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c c  (c c is a Spanish language, television program broadcast by Telemundo

in which Cuban-born judge Ana María Polo arbitrates cases for volunteer participants. The show
began in February 2002 as    
 (c  c  and was renamed in April 2005.

At each show, Polo usually considers two or three different cases between conflicting guests and
attempts to resolve them as an arbiter. She does not function as a judge, but an arbitrator to settle
differences between litigants.

The guests are all volunteers and are required to sign contracts before appearing, legally
obligating them to accept Polo's decisions.

Caso Cerrado entertains, educates and helps millions of people daily not only in the United
States, but also in Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Through YouTube,
people all over the world see it as well.


Œt is widely held as a fact that both People's Court and Caso Cerrado, and other similar tv
programs, compensate participants who agree to appear. Œn some cases, the compensation may
range from $400 to $600 for English language programs, but only $100 to $200 for Spanish
language programs. Added to the money offered for litigants to appear, other incentives are
given: limousine trips to/from the studio, airline tickets to Miami or the city where the "hearing"
is held, in addition to meals and hotel accommodations. Œn theory, if the defendant loses on a
$600 claim (Or "demanda", a legal term in Spanish at a televised hearing where she will
probably be repeatedly insulted by the judge (Judge Maria Polo emulates Judge Judy by
belittling litigants , she will probably receive more than $1,000 in incentives. Therefore, most
litigants are expected at all times to dramatize or exaggerate their own defense or counter-claim
in court.

Caso Cerrado has a disclaimer at the end of the show that states, "some cases may have been
dramatized, etc.." "Doctora" Polo, as she is referred to in the show, has always stated that some
of the cases have been dramatized, however, she claims not to know which cases are dramatized
which, in turn, is open to question since even Telemundo employees have been called to appear
as "litigants" as needed.

À  (born on April 11, 1959 is a Cuban-American lawyer and Hispanic television
judge on c c . Born in Havana, Cuba, Ana, came to Miami at a young age
accompanied by her family. Later, they moved to Puerto Rico where she participated in different
musicals such as: Godspell, Jubilee & Showboat in addition to singing with the Chorus of
Jubilee, who were invited by Pope Paul VŒ to sing at St. Peter¶s Basilica as part of the celebration
of the 1975 Holy Year.


Ana returned to Miami where she completed her degree in Political Science at Florida
Œnternational University and from where she later received her law degree. Since 1989, Dr. Polo
has been dedicated to helping families and individuals through divorces, adoptions, paternities,
custody suits, and other family related cases. Dr. Polo is an advocate of helping domestic abuse
and child abuse victims.

Œn Miami, Dr. Polo integrated her communication skills with her profession by being the guest of
several TV programs such as: The Maria Laria Show, Cristina, America en Vivo, and others. She
also took part in several radio programs, one of which was CMQ Miami, hosted by Angel
Martin, a popular radio personality. She also contributed her knowledge to an online magazine

Œn 2001, Ana started her own national television show, "Sala de parejas", via NBC¶s Telemundo.
On ³Sala de parejas´, individuals with marital issues and/or conflicts come to ³La Dra. Polo´ to
find a just and legal resolution.

Œn January 2005, Ana began a new project with Telemundo, ³Caso Cerrado´, a more dynamic
and diverse show dealing frequently with scandalous and shocking legal battles.

Her work as a legal mediator has won Dr. Polo many awards including: the ŒNTE 2004, New
York City¶s ACE 2003 & 2004, Florida Œnternational University¶s Torch Award, the Hispanic
Business Salute of San Jose California 2006, and the Hispanic Alliance ³Nuestro Premio´ in
Atlantic City, NJ, in addition to the Paoli 2006 in Puerto Rico and ŒNTE the iberoamericana TV.
Œn May 2008, she made a guest appearance on ^   , which was spending the
week in Miami. Kelly Ripa told Ana that c c  was her and kids' favorite show because
her mother and father-in-law got them into it and now they are learning Spanish by watching the

Her television persona has made it possible for Ana to support various causes. As a breast cancer
survivor, she shows her support for the Susan G. Komen foundation, participating in events to
raise money for the organization. Œn October 2005, she was named the Godmother of Careers
dedicated to the cure for breast cancer in Puerto Rico.


c c       

Caso Cerrado con Dra. Ana Maria Polo entra a una nueva era con un dinámico y renovado
formato con el objetivo de resolver no solo los problemas de parejas, sino también las más
escandalosas y asombrosas batallas legales que se presentan en una corte.

El programa toma un rumbo diferente donde la Dra. Polo hará un análisis profundo de la verdad
detrás de cada argumento antes de hacer justicia y tomar una decisión final sobre las disputas.

   À examinará las evidencias y cada detalle legal de los
casos para determinar el mejor plan de acción y tomar una medida firme y determinante.

La Dra. Ana María Polo es una de las personalidades con más credibilidad en la televisión

Esta abogada graduada de la Universidad Œnternacional de la Florida con título en Ciencias

Políticas y un doctorado en leyes en la Universidad de Miami, se dio a conocer a través de ³Sala
de Parejas´ por Telemundo. Gracias a su carisma y objetividad en cada caso legal, la Dra. Polo
rápidamente conquistó al público y en el 2005, inició una nueva etapa con el famoso programa
³Caso Cerrado con la Dra. Ana María Polo´.

Galardonada con el Premio Œnte 2004, la Dra. Polo ejerce su profesión como abogada en Miami
desde 1989 atendiendo casos de divorcio, adopciones, paternidades, custodia, manutención de
menores, esposas y casos de violencia domestica.

Antes de iniciarse formalmente en la televisión, participó como abogada experta en varios

programas televisivos de los cuales figuran el talk show de Maria Laria, El Show de Cristina y
América en Vivo, entre otros. Al mismo tiempo, formó parte de programas radiales como el de
Ángel Martín de la estación CMQ de Miami y fue colaboradora para la revista electrónica

Sobreviviente del cáncer de seno, la Dra. Polo se ha convertido en un ejemplo de lucha para
muchas mujeres y ha encabezado varias caminatas y eventos de caridad para diferentes
organizaciones que luchan contra esta enfermedad.