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Enhancing health communications of WHO staff

360° feedback questionnaire

Dear Reviewer,

Please take about 15 minutes to complete this 360° feedback questionnaire about your colleague’s
communications, keeping in mind the following points:

 Answer honestly, candidly, and constructively.

 Your answers will be anonymous and part of a group response. No one, other than the
coach, will know specifically know what you said.
 Email your answer sheet directly back to the coach

Please answer the following (for coach use only):

Name of your colleague (360°participant): Miljana Grbic

Your name: Ivana Markovic

Your position: Construction and procurement Manager

Your relationship to your colleague (360°participant): Sister

Your sector of occupation:

Civil society representative

Non-governmental organization
x Private sector
United Nations organization
University or academic centre
WHO: member of the participant’s team
WHO: outside of the participant’s team

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Start of 360° feedback questionnaire

1. How do you rate the participant’s ability to talk clearly about their work at the World Health
x Very good
☐ Good
☐ Not very good
☐ Unable

2. How do you rate the participant’s ability to communicate in an inspiring way for
collaboration in their area of work?
x Very good
☐ Good
☐ Not very good
☐ Unable

3. List five key words that describe the participant’s way of communicating; for example: clear,
open, understandable, jargon-free, empathetic, transparent, confident, unclear, vague etc.

Persuasive, Understandable, Transparent, Confident, Decided

4. List five key words that describe the professional relationship you have with the participant;
for example: approachable, friendly, trusting, respectful, professional, distant, cold, etc.

Trusting, Mindfulness, Open Communication, Respectful, Interrelatedness

5. Can you please advise how changes in the participant’s communication could improve your
relationship with her/him?

Talking freely about what is and isn’t working in the practice

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6. Please comment on two areas where the participant already demonstrates good

Listening - Listen for the real meaning or main point of what the person speaking is



7. What, if any, communication challenges do you anticipate for the participant in her/his
current role?

Public Speaking

8. What top three communication priorities do you recommend the participant concentrates
on over the next year (2015/2016)?

Persuasive Presentations

Targeting Messages to Different Audiences

Setting Clear Expectations for Staff

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9. What are your communications expectations from the participant in the next:

 One year?



 Three years?


10. Please provide any additional comments below:

Resourceful and open-minded professional committed to continuous learning,

improvement of professional standards and increase of professional results and

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End of questionnaire

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