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InfySEC is the only

institute that trains

you to create your own
hacking and security
Expert Ethical Hackin g
tools. With experienced

Stay Ahead.
trainers who are ethical hackers too, you learn the tricks of
the trade in less than 5 days!

Get live through our extreme Online Virtual Remote Labs

Stay Secure.
and become a complete Information Security Professional.

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InfySEC is a leading provider of end-to-end
Information Security solutions with focus
on Enterprise Security Services, Security
Consulting, Security Training, Research
and Product development.

“It was a wonderful experience to be at InfySEC works with clients to solve

InfySEC’s training sessions. The activity-driven, their most complex information security
hands-on CTF program tested my knowledge in challenges, designing and helping them
manage solutions through the entire value
all aspects of Information security and it was a
chain of information security management,
huge boost to my confidence that I can protect maximizing the power of their digital
my enterprise from all kinds of vulnerabilities assets, plugging vulnerabilities, detecting
and intrusions. intrusions, handling incidents, and the Get trained hands-on from
full range of information security services.
Clients not only experience reduced security
- A participant Win LAPTOPs and PLAY STATIONS*
costs but get to focus on what they do best.
Get industry-recognized
InfySEC’s security consultants and trainers certification
are available pan-India, and they operate
out of UK and India. The company has The InfySEC Advantage
substantial reach to the Middle East, USA, Flexible Courses and Workshops
UK and Indian markets. Well equipped laboratory which can be accessed 24 x 7
Well equipped library
Extensive hands on sessions
No. 37/45, P.H Road, 145-157, ST.John Street, Free Comprehensive course Study material
Dr.RadhaKrishnan Nagar,
Arumbakkam, Chennai - 600 106. India.
London, EC1V 4PW,
England. United Kingdom
Placement assistance
Ph: 044-42611142/43, e-mail : Ph: +44-7405190001 * Participate in competitions and win exciting prizes
Towards a Secure World

InfySEC is a pioneer in the realm of information security and a major

At InfySEC, you don’t work with trainers, but you get to work with Cyber Scene Investigation
coaches, who :
player in providing education and training, applied product research Student Workshops
and expert information security services. Information Security workshops from InfySEC come packaged with Cyber Scene Investigation (CSI) opens the doors to exciting careers in the
Create a behavioral learning environment field of computer forensics and digital evidence handling techniques. In
THE difference!
InfySEC works with leading information security companies and tools Encourage experimentation with practical applications this workshop you will understand how to provide intelligence analysis
from around the world to deliver end-to-end, cost-effective solutions Draw on the strengths of the group You will be provided with instructions on how to secure your systems for crime protection, and the data recovery - before and after an event.
that are tailored to your enterprise’s unique needs. Act as f acilitators to make the experience more comfortable a nd from Cyber Crime during these 1 day / 2 day workshops. Upon
completion you will get a certificate of participation from InfySEC. You will also learn to appreciate forensic analysis like identifying digital
meaningful fingerprints, handwriting and counterfeit
As a recognized leader in the field of Information Security Training.
InfySEC offers separate courses for Students and Corporates, to suit Use a ctivities, and enterprise security challenges relevant to you E-Hack identity documents for criminal investigations.
their learning objectives. Encourage active partic ipation in CTF activities
E-Hack is your primer to the world of Post CSI, you will be ready to join Government
Information Security. It equips you with and law enforcement agencies in their
Corporate Training Corporate Workshops hands-on training to this exciting domain. fight against cyber crime, cyber terrorism,
identity theft, and the exploitation of minors. Or you can choose to
InfySEC’s corporate training programs cover all aspects of the Courses take shape, after a proper assessment of the intended You get exposed to the basics of ethical hacking, work with the right join Enterprises that need skilled professionals for recognizing and
Information Security cycle through a multi-disciplinary approach and target group and a gradation of their levels of comprehension about tools to stay secure against hacking, understand standards and best combating digital vulnerabilities.
increase the capacity of individuals and enterprises to manage enterprise Information Security. practices and participate in Capture-The-Flag(CTF) competitions to
security, efficiently and effectively. test your standing as an ethical hacker.

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Armed with industry-specific course content, InfySEC’s corporate More than 80 workshops at top most Engineering
Our training programs are flexible and include a combination of training workshops enable enterprise professionals to get ready for the Capture the Flag (CTF) institutes of India including IIT’s, NIT’s , BITs and
international case studies, diverse range of information security compliance audit and look upon ISO certification as a part of the process
management practices and integrate different disciplines of security and not as something way out of their path. CTF is your virtual platform to hack at different levels - Participants Deemed Universities !!
challenges relevant to distributed enterprise systems. group up as hackers and defenders, working across web-servers, Trained more than 10,000 students !!!
databases, operating systems and networks, all within a completely Lo g O n t o f yse c .c o m

Corporate Training InfySEC Pro Workshops

Who should attend? Get introduced to the concepts of Information

Free 2700+ Cracking Tools

Young but experienced instructors
Security and Ethical Hacking. InfySEC Information Security Professional
Stick to your timelines
Professionals who need an overview of workshops vare designed just to give you an Ethical Cracker
enterprise information or to enhance existing World-class in-house learning facilities
edge in this industry. Security Researcher
technical skill sets in: Flexible course slots
Customised Content Who should attend? Disaster Recovery Analyst
Information Security Business Continuity Analyst
Application Performance Engineering Pre-course assessment Science and Engineering graduates
Information Management Post-course evaluation Lecturers and Professors
Cloud Services On line exams IT Professionals Cyber Forensics Professional
Security & Solution Development Ethical Hacking aspirants
Service Delivery All inclusive course fee Cyber Enforcement Officer
Networking Industry recognized certifications Ethical hacking can definitely go beyond Cyber Crime Investigator
Exam vouchers chasing your girl friends on FaceBook, :-). Cyber analyst
Recommended number of participants:
Competitive pricing With the right attitude , employment and Work for Govt Security Agencies
Minimum 5 - Maximum 20 per session.
Life-time membership to knowledge circle excitement too, can be taken for granted.

Workshops from InfySEC, covered the latest in

protected environment hosted by InfySEC. As you leap across the 10 Information security management, and helped
Course modules covering firewall testing and patch management in the domain of levels of cracking, this game-like environment, teaches you skills the
experential way and zooms you from a beginner to an ethical hacking improve my career prospects immensely.
cloud-based security management really broadened my horizon.
- A Participant - A Participant
Get ready to network with the who’s-who of ethical hacking.
We trained students from