Paen, An Overview. Paen is a young world for all that it may be gargantuan.

Paen is a world where next to anything can happen. At any give time there is always someone scheming to be more than they are, and sometimes at anothers expense. While much of the world of Paen is still yet uncivilised, there are several large nations on the northern continent of Angjroz. On the smaller continent of Kaj, two smaller nations. Much of the rest of the world of Paen is uninhabited, except for humanoids and goblinoids, monsters, dragons and even creatures from the other planes, though they are rarer. There is more history buried under it's surface and waters or floating above them than can be told in a simple overview, but that does not mean the effort should not be attempted.

Paen has seen much turmoil in the last 40 000 years. Between wars and infractions by the many deities of this world and the wars and infractions of it's inhabitants, much of history has been lost. After 10 000 years of strife between the original inhabitants, the dark elves, orcs and other goblinoids, dragons and small groups of humans, there came a short time of peace, where all the known species seemed to have set their borders and no one was willing to cross another. Then came the Maelstrom Portals. With the coming of the Portals, many nations were destroyed, indeed the landscapes changed forever. No one knows what caused the Portals to open, but there was not much point in asking. Random, inexplicable, inescapable, the Portals tore through Paen, simaltaneously inhaling and exhaling matter of all kinds. Whole cities from alien planes fell from the sky, mountains and forests of otherwordly nature wrenched up through the ocean floors and exploded through subteranean caverns. Civilisations, both native and alien were forced together through a catalysmic course of time and events known as Finin's Laugh. Later in this overview, the reason for this naming of this terrible era will be explained. However, for now suffice it to say that war was consistent for quite somtime, as were the "natural" disasters that were the Portals. During this time civilisations and culture's became mixed, and only a few of the original inhabitant species of Paen survived in any great number. For 20 000 years the Portals created havoc and holocaust consistently, randomly destroying armies and nations or replacing them utterly with beings or objects from another place of existence. Over time, the Portals became less

raging less than two days sail from the western coast of Angjroz and the north western mountain line of Kaj. war was not far on the horizon. this great mass was barely moved by the storms violence. Suddenly. With the strength of a titan coursing through it's daemonic veins. the continent of Evwre floats on through a random course through the storm. After the settling of the Portals. Where the storm was a thing of chaos and destruction. Since this happened it is to take your life into your hands to sail the Soen Ocean. Then came the threat of global war. both native and alien. rather it flowed into the water itself. almost liquid in it's density. The the last of the Maelstrom Portals of any real magnitude. land and rescources became imperative. the veshjek tore it's way to the surface through almost a mile of sheer granite.consistent in there randomness and the world of Paen began to recover. black fog. With dozens of civilisations displaced throughout Paen. Eye's attuned to the bleakness of the Abyss for centuries widened in pain and outrage at the sight of the sun over Paen. fishermen and mountain folk say that the edge of a great lump of thick black fog. and battles over borders were constant. seemingly immune to the rage of the Portal's scar. as the storm known as The Maelstrom roams over that largest of bodies of water on Paen. Harkevorg waking scream of anger shattered the ice imprisoning it and shook the underground realms of Kaj. recieving a dose of catastrophe via the opening of a Maelstrom Portal less than half a dozen times every hundred years. The legend says that the only way anyone could tell the continent apart from the storm was that it was so still in comparison. Since that day there have been accounts of strange humanoid figures covered in thick. what looked like tendrils of mist floating away from it were the only evidence that the storm was even granted its recognition. At first there was great division. When the Portal closed it left a scar in the form of a storm of terrifying power and utter darkness lit only by the endless lighting tearing through the skies. appeared from the racing winds and roiling black clouds of the Maelstrom. Having been deposited on the continent of Kaj in a block of ice. it was as if someone poured liquid smoke into the ocean. Almost immediately the veshjek . the veshjek Harkevorg had slept for nearly 10 000 years under the jarthar mountains while the Portals still raged and had yet to leave Evwre sequestered in the Maelstrom. brought on by a greater daemon of the Abyss. That too will be explained later. also being the largest Portal opening ever known. In it. deposited Evwre in the skies over the Soen Ocean. and the fact that many fear that if the continent was tampered with or the storm thereby. the Maelstrom Portal that deposited it might re-open. The continent has never been explored due to the power in the storm. There is a legend that one night when the Maelstrom was as close as it ever had been to land. and the only humanoid related to such an account to be made famous in the world of Paen. as a great torrent of dense black fog rolled off the mass and down into the ocean without dispersing across its top. One of which is infamous.

