Andrew Gleed English, 1st 9-26-10

Novel Assignment #1
1. The novel A Farewell to Arms was a very different and strange book. Starting it out, I thought it was going to be one of those cute romance books where there is a war going on but two lovers forget about it and live happily ever after. I was very wrong. The book was a little hard for me to get into, mainly because of how the author worded things and expanded hugely on pretty much everything. But after a while I got into the book and it was spectacular. Hemingway used the most exact descriptions of everything, especially the battle scenes and when something dramatic happened. For example, when Catherine and Henry end up having to leave in the middle of the night for Switzerland because the police were after them, I felt like I was there. Not physically, but the way he described that whole scene in the book made me feel for them. Also, when they were rowing down the river and Catherine wanted to take over, the way Hemingway worded it made me feel like she actually cared about Henry. The delicate English nurse loved her husband so much that she would take over the boat and let him rest for a while. At first I didn’t really enjoy the ending, it was really devastating and a huge shock to me. But then I thought about it and I feel like Hemingway really got through the main point of mortality. He

In the beginning of the story the author makes a big deal about how beautiful and unique her hair is. Towards the end of the book. Another symbol from the book is Catherine’s magnificent hair. it is raining. The main symbol that I found in the book was rain. One time when the lovers are in bed Catherine unravels her hair and lets it fall on his head. Ernest Hemingway’s novel A Farewell to Arms has many themes. motifs. Henry walks home from the hospital. 2. When Catherine and Henry are alone she reveals to him one of her secrets. there is no way that rain can cause happiness to end. This scene perfectly sanctions Catherine’s anxiety and worry because it proves that rain does seem to bring an end to lovers. but it represents the fact that disaster does eventually come to these two lovers. Logically. how he made Catherine and the baby die. The idea of her hair going over his face represents how isolated the couple are from the world. represents the disappearance of happiness. that’s very realistic and it makes me continue to think and helps me become grateful for my life and where I am at right now. The rain. While he is walking home. 1st 9-26-10 makes us realize how fragile we are and how in an instant anyone could be gone. and symbols. after Catherine dies. Also. Catherine is scared of the rain. There is a war going on and they both .Andrew Gleed English. in the beautiful English nurse’s mind.

written by Ernest Hemingway. is very thoughtful and accurate. They can only think of the other. Catherine’s hair exemplifies how caught up you can get in another person. they don’t want to take any moment for granted. One of the main points that the review has says this. In the novel. but whenever they are together they try there hardest to forget everything and focus only on each other. The review also talks about Catherine and Henry’s conversations being “remarkable examples of understatement. a philosophy of life. they try there hardest to be with the other at all times.Andrew Gleed English. Magill Book Reviews review for A Farewell to Arms. Catherine and Henry love each other more then anything in the entire world. They both have very important jobs.” This quote is very definite and gets straight to the point. so they both enjoy being in their own little world where they can always be with each other. Although they will still be able to spend some time together once the baby is born.’ Hemingway is able to make his characters’ love affair symbolic of an attitude. “Without using the ‘big words. caring about what is best for both of them as a couple. Even when Catherine is about to have the baby. they talk about how the “little brat” is going to make it harder for them to spend time with each other. 3. 1st 9-26-10 have several personal problems. Henry is fighting very hard and Catherine just had a fiancé die.” I thought about this .

but that seems slightly understated compared to how much they come off as truly loving each other. 4. how does love affect the couples outlook of war. . Yes.Andrew Gleed English. sometimes they say they love each other and that they want to always be with each other. is a farewell to arms an anti-war novel. not much is being said. Catherine and Henry would do anything for each other because they are the most important things to the other. 1st 9-26-10 for a while and suddenly realized how true it is. Ideas for paper: talk about motifs. But when they speak to each other. foreshadowing involving the rain.

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