and performs at several concerts and assessments
throughout the year. Private voice lessons are encouraged for all members of Harmonia.
* Director Approval Required

Cora Bella
Cora Bella is comprised of 10​th​ through 12​th​ grade ladies who are advanced level singers.
Membership is by audition only. This ensemble practices more challenging musicianship skills,
ear training, and music literacy. Building on developing vocal technique, Cora Bella sings a wide
variety of repertoire. Cora Bella rehearses as a class every school day and members of this
ensemble are required to attend a rehearsal Concert Choir rehearsal every Monday from 2:30-
4:30 pm. Private voice lessons are strongly encouraged for all members of this ensemble. Students are
required to audition for ACDA Honor Chorus or OCPS All County Chorus
*Director Approval Required

Low Range and Mixed Ensembles

Men’s Chorale
The Men’s Chorale is comprised of 9​th​ through 12​th​ grade men. No audition is required to join
this class. It consists of fundamental and developing vocal technique, ensemble skills, music
literacy, and ear training through the preparation and performance of a variety of appropriate
repertoire. The Men’s Chorale rehearses as a class every school day and members of this
ensemble are required to attend Concert Choir rehearsal every Monday from 2:30- 4:30 pm.
This ensemble performs at several concerts and assessments throughout the year. Private voice
lessons are encouraged for all members of the Men’s Chorale.

Premier is an elite ensemble consisting of 10​th​ through 12​th​ grade men, and 11​th​ and 12​th​ grade
women. Membership is by audition only. Premier rehearses as a class every day and members
Are expected to attend Monday rehearsals from 2:30-4:30 as a part of Concert choir. These
singers work on advanced level ear training, music literacy, and vocal technique through
preparation and performance of an extensive amount of challenging repertoire. Voice lessons
are expected for all members of Premier. Students are required to audition for ACDA Honor Chorus or
OCPS All County Chorus
*Director Approval Required

Concert Choir
The Concert Choir is comprised of all members of Premier, Cora Bella, and Men’s Chorale, as well
as auditioned singers from other Performing Arts disciplines at DPHS. In addition to building
more advanced vocal technique, ensemble skills, music literacy, and ear training, this choir
performs a variety of advanced repertoire during the school year. The Concert Choir rehearses
every Monday afternoon from 2:30-4:30 pm and performs at several concerts and assessments
throughout the year.

The VPA Program

The Program
The VPA Magnet program was founded in 1993 for artistically talented students in Orange County,
Florida. The program provides a structured arts curriculum within a strong academic program.
Students receive intensive training in arts and academic studies, thus providing a solid preparation for
college. VPA students select a course of study in one of the five strands: Art, Dance, Music, Theatre
Arts, and TV production. The unique academic design of the VPA Magnet allows students maximum
opportunities for scholarships, auditions, and internship in their field of interest. ​

VPA Requirements
• Students are expected to maintain the high standards of specialized students
• Exhibit a commitment to excel in their arts area
• Enroll in required arts classes
• Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA each nine week grading period
• Maintain at least a 'B' average in required magnet classes
• Maintain positive behavior and display integrity and character
• Maintain consistent attendance records
• Attend monthly VPA recitals and Voice Seminars
• Take private voice lessons and audition regularly for special events
• Students are required to audition for ACDA Honor Chorus or OCPS All County Chorus

VPA Recitals
VPA students are required to attend regular recitals throughout the year. All recitals are held on
Wednesday afternoons from 1:30-2:30pm (see calendar), with the exception of the first and last
recitals. The first recital is on Thursday, August 25th at 7:00 pm and is followed by a required
orientation. The last recital is the Senior Recital held on Tuesday, May 20​th​ at 7:00pm. All recitals will
take place in the DPHS Performing Arts Center. On Wednesday recital days, VPA students are required
to wear to school their VPA polo shirt and a pair of black or khaki pants. For the first and last recitals,
students are expected to dress nicely.

Voice Seminar
This is an enrichment class designed for VPA voice magnet students. Students will learn about topics
such as performance techniques, voice types, professional singers, art song repertoire, careers in music,
vocal health, anatomy of the voice, how to practice, stage fright, the International Phonetic Alphabet,
ornamentation, and authentic performance practice. This class will also provide extra opportunities to
perform solo literature.