and the people could tolerate them to come no further. they sent out an expeditionary attack force. The expeditionary attack force did not fire a single volley. However though they resisted with all the powers at their desposal. The people of Areis thought themselves prepared for the coming invasion. devils and fiends came to wage war upon them. the veshjek turned it's awareness on Areis. every last dark elf. but not who or what they were crewed by. Horror spread through the people or Areis as news that daemons. Had it been any other nation of the time tried to listen. many were drawn to the waters of the oceans and rivers of the continent. they would have heard nothing. summoning a shielding fog behind them. For the first time in centuries the tides told the people of Areis that warships would be coming soon. Until Harkevorg awoke. and from there went on to conquer and enslave all of Kaj. and was forced to wait it out lest his force be ambushed by the very water in the fog. Try as it might the veshjek could not dispel this fog. While doing all in their power to stymy the efforts of the veshjek. the undead and monsters from nightmares stood beside red orc and ogre. and to the fiery heart that beat within it or the air. During this time. were excluded from Areis. and humanoid. This would not be the only time Harkevorg would be foiled by the Areisians. Not long after dominating Kaj. The symbiotic culture of these earth gnomes and forest elves had held Areis in balance for 15 000 years. Even the mighty dragons of that continent fell nder his clawed. With several types of arcane and divine power having being perfected between their cultures. the dark elves had grown powerful in their efforts to survive. . or even the rushing air over the few mountain peaks. They also held alliance and allegiance of many humanoid and inhumanoid that dwelt on the continent or in the waters near it. After having killed them. When the daemon's ships were three days from the continent. orog and goblin. As one of the original inhabitant species of Paen. the alliance of earth gnome and forest elf was able to stay unmolested. When the warships of the veshjeks army were seven days away. but instead turned back for the continent. such as the silver elves or rock gnomes. they were slaughtered horribly. black hand. the people of Areis felt the greater daemons approach as a thing of baleful hate and pestilence. after several other cultures fell to the violence of the Portals. goblinoid. Both original inhabitant species of Paen had already developed a xenophobic attitude towards the alien cultures that arrived on Paen. a blight against the greater daemon's own nature. The people of Areis however were a people attuned to the elements. Though their natural affinity ran in the earth and through forests.found prey to sate his anger. Even members of a sub species directly related to them. demons. the continent of Areis was populated heavily by earth gnomes and forest elves. the veshjek raised them from the grave to serve him. the Aresians finally sought aid from the other races. They knew the number of his ships. coming upon a roving band of dark elves.

