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St Kevin’s Religion Scope and Sequence (June 2018 updated)

Term 1 (to be updated) Term 2 (updated) Term 3 (updated) Term 4

Prep What does it mean to be a St Jesus as a boy, and his family What is a Church and how do we What gifts has God given us?
Stories of and Kevin’s student, living God’s know it is a sacred space?
about God and plan for us?
Year 1 What does Jesus teach? Who is God? How does he show God’s presence and action in the Why Pray?
God’s presence himself in my life? Old Testament and in the
in action sacraments of Baptism and
Year 2 How can I be a peacemaker? How can I be a steward of God’s How can I build a world of Love? What do Jewish people do to
God’s loving creation? reflect their faith?
Year 3 Who do you say Jesus is? How is the church a Where do people see God in their Why choose to live a moral life?
God’s people, (updated) community? lives?
Year 4 What does being a Christian A- How can I have a better Community? Why, who, how? How is Jesus’ mission carried on
Community for mean? At Lent, at school, in understanding of God’s word? in the church today?
Christians the community? B- How does Jesus’ mission and
Ministry continue today?
Year 5 How are we a community? Who is Mary, mother of Jesus? How did early pioneers of the How do the words of the Bible
Faith shared What do people believe as Catholic Church in Australia share speak to people?
and Christians? What does it mean their faith?
strengthened to believe? What is a
Year 6 Why does justice begin with A- Who do you say I am? So How do believers live their faith? Where is the Holy spirit present
Faith, lived and me? who is Jesus? in the lives of believers?
celebrated B- How is faith celebrated
in the lives of believers,
past and present?