Classroom Expectations
Classroom Responsibilities are posted in the chorus room. Students’
responsibility is to C.A.R.E:
A​ttend all rehearsals and performance
R​espect property and each other
E​xecute rehearsal procedures
​ ommunicate
• You MUST Complete a GOOGLE FORM 2 weeks in advance ​if you are going to be absent so Mr. Maxey and
Mrs. Hammac know well in advance about any Schedule conflicts and can excuse the absence.
• If you would like some extra help, just ask.
• If you are ever troubled or unsure about something that has to do with this program, please come talk to
one of your directors.
• Please don’t send word of your conflict or absence through another student…it is ​YOUR
responsibility to communicate.

Attend All Rehearsals and Performances

• Be at all rehearsals and performances on time…which means early! There’s a difference between being
present and being actively engaged.
• Being absent from a performance is very serious. When even one member of a performing
ensemble is gone, the total musical experience is diminished for all.
• Only students who have paid their Fair Share will be eligible to perform. A research paper will be assigned
for those who have not paid.

Respect Property and Each Other

• If it’s not yours, ​DON’T TOUCH IT!!
• Candy, food, and drinks are not permitted in the chorus room. Water bottles are allowed for those who
often get thirsty.
• No chewing gum in any part of the music building or PAC…..EVER!
• Respect the right of others to learn, and the teacher to teach by not causing an interruption to the
• Use good judgment to always know what time it is. Is it time to talk or work?
• Look at the person speaking to you.
• If you cannot say something positive, do not say anything at all.
• No public displays of affection are permitted in or around the music building or on off-campus trips or
• Do not use the chorus room to store your personal property (bags, books, clothes, projects, lunches, etc.)

Classroom Expectations Continued

​Execute Rehearsal Procedures
• Be in your spot, ready to make music when the bell rings.
• Have your music folder and a pencil with you at every rehearsal.
• Stop immediately when the conductor stops and actively listen for feedback.
• Raise your hand if you have a comment/ question/answer.
• Stay in your seat or place on the risers unless you have permission to do otherwise.
• If you are not able to sing (due to illness or other reason), please see the director
immediately when you enter the room to receive an assignment.
• Cell phones should be turned OFF and put away in the chorus room during rehearsal.
• Please do not ask to leave for any reason unless you are ill and need to go home.
• The bell doesn't dismiss class. The teacher dismisses class.

Discipline Plan for those that forget to C.A.R.E:

• Warning
• Conference with the student and director to develop a plan for solving the problem.
• Consequence(s) appropriate to the behavior(s) or action(s) in question and contact parent(s).
• Referral to administrator.

Tardy Policy
• In a music class where every member is contributing to the overall success of the ensemble,
lateness and absences have a negative effect on the entire class. Students must be responsible
and be on time.
• The Door will be locked when the bell rings.
• Tardiness is excused only with a pass from the office or another teacher.
• Late students will be let into the room and written up.

Grading and Attendance

Assessments and Assignments 20%
Rehearsal Participation & Contribution 30%
Performance Attendance & Contribution 50%
I. Assessments and Assignments (20%)
Grades in this category are earned through a variety of assessments (e.g., written quizzes, music and
material checks, performance exams with rubrics).

II. Rehearsal Participation & Contribution (30%)

Grades in this category are earned by meeting the Classroom Responsibilities and Expectations.
Students earn points for each daily rehearsal they attend. Points may be subtracted for the following:
tardiness, talking, chewing gum, not singing, not participating, lack of focus, disrespectful attitude, poor
posture, missing music or pencil, causing distractions, and other things at the discretion of the director.
Rehearsals outside of the regular school day are included in this category.

Chorus is a co-curricular performance-based class. Therefore, chorus students are required to attend
rehearsals and performances beyond regular school hours. Every effort will be made to advise you of
any changes to the announced Rehearsal schedule well in advance so that you may plan your time
productively. Mark your calendars now for the concert and MPA dates. If getting a ride to these
performances might be a problem, arrange a ride you can count on, or let your directors know at least a
week in advance so that they can help you find a ride. ​Your child or children should have transportation
home no more than 30 minutes after the end of a concert.​ Lack of transportation is not an excuse for
missing a rehearsal or performance.