Harkevorg led the climb into the dark sky. never allowing the bulk of his forces to be caught unawares by a concerted counter attack. For 9000 years the greater daemon Harkevorg held the world of Paen in claws of terror. With no intention of actually conquering the world. and divine power be directed at holding the storm at bay while the rest of the fleet take to the sky. Once the many powers of the veshjek's forces were directed at holding the Maelstrom.sending messengers to Angjroz asking aid of any who might send it. Until he sent his great fleets into the Soen Ocean. intending a surprise attack on the western coast of Angjroz. the largest of all the mountains in the jarthar mountain range. the veshjek proved stronger than the storm. The greater daemon spread orders through the fleet that a large amount of arcane.Perhaps. as the term relates to the situation. Something of such size that it could indeed crush the whole of the fleet should it fall from it's incredible height. his armies slowly sweeping the globe. to burn Evwre. For 9000 years the world of Paen lived in fear of the veshjek and the horrible wars it carried out from it's throne on Mount Kaj. the Aresians alone could not hope to fend off the dark armies of Harkevorg for long. infernal. For 9000 years form that point Harkevorg waged war on the world of Paen. For a moment. toward the . For while the storm had been quieted. While powerful. now known as Mount Hark. Recognizing what could only be Evwre from information his spies had gathered. not unless a god stepped forth to lend a helping hand anyway. as well as another hundred fleets of it's size. demonic. seemed to latch on to the idea of bringing war to this shrouded land. Harkevorg it is said. The Maelstrom calmed. blotting out the stars for days on the horizon. Believing it's power to be more than a match for the Maelstrom or the dark continent it hid from the world. torn apart waves or swept up into waterspouts. a tenuous grip at best. the veshjek shrewdly moved his armies constantly and randomly. loosing an enormous amount of power into the storm. but none would openly oppose the being that had stilled The Maelstrom. the veshjek himself commanded his fleet. Harkevorg let loose a roar of hate. However. something gargantuan stirred the dark clouds of The Maelstrom. The greater daemon's pride and ego swelled witht he knowledge that it was indeed powerful enough to quiet such a god like power with his own. this is exactly what happened. the Maelstrom came upon the fleet suddenly in the night. and his ambitions suddenly grew to attaining godhood at that exact moment. but intending for the destruction and carnage to continue for eternity. ordering the captain of his flagship to stay in the center of the fleet. in a way. As ships were capsized or destroyed by titanic bolts of lightning. as for the first time in history. not without bein sorely taxed anyway. The veshjek knew it could not hold back the power of the storm for long. Mid way across the Soen. it was not to be. Many of his generals thought it a reckless idea.

fiends and powerful undead. One accounting is of a birds eye view of the fleet on the horizon. Liches burst. it appears as a speck.waiting mass in the sky. Gigantic and hateful as it is. bone and tissue streak the darkness of the fog. However. it easy to make out the details of the fleet and the army on the wing to Evwre. their phylacteries disintegrating in their hiding places as the life force of the undead mages was ripped form them. Not just the titanic veshjek and his armies. Limbs and organs seemed to rush past their owners as they died. In seconds it rushed over the veshjek. a mass of dense black fog seemed to pour off the gigantic mass. Once the rush of inky fog hit the ships of the fleet. in all it's hideousness is easy to discern. but simply thinking of the view you want affords you the angle and width thereof you wish. to the mass of dark fog above. daemons and devils were rent apart over long grueling minutes. A large portion of the fleet crewed by mortal minions of Harkevorg broke off and fled. as in the legend. no. and moments later his armies. The others were blanketed so densely that very little of the ships could be seen. power seemed to boom and thunder within. a few dozen were dragged under in seconds. dense fog is so vivid as to seem like a river in the sky. Fiends. seem to howl in abject agony. so disgusting that after recording the events they either killed themselves or erased their own direct memory of the event if possible. Those spying on the veshjek and his armies at the time say they saw and heard something so horrifying. Demons. If the spell used to record these events is used properly. When he and his forces were almost level with the edge of the hidden continent. In this accounting. Every single crewmen on the fleeing ships cringes as the screaming begins. falling so fast as to seem a tidal wave of darkness falling from the sky. Following by whatever means available. Torrents of blood. those rivers ran not down into the ocean. Even Harkevorg. red orcs and other goblinoids. past and over the veshjek. was slowly flayed over an excruciating hour. with seemingly no way of defending themselves. The view is one of catastrophe on a level that a mortal world is not meant to know. racing to keep away from the black fog. As those rivers flowed over him in place of the flowing darkness around him. As the rush of darkness swept through the night and over the great daemon and his armies. the sloughing motion and great fall of black. Suddenly. Harkevorg. but up. From this view and because of the spell used. even Harkevorg. taken into the depths as if by an avalanche. demons. greater daemon and scourge of Paen. though they should be leagues and leagues to far away to hear it. glimpses of forms could be seen in the liquid blackness. It was a sheet of dark annihilation with rivers of death and pain running through it. one can make out flowing humanoid forms of sheer and utter darkness. his armies rose behind him. something else. A horror on par with the coming of the Maelstrom Portals. stored in a gem. devils. he strove to gain power from it and managed . the only veshjek to have set foot in the world of Paen. and Harkevorg and his host seemed to cry out in anger as one.

