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Shikhar samsung Gen.

No: 18780925

zen nap
anticipate her reflexes
when you fell overconfident you forget that your enemy has strengths too
black ice encryption
faraday cage
physics subroutines and collision meshes
flush subroute
precancerous lecions
4 hour str
survelleiance detection stops
dusrupt data points
ibizian philosophoes
computer hit by kernel panic
deductive historical reconstruction
physics symposium
subminimal variance of the quantum manifold
internal fatal error
paradox of time travel
system of hot annd cold wallets
rosencrantz & guildenstern
the ilad book
postmates proxy
occam's razor
chess as self-improvement
stalemate in chess
piggy back up on someone's wifi
moses heard voices too
malicious browser benchmark trick
embedded stagefright exploit
proverbial soap around a black hat cbitch
us mobile exigent circumstances
secondary processor keeps overclocking the gpu cache
feirymen of hades
in a restaurant somehow your brain is able to decodethe components that complex
induce lucid dream to study in his sleep - you lie in bed and repeat this mantra in
your head
- mind awake body asleep
transsactional volume maximum
rot-13 algorithm
perring number
erdos woods numbers
5th amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to
asnswer any of
your questions
patriot act
disassembled firmware for an uninterruptable power supply
adic - fbi
python approach
create a backdoor
bash bug
init 5
pwnie express pwn phone
network monitoring and attacck tools

step 1 : identify the target and its flaws, there are always flaws
(like a vulnerable ftp server)
step 2: build a malware and prepare for the attack
step 3 : a reverse shell 2 stage exploits - the ideal packages
load the malware in a femtocell delivery system - my personal cell tower that will
intercept all mobile data

secret of the perfect hack make it infallible

hidden within the kernel is a logic bombs - malicious code designed to execute
circumstances i've programmed

step 4: write the script

why do it myself? because that's how i learned and i know exactly what,when and how
gpoing to run
step 5 : launch the attack

domain admin
the thrill of pawning a systema

degaussed taped
formal hors d'oeuvre

hardware enabled stack

tor hidden site

cached passwords and domain info
wifi interface is up,communicating with femtocell
cisco is still modding an swapping antennass

juniper ScreenOS backdoor

emanuel lasker - chess champion
scword of damocles
femtocell - battery powered home brewed mobile tower