If you anticipate an unavoidable absence from rehearsal, please submit a written request to the director
for approval prior to the absence. Those on athletic teams should communicate their practice/ game
schedule with Mr. Maxey or Ms. Hammac at the beginning of the season to find a workable
compromise. These conflicts will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

III. Performance Attendance and Contribution (50%)

Grades are earned in this category by being present, on time, in proper uniform, and participating
positively and fully. An unexcused absence will result in earning “0” points. Points will be subtracted for
each occurrence of the following: tardiness, not in full chorus uniform, inappropriate behavior, or lack
of musical focus. ​Dress rehearsals for performances are mandatory!

Grading and Attendance Policy Continued

Excused Absences: Extreme emergency or illness. A written note from the parent/ guardian is due upon
the student’s return from any excused absence due to an emergency. A doctor’s note is due upon the
student’s return from any excused absence due to illness. If you anticipate an unavoidable absence
from rehearsal, please submit a written request (Google Form) to the director for approval 2 weeks
prior to the absence. (Work, appointments, detention, meetings, homework, vacations, etc. will not be
valid excuses for missing rehearsal, or performance.)

Students who have an ​excused​ absence from a performance may make up for that part of their grade
by completing a performance assignment agreed upon by the director. If you anticipate an unavoidable
absence from a performance this year, please submit a written request to the director for approval right

Unexcused Absence from a Performance will result in: Failure of class for the 9 weeks the performance
falls in. Transfer to a non-auditioned ensemble or other available class for the remainder of the school
year. No additional participation in performances, field trips, and events throughout the remainder of
the year.

Payment(s) Due Friday, Sept. 21st
Fair Share: $100.00
New Uniform: $95.00

Program Costs
Chorus families, alumni, friends, and area businesses augment the school budget through fundraising and community
support. Enhanced instruction and active choral participation afforded by this program are accomplished through a
budget with expenses including, but not limited to, payments to accompanists and choreographers, clinicians, busses,
sheet music, travel related costs, concert recordings, MPA registration, classroom equipment, technology, and numerous

All expenses are paid through the hard work of students and parents. Each student is expected to contribute a
“fairshare” of $100.00 and purchase his or her chorus uniform. All expenses can be fundraised. Only students
who have paid their obligations will be eligible to perform. If you make any payments via school pay, please email
the receipt to ​

Fundraising Opportunities
The fundraising goal is accomplished through several fundraising opportunities.
At the beginning of each year the Chorus Department produces an attractive Ads and Sponsors program, which is
distributed for free at all concerts. The program includes students’ names, their ensembles and promotional information
about the Dr. Phillips High School Chorus. Students solicit advertisers and sponsors whose names and businesses will
appear in the program. Individual ads and sponsorships range from $50 to $1,000, depending on size.

Other fundraising opportunities include :

• Direct Sales (Cookie Dough/Cheesecake, Candy, Pies, etc.)
• Spirit nights at local restaurants

Student Accounts
At the beginning of the year, each student’s account is charged for a "Fair Share” contribution and uniform costs.
Payments made on behalf of a student are posted to this account, as well as profit attributable to the student’s
fundraising efforts. ​It is extremely important that your student’s name appears on all checks in order to obtain proper
credit.​ ​Student accounts are not personal deposit accounts, but are a way for the chorus to keep track of the fundraising
and costs for each student.​ Funds in students’ accounts above and beyond the “fair share” fundraising expectation and
the uniform cost can be used for travel expenses (All-State Chorus, voice lessons, MPA bus expenses, or chorus trips).

Student can log on to Charms to check the current status of their chorus account. Any account not settled prior to year’s
end will be turned into the school as an obligation. If a student has money left in their account at the end of the year, it
rolls over to the next year (graduating seniors excluded).

Students whose families have difficulty in meeting chorus fundraising goals should contact the Director as early as
possible in the school year to discuss payment arrangements. No student will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

Uniforms are required for each chorus member. Dr. Phillips High School Choruses always maintain a
professional appearance when in public. It is important for everyone to look professional to enhance the
performances for the audience by eliminating distractions. Uniforms should be clean and pressed when
worn for performances.

