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Auestion Paper code : b0 7d5
B. E.lB. Tech. D EGRE E DGMINATI o N, NovEMB ER/D E c EMB ER 20 L7
Sixth/Seventh Semester
Information Technology
(common to : Biomedical Engineeringlcomputer
science and Engineering/
Electronics and communication
Engineering/Instrumentation !"gr"J""iolblectronics and. rnstrumentation
an-d coriirol E;;;"*ing/""i.. u"gi"l""ir*,
Medical Electronics)
(Regulations 2018)
Time: Three Hours
HWv{ . rGcentquestion prper, com Maximum : 100 Marks
'.". \\. I

AnswerALL questions

PART-A (10x2=20 Marks)
1' Distinguish between photopic and scotopic vision.

2- Define the term "euanttzation".

3. whether two different images can have same histogram
? Justify your answer.

4. For an eight bit image, write the expression for
obtaining the negative of the input

5' Mention two drawbacks of inverse filter. trwu . reccntq uestion pepcr, com

6' Which filter will be effective in minimizing the impact
of "salt and pepper,,noise in
an image ?

7. Mention the conditions fsr function to be called as

8. when a code is paid to be "prefix cod.e,, ? Mention one advantage of prefix code.

Illustrate how aliasing happens if sampling theorem is violated. . PART-B (5x16=80Marks) 11. a) Why histogram equahtzatton is considered as an "idempotent operation" ? peper r GOIII 32 4 5 4l f. $o$ttJaPG$tq\IG5$o$e"et*'@S Figure 1 10. lilll lllll lllll lllll lllll llll llll 50755 -2. tGCGntquestien 34 5 4 3l 35 5 5 3l Perform histogram equalization of the image 34 5 4 3l 45 244) (oR) b) Explain the following gray level transformation techniques in detail i) Image negative ii) Thresholding iii) Gray level slicing and iv) Logarithmic transformation. The dot in the figure represents the starting point. Define pattern and Pattern class.T{Y{ . I 9. Obtain the 4 directional chain code for the shape shown in figure 1. (oR) b) Explain in detail about the phenomenon of image sampling. lZ. a) What are the elements (components) of digital image processing system ? Explain the function of each element in detail.

50755 13. Why inverse filtering approach fails in the presence of noise ? 14. a) What is the objective of image segmentation ? Explain any one of the region based image segmentation technique in detail. explain transform based image compression scheme. (oR) trvYw.reccntqucstion prpGrrcoll b) With a neat block diagram. (oR) b) Describe the image restoration technique of inverse filtering. Also mention different modes in JPEG compression standard. (oR) b) Mention different techniques for the representation of shapes in a digital image.I tilil ililt llilt llllt ltffi lilt ffit -3. Mention two applications of image segmentation.f -". 15. Explain the principle behind "Fourier Descriptor" based shape representation.d g-n$o . . Also compute the efficiency of Huffman code. a) Construct Huffman code for the word "BABY'. a) Write short on the following image representation techniques i) Chain code and ii) Polygonal approximation.