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Integrity is the quality of having strong moral and ethical principles. Integrity involves

upholding high moral standards in the presence or absence of authority. It is a measure of how

morally upright a person is. Integrity is intrinsic. A person of strong principles does not need to

be supervised to do what is right because he is guided by an ethical code.


The statement means that The University is committed to scholarly excellence. To

achieve scholarly excellence, the University inculcates and emphasizes enquiry. Moreover, the

university advocates for creative activity and the application of knowledge. The institution is

more interested in the process as much as the results. Consequently, the institution abhors any

form of academic dishonesty.

The Reason for Having the Statement

The MSU Denver has this statement due to various reasons. First, to emphasize that

scholarly excellence is achieved by scholarly enquiry, creative activity and the application of

knowledge. Then, to show that the school is committed to upholding academic honesty. Finally,

the statement serves as a warning to students that in the event that one is found engaging in

unethical behavior, he or she shall face serious consequences.

How my actions affected the statement and my Integrity

Plagiarism goes contrary to what the school stands for. First, it is a form of unethical

behavior. Secondly, plagiarism goes against the processes which lead to scholarly excellence.

When I engaged in plagiarism, I did not enquire nor apply any knowledge. This was against what
the school teaches and upholds. Then, by plagiarizing my work, I went against the ethical

standards I have set for myself. I engaged in dishonest practices that cast a doubt on my

credentials as a student and as a person.

How my Actions Affected the Community.

My actions have negative implications. The first one, it has destroyed my reputation.

People will question whether any work I have ever done was authentic. It also affects the quality

of the work I have done. Plagiarism also has the potential to ruin the institution’s reputation.

Other people who have engaged in honest academic practices will have their work put into

question. Furthermore, plagiarism implies that my instructors and by extent, the institution are

not doing enough. Finally, my actions may also be interpreted that the institution is not of high

moral principles because it allows academic dishonesty.