Men’s Hair should be brushed and away from the face, Also hair must be tied back with invisible or black
hair ties.

No jewelry (unless part of the uniform), including watches, wristbands, or earrings may be worn, unless it
may not be taken off for religious reasons and there is a note from home. Only small metal stud
earrings for ladies may be worn if Absolutely necessary. Only basic stage makeup (no glitter) and no
cologne or perfume should be worn.

Below are uniform requirements for each ensemble. It is important to turn in uniform payments promptly
so they can be distributed in time for concerts. If there is a financial concern about the uniform policy,
please do not hesitate to call the chorus office. No student will be turned away from chorus because
they cannot afford the uniform.

Formal Uniform
All students will be sized for their formal uniform within the first three weeks of school.
Students will wear this formal uniform for the duration of their years in chorus.

Option 1:​ black formal dress, black character shoes (Nude knee-hi’s to be provided by
the student); Cost=$95.00. Pantera and Chamber may choose to wear black character shoes or
appropriate flat black shoes.

Option 2:​ Black tuxedo jacket and pants, white dress shirt, tie (black socks and black dress
shoes to be provided by the student); Cost =$95.00

Hemming​: ​Dresses and pants must be hemmed by first concert, October 11th. The dress should fit to
the top of your foot, we should be able to see your toe (about 2-3 inches off the floor without shoes).
Leave 1-1.5 inches in the hem; this way the dress can be let down if needed. There are many dry
cleaners/ alterations store in the area that will be able to hem the dress. You may use any tailor you
wish or hem the dress yourself.

*Uniform Payment Deadline= Friday, September 21st (one time

payment only)
(Note: Students will be given opportunities to fundraise this payment)

Concerts and Performances

Concert Performances
The Dr. Phillips High School Chorus Department will present several concerts throughout this year: the Fall Concert,
Winter Concert, Pre-MPA Concert, and the Spring Concerts. These performances involve ​all​ choirs from Dr.
Phillips High School.

Candlelight Processional
The Dr. Phillips High School Chorus annually participates in the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT as an anchor choir. On
each performance date, we travel to EPCOT from DPHS and perform in one or two shows with the professional Walt
Disney World Orchestra. Slots are made available to the department according to seniority. Once signed up for a
Candlelight performance, it will count as a performance grade. All singers are given two complimentary
tickets to Walt Disney World per performance, and all chaperones are given one complimentary ticket per performance.
Chaperone slots are given on a first come, first served basis, with preference given to active parent volunteers.

All-State Chorus
All-State Choruses are made up of the finest musicians in the state. Auditioning for All-State is a rigorous process,
including a musicianship skills test, a sight-reading test, and a vocal audition. High school students are eligible for the
Sight-Reading Choir, the Senior High Concert Choir, the SSAA Women’s Choir, or the TTBB Men’s Choir. Though
auditioning for All-state is not required, Dr. Phillips High School usually has more students selected than most other
schools in the state. All-State test preparation classes will be offered after school on designated days in the chorus room,
beginning the first week of school and ending after the second all-state test. Students are responsible for their audition
fee of $12.00.

ACDA Honor Choirs

The American Choral Directors Association holds its annual state conference every November. As a part of this
conference, the State ACDA High School Honor Choir rehearses with a nationally renowned director and performs for the
state membership and parents. This choir is made up of the finest singers from all over the state of Florida, and should
include many Dr. Phillips High School chorus students. Though open to all chorus students, auditioning for this choir is
expected for all 11​th​ and 12​th​ grade VPA women, and 9​th​ through 12​th​ grade VPA men. On alternating years, the National
ACDA Conference sponsors a National ACDA Honor Choir, and the Southern Division ACDA Conference sponsors a
Regional ACDA Honor Choir. Selection for these choirs is highly competitive among singers from all over the region and
country. Selection for these choirs is by recorded audition.