struck through the apparition. Once this was done the tendrils and whisps of dark fog flowed back into the sword...and the storm went on. In that moment. or rather. the veshjek called on the last vestiges of it's power. dividing and dispersing into smaller armies or simply going back to the lives they led before being . Harkevorg rushed through the air at the apparition. Shortly thereafter. As the last of the liquid darkness flowed upon and off it. Swiping it's incredible claws hard enough to create a small cyclone. which itself dissipated into fog along with the apparition that held it. trying unsuccesfully to free itself. the great hosts of the veshjek began fighting amongst themselves. Suddenly. a strange. As the black fog seemed to rise up to it's origin. huge black and purple tendrils of fog flared from the sword to impale the heal himself a little. the violence in it's heart taking hold over the calm that had been exherted on it. it's very essence in the Abyss being engulfed and subsumed by black. Screams gibbered from Harkevorg's fanged maw as it's essence was fed upon by the great black blade. the accounting for some reason shows it to be the same size as the greater daemon once it confronts Harkevorg directly. Every whisp of fog seemed to stab deep into the very being of the veshjek. Harkevorg had to do so over and over again thoughout that hour. insane hate and anger over-riding any sense of caution. With a bellow that rivaled the storm it sound through. The Maelstrom began to awaken. Suddenly. the apparition raises a hand. having somehow been drained deeply by the black fog of Evwre. as the veshjek wrenched it's arm back to slash wildly again. Harkevorg struck the apparition. Only a few ships floated empty upon the water of the Soen Ocean. Harkevorg was subsumed into the fog. With the storm wracking the skies violently around him with power he could no long withstand. liquid fog. The veshjek didn't die. all the rivers of having run dry and not a trace of the vast legion it had fallen upon. Hovering a few dozen feet from the veshjek. summoning a great black sword of some unknown material into his palm. until suddenly the sheet of fog seemed to rise. Though the apparition must have been the size of a larger man. In seconds the winds seemed to dissipate this remnant of the nights events. without it's leadership to hold them in fear. as the veshjek threw all it had left into resisting the sword. to withstand the destructive power of the storm. humanoid shaped apparition appeared out of the mass drifting hazily up to the hidden continent. the apparition seemed to grab hold of Harkevorg and shove the entire length of the strange sword through the great daemon's chest and gut. and it's screams ended. as the dark purple and black tendrils of fog raced over and through it. What happened next has been the cause for men going insane or taking their own lives after reviewing this particular accounting. Tendrils of black fog whisped up from the blade as Harkevorg thrashed on it's broad length.

. It is considered a miracle that a nation of dark elves survived. These are the people of a world that has never known balance. as they were the first to feel the cold. This. clawed heel of Harkevorg. there were also many individuals who wished to take advantage of the vaccum of power left in Harkevorgs wake. Few nations still stood after 9000 years of horrible war. However. . war persisted throughout the next thousand years. even if they had to take it from someone. To this day. Evwre has never been tampered with nor approached again. Of Paen.conquered by the greater daemon. as the remnants of the veshjek's armies tried to gain power and land of their own. These are the events that have led up to his point. This is a place where worlds have collided and created something new and mysterious in a myriad of ways. Areis was scourged of almost all life once Harkevorg managed to invade that continent.

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