Concerts and Performances Continued

OCPS All-County Honors Choir
Orange County Public Schools annually sponsors an All-County Chorus for every grade level of student.
The high school choir is a mixed ensemble (SATB), which is auditioned in the first nine weeks. While
the audition process is not as rigorous as All-State, it is still an honor and privilege to be chosen for this
group. Esteemed conductors are brought in from throughout the country, providing a wonderful opis
event will take place during the month of November. The event culminates with a concert in November,
which features the middle and high school All-County choirs. Auditioning for this choir is expected of all
VPA students.

Solo and Ensemble MPA

In the spring semester, many chorus students elect to participate in Solo and Ensemble MPA. At this
event, soloists and small groups perform for a judge who evaluates them and then works with them to
help improve their performance. This is a required event for all VPA students and any students assigned
to an ensemble by the director. Other chorus students are encouraged to participate if they study voice

It is the responsibility of the soloists, not the directors, to secure two original copies of their music for the
judge. To participate as a soloist, the titles of your two song selections will be due in December, along
with a signed contract.

All those participating in Solo and Ensemble are required to perform at one of our two recitals on
January 28 or 29. Additionally, it is the responsibility of all soloists to arrange an accompanist. If you
request Mr. MAxey or Mrs. Hammac to arrange an accompanist for you, the cost is $40.00 paid directly
to that accompanist. This fee includes one rehearsal, the recital, and the actual performance at S & E.

Concert MPA
All members MUST attend the Choral MPA Festival. During our MPA performance, we will be listened
to by a panel of judges. These judges are looking for mastery of the choral literature performed,
appropriate vocal technique, musicianship, intonation, posture, facial expression, tone, and SIGHT

OUR GOAL is to receive a “SUPERIOR” rating at the District and State Level.

We will also have a Pre-MPA Concert before our Choral MPA Event. This concert serves as our dress
rehearsal and is open to your parents and friends. We will also have mock
judges on-site to adjudicate our performance.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are the best way to enhance the instruction you receive in chorus class
and are highly encouraged for all VPA Magnet chorus students. Students that study
privately typically move into upper level choirs more quickly than those that do not.

Private lessons provide weekly one-on-one instruction to help students work

specifically on the skills they need to work on most as a singer. Private teachers work
with their students not only on vocal technique, but also on performance and
presentation skills, text interpretation, and foreign language diction. In private voice
lessons, students work on a variety of solo repertoire appropriate to their
development level. They may also use this one-on-one time to prepare for special
events or college auditions.

The Chorus Department maintains a list of recommended voice teachers. Some of

these teachers are approved and contracted to teach on-site at DP. Others teach
exclusively out of their homes or studios. Please see Mr. Maxey for advice on how to
begin voice lessons.

DPHS is the only Orange County school that allows students to fundraise for voice
lessons. If you would like to use your CHARMS money to pay for a voice lesson, you
must ask your teacher to invoice the Chorus Department and we can cut a check on
your behalf.

Beyond private voice lessons, participating in other musical organizations is

encouraged. Anyone considering majoring or minoring in music in college
should consider learning to play the piano, either through keyboard classes at DPHS, or
through private study. Before joining an outside musical organization, be sure the
schedule does not conflict with your commitments at DPHS.

Chorus Boosters

The Chorus Parent Boosters is an organization that is comprised of interested parents, family members,
and friends who give support to the Chorus Department. They assist the Directors with fundraising,
travel, and organizational duties.
All parents are strongly urged to be an active and contributing member of this organization. Your active
participation is vital to the Chorus Department. Membership donations are used events sponsored by
the Chorus. Please fill out and return the Chorus Parent Booster Registration Form at the end of this
handbook and return it along with the other forms.

Please mark your calendar:

The Chorus Booster organization meets often, typically the first Thursday of each month, to keep
parents informed and to give them the opportunity to help plan upcoming chorus events, concerts
and other activities.
*Additional Booster Nights may be scheduled as needed.

Season Tickets:
For a small premium donation, you can receive advanced tickets to the following chorus concert this
year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. The extra money goes to the booster fund used to help with events
for the students throughout the year.

• Individual Ticket - $30

You receive 1 premium seat at each of our 3 concerts this year.

• Parents’ Membership - $60

You receive 2 premium seats at each of our 3 concerts this year.

• F​ amily Membership - $120

You receive 4 premium seats at each of our 3 concerts this year.

Student and Parent Contract


We have read the Chorus Handbook, understand and agree with all the expectations involved
in the Dr. Phillips High School Chorus Department. This includes, but is not limited to,
Performance Uniforms, Conduct, Rehearsal and Concert Attendance, Grading Policies,
Communications, and Financial Obligations (below)

Friday, September 21st: Performance Uniform

Fair Share: $100.00

Chorus Open House: Update Charms Information (Parent Number and email)

______________________ _________________ ____________ _________

Student Signature Print Name Class Date Period

_______________________ ____________ ___________

Parent Signature Print Name Date

Please print this Statement of Understanding, Booster Registration, and Model Release
before leaving Chorus Open House.

Keep the rest of this handbook for your records.


Dr. Phillips High School

Chorus Parent Booster Organization Registration Form

We want YOU in Chorus Boosters.

Parent(s) Name(s)_________________________________________________________
Student’s Name___________________________________________________________
Grade_________ Chorus Period # _________

We all have special talents, large or small. Here are some of the areas we will need help
with this year.

___ Chaperoning ___ Concert Hospitality ___ Concert Tickets

___ Cookie Dough ___ Office Volunteer ___ Sewing/Uniforms
___ Tailgate/ Parties ___ Ushering Concerts ___ Backstage Help
___ Photography ___ Publicity

___The Quarter Note​ ($10.00)- ​Honorable Mention in the DPHS Choral Programs

___The Half Note​ ($30.00)- ​Honorable Mention in the DPHS Choral Program​ + ​Chorus
Booster T-Shirt

___The Whole Note ​($50.00)- ​Honorable Mention in DPHS Choral Program​ + ​Chorus
Booster T-Shirt +​ ​Priority Volunteer Opportunity Preference

Payments due September 14th


Orange County Public Schools

P.O. Box 271 Orlando, FL 32802
Model Release Form

For and in consideration of benefits to be derived from the furtherance of the

educational programs of the School Board of Orange County, Florida, (I) (We), personally
and on behalf of_____________________the undersigned parent(s) or legal guardians of
__________________, a student entered in the Orange County School System, do hereby
consent, authorize and grant permission to the School Board of Orange County, Florida,
its agents, employees or duly authorized representatives to take photographs, motion
pictures or video tapes of said student, and do further consent to the publication,
circulation and dissemination of said photographs, motion pictures or video tapes or any
duplication or facsimile thereof for any purposes it may deem proper, including but not
limited to use on the internet.

In granting such permission, (I) (We) hereby relinquish and give to the School Board of
Orange County, Florida, all right, title and interest (I) (We) may have in the pictures,
negatives, reproductions or copies, and further waive any and all right to approve the
use of such photographs, motion pictures or video tapes and further do waive any right
to compensation for the publication or other use of said photographs, motion pictures or
video tapes and do release the School Board of Orange County, Florida, its agents,
licensees, representatives and assigns from any and all claims of any nature whatsoever
arising from their use.

Signature_____________________________________ Date__________________

Permanent Address_______________________________________________________
(Number/Street) (City) (State) (Zip Code)

Relationship__________________________ Phone___________________________

Student Name:__________________________________________________
Period of Chorus: _________________________________

Payment Plan Sign Up- 2018

Schedule for Uniform: Schedule for Fair Share: Schedule for Both:
September 21- $25 September 21- $25 September 21- $40
October 26- $25 October 26- $25 October 26- $35
November 16- $25 November 16- $25 November 16- $35
December 14- $20 December 14- $25 December 14- $35
Total= $95.00 Total= $100.00 January 18- $30
February 15- $20
Total= $195.00

Please initial which option you would like request:

_____ ​I would like to sign up for payment for Uniform
_____ ​I would like to sign up for payment for Fairshare
_____ ​I would like to sign up for payment for Both

Parent Name: ________________________________________________

Parent Signature: _____________________________________________
Parent Email Address: _________________________________________
Parent Pho
ne number: _________________________________________

****Due by September 21, 2018 with first payment****

Payment may be made on